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Gallery of Religious Leaders

Chaim Zanvl Abramowitz
Chaim Zanvl Abramowitz was born in 1902 in Ribnitzy. He was known as the Ribni... [more]

Yosif-Shmeyrl Epelboum
Yosif-Shmeyrl Epelboum was born in 1893 in Gancheshty in the family of the Ghanc... [more]

Leonid Ariel Feldman
Leonid Ariel Feldman was born in 1953 in Kishinev. He is known not only as a Rab... [more]

Jehuda-Leib Fishman
Jehuda-Leib Fishman (Maymon) was born on December 11, 1875 in Markuleshty. He wa... [more]

Nisl Kolker
Nisl Kolker was born in 1885 in Marculeshti to Mordko. He was a Rabbi. Besides... [more]

Eliezer Zusia Portugal
Eliezer Zusia Portugal was born on October 17, 1898. He was the first Skulener... [more]

Yisroel Avrohom Portugal
Yisroel Avrohom Portugal was born in 1925 in Skulyany. He was the Hasidic Tzadik... [more]

Shlomo-Zalman Preyger
Shlomo-Zalman Preyger was born in Kishinev. He was a rabbi and an arbitrator. He... [more]

Zalman Shargorodskiy
Zalman Shargorodskiy, the son of Mordechai Shargorodskiy was the first Rabbi of ... [more]

Levi Shternberg
Levi Shternberg was born in Dombroveny. He was a Rabbi who inherited the positio... [more]

Yehuda Leib Tsirelson
Yehuda Leib Tsirelson was born in 1859 to the Rabbi of Kozelets, Moishe Chayim. ... [more]

Duvid Tversky
Duvid Tversky, known as Reb Duvidl Skvirer (or Reb Dudale Skvirer) was born in 1... [more]
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