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Gallery of Composers, Singers, Actors

A. Abramov
A. Abramov was born on February 2, 1893 in Kishinev. He was an actor. Since 1... [more]

Boris Abramov
Boris Abramov (Feynland) was born in Akkerman. He was an actor, who act in many ... [more]

Shiko Aranov
Shiko Aranov (original name Aranovich) was born on April 23, 1905 in Tatarbunary... [more]

Avraham Ash
Avraham Ash (Averbukh) was born in 1895 in Kishinev. He was an actor. At the age... [more]

Khayele Ash
Khayele Ash was born in 1920 in Kishinev to Avraham and Polia -- Yiddish actors.... [more]

Boris Auerbach
Boris Auerbach (Ben-Tsion) was born on May 15, 1890 in Akkerman. He was an actor... [more]

Efim Beltsanu
Efim Beltsanu (less often Baltsan, original name Vaisman) was born on May 12, 19... [more]

Ben-Zion Berdichevsky
Ben-Zion Berdichevsky (Berdichever) was born on April 15, 1898 in Foleshty. He w... [more]

Sergey Berinskiy
Sergey Berinskiy was born in 1946 in Novyye Kaushany to Samuil. He was a compose... [more]
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