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Bibliography of Anglo-Jewish Biographies and Family Histories
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    References used in the Bibliography:

  • BIU = Bar-Ilan University Library, Ramat Gan, Israel

  • BL = British Library

  • BLO = Bodleian Library, Oxford

  • The Cable = the magazine of the Jewish East End Celebration Society

  • JCL = Jews' College Library, London School of Jewish Studies

  • JGSGB = Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library

  • JGSGB Newsletter = Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library

  • JHSE = Jewish Historical Society of England

  • LBL = Leo Baeck Library, Leo Baeck College, Centre for Jewish Education, London

  • LSE = London School of Economic Library, London

  • LSJS = LSJS (London School of Jewish Studies) Library, formerly Jews' College Library, Hendon London NW4

  • PL-US = The Parkes Library, University of Southampton

  • Shemot = the quarterly magazine of JGSGB (for the index, by year, of subjects for each year from 2003, see Shemot)

  • Susser Archives =  Documents, papers and computer disks of the late Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser. Now available on JCR-UK through the kind offices of Frank J. Gent of Exeter Hebrew Congregation.

  • Trans JHSE = Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England.  A set of these work is to be found in nearly all the UK Libraries listed here.

  • UCL = University College London Library

  • WM = Webmaster's Library, Israel


Books        On-Line Articles        Other Articles


  • APPLEBAUM, DAVID of Newcastle and London East End - Service and Scandal: the life and times of an immigrant Jewish Clergyman by Daniel Appleby [2013, New Montague Press, London] (BL, JGSGB, LBL, LSJS, UCL, Tyne & Wear Archives, WM)

  • BARDEN, LENA - The Chronicles of Lena Barden - 92 Years of Memories by Lena Barden [2009] (JGSGB, Tower Hamlets Archive)


  • CASS, FRANK - Frank's Way, a biography of the publisher Frank Cass by Gerry Black [2008]

  • DISRAELI, Benjamin - Disraeli by Robert Blake [1966, Eyre & Spottiswoode, London] (WM)

  • DISRAELI, Benjamin - Dizzy: the Life and Nature of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield by Hesketh Pearson [Methuen, London]

  • DON MOSES DE ISAAC LEVY - Western Sephardic Merchant. A short History of Moses I. Levy of Gibraltar and that of some of his descendants in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by Isaac S. Levy (JGSGB)

  • FACHLER family of Letchworth - The Vow - Rebuilding the Fachler Tribe after the Holocaust by Yankie Fachler

  • HARRIS family - From Manchester to Jerusalem by Lucien Harris [1994]

  • HENRIQUES, BASIL - Basil Henriques - a portrait based on his diaries, letters and speeches as collated by his widow Rose Henriques by L.L Loewe (1976, Routledge & Kegan Paul)

  • JACOBS, LOUIS - Helping with Inquiries, an autobiography by Rabbi Louis Jacobs [1989] Online.

  • LEWIS, SAMUEL - Lender to the Lords, Giver to the Poor, a biography of the Victorian philanthropist, Samuel Lewis by Gerry Black [1992]

  • MELNICK, SHMUEL KALMON, Rabbi of Princelet Street Synagogue - A Giant Among Giants by Samuel C. Melnick [1994, The Pentland Press] - review in Shemot May 1994 vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 9-10

  • MONTEFIORE, MOSES - Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore (1890) introduced by Raphael Loewe  with new index by Walter Schwab [1983, JHSE, London]

  • MONTEFIORE, MOSES - Moses Montefiore by P. Goodman [1925, Philadelphia]

  • MONTEFIORE, MOSES - Life of the Late Moses Montefiore [1885, The Graphic, London]

  • MONTEFIORE, MOSES - The Century of Moses Montefiore by S & Vivian D. Lipman [1985]

  • MONTEFIORE, MOSES - Moses Montifiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero by A. Green  [2010, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.]


  • MATTUCK, Israel Isidor - Israel Isidor Mattuck: Architect of Liberal Judaism by Pam Fox [2016, Vallentine Mitchell]


On-Line Articles

  • ALTMANN, NATHAN JOSEPH of Plymouth- Biography of Nathan Joseph Altmann - available on-line by JCR-UK as part of the Susser Archive.

  • BEHRMAN family of Sunderland - The Behr Tree family by Arnold Levy  [1949 private publication] - available on-line on the JewishGen ShtetLinks site for Kretinga)

Other Printed Articles

  • BARNETT, HARRIS - Harris Barnett of Bishopsgate by Reva Hill [Shemot, December 2012 vol. 20/3 pp. 15-16] (BL, JGSGB, WM) 

  • FYNE, SIMON  - The Ministry of Reverend Simon Fyne in Swansea, 1899-1906 by Leonard Mars [1993, in Ursula R.Q. Henriques (ed.) The Jews of South Wales. Historical Studies, pages 111-130]

  • ISAAC(S) family - Samuel Isaac, Saul Isaac and Nathaniel Isaacs by M. Jolles [Jolles Publications, London 1998] (JGSGB)

  • LOEWE, HERBERT MARTIN JAMES - Herbert Martin James Loewe in Oxford by Harold Pollins [2006, Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol 48, nos. 1 & 2, pp. 34-49]

  • MONTAGU, LILY - Footsteps in the past (Lily Montagu) by Doreen Berger [Shemot' December 2012 vol. 20/3 pp. 13-14] (BL, JGSGB, WM) 

  • SLAPOFFSKI family - The Slapoffski Families of Oxford and Australia  by Harold Pollins and K. Q. Lockyer [Shemot December 2005, Vol. 13 No. 4.] (BL, JGSGB, WM)

  • WOOLF family  -  The Woolf family of Birmingham by Nadia Woolf  [September 2004 Shemot Vol. 12 No. 3. pp 20-22] (BL, JGSGB, WM)


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