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Congregation Data


Cardiff Hebrew Congregation

Alternative Names:

Cathedral Road Synagogue

(Was at one time referred to as the "Englisher Shul" to distinguish it from the Cardiff New Hebrew Congregation, which was founded in 1889 by then recent immigrants and therefore known as the "Foreigners' Shul", or "Furriners' Shul").(i)

Last Address:

Cathedral Road, Cardiff, consecrated on 11 May 1897 by Chief Rabbi Adler(ii) (and which continued in use until 1989(iii))

Previous Addresses:

1858 - 1897  East Terrace, Bute Street, Cardiff (redeveloped 1888).(iv) Had seat accomodation for 120 persons.(v) (In 1949, the building was being used as a factory.(vi))

The exact situation prior to 1858, is not totally clear. It is understood by some that, until 1958, the congregation used a premises in Bute Street as a synagogue, having moved there from smaller premises, a room in Trinity Street, which it had used as a permanent synagogue from shortly after 1841.(vii) However, East Terrace is in Bute Street, and it is possible that the synagogue used immediately prior to 1858 was the Tinity Street premises.

According to Cecil Roth, a synagogue was already established by 1847.(viii)

Current Status:

In 1942, became one of the constituents of Cardiff United Synagogue.(ix) The Synagogue in Cathedral Road continued to be used as one of the synagogues of the Cardiff United Synagogue until its closure and sale in 1989.

When Founded:

The traditional date for the establishment of the Congregation is 1840(x)(the community received the grant of a plot of land for a cemetery in 1841), although this was probably a predecessor congregation.

1853 is a date also given, which could be the date the synagogue prior to East Terrace (in Trinity Street? Bute Street?) was established(xi), but again this may still have been a predecessor congregation.

It would appear that it was not until 1858, with the opening of the synagogue in East Terrace, that we see the establishment of a congregation under name "Cardiff Hebrew Congregation", which has been descibed as the "first formal synagogue".(xii)

Incorporated Congregation:

Talmud Torah Congregation in June 1904(xiii)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Rev. Natham Jacobs - from about 1858, the first minister appointed.(xiv)

Rev. I. Lewis - in 1878.(xv)

Rev. J.H. Landau - from 1887.(xvi)

Rev. Harris Jerevitch - 1908 to 1953.(xvii)

Congregation Numbers:

1847 - 3 full subscribing members out of a popolation of 9 (adult male?) Jews (C. Roth - Provincial Jewry)

1852 - 13 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns)

1860 - 29 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns)

1870 - 32 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns)

1880 - 45 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns)

1890 - 63 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns)

(1896 - 163 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns))

1900 - 93 seatholders (Board of Deputies returns) or 75 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)

1938 - 350 members (The Jewish Year Book 1939)

Cemetery Information:

The Orthodox Community has two Jewish cemeteries - the Old Jewish Cemetery and the New Jewish Cemetery (for details, see Cardiff Cemetery Information)

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

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