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Bessarabia Revision Lists

Bessarabia Revision Lists. Project Leader - Yefim Kogan.

The Ревизские сказки — Reviskie Skazki (Revision Lists) — sometimes named censuses, family lists, or special lists were conducted in territories ruled by the Russian Czar in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Revision Lists enumerated individuals/families subject to taxation and identified men to draft into the army. There were ten known major Reviskie Skazki taken in Russian Empire. For the Bessarabia district and later Bessarabia Gubernia, the following Revisions may apply:
  • the seventh revision in 1815-1825
  • the eighth revision in 1833-1835
  • the ninth revision in 1848-1854
  • the tenth revision in 1856-1859
...more about Revision Lists, including list of towns, shtetlakh where the Revision Lists were taken.

You can get the whole set of Revision Lists for a town/shteitle/year and copies of the originals if you find your ancestors from the latest or prior updates for a donation of $100 to Bessarabia SIG General Fund.

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