Annual Conferences

Once a year, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies holds a conference somewhere in the world. At these conferences, Ukraine-SIG has a meeting and luncheon, and frequently a speaker on a subject of interest.

Each conference is a great opportunity to meet other researchers, learn about genealogy (there are over 100 lectures presented), connect with known and unknown family, and visit local resources and repositories.

No matter your knowledge level in Jewish Genealogy, the conferences are well worth the time and cost. There are more lectures than anybody can attend, plenty of friends you've met only online, and increased access to local research facilities. Frequently, new databases or materials are unveiled and announced, which might be available only at the conference.

Here are information and/or photos of past conferences (we don't have info/photos for the unlisted years):

2022 conference (powerpoint) - London

2022 conference (powerpoint) - Virtual

2021 conference (powerpoint) - Virtual

2020 conference (powerpoint) - Virtual

2019 conference (powerpoint) - Cleveland

2018 conference (powerpoint) - Warsaw

2017 conference (powerpoint) - Orlando

2015 conference (powerpoint) - Jerusalem

2013 conference (powerpoint) - Boston

2012 conference (powerpoint) - Paris

2011 conference - Washington DC

2009 conference - Philadelphia

2008 conference - Chicago

2005 conference - Las Vegas

2003 conference - Washington DC

2002 conference - Toronto