the former

Stockton-on-Tees Jewish Community

Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham




Press Reports relating to the
Stockton-on-Tees Jewish Community

Part 4 — 1946-2002

Compiled by Harold Pollins

(Information within square brackets is from the compiler)


Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1946 page 15

Elected at annual meeting. President J. Mark, Treasurer of congregation and of Board of Guardians Sigmund Hamburger, Hon Sec Louis Cohen, Hon Auditor Gerald Goldston.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1946 page 8

Award for Gallantry. Military Cross. Mr Clifford T. Cohen son of Mr and Mrs Reuben Cohen, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1946 page 4

Stockton-on-Tees Hebrew Congregation. Wanted immediately Chazan, Shochet and Baal Korah. Permanency. Salary £364 p.a. Apply, stating age, qualifications, whether single or married, to Mr J. Mark, The Rookery, Fulthorpe Road, Stockton-on-Tees. [repeated 22 March 1946 page 4]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1946 page 3

Engagement. Dorothy, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs L. Brechner of Middlesbrough, and Sydney, younger son of Mr and Mrs L. Sive, 85 Merrydale Avenue, Stockton.
[Marriage. Dorothy Brechner December 1946 Middlesbrough 1b 1633//Sydney H. Sive]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1946 page 4

Death of Leah Taylor nee Tobias, wife of Ben Taylor, Blackpool, at her daughter’s residence in Manchester. Mourners include brother Ray (Stockton).

Jewish Chronicle, 19 July 1946 page 5

Bar Mitzvah. Martin Leon Cohen, only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Cohen, ‘The Laurels’, 1 Hartburn Lane, Stockton, will read portion of the Law at Stockton synagogue on 27 July.
[Birth. Martin L. Cohen September 1933 Stockton 10a 92. Mother Kaufman]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1946 page 13

Rev G. [Gershon] Wulwik is new minister of Netherlee, Stamperland and Clarkston Congregation, after having been First Reader of Middlesbrough congregation for 11 years. He was also teacher at Hebrew Classes at Stockton and Bishop Auckland. Born Prague, came to England in 1935.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1946 page 3

Engagement. Etta, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Garbutt of 3 Downholme Grove, Hartburn, Stockton, to Alec Gelb of South Africa.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 April 1947 page 2

Death on 19 April as result of an accident Philip Cohen of Stockton, brother of Clara (Mandleson of Glasgow) and Lena (Mrs Brodie of Ayr). [Philip Cohen June 1947 aged 53 Westminster 5c 400]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1947 page 21

Obituary of Mr H. Taylor, Manchester, aged 86, formerly of Stockton. A generous supporter of Manchester and other Yeshivahs both in this country and Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 February 1948 page 3

Meeting of Middlesbrough and Stockton Jewish Ex-servicemen’s and Women’s Association at the synagogue Middlesbrough for the purpose of reorganising the Association.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1948 page 2

Death on 6 April, Sophie aged 49, youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Wilks (Stockton). Sisters Mrs Wilks of Sheffield, Mrs Abelskie of Newcastle. 5 Garry Road, Sheffield.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 July 1948 page 3

Death on 15 July at Stockton of Issachar Bernard (Fiz) Michelson aged 67 husband of Yenna.
[Death. Issachar B. Michelson aged 65 Durham SE 1a 475]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1948 page 2

Death on 23 October of Eveline, wife of Joshua Goldston, 2 Reeth Road, Hartburn, Stockton
[Death. Eveline Goldston December 1948 aged 69 Durham SE 1a 557]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 December 1948 page 13

Rev Armin Hofstadter of Budapest was recently appointed chazzan-shochet of Stockton and has taken up his ministerial duties

UK Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960

Departure Southampon, 8 April 1949. Destination Penang, Malaysia. Ship: Carthage. Nathan Leslie Cohen, ‘Lynwood’, Richmond Road, Stockton. Legal Officer.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1949 page 18 Young Israel

Rudolph Aaron 2 Kendal Road, Stockton.
[Birth. Rudolph Aaron December 1937 Middlesbrough 9d 702//MotherJames]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 November 1949 page 15

The Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women of Middlesbrough and Stockton held a ‘Get Together’ last week. 13 ex-service men and women attended.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 December 1949 page 15

In aid of Youth Aliyah a film was shown under the auspices of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Societies(sic). The Mayor and Mayoress of Middlesbrough attended.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 January 1950 page 1

A Jewish Ladies’ Guild was recently formed in Stockton with Mrs J. Mark as President, Treasurer Mrs D. Manning, Hon Sec Miss Sheila Garbutt. [But see below 17 February 1950]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 February 1950 page 6

Mr Reuben Cohen has been appointed Registrar of West Hartlepool. [Then repetition of legal positions above 12 January 1940 page 15] Reference to son Lt Col N.L. Cohen, Public Prosecutor in the Federated State of Malaya. Before then was military judge for 3 years to the British Control Commission of Austria.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1950 page 17

At the opening meeting of the Jewish Ladies’ Guild Mrs Reuben Cohen was elected Hon President.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1950 page 17

Balance Sheet of the 1949 Joint Palestine Appeal of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies’ Zionist Society shows that £3,776 was recorded. The President is Mrs R. M. Marks.

Jewish Chronicle, At a dinner-dance organised by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Societies(sic) to launch the 1950 JPA, Mr Maurice Rosette, Clerk to the Israeli Knesset was the guest speaker.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 April 1950 page 15

Elected at meeting of congregation. President J. Mark, Treasurer of congregation and of Board of Guardians S. Hamburger, Assistant Treasurer A. Joseph, Hon Sec L. Cohen, and Hon Auditor G. Goldston.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1950 page 15

A JNF Golden Book Certificate was recently presented to Rabbi L. and Mrs Miller to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies. Zionist Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1950 page 2

The marriage will be solemnised in South Africa on 19 November of Israel, younger son of the late Mr and Mrs Sol Abrahams of South Africa to Anne, eldest daughter of Mrs E. Shapper (Ethel Lerman of Stockton) and the late Louis Shapper of Cape Town.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 January 1951 page 15 The Stockton Jewish Ladies’ Guild raised £25 in aid of Jewish Child’s Day.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1951 page 2

Death on 20 February at Bournemouth of Emanuel Hamburger, formerly of Stockton and Harrogate, father of Jack and Ida. Funeral in Leeds.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 March 1951 page 12

The 1951 Middlesbrough and Stockton JPA was launched recently with various speakers including Clifford Cohen. £2,650 raised.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1951 page 15

At a meeting of the congregation. Elected: President Julius Mark, Treasurer of congregation and of Board of Guardians Sigmund Hamburger, Hon Sec Louis Cohen, Hon Auditor Gerald Goldston. Thanks to Mr Louis Sive on his retirement as Registrar of Jewish Marriages for over 45 years . Succeeded by Mr Harry Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1951 page 15

Obituaries of the late Rabbi J. Miller includes one from Mrs B. M. Marks as President of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Society and of the JPA Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1951 page 14

A garden fete was opened by Mrs Lorna Wingate at the home of Mr and Mrs Max Schmulowitsch. Guests of honour were the Mayor and Mayoress of Middlesbrough, the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockton, the Chief Constable of Middlesbrough, and the Superintendent of Police, Stockton. About £650 raised for Youth Aliyah and JPA.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1951 page 7

Birth of son, Frank Walter, on 1 October at Barton House Nursing Home, Stockton, to Anita, nee Symonds, wife of Dr Dennis Zimmerman of ‘Ballinamore’, The Avenue, Fairfield, Stockton.
[Birth. Frank W. Zimmerman December 1951 Durham SE 1a 734. Mother Symonds]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 December 1951 page 2

Death on 17 December in Middlesbrough of Annie, wife of the late Abraham Hyams, mourned by, inter alia, son Fred of Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 January 1952 page 1

The Stockton Jewish Ladies’ Guild have sent a cheque for £25 to the Jewish Child’s Day Fund. The Guild, together with the family of the late Mrs Sachs, have presented the synagogue with new satin vestments.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 July 1953 page 6

Mr Clifford Cohen of Newcastle has been appointed a judge of the County Courts of South Durham and North Yorkshire Circuits. He is a son of Mr Reuben Cohen of Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1953 page 13

West Hartlepool Hebrew Congregation arranged a farewell reception in honour of Rev S. R. and Mrs Evans on their departure for Leeds. They were 8 years at West Hartlepool. Messrs Marks and Hamburger presented a cheque to Mr Evans on behalf of the Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1953 page 2

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail Representatives from the Hartlepools, Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington travel to London for the annual Remembrance Parade of the Association of Jewish Ex-servicemen and women on Horse Guards Parade on 15 November. The President of the branch is Judge Clifford Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1953 page 19

Mr Reuben Cohen, Registrar for several places, retires this week, aged 72. He is President of Stockton Hebrew Congregation. [Actually, Life President.]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 December 1953 page 19

Rabbi M. Turetsky of Sunderland gave the opening address to a series of lectures held under the auspices of the Middlesbrough Maccabi Association which now incorporates the youth organisations of Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Stockton, and West Hartlepool.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1954 page 21

Annual meeting of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Society. The chairman, Mr H. Cohen, reported the 1953 JPA total as £3,300.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 March 1954 page 6

New President of the Glasgow Lodge of B’nai B’rith is Mr Jack Hamson JP, well-known in the cinema industry in Glasgow. Born in Stockton, settled in Glasgow after World War I in which he served in the RFC.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 April 1954 page 25

Under auspices of the Joint Palestine Appeal of Middlesbrough and Stockton, a dinner was held at the Linthorpe Assembly Rooms, Middlesbrough, when Rabbi Kopul Rosen launched the 1954 appeal, which raised £2,000. Judge Clifford Cohen of Stockton proposed vote of thanks to Rabbi Rosen.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 April 1954 page 35

Reception in aid of Children and Youth Aliyah held recently at the home of Mr and Mrs Harry Cohen. Lady Ferguson, great-niece of the late Lord Balfour, was guest of honour.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1954 page 26

At Durham University Martin L. Cohen of Stockton gained LlB. He plays for the county at squash and hockey.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1954 page 22

Seventh Jewish Women’s Week Campaign. Preliminary Report July 1954. Stockton £10.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1955 page 6

Bridegrooms of the Law. Dr D. Manning and Mr H. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1955 page 20

The Middlesbrough and Stockton JPA. After a Kol Nidre appeal by Rev B. Kersh £1,050 was subscribed.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1955 page 14

The Eighth Jewish Women's Week Campaign October 1955. Stockton £5.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 November 1955 page 21

A Blue and White Bazaar was held in Middlesbrough with the assistance of the Stockton Ladies’ Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 February 1956 page 19

Meeting of congregation. Elected: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer L. Cohen, Hon Sec J. H. Bloom, Hon Auditor G. Goldston, and a Committee. The community’s appreciation of the services of Mr J. Mark, President for 18 years, was recorded.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1956 page 7

Engagement of Dr Raymond N. Antebi, younger son of Mr and Mrs M. Antebi of Alexandria, to Anne, daughter of Mr and Mrs Philip Van-der-Velde and granddaughter of Rev B. and Mrs Bindman. 57 Harlsey Road Hartburn, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1956 page 18

Meeting held recently at Synagogue Chambers, Middlesbrough to form a Tees-side Shechita Board. Delegates present from Darlington, Middlesbrough, Stockton, and West Hartlepool. Elected include Chairman S. Hamburger, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 August 1956 page 4

‘Young lady, ex-public school, requires bed res in West End from Sept 10. – Cohen, The Laurels, Hartburn Lane, Stockton-on-Tees.’ [That is address of Harry Cohen.]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1956 page 7

Marriage of Raymond Antebi MD, son of Mr and Mrs Antebi of Alexandria, to Anne, daughter of Mr and Mrs Van-der-Velde of 57 Harlsey Road, Hartburn, Stockton-on-Tees, on 16 September at Singer’s Hill Synagogue, Birmingham.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1956 page 16

Golden Jubilee of Stockton Synagogue, celebration with distinguished audience. The Chief Rabbi gave a sermon. Guests included the Mayor and Mayoress, Judge Clifford T. Cohen, the chairman of magistrates, local MP, and the Chief of Police. Service conducted by Rev B. Kersh of Middlesbrough and Rev M. I. Fabritz of Darlington. Ark was opened by Reuben Cohen, Life President, Sigmund Hamburger President, and Louis Cohen Treasurer. The Mayor paid tribute to the community. ‘The Town Council appreciates how useful the small Jewish community is in our own town’.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1956 page 19

The annual Blue and White Bazaar under the auspices of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies’ Zionist Society was held recently at Middlesbrough. Raised nearly £400.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1957 page 18

Obituary of Rev B. N. Michelson, 84. Retired twice as Welfare Minister of the United Synagogue. First in 1938 after 27 years. Returned during war and retired finally in 1947 from the office of Wefare Minister at the Buxton Street Centre in the East End. Born Middlesbrough, educated Stockton, Ariel College Portsea, and London University. In 1900 appointed minister at Newport, and 2 years later at Brisbane, Australia. To Newcastle in 1905 and in 1909 to the North West London Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1957 page 7

Son born 18 September at 10 Richmond Road, Stockton, to Nan, nee Livingstone, wife of John Bloom.
[Birth. Jeremy R. Bloom December 1957 Durham SE 1a 792. Mother Livingstone]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1957 page 5

Judge Clifford T. Cohen of Stockton has accepted the invitation of the National Executive of the Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women to become a Vice-president of the Association.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1957 page 21

At the invitation of the Mayor of Stockton, an inter-denominational fraternal meeting was held in the Mayor’s parlour. The Stockton Hebrew Congregation was represented by a delegation led by Mr Reuben Cohen JP, Life President of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1957 page 7

Engagement. Martin, only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Cohen, of ‘The Laurels’, Hartburn Lane, Stockton, to Estelle, only daughter of Mrs Myer Herman and the late Mr Isaac Adlestone and step-daughter of Mr Myer Herman of St Anne’s on Sea.
[Marriage. Martin L. Cohen June 1958 Fylde 10e 457//Estelle Adlestone]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1958 page 2

Death on 19 February of Reuben Cohen aged 77, 18 Richmond Road, Stockton.
[Death. Reuben Cohen March 1958 aged 77 Durham SE 1a 696]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1958 page 9

Obituary of Reuben Cohen. Born Darlington. First Jewish lawyer on Tees-side. Registrar of several County Courts. Deputy Chairman of Durham Quarter Sessions. For 16 years a magistrate. Served 12 years on Stockton Town Council. President of Stockton Stage Society and Stockton Literary and Philosophical Society. Founder member and past Master of the Freedom Lodge of Freemasons. [&c]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1958 page 19

Middlesbrough and Stockton JPA campaign for 1958 launched at a reception in the Middlesbrough Communal Hall. Target is £4,000. At reception raised £1,000.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1958 page 3

Memorial stone for Madeleine(sic) Goldston will be consecrated at Oxbridge Cemetery, Stockton, on 1 June.
[Death. Madeline Goldston June 1957 aged 44 Newcastle 1b 65]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1958 page 19

Judge Clifford T. Cohen appointed Deputy Lieutenant of county Durham. Vice-chairman of AJEX. Member of Stockton Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1958 page 6

LtCol N. L. Cohen, younger son of Reuben Cohen JP, and brother of Judge Clifford T. Cohen of Stockton, has been appointed a judge in Cyprus. He is one of the special judges recently appointed for the emergency in Cyprus. Until a few months ago, LtCol Cohen, aged 50 and a bachelor, was President of the Court of Sessions in Malaya. He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for services in training of police for fighting terrorists in the jungle. He had a distinguished military career in the Far East and Europe. It is noteworthy that Mr Reuben Cohen and his two sons are judges at the same time. Both Judge Cohen and LtCol Cohen are members of Stockton Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 November 1958 page 11

Obituary of Joshua Goldston, a former Mayor of Stockton, and one of the oldest members of the Jewish community. Died in his 82nd year. Member of the council for 39 years, first elected 1906, Mayor 1927-9. President of local branch of AJEX, Life-long member of Stockton Hebrew Congregation. His funeral was attended by the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors, the Town Clerk, magistrates, Chief of Police, and representatives of the many institutions with which he was connected.
[Death Joshua Goldston December 1958 aged 81 Durham SE 1a 647]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 December 1958 page 39

The annual Blue and White Ball was held last week at the Communal Rooms, Middlesbrough, under the auspices of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies’ Zionist Society. Over £350 raised.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1958 page 21

A £1.000 scholarship in memory of Mr Reuben Cohen JP of Stockton, has been established by his family in the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1959 page 15

Obituary of Morris Pinto of Middlesbrough. Before the war he would walk to and from Stockton to conduct the services when there was no minister.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 April 1959 page 27

More than £4,000 raised for JPA in Middlesbrough at a reception in the Communal Hall given by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Society JPA Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1959 page 18

Mrs John Bloom of Stockton was re-elected Hon Organizer at the annual meeting of the Stockton Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1959 page 3

The memorial stone for Reuben Cohen will be consecrated at Stockton Jewish cemetery on 21 June.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 July 1959 page 6

The Twelfth Jewish Women’s Week. Preliminary Report July 1959. Stockton £5.5.0.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 October 1959 page 31

Memorial service to Reuben Cohen, Hon Life President of Stockton Hebrew Congregation was held at the Stockton synagogue, conducted by Rev B. Kersh of Middlesbrough. Mr S. Hamburger, Hon President of the congregation, referred to the inscribed electric clock which had been erected by the congregation as a token of high esteem.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 1959 page 24

More than £400 was raised at the annual Blue and White Ball organized by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies’ Zionist Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 January 1960 page 2

Death on 31 December of Ralph Galinsky of Stockton in his 85th year. Mourned by sons Maurice and Ernest and daughters Cicely and Irene (Rees). 44 Westbourne Street, Stockton.
[Death. Ralph Galinsky March 1960 aged 84 Durham SE 1a 667]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 January 1960 page 21

Obituary of Ralph Galinsky by S. Hamburger, Hon President of Stockton Hebrew Congregation. Galinsky was one of the oldest and most respected members. He served on the committee of the congregation and was a founder-member of the synagogue, consecrated in 1906.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 March 1960 page 17

Stockton. LtCol N. Cohen. vice-president of the local branch of the British Legion has been elected president of the branch’s new club.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 1960 page 12

Elected to office. Stockton Hebrew Congregation. President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Hon Sec J.H. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1961 page 34

The first wedding for 12 years has been solemnized in Stockton synagogue. Miss Juliet Goldston, pharmacist, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald Goldston of Stockton married David Bernard Kalms of Highbury Park, London. Service was conducted by Rev Bernard Kersh of Middlesbrough.
[Marriage. Juliet A. Goldston March 1961 Durham SE 1a 1469//David B. Kalms]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 April 1961 page 3

Consecration of memorial stone for Ralph Galinsky will take place at Oxbridge Cemetery, Stockton, on 23 April. 44 Westbourne Street, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1961 page 6

Granddaughter of Isaac Bloom of West Hartlepool born in Stockton.
[Tracey D. Bloom June 1961 Durham SE 1a 824.JC 21.4.1961 p. Mother Livingstone]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1961 page 14

At annual reception held in the Communal Hall, Middlesbrough, by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Society, £3,013 was raised for JPA

Jewish Chronicle, 21 July 1961 page 12

Parents and children from the Middlesbrough, Darlington, Stockton, and West Hartlepool congregations enjoyed the annual cheder outings organized by the Middlesbrough Schools Committee at Lealholm near Whitby.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1962 page 15

LtCol N. L. Cohen has been elected President of the Stockton branch of the British Legion.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1962 page 16

The JNF Spring Convention was held at Harrogate on Sunday. Delegates attended from Bradford, Dublin, Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Stockton-on-Tees.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1962 page 12

Elected to office: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Secretary J.H. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 May 1962 page 13

Mr Joseph Linton, former Israeli ambassador to Switzerland, was guest of honour at the JPA meeting at the Middlesbrough Communal Hall by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Zionist Society. 120 people at the function. Raised £2,154.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1962 page 16

A reception arranged by B’nai B’rith was held in Darlington for members of small communities – Stockton, West Hartlepool, Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle, and Darlington

Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1962 page 26

Obituary of Dr Joseph D. Silverston, who died at Sedgefield, county Durham, distinguished psychiatrist, aged 64. Son of Rev and Mrs Jacob Silverston, at Middlesbrough for more than 40 years. Last Year Dr Silverston was Chazan Torah at Stockton synagogue of whose executive he is a member.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1963 page 11

To mark their golden wedding Mr and Mrs H.C. Atkinson, a former Mayor and Mayoress of Stockton, approached Mr S. Hamburger, Honorary President of the local community, to inquire how best they ‘could evince their high regards for their Jewish friends and express their thanks for the encouragement and support given them during their mayoral term of office.’ It was decided to send to the congregation an engraved tray with the inscription ‘Presented on the 50th anniversary of our marriage as a token of the sincere friendship between Stockton Hebrew Congregation and ourselves’.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1963 page 32

Victor Hurwitz of Leeds married Dr Ruth Cohen of Middlesbrough at Middlesbrough Synagogue. She is the granddaughter of the late Rev and Mrs S. Cohen of the Stockton Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 April 1963 page 16

Mr J. H. Bloom has been appointed chairman of the Rent Tribunal for Tees-side. He is Hon Sec of Stockton Hebrew Congregation

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1963 page 21

Annual reception of the Middlesbrough and Stockton JPA Committee. £2,000 raised towards this year’s target of £5,000.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1963 page 5

Elected to office, Stockton Hebrew Congregation: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Hon Sec J.H. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1963 page 4

Bridegrooms of the Law. Mr H. Markovic, Mr J. Bernard.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 December 1963 page 27

LtCol N. L. Cohen has been elected President of the Stockton branch of the British Legion and Vice-President of the Durham County branch of the British Legion.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 December 1963 page 18

A Menorah presented to the Stockton Hebrew Congregation by Mr and Mrs Herman Markovic was consecrated at a Chanukah service in the synagogue by Rev B. Kersh of Middlesbrough.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 January 1964 page 22

The Stockton Hebrew Congregation has presented Mr S.L. Rydz of Middlesbrough with a pair of candlesticks and a salver as a token of their appreciation for his services as an officiant on Yom Kippur.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1964 page 2

Golden wedding, Harry Berg and Leah Garbutt of Sunderland were married at Stockton 4 March 1914.
[Marriage. Leah Garbutt March 1914 Stockton 10a 157//Harry Berg]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1964 page 25

Elected to Tees-side Shechita Board: Vice-chairman S. Hamburger, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 May 1964 page 29

At a reception to launch the 1964 JPA campaign in Middlesbrough and Stockton £4,750 was promised. This sum is a record for small communities. It includes a donation of £1,500 by the new President of the Committee, Mr H.H. Schoenmann.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 June 1964 page 21

The Middlesbrough and Stockton Ladies’ Zionist Society raised £50 at a ’coffee morning’ held at the home of Mrs M. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 August 1964 page 33

Elected: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Hon Sec J.H. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 1964 page 30

LtCol N. L. Cohen re-elected President of Stockton British Legion branch.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1965 page 23

Heather Goldthorpe aged 14, a member of the 4th Norton Girl Guide Company, has become a Queen’s Guide. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs B. Goldthorpe of Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 May 1965 page 21

Over £4,350 raised towards the target of £6,000 at a reception.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 June 1965 page 25

A party of senior girls from the Queen Victoria High School visited the synagogue and were addressed by Rev Bernard Kersh of Middlesbrough.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 1965 page 26

S. Hamburger elected Vice-chairman of Tees-side Shechita Board.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 December 1965 page 34

LtCol N. L. Cohen has been re-elected President of Stockton branch of the British Legion and Vice-President of the British Legion of Durham County.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 March 1966 page 22

S. Hamburger elected Vice-chairman of Tees-side Shechita Board.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 May 1966 page 30

Elected: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Hon Sec J.H. Bloom

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1966 page 2

Bridegrooms of the Law. Dr D. Manning. Mr H. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 December 1966 page 18

LtCol N. L. Cohen has been re-elected President of Stockton branch of the British Legion and Vice-President of the British Legion of Durham County.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1967 page 47

S. Hamburger elected Vice-chairman of Tees-side Shechita Board.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1967 page 17

Mrs Nan Bloom appointed JP for Middlesbrough. She is LlB Manchester and Hon Organizer of Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Husband is solicitor John Bloom who is Hon Sec of Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1967 page 18

Joint effort of Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Stockton for an ambulance for Israel. Start with sherry party held at home of Mr and Mrs J. Bloom which raised £370.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1967 page 3

Bridegrooms of the Law. Stockton Hebrew Congregation, Exchange Yard, High Street, Stockton. Mr S. Garbutt, Mr C. Goulding.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1967 page 31

Elected: President S. Hamburger, Treasurer Dr D. Manning, Hon Sec J.H. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1968 page 2

The marriage has taken place between Ivor Martin, elder son of Mrs Rosa Finn and the late Harold Finn of Darlington, and Valerie, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs T. Lister, 7 Greene Grove, Stockton.
[Marriage. December 1967 Ivor M. Finn Leeds 2c 756//Valerie Lister]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 January 1968 page 17

Obituary of Sigmund Hamburger. The synagogue was crowded by mourners, Jewish and Gentile, from all parts of the North-East. He had passionate love for the synagogue and very keen on B’nai B’rith. Liberally supported many charities, Jewish and non-Jewish.
[Death. Sigmund Hamburger March 1968 aged 70 Durham SE 1a 757]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 January 1968 page 23

LtCol Nathan Leslie Cohen of Stockton appointed magistrate on Tees-side.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1968 page 19

The Stockton branch of the British Legion presented to their hon solicitor, Mr J.H. Bloom, a certificate of appreciation for his services to ex-servicemen and women over 20 years. He was a warrant officer in National Service.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 July 1968 page 17

Jewish Memorial Council. Report to Central Committee for Jewish Religious Education. Since last survey in 1959 a number of classes in small communities have disappeared or dwindled to 1 or 2 pupils: Aberdeen, Chester, Darlington, Derby, Llanelli, Merthyr, Preston, South Shields, Stockton, West Hartlepool, Worcester, and York.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1968 page 19

Various ambulances for Israel. One shared by Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough. and Stockton, will shortly be shipped to Israel.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1969 page 3

A memorial service in memory of Sigmund Hamburger, past president of Stockton Hebrew Congregation, will be held at the synagogue, Hartington Road, on 15 June followed by consecration of tombstone at Oxbridge Cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1971 page 30

Death. Suddenly of Harry Cohen, formerly of Stockton, on 25 January. Wife Lena, son Martin, daughter Adrienne. Cambridge Square, W2.
[Death. Harry Cohen March 1971 Paddington 5d 1236. Born about 1903]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 February 1971 page 39

Obituary of Harry Cohen. Spent most of his life in Stockton. Presided over the affairs of the local synagogue and was president and chairman of the JPA Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1971 page 39

Memorial service for Mr Julius Mark of Stockton who was president for over 20 years.
[Death. Julius Mark September 1970 Durham SE 1a 1234. Born March 1881.]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 June 1972 page 32

‘End of Stockton Synagogue’. The decision to sell the synagogue in Stockton-on-Tees brings to a close a chapter in the history of the Jews of North-East England. Jewish settlement in Stockton had its beginnings over 120 years ago. An organised community was founded in the early 1870s, but it was not until 1906 that the synagogue in Hartington Road was founded with the help of a fund left by Samuel Spritzel for the assistance of small communities. The Rev Ben Cohen, a graduate of Jews' College, was the first regular minister; the last was the late Rev Armin Hofstadter, who left Stockton in 1951 for Toronto. The number of families in the congregation fluctuated between 25 and 30 but membership does not now support a minyan. Friday evening services stopped some two.years ago, and Holy-day services were held until last year. Most members of the congregation have joined the Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation. Local churches and Hindu and Moslem communities have shown interest in buying the building.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1972 page 15

Obituary of Judge Clifford Theodore Cohen. died aged 66.
[Death.Clifford Theodore Cohen September 1972 Cleveland 1b 1440. Born 26 June 1906]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1972 page 12

Ref to Dr D. Manning, last president of Stockton Hebrew Congregation

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1972 page 10

A Wesleyan Church in Stockton will be celebrating Christmas in a synagogue. The Church of the Nazarene will take over the building of the now non-existent Stockton Hebrew Congregation. When the synagogue was wound up some of the Sifrei Torah were sent to Gateshead Yeshivah (and then some to Israel) and some went to the Joel Intract Memorial Home at Sunderland. The books, menorah and plaques were given to Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1973 page 43

Will of Judge Clifford Cohen. Left £163,991 (net £160,097). Money to Hebrew University, Bar Benevolent Association, Clifton College, Stockton Hebrew Congregation, Lodge of Freedom, Tyneside Scottish Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, TA Company Parachute Company, Gateshead.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 May 1973 page 50

Obituary of Jack Hamon, Glasgow, well-known in cinema circles. Aged 78. Born Stockton. Settled in Glasgow after WWI when in RFC as Sergeant Major.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1973 page 15

Funds for Israel. Middlesbrough. Stockton and Hartlepool, amounting to about 300 people, have pledged £36,000.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1974 page 23

Tombstone for Clifford Cohen will be consecrated at the Jewish Cemetery, Oxgridge Lane, Stockton, on 8 September.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 February 1975 page 20

Obituary. Dr David Manning aged 74. Active in Stockton Synagogue, occupying many posts. Was the last president. [Death. David Manning March 1975 C Cleveland 3 2738, Born 27 December 1900]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1978 page 14

Obituary of Rev Harry Berman. Brought up in Llanelli. Was minister in New Tredegar and Stockton before returning to Llanelli

Jewish Chronicle, 4 May 1979 page 6

Death on 18 April of Ada Bessie Sachs of 55 Yarm Road, Stockton, County Cleveland. Died in hospital. Brother and sister of Bill and Kathy.
[Death. Ada Bessie Sachs June 1979 C Cleveland 3 2381 Born 6 March 1894]

Jewish Chronicle, National Probate Calendar. 11 June 1979

Ada Bessie Sachs £21,359

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1979 page 41

Dr David Manning, the last president of Stockton Hebrew Congregation, has officially handed over the synagogue’s silver to the Cleveland County for display in Preston Hall Museum. Also at the informal presentation were two trustees, Gerald Goldston and LtCol N. L. Cohen.
[Note that Manning died in 1975. This notice must have been forgotten and then discovered.]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1982 page 27

Marriage in Leeds on 8 July of Amanda Clare, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Jack Solk of Leeds, to Alan Johnson, only son of Mr and Mrs K. Johnson of Stockton.
[Marriage. Amanda C. Solk September 1982 Leeds 5 6439//Alan Johnson]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 June 1983 page 22

Will of Charles Goulding, schoolmaster, who died I January leaving £53,438 (net £52,772).
[Death. Charles Goulding March 1983 C Cleveland 3 2322 Born 10 August 1907]

National Probate Index

Address of Charles Goulding.15b Thornhill Road, Thornaby, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1987 page 11

Stockton Solicitor Michael Manning has been elected President of the Durham and North Yorkshire Law Society. Member of Middlesbrough Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1989 page 19

Death. Ellen nee Berg Garbutt of Stockton. 10 December aged 92.
[Death. Ellen Garbutt December 1989 C Cleveland 3 2876 born 29.7.1898]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1990 page 40

New Year’s Honours List. OBE to LtCol Nathan Leslie Cohen, Stockton, for services to Cleveland community.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1991 page 12

Mr Nat Cohen has been made Freeman of borough of Stockton in recognition of his charitable work. Member of long-established Stockton family and is a regular at Middlesbrough services since its merger with Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1993 page 13

Death on 4 February at Stockton of Elizabeth Sarah (Cissie) Bloom, formerly of Hartlepool. Widow of Isaac, mother of David (deceased) and John.
[Death. Elizabeth Sarah Bloom March 1993 Aged 93. C Cleveland C41 3481C. 151. Born 15.11.189]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1998 page 18

Members of Middlesbrough synagogue which last year took decision to wind up the congregation are ready to consider the offers for the synagogue building.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 2000 page 23

A new J. Soc. has been formed at the Stockton campus.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 2000 page 18

Students at Abbey Hill School Technology College, Stockton, have built a Succah in school grounds under supervision of a Jewish teacher.

Death. Nathan Leslie Cohen aged 92 Born 13 January 1908. OBE JP
[Death. Nathan Leslie Cohen September 2000 Stockton.C10. 3501C. 214]
Burial. Stockton Jewish Cemetery, Oxbridge Lane.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 2002 page 20

Obituary. John Bloom. Born Hartlepool 22 March 1928. Died Osmotherley, North Yorkshire. 16 June 2002 aged 74. Rugby player and solicitor. President of Dutham and North Yorkshire Law Society. Chairman on several occasions of the Rent and Industrial Tribunals. He was a rugby forward and played for town, county, and army. Active in Jewish community of Hartlepool and moved to Stockton after his marriage. Headed Stockton Rotary Club. After merger with Middlesbrough served as President, trustee and hon Solicitor. Senior Freeman. Survived by wife of 48 years, son Robin and daughter Tracey.

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