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Congregation Data


Swansea Hebrew Congregation


The congregation now uses a rented hall at its former premises in Ffynone Street, Swansea.

The main synagogue building in Ffynone Street, built 1955, was sold in 2009 to the LifePoint Church.

Previous Addresses:

Congregational Building, Cornhill House, Christian Street Swansea, Swansea. (Temporary premises following the destruction of the Congreation's synagogue in 1941 and the construction of a new synagogue.)

Goat Street, Swansea (plot purchased 1857, synagogue completed and opened in 1859; destroyed in a German air raid in February 1941 )

1818-1859 Wateloo Street, Swansea. The plot of land was acquired under a ninety-nine year lease in 1818 upon which the synagogue was erected, with capacity for 60/70 congregants. (i)

1789-1818 Wooden building in The Strand, Swansea. (ii)

c.1740-1789 Wooden building in Wind Street, Swansea, near the docks, built by David Michael behind his house, with capacity for about 40 congregants.(iii)

Current Status:

Although the Congregation is still functioning, as a result dwindling membership, prayer services are no longer held on a regular basis.

Date Founded:

The traditional date for the foundation of the community is 1780, but this appears too late, as it was in 1768 that a plot of land was granted for as cemetery, and there is evidence of a synagogue building since at least 1740.

Incorporated Congregations:

Swansea Beth Hemedrash (in 1955);

Llanelli Synagogue (in 1984);

Port Talbot Synagogue (in about 1950s).


Ashkenazi Orthodox


A provincial synagogue under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.


Rev. Moses Hyamson - 1884 to 1888 (iv) (Congregation's first minister)

Rev. Harris L. Price - Jan. 1889 to 1891(v)

Rev. Jacob Phillips - 1891 to 1893 (vi)

Rev. Phillip Wolfers 1893 to 1899 (vii)

Rev. S. Fine - 1899 to ? (viii)

Cantors & Shochets:

Rev. I. Piser - 1851 to ? (ix)

Rev. J. Tuchman - 1859 to 1874 (x)

Rev. Lazarus Slevanski - 1874 to 1876 (xi)

Rev. Israel Levanton - 1876 to ? (xii)

Rev. Israel Miron - 1881 to ? (xiii)

Registration District (BMD)


Worship Number: 64800

Membership Data::

1845 - 11 Ba'ale Batim (including 2 non-resident) and 13 seatholders (Chief Rabbi's Questionnaire)

Number of seatholders according to Board of Deputies Returns:













In 2009 there were less than 20 active members (Jewish Chronicle, 3 September 2009).

Cemetery Information:

The congregation has two cemeteries. For details see Swansea Cemetery Information on the Swansea Jewish Community home page. See also Swansea Jewish Cemeteries Database.

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

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  • (v) Ibid (Goldblum Article) p.8.Rev. Price was previously in Manchester.

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  • (xiv) The Jewish Year Book 1900/01 gives the number of seatholders as 60.


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