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Bessarabian Databases Collections

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GeneralBessarabia Vital Records19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesJG
More than 144,000 Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Bessarabia primarily for Kishinev (now Chisinau, Moldova).
GeneralJewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-18541853-1854Bessarabian DatabasesJG
281 Jewish religious personnel in Bessarabia Gubernia.
GeneralVsia Rossiia 1895 Business Directory1895Bessarabian DatabasesJG
1,500 Jewish businesses in Bessarabia, from this 1895 Russian business directory.
GeneralDuma Voters Lists, Bessarabia1906-07Bessarabian DatabasesJG
128,000 voters in Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian Duma elections in 1906 and 1907
GeneralJewish Soldiers killed and wounded in WWI1914-1918Bessarabian DatabasesBessarabia SIG Website
Jewish Soldiers killed and wounded in WWI (updated Dec 2014)

1559 records of Jews from Bessarabia were found among thousands of
records of killed and wounded in WWI.  Translation, transcription was
done by Terry Lasky, Centennial, Colorado, USA.

List of Soldiers. [HTML] [Excel]
GeneralList of Surnames in 19th century Revision Lists for Bessarabia19 centuryBessarabian DatabasesBessarabia SIG Website
A new database created: List of Surnames in 19th century Revision
Lists for Bessarabia.   The surnames derived from 98000 Revision List records with
about 6100 separate surnames.  See  the whole list for Bessarabia.  Also see  the list
for surnames by towns in Bessarabia.  Thanks Harvey
Kabaker and Ariel Parkansky for great job.
GeneralBessarabian Newspapers1850s to 1940Bessarabian DatabasesBessarabia SIG Website
New Project (November, 2015).

This is the initial set of information taken from one newspaper
Bessarabskaya Zhizn (Bessarabian Life) from one day of 25-Feb-1907.
You will find 17 records with Obituaries, Advertisements, Article.
Every records has a short summary, person and town assiciated with the
record.  Also you can click on Image link and see the "original"
Russian article. [HTML] [Excel]
GeneralBessarabian Business Directories19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesBessarabia SIG Website
All about Bessarabian Business Directories
GeneralJews involved in public life in Bessarabia19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesJG
Updates in the database "Jews involved in public
life in Bessarabia" (updated September, 2018)

Now there are 1,874 records in the database. At the "Jews involved in
public life in Bessarabia" you can find people who held government
position or was part of large Jewish organizations, like Jewish
hospitals, Jewish schools. It will also include crown rabbis at the
synagogues for many Bessarabian towns.

Introduction to the database "Jews involved in public life in Bessarabia"

The data [Excel] [HTML]
GeneralBessarabia Revision Lists19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesJG
Bessarabia Revision Lists, records submitted to JewishGen twice a year.. Project Leader - Yefim Kogan

...See more about Bessarabian Revision Lists.
Transnistria (Tiraspol, Olgopol, Balta) (District)Revision Lists from Olgopol uezd19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesBessarabia SIG Website
Project under Ukraine SIG: translation of Revision Lists from Olgopol uezd, Podolia gubernia.  (updated October, 2015)
Bessarabia SIG translators completed records for towns, which are now in Moldova:

Rashkov - 181 records;
Camenca - 719 records;
Zagnitovka - 29;  - not in Republic of Moldova, but many Jews registered in that town lived in other places in Moldova
different shteitlakh - 104.

Total of 1033 records

All the best to our translators Ira Tulchinsky and Svetlana Kononov

See all records at [HTML] [Excel].  It may soon be available at JewishGen too.
Tiraspol (Town)Tiraspol Uezd Revisions19 and 20 centuriesBessarabian DatabasesJG
  Tiraspol Uezd Revisions
  sent to JewishGen, December 2016. 7801 records from 1253
  familes were completed for towns of Tiraspol, Dubossary,
  Grigoriopol, colonies Voynova, Buzinova, Balashova and
  Kisilevka. Project Leader - Inna Vayner.

Total: 12 records

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