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Map of Russian Empire's Ukraine (1910 Marx's Large world table Atlas)

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Project Short DescriptionStatusView
American Archives, LibrariesIn progress
Coordinator: Yefim Kogan
Find out what archives and libraries possess materials and identify them about Bessarabian Jews: Library of Congress, Holocaust Museum Research Library, YIVO, HIAS, Center of Jewish History NY, the Philadelphian immigration bank, NY Public Library, JTA Jewish News Archive.

See research done at New York Public Library by Fran Cohen:Find catalogue of Bessarabian/Moldovan material at NYPL:

and research done at US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC by Dale Pastor:
                          the Library and Archives
Bessarabia and Moldova: research materials in libraries and archives in IsraelCompleted
Coordinator: Harriet Kasow
Bessarabia and Moldova: A Survey of research materials in libraries and archives in Israel

Israeli sources for research material on Bessarabia/Moldova:  Status Report, July, 2012.
Project Manager - Harriet Kasow, Israel (
Bessarabia Business Directory, 1924-25Completed
Coordinator: Yefim Kogan
Project was completed in June of 2012.  Go for details to Bessarabian Databases section. (pdf)
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Duma Voters Lists, Bessarabia1906-07
128,000 voters in Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian Duma elections in 1906 and 1907
Miriam Weiner Archival Database19 and 20 centuries
The Bessarabia SIG is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Miriam Weiner and The Routes to Roots Foundation.  As a result of this agreement, our SIG has received a large amount of material collected by Miriam during her 25+ years of working in the archives of Ukraine and Moldova. The material includes archive inventories (from Moldova, Ukraine and selected data from the archives in St. Petersburg); cemetery/tombstone lists; numerous copies of archive documents (with thousands of personal names), telephone books from the 1970s from many towns in Moldova, and links to/or excerpts from Miriam’s award-winning book, Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova.
JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation Project19 and 20 centuries
Individual Yizkor books, translated into English. These are ongoing projects, and the list continues to grow. Bessarabia SIG is working on books from Bessarabia province as well as Transnistria region of Podolia and Kherson provinces.
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Elka Roizman's husband Olter RoizmanPeople StoriesElka Roizman 
 Towns in Bessarabia Roizmans lived: Brichany, Yedintsy, Kaushany. For many other stories of Survivors and photos from people lived in Bessarabia go to Presented with permission of, 2011.
History and life in lettersPeople StoriesHinka (Nina) Kogan (Spivak) 
 letters from Tzur-Shalom, Israel to Newton, MA, USA, 1994-2008 by Hinka Kogan and Yefim Kogan, Tsur Shalom, Israel, Newton, MA. Translated by David Kogan. Short stories written in letters for 15 years about a large family living in Bessarabia in following towns: Kaushany, Tarutino, Kishinev, Tiraspol, Zaim. Presented with the permission of the authors, 2011.
Ida Weinhouse's fluden formsPeople StoriesHarvey Kabaker
 You enjoy a collection of hand-carved wooden blocks created for decorating fluden - pastries associated with Jewish holidays. Ida W. brought them from Yedinetz, Bessarabia to the United States. Presented with the permission of the author, Updated version, November, 2014.
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