Architects of Synagogues
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Jewish architectural works of B.S. Jacobs, of Hull, include:
● Belfast Hebrew Congregation - 1904, consultant in collaboration with Young & Mackenzie, synagogue at 4 Annesley Street, Carlisle Circus, Belfast, now Northern Ireland. Designated a Listed Historic Building in 2002. (The synagogue closed in 1964 and the building was subsequently converted to a physiotherapy gym of Mater Hospital.)

Delissa Joseph
Delissa Joseph
portrait by his wife, Lily Delissa Joseph
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Nathaniel Delissa Isaac JOSEPH (known as Delissa JOSEPH), FRIBA
(1859, London - 10 January 1927, London)

Delissa Joseph was the husband of the artist and social campaigner, Lily Delissa Joseph (née Solomon) (1863-1940), and nephew of the Jewish philanthropist, social reformer and architect, Nathan Solomon Joseph.
His Jewish architectural works include:
● Hammersmith & West Kensington Synagogue (of which he was a member) - 1890 (and 1896 enlargement), synagogue at 69/71 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London W6. (The synagogue closed in 2001 and was sold in 2002, the building being converted into the Chinese Church in London.);
● Hampstead Synagogue - 1892, synagogue at 1 Dennington Park Road, West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6. Designated a Grade II* Listed Building in 1989. (The synagogue is still in use.);
● Cardiff Hebrew Congregation - 1896-97, synagogue at Cathedral Road, Cardiff, Wales. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1984. (The synagogue was in use until 1989, when the building was sold and demolished, except the facade and rubble stone vestibule, to erect an office block - the Executive Centre, Temple Court.);
● South Hackney Synagogue - 1897, synagogue at 20 Brenthouse Road (formerly Devonshire Road), Mare Street, Hackney, London E9. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 2009. (The building was sold in 2009 to to become a Brazilian Pentecostalist Church.);
● Finsbury Park Synagogue - 1901, synagogue at Princess Crescent (previously Princess Road), Queen's Drive, Finsbury Park, London N4. (The Synagogue was in use until about 1989.);
● South-East London Synagogue - 1904, synagogue at New Cross Road, New Cross, London SE14. (The synagogue in use until destroyed in a German air raid in 1940.); and
● Sephardi Congregation of South Manchester (previously the Withington Congregation of Spanish and Portuguese Jews) - 1925-27, synagogue at 8 Queenston Road (until 1970s, Queen's Road), West Didsbury, Manchester (project completed by Joseph Sunlight). Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1988. (The synagogue is still in use.)

Ernest Martin JOSEPH, OBE
(8 January 1877 - 30 August 1960)

Ernest M. Joseph, a son of Nathan Solomon Joseph. was a founding member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue and became Honorary Architect to the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues.
His Jewish architectural works in the United Kingdom include:
● The New Synagogue - 1914-1915, synagogue at Egerton Road, Stamford Hill, London N16. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1991. (The synagogue is still in use, as the beth hamedrash of Kehal Chasidey Bobov.);
● The Liberal Jewish Synagogue - 1924-25, synagogue at 28 St. John's Wood Road, London NW8, as well as the synagogue's reconstruction following enemy bombing in 1940. (The building was demolished in 1988, retaining only the original portico, and a new synagogue constructed in its place.); and
● Birmingham Liberal Jewish Synagogue - 1938, synagogue at 4 Sheepcote Street, Birmingham. (The synagogue was demolished in 2006, a part of an urban redevelopment scheme.)

Nathan Solomon JOSEPH, FRIBA
(17 December 1834, London - 1909)

Nathan Solomon Joseph, philanthropist, social reformer, architect, author and Jewish communal leader, was brother-in-law to Chief Rabbi Hermann Adler. He attended University College, London, after having been tutored at home. He was the father of Ernest M. Joseph and the uncle of Delissa Joseph.
His Jewish architectural works, and the works in which he collaborated with associates, include:
● Bayswater Synagogue - 1862-64 with Edward Salomons, synagogue at Chichester Place, Harrow Road, Bayswater, London W2. (The synagogue was in use until 1965, demolished to make way for a motorway development.);
● Central Synagogue - 1866-70, synagogue at 133-141 Great Portland Street (also referred to as 38-40 Hallam Street), London WI. (The synagogue was in use until destroyed in a German air raid in 1941.);
● Sandys Row Synagogue - 1867-70, remodel of former chapel at Sandys Row, corner Middlesex Street, Bishopsgate, London E1 as a synagogue. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1987. (The synagogue is still in use.);
● Belfast Hebrew Congregation - 1870 in association with Francis Stirrat, synagogue at Great Victoria Street, Belfast, now Northern Ireland. (Synagogue in use until 1904, building demolished in 1990s.);
● New West End Synagogue - 1877-79 in collaboration with George Audsley, synagogue at St Petersburgh Place, Bayswater, London W2. A Grade I Listed Building since 1975. (The synagogue is still in use.);
● Willesden - 1873, Willesden United Synagogue Cemetery and Ohel, Beaconsfield Road, Willesden, London NW1 (cemetery full except for some special burials and reserved plots);
● Garnethill Synagogue - 1877-79 in collaboration with John McLeod, synagogue at 129 Hill Street (previously known as 29 Garnet Street and 127 Hill Street), Garnethill, Glasgow G3, Scotland. Designated a Scottish Category A Listed Building in 1979. (The synagogue is still in use, but since 1987 has been primarily the home to the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre and the Scottish Holocaust-era Study Centre.);
● Jews' Free School - 1833, the original buildings in Bell Lane, Spitalfields, London E1; and
● Dalston Synagogue - 1885 in collaboration with Isidore Spielmann, synagogue at Poet's Road, Canonbury, London N5. (The synagogue was in use until 1967, when the building was sold and demolished.)


See under Eugene ROSENBER

(13 June 1883, Augsburg - 17 November 1968, London)

German-born Fritz Landauer designed a number of synagogues in Germany and Austria before the Nazi rise to power forced him to move to Britain.
His Jewish architectural works in the United Kingdom include:
● North Western Reform Synagogue - 1935-36, reform synagogue at Alyth Gardens, Temple Fortune, Golders Green, London NW11. (The synagogue is still in use.); and
● Willesden Synagogue - 1936-37 with Wills & Kaula, synagogue at 143 Brondesbury Park (adjacent to Heathfield Park), London NW2. (Synagogue is still still in use, under the name Brondesbury Park Synagogue.)

Eric Arthur LYONS, CBE
(1912 - 1980)

Eric Lyons was president of the RIBA from 1975 to 1977.
His Jewish architectural works include:
● Belsize Square Synagogue - 1950s, conversion of vicarage at 51 Belsize Square, Belsize Park, London NW3 to a synagogue. (The synagogue is still in use.)

(17 February 1806, London - 1 May 1882, London)

David Mocatta belonged to one of the prominent UK Jewish families collectively known as the "Cousinhood" and was a cousin of Sir Moses Montefiore. He was an architect of the London and Brighton railway, designing Brighton Train station and other stations along the line and the Haywards Heath viaduct.
His Jewish architectural works include:
● Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Ramsgate - 1831-33, the Montefiore Synagogue at Honeysuckle Road, Hereson, Ramsgate, Kent, possibly the first in Britain to be designed by a Jewish architect. Designated a Grade II* Listed Building in 1968. (Synagogue is still extant but since 1960 the synagogue has been used only for High Holyday services and special occasions.);
● Brighton Regency Synagogue - 1836-38, remodel and extend synagogue at 38 Devonshire Place, Brighton, Sussex. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1971. (The synagogue was in use until 1874); and
● West London Synagogue of British Jews - 1842, temporary synagogue at Burton Street, St. Pancras, London WC1 (The synagogue was in use until 1847) and 1847, synagogue at Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, London W1 (The synagogue was in use until 1870.)

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