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Congregation Data


Finchley United Synagogue(ii)

also known as Kinloss Synagogue

Former or Alternative Names:

Finchley Synagogue (from about 1931 until 1935 and from 1950)(iii)

Finchley District Synagogue (from 1935 until 1950)(iv)

Finchley Hebrew Congregation (until about 1931)(v)


Kinloss Gardens, Finchley N3 3DU (consecrated 1935, new building 1967)

previously at 7 Crescent Road(vii), from about 1931

Current Status:


Date Formed:

By 1929(viii)


Ashkenazi Orthodox (although there are also Sephardi services at the Synagogue - see "Persian Minyan" below)


Initially independent. Joined the United Synagogue, as a district synagogue, in 1935, achieving constituent (full member) status in 1950.(ix)

Web Site:


Senior Ministers:
(To view a short profile of a minister or cantor whose name appears in blue - hold the cursor over his name.)

Rev. Benjamin Wykansky - from about 1929 to about 1932(xiv)

Rev. Marcus M. Goldberg - from about 1932 to about 1933(xv)

Rabbi Dr. Israel Porusch - from 1934 to 1939(xvi)

Rev. M. Bloch (temporary) - from about 1945 to about 1947(xvii)

Rabbi Dr. Benjamin J. Gelles - from about 1948 to 1981(xviii)

Rabbi Isaac Joel Bernstein - from 1981 to 1994(xix)

Rabbi Ephraim Yitzchak Mirvis - 1996 to 2013(xx)

Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence - 2014 to 2023(xxi)

Rabbi Yisroel Yaacov Fine (temporary part time) - from May 2023(xxii)

Assistant Rabbis:

Rabbi Michael Laitner - assistant rabbi from 2013 to 2023(xxvi)

Rabbi Nisan Andrews - associate rabbi from November 2017 to May 2019(xxvii)

Readers/Chazanim (Cantors):

Rev. M. Fried - from about 1937 until about 1940(xxx)

Rev. Abraham Isaac Jacob Rosenfeld - from 1941 to about 1970(xxxi)

Rev. Naftali Herstik - from about 1972 to about 1978(xxxiii)

Rev. Moshe Haschel - from 1988 to about 1993(xxxiii)

Rev. Eli Sufrin - from 2003 to present (May 2023)(xxxiv)

Persian Minyan(xxxv):

Under arrangements agreed in 2010, the Finchley Persian Sephardi Minyan, which for some years previously had operated out of the synagogue in Kinloss Gardens, formally joined Finchley Synagogue as a satellite community. The Persian Minyan holds services (in the Persian Sephardi tradition) in its own fully refurbished synagogue within the Finchley Synagogue complex.

Under the arrangements, members of the Persian Minyan are entitled to full United Synagogue membership status and Finchley Synagogue members' benefits. This was the first formal arrangement between the United Synagogue and a Sephardi congregation.

The Attendant Rabbi of the Minyan, since at least 2010 until the present (May 2023), is Rabbi Leibush Heller..(xxxvi)

Lay Officers:(xl)

Early Executive Officers

1930-1932 - H.M. Grant (President)

1930-1931 - P.V.. Tobias (Vice-President)

1931-1932 - M.A.. Morris (Vice-President)

1932-1933 - H.J. Morgenstern (Chairman)

1932-1933 - M. Bucks (Vice-Chairman)


1932-1934 - H.J. Morgenstern & M. Bucks

1934-1936 - R. Lipman & I. Sheppard

1936-1937 - D. Morley & A. Samuels

1937-1938 - D. Morley

1938-1939 - A. Bard & R. Lipman

1939-1940 - R. Lipman & D. Morley

1940-1945 - War Years, no data

1945-1946 - P. Woolfson & S. Davis

1946-1949 - P. Woolfson & H. Godfrey

1949-1952 - L.B. Cowan & S. Davis

1952-1956 - S.S. Levin & S. Davis

Treasurers / Financial Representatives(xli)

1930-1933 - A. King Hamilton

1933-1934 - M.A. Morris

1934-1936 - D. Morley

1936-1937 - S.J. Lambert

1937-1938 - E. Raeburn

1940-1945 - War Years, no data

1945-1947 - L.B. Cowan

1947-1949 - K. Gulperin

1949-1953 - D.W. Jayson

1953-1955 - A.S. Cohen

1955-1956 - M. Nathan

Hon. Secretaries / Secretaries(xlii)

1932-1934 - I. Amswych

1934-1938 - E. Raeburn

1938-1953 - A. Soester(xliii)

1953-1957 - D.S. Preston(xliv)

1957-1963 - M. Sagal(xlv)

1964-1965 - S. Silver

1966-1986 - A. Becker

Membership Data:

United Synagogue (male seat-holders)(xlix)









National Reports & Surveys(l)

1977 - 1,042 male (or household) members and 509 female members

1983 - 1,050 male (or household) members and 600 female members

1990 - 1,503 members (comprising 1,469 households, 28 individual male and 6 individual female members)

1996 - 1,219 members (comprising 1.107 households, 73 individual male and 39 individual female members)

2010 & 2016 - listed as having 1,000 to 1,499 members (by household)

Congregation's Newsletter:

Kol Kinloss. Can be viewed online from February 2018 at http://www.kinloss.org.uk/kol-kinloss

Charitable Status:

As a constituent of the United Synagogue, the congregation operates within that organisation's registered charity status (registered charity no. 242552).

Local Government Districts:

Finchley, a residential suburb in Northwest London, is in the London Borough of Barnet(li) and was (until 1965) in the former Municipal Borough of Finchley.

Bibliography -  Barnet

Registration District (BMD):

Barnet(lii)  - Link to Register Office website.


For United Synagogue cemeteries, see Cemeteries of the United Synagogue.

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

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  • (iii) Finchley Synagogue was the name adopted when the congregation became a constituent synagogue of the United Synague in 1950. It had also been the name of the congregation prior to joining the United Synagogue in 1935 as listed Jewish Year Books 1936 through 1950.

  • (iv) This was the name adopted during the period the congregation was a district synagogue of the United Synague, as listed Jewish Year Books 1932 through 1935.

  • (v) This was the name under whch the congregation was initially listed, in the Jewish Year Book 1931.

  • (vi) Reserved.

  • (vii) This was the address in Jewish Year Books until 1935 (although on the first listing of the congregation in the 1931 edition, no address is given), the Kinloss address is shown from 1936. All post WWI Jewish Year Books give 1935 as date of consecration.

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  • (xli) From about 1935, the title of the office changed from Treasurer to Financial Representative.

  • (xlii) From about 1945, the title of the office changed from Hon. Secretary to Secretary.

  • (xliii) Mr. Soester was listed in Jewish Year Books as Hon. Secretary before World War II (editions 1939 and 1940) and as Secretary after World War II (editions 1945/6 through 1953) and is assumed that he continued to hold office throughout the War. He was also listed as Assistant Secretary in Jewish Year Books 1936 through 1938. Mr. Soester subsequently acted as secretary of the North-West Reform Synagogue, Golders Green (c.1954-c.1966).

  • (xliv) Mr. Davis subsequently acted as secretary of the Yeshurun Synagogue, Edgware (c.1957-c.1965).

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  • (li) The London Borough of Barnet, an Outer London Borough within the Greater London administrative area, was created on 1 April 1965 upon the merger of the the Municipal Boroughs of Finchley and Hendon and Urban District of Friern Barnet (all of which had been in the former county of Middlesex) with the Urban Districts of Barnet and East Barnet (both of which had been part of the county of Hertfordshire).

  • (lii) The former Registration District was Hendon, from the formation of Congregation until 1 April 1999. All registers would now be held by current register office.

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