the former

Stockton-on-Tees Jewish Community

Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham




Press Reports relating to the
Stockton-on-Tees Jewish Community

Part 1 — 1870-1899

Compiled by Harold Pollins

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Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 21 November 1870 page 3

Stockton Borough Police Court. Joseph Lyon was summoned by William Allison for assaulting him. Complainant said he was delivering some bills for Mr Foster and when passing the defendant’s shop he came out and struck him. The defence was that the defendant was put to a great deal of annoyance by boys coming in front of his shop and distributing Mr Foster’s bills. On this occasion the complainant had sat on the plate in front of the shop, distributing bills to the annoyance of customers. The foreman to Mr Lyon could not identify the complainant as one of those who came in front of the shop. Verdict: defendant to pay 10s and costs.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1872, page 378

New Synagogue and Schools for Middlesbrough. List of contributions.
Joseph Lyon Stockton £2.2.0
J. H. Hart Stockton £1.1.0
W. Smith Stockton 10s

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1872 page 402

New Synagogue for Middlesbrough. List of contributors includes Per J. Hart, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1872 page 441

Further contributions for Middlesbrough. Per J.H. Hart, Stockton-on-Tees.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1873 page 343

Foundation stone at Middlesbrough. Among those present was J. Hart of Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1874 page 1

Birth on 11th inst, at the Ferns, Stockton-on-Tees, a son to wife of J. Lyon.
[Birth. Jasper Lyon December 1874 Stockton 10a 139] Died 1875.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 18 December 1875 page 3

On Wednesday the first bullock for the use of the Jews in Stockton was slaughtered by Rev. J. Marks, the newly-appointed Rabbi, assisted by Mr L. Crutch and Mr Fryer, in whose premises it was performed – Mr Fry being selected by the congregation to supply the bullock and also to sell the hindquarters etc.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 6 April 1878 page 3

‘A Stockton Jew who fell Among the Gentiles’
Joseph Lando is a dealer in old clothes. Richard Flattery was charged with robbery of a coat from Lando’s shop. Flattery and another were in the shop and one of them ran out with a pair of trousers. Lando chased and caught him. Some time later the two men came back and Flattery ran off with a coat. Lando called a policeman and apprehended him. Lando had a case before the court not long before and needed an interpreter. This time his English was better.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 21 May 1878 page 3

‘Hebrews sued for pew rent in Middlesbrough’
At Middlesbrough County Court, Morris Myer, pawnbroker, Stockton, was summoned by the trustees of the Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation for £2.10.6 due as seat rent. Isaac Alston gave evidence that the seat was let to defendant at 1s 6d per week, from 3 October 1875 and was occupied by him until 2 April 1876. He had all the privileges of membership including meat slaughtered by the Jewish slaughterer. His lawyer said he had never taken the seat but paid the money to get the meat. Verdict to plaintiff for 15s and costs.
Mr Cohen of Stockton had similar verdict [I. M. Cohen]
Jacob Marks was summoned for £1.14s for pew rent. He said he was an officer of the congregation and had the right as a slayer to a free seat. But it was shown that for a greater part of the time that he occupied the seat he did not hold the office of slaughterer. Verdict £1.10 and costs.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 4 June 1878 page 3

Jacob Marks acted as pawnbroker without a licence. No verdict stated.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 January 1879 page 4

The Jewish Ladies of Middlesbrough and Stockton have established a Benevolent Society to assist the needs especially of women and children. There is great poverty in the district.
Elected: President, Mrs Bernstein, Treasurer, Mrs Benjamin, Hon Sec, Mrs Hush, Lady Visitors, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Rosensweig, Committee, Mrs Myers, Mrs Alston, Mrs J. Marks, Mrs Levy, Mrs Michelson.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 24 September 1879 page 3

A young man named Frederick Richardson was before the Stockton magistrates on a charge of assaulting Isaac Levy, of breaking a quantity of glass, and of being drunk in the streets. He had accosted Levy and asked him for ‘the price of a pint’. Levy refused, and prisoner struck him, knocking him down, and ‘breaking all the glass which he was carrying in a rack upon his back’. Fined 2s 6d and costs for being drunk, ordered to pay Levy 12s for compensation for damage to glass, and 4s 6d in connection with the charge of wilful damage.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 29 September 1879 page 3

Another man charged with stealing the bell punches. Samuels gives evidence that he had received the bell punches in pledge but having seen a notice that they were stolen he had communicated with the police and had given up the punches.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 8 January 1880 page 4

At Stockton Borough Police Court a boy was charged with having annoyed Samuel Gordon ‘a Few’(sic) by knocking on the door of his house. Had happened more than once. Boy fined 6d and 11s 6d costs or 14 days imprisonment with hard labour.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 February 1881 page 11

Annual meeting of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Hebrew Ladies’ Benevolent Society.
Elected: President Mrs M. S. Bernstein, Treasurer Mrs Hush, Secretary Mrs Phillips, Committee Mrs M. Bernstein, Mrs S. Levy, Mrs Glasstone, Mrs Rosensweig, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Michelson.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 25 April 1881 page 4

At Stockton Police Court a Jewess named Hannah Gobbett appeared in answer to a summons charging her with a breach of the bye-laws. It seems that a Hebrew glazier named Joel Block was ‘putting in a square’ at a house in Park-field when the defendant (whose husband is also a glazier) happened to catch sight of him. She issued a ‘volley of fiery epithets’ and a crowd collected. When brought before the bench she said that Block had insulted her in the market. After hearing a vast amount of mostly unintelligible mumbling by Block and Gobbitt the case was dismissed.
[Name was Gabbitt]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 August 1881 page 6

‘A Jewish child in the Stockton workhouse’.
Mr I. M. Cohen, 6 Wharf Street, Stockton-on-Tees, writes: The Jewish child found here deserted on 25 March is still in the workhouse. The Jews of Stockton are too poor to maintain the child themselves and appeal for people to subscribe £25 a year of care for the child’s support and rescue from the present surroundings.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1881 page 7

Middlesbrough Synagogue was attended on New Year and Day of Atonement not solely by members of the congregation but also by residents of Stockton and Cleveland.

North-Eastern Daily Gazette, 20 February 1882 page 3

Sarah O’Donald was summoned before Stockton magistrates for wilfully destroying two pictures the property of Joseph Lando, ‘a Hebrew vendor of miscellaneous articles’. Conflict of evidence. Case dismissed.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1882 page 2

Persecution of the Jews in Russia – Mansion House Relief Fund
Contributions from M. Myers, Stockton £3; M. Jacobs, Stockton £1 1s 0d.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 13 June 1882 page 4

‘Serious Fire at Stockton. £700 Damages’
Between half past 12 and quarter to 1 a serious fire broke out of the premises of Morris Lando, picture frame maker, High Street, Stockton. Mr Lando was not at home, having gone to Newcastle and had not returned. Mrs Landon and 4 children and a servant had a narrow escape of being burnt alive. The women dropped the children out of the window and then jumped out. The interior was destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. Lando’s stock and furniture were not insured but the building was the property of Mr Wilson, farmer, Guisborough, and his loss will be fully covered by insurance. The fire brigade extinguished the fire very quickly.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 17 January 1883 page 3

‘Curious Action for Damages at Stockton’. At Stockton County Court.
A Jew named Samuel Gordon sought to recover £25 from Morris Jacobs, ‘another member of the Israelitish faith’, as compensation for personal injuries sustained through the defendant’s violence. Gordon is a scripture-reader to the Jewish community in the town, next he is the officially-approved slaughterer of every beast which is eaten by local ‘sons of Israel’, and lastly he is a vendor of Dutch clocks and old clothes. His business establishment is situated in Portrack Lane. Jacobs is engaged in the old clothes branch of his trade. On 18th November Gordon went to Mr Hall’s slaughter house to perform his official function as slaughterer and Jacobs went with him. But soon an argument broke out and Jacobs struck Gordon on the chest. Then he picked up a cleaver and threatened ‘to annihilate his agitated victim’. The cleaver was taken by Hall’s men. As a result Gordon had been ill and was attended by Dr Oliver. Gordon said the quarrel was about money but Jacobs denied this and said that the affair was caused by Gordon, on a previous occasion, going too late to the slaughter house and thus depriving the community of animal food for a week.
Verdict for plaintiff for £15 being £2.10 compensation for injuries, £1.10 for 6 weeks when laid up and loss of usual means of livelihood and £3.10 for doctor’s charges.
[Note. In the 1881 Census Samuel Gordon is described as ‘Jewish Minister’.]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 January 1883 page 1

Death on 23 January in Middlesbrough of Henrietta, wife of Isaac Hush and daughter of Isaac Cohen of Stockton.
[Death. Henrietta Hush March 1883 aged 36 Middlesbrough 9d 402]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 August 1883 page 12

Miss Flora Wineberg, granddaughter of Mr I. M. Cohen of Stockton-on-Tees, has passed three examinations for Trinity College in the past year: Practical, Junior and Senior; and Theoretical, Junior.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1883 page 1

Marriage on 17 July at St John’s Wood Synagogue, London NW, of Paretz (Percy) Bernstein of Middlesbrough and Stockton and Rosie, daughter of the late H. Essinger of Bristol.
[Marriage September 1883 Marylebone 1a 1247//Rosie Essinger]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1884 page 5

On 7 December last Mr I. M. Cohen, as the oldest member of the Jewish congregation of Stockton-on-Tees, addressed a letter to the Burial Board of the town applying for a grant of land and separate space in the cemetery for the burial of Jews, on payment of the same fees as by others.
Agreed, to be fenced off.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1884 page 7

Meeting of Jewish residents at the Victoria Coffee Palace for purpose of forming a congregation. There are a number of poor families here but only about 10 persons are in a position to contribute anything to a synagogue. Nevertheless a ‘comfortable’ place has been taken in Skinner Street which will be neatly fitted up by Mr Sanderson, contractor, for a synagogue. The money required was promised in the room. Only a short time ago the same few members contributed £60-70 for railing around ground set aside by the Corporation for a Jewish burial ground.
Elected: President Mr I. Cohen, Treasurer and Certified Hon Sec Mr A. Michelson, Committee M. Myers, I. Alston, and M. Jacobs. Mr Solomons(sic), at present temporary shochet in Middlesbrough, has been elected as chazzan, shochet and Hebrew teacher. There are 25-30 children able to go to school but get no religious instruction.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1884 page 2

Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation appeal for funds to pay off mortgage and other expenses. contribution by Mr A. Michelson, Stockton £3.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1884 page 7

The new synagogue at Stockton was opened on 19th for divine service. Conducted by Rev B. J. Salomons and Mr I. Alston.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1884 page 13

Centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore. Service conducted by Rev Bernard J. Salomons. Banquet held on Monday, presided over by I. M. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 November 1884 page 11

Board of Deputies. Mr Asher Michelson has been appointed for first time as Secretary for Marriage Purposes at Stockton-on-Tees.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 3 January 1885 page 4

First wedding by Stockton Hebrew Congregation on 1 January in their new synagogue at Skinner Street, Stockton, of Joseph Stones of Darlington and Miss Sarah Gordon of Stockton. Performed by Rev G. B. Salomons late of Oxford, minister at Stockton.
[Bernard Joshua Salomons]

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 8 June 1885 page 4

Stockton Borough Police Court. Patrick Carney was charged with stealing a pair of trousers value 8s from the shop of Wolfe Levison, second-hand clothier, Thistle Green. The prisoner attempted to pledge them at Mr Levy’s pawnbroker’s. Sent to gaol for a month with hard labour.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 8 June 1885 page 4

Stockton Borough Police Court. Patrick Carney was charged with stealing a pair of trousers value 8s from the shop of Wolfe Levison, second-hand clothier, Thistle Green. The prisoner attempted to pledge them at Mr Levy’s pawnbroker’s. Sent to gaol for a month with hard labour.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 8 June 1885 page 4

Stockton Borough Police Court. Patrick Carney was charged with stealing a pair of trousers value 8s from the shop of Wolfe Levison, second-hand clothier, Thistle Green. The prisoner attempted to pledge them at Mr Levy’s pawnbroker’s. Sent to gaol for a month with hard labour.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1885 page 9

Meeting of members of the Stockton congregation resolved to send letters of congratulation to Lord Rothschild (raised to peerage) and Baron de Worms (made secretary for trade in the government.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1885 page 13

Special meeting of the Stockton-on-Tees congregation for the distribution of prizes to children of the Hebrew school and to hear address delivered by Rev B. J. Salomons on his leaving for Chatham.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1885 page 12

First annual meeting of the congregation held in the synagogue. The Treasurer congratulated the members on the fact that within 11 months £99 16s 8d had passed through his hands from the few members living in the town, exclusive of about £80 spent on fencing the burial ground.
I. Cohen re-elected President and A. Michelson Treasure and Hon Sec, Committee I. Alston, M. Myers, and M. Jacobs. Chatan Torah M. Getz, Chatan Bershith A. Michelson.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 September 1886 page 7

On Sabbath Rev H.P. Levy visited the Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1886 page 13

Annual meeting of congregation. Re-elected: President Mr I. M. Cohen, Mr A. Michelson Treasurer and Hon Sec, Committee I. Alston, P. Bernstein, and M. Myers. Chatan Torah A. Hyams, Chatan Bereshith A. Levy. Financial affairs latterly unsatisfactory because several families have left the town. Deficit made up through sacrifices on the part of individual members. New Year services conducted by Rev B. Cohen and Mr Landau(sic).

Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1887 page 8

Small branch of Anglo-Jewish Association formed in Stockton. President Mr I. M. Cohen,Treasurer Mr A. Michelson, Hon Sec Mr R. G. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1887 page 10

Branch of AJA. ‘The heads of Jewish families being animated by a desire of identifying themselves with the interests of the Association.’

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1887 page 12

Benjamin Michelson, a pupil at Stockton High School, has taken first prize in the 4th form and has passed the recent Cambridge Local Examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1887 page 16

Rev H. P. Levy of Middlesbrough, visiting minister of Stockton, delivered a Jubilee sermon at Stockton. Choir was conducted by Rev Mr Ginsberg of Middlesbrough and Mr Kinsberger presided at the harmonium.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 12 August 1887 page 1

Cash advanced. Trade bills discounted. M. Cohen, Central Hall, Darlington and 5 North Terrace, High Street, Stockton.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 12 August 1887 page 1

Cash advanced to Tradesmen, Farmers, etc. Mr Levy, 56 High Street, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 September 1887 page 11

Rev Mr Cohen and Mr Landau(sic) read the services on New Year. On the Sabbath prior to the festivities Rev H. P. Levy, visiting minister, delivered a sermon.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1887 page 7

Chatan Torah P. Bernstein, Chatan Bereshith W. Levison.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1887 page 11

Annual meeting of congregation, held in synagogue on 29th ult. Mr Michelson congratulated members on marked improvement of finances. Congregation is increasing in numbers. Size and position of synagogue are wholly inadequate and being situated on top of a steep flight of stairs really dangerous. Rev B. Cohen assisted by Mr Lando conducted the services. Elected: President I. M. Cohen, Treasurer and Hon Sec A. Michelson, Committee Messrs I. Alston, M. Myers, C. Bernstein, E. Goldston, H. Wilkinson.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 9 November 1887 page 1

Immediate cash advances etc. I. Alston, 5a The Square, Stockton.

National Archives1 HO144/297/B2431

Naturalisation Certificate dated 3 December 1887.
Przedecky, Asher, known as Asher Michelson from Russia, resident Stockton-on-Tees.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 24 May 1888 page 3

At the Stockton Police Court today two young men were each fined 10s and costs or 14 days hard labour for an unprovoked assault on Eli Goldston in Garibaldi Street on 16 May during an auction. Mr Lacy, a furniture dealer, confirmed the complainant’s statement.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough,12 July 1888 page 3

Stockton Police Court. John Morris, who had removed his furniture without paying Isaac Cohen his rent, was ordered to pay £2 including costs.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1888 page 12

Rev Dr H. Adler, Delegate Chief Rabbi, visited Stockton. It had not been his intention to do so on his tour because of shortage of time but the members were anxious for a visit from him. He examined the children and was satisfied. Expressed surprise at the progress made since his last visit.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 1888 page 3

Grants made under Jewish Provincial Ministers’ Fund for the services of Rev H. P. Levy of the Middlesbrough congregation for the Darlington and Stockton congregation for the purpose of preaching occasionally and giving school instruction. He visited Darlington 6 September to 6 December 1886 and Stockton and Darlington 6 December 1886 to 6 December 1887.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 4 September 1888 page 3

‘Assaulting a Jew’ At the Stockton Police Court this morning Thomas M’Cabe, an ironworker, was charged with assaulting Israel Davis, a young Jew, yesterday. The complainant stands with a hand-cart in the High Street, selling photographs. The prisoner, who was drunk, put a card in his pocket. When remonstrated with he knocked complainant down and struck him four times with his fist. Prisoner was fined 10s and 4s 6d costs or 14 days hard labour while for being drunk and disorderly he was fined 5s and 5s 6d costs or a further 14 days.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1888 page 11

Middlesbrough. Service to receive Sepher Torah with silver and mantle presented by Mr I. Alston on his departure for Australia. Large attendance including most of the Jewish inhabitants of Stockton.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 30 March 1889 page 3

Stockton Police Court. Charles Walker charged with stealing pair of trousers value 6s 6d the property of Wolf Levison, clothier, Bishop Street. He offered to pledge them to James Walton, assistant to Mr Harrison, pawnbroker. Sent to prison for one month with hard labour.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1889 page 15

Special meeting of congregation. Mr Lucien Wolf elected Stockton’s representative at Board of Deputies.
[Lucien Wolf, well-known journalist and historian,]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1889 page 14

Chatan Torah S. Garbutt. Chatan Bereshith I. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1890 page 14

Memorial service for Chief Rabbi was held in the synagogue on Thursday week. The reading desk and the pulpit were in black, the curtains before the ark and mantles for sepharim were in white. Rev A. A. Green of Sunderland presented an eloquent sermon.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1890 page 14

The passes in the January Matriculation Examination of London University include Benjamin Nathan Michelson of Stockton High School.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 25 June 1890 page 3

Marriage at the Jewish synagogue, Stockton-on-Tees, by the Rev B. Cohen, of Barnett Rubenstein(sic) and Anna Leah Goldston, both of Stockton.
[Marriage. Barnett Rubinstein June 1890 Stockton 10a 198//Hannah Leah Goldston]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1890 page 1

Marriage at residence of bride’s parents 3 Cambridge Terrace, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, Jeanette, elder daughter of Morris Myers to Abraham Bloom of Stockton.
[Marriage. Abraham Bloom September 1890 Stockton 10a 161//Jeanette Myers]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1890 page 15

Chatan Torah E. Goldstone(sic). Chatan Bereshith A. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1890 page 15

At adjourned general meeting on 5th balance sheet presented and adopted. Elected: President I. M. Cohen and Treasurer pro tem, Hon Sec Meyer Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 November 1890 page 16

Board of Deputies. Mr Meyer Cohen approved as Secretary for Marriage Purposes of Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 1891 page 18

Meeting held for purpose of forming a branch of Chovevei Zion. All those present were enrolled as members. Rev B. Cohen elected as secretary.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1891 page 16

Annual meeting of congregation. Elected: President A. Michelson, Treasurer J. Bloom. Collection made for Russian Fund £13 10s. Only a few persons were present so expect that sun to be augmented.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1891 page 17

The Russian Fund. Stockton is one of the congregations joining in the appeal and ‘in which town Christian clergy of various denominations have promised to preach sermons in aid of the movement.’

Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 1891 page 19

The treasurer of the Stockton Tent of the Chovevei Zion Society has forwarded the sum of £12 to Messrs S. Montagu & Co for the Head Quarter’s Tent.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 December 1891 page 1

Death on 8 December at her residence 6 Wharf Street, Stockton, Barbara, aged 80, wife of Izak M. Cohen.
[Death. Barbara Cohen December 1891 aged 80 Stockton 10a 50]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 December 1891 page 20

Death of Mrs Izak M. Cohen. Highly respected by the poor. She was a native of Holland and was related to some of the best Jewish families there. She was a cousin of Josef Israels, the painter.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 January 1892 page 9

Meeting of Stockton Conservative Club. Resolution passed expressing abhorrence and detestation at inhuman and infamous treatment by the Russian government. Collection made for Relief Fund, handed to Mr Michelson who attended with other representatives of the local Jewish congregation.

25 March 1892 page 1

Jewish Chronicle, Marriage on 22 March at the Central Synagogue of Gertrude, 2nd daughter of the late I. Phillips of Regent Street, W, and Henry Hyman Hart of Islington, younger son of I. H. Hart of Stockton.
[Marriage. Henry Hyman Hart March 1892 Marylebone 1a 882/Gertrude Esther Isaacs]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1892 page 24

At invitation of the congregation Rev A. A. Green examined the Hebrew Classes. The children answered satisfactorily. Green expressed pleasure at finding the classes so proficient and praised the effort and teaching of Rev Mr Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1892 page 1

Marriage on 4 June in London WC of Sarah Amelia, eldest daughter of Lawrence Engel, of Tavistock Square, WC, to Joseph H. Hart of Canonbury N, formerly of Stockton-on-Tees.
[Marriage. Joseph Herrmann Hart June 1892 Marylebone 1a 1206//Sarah Amelia Engel]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1892 page 8

Levin Bequest (will of Ephraim Levin). List of beneficiaries (synagogues etc). Stockton £150.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 July 1892 page 15

Chief Rabbi’s tour, at Stockton. At a service in the synagogue there was a large attendance including several prominent Christians. The Chief Rabbi hoped the congregation would soon obtain a synagogue which would accommodate all the Jewish residents and be free from danger. The next morning he examined the Hebrew and Religion Classes in the synagogue and expressed great satisfaction with the intelligence and proficiency of the children and with the teaching of Rev Mr Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 July 1892 page 16

Meeting held on 19th to establish an Orphan Aid Society to augment funds of the Jews’ Hospital and Orphanage. Elected: President Mrs A. Michelson, Secretary Mrs P. Bernstein, Treasurer Mr Myers. All those present enrolled as annual subscribers and a further canvass is expected the liberal amount already promised.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1892 page 16

AGM of congregation. The President congratulated the members on the fact that despite the depression in trade the finances had not suffered to any appreciable extent, and the different charities were flourishing. A. Michelson re-elected President and Treasurer elected was A. Hyams in place of I. Bloom resigned. Hon Sec is A. Levy. Mr I. M. Cohen, the oldest member, was made a Life Member of the Committee. He had been President for 6 years. Committee elected : E. Goldstone, P. Bernstein, S. Garbutt, B. Yates.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1892 page 17

Chatan Torah A. Michelson. Chatan Bereshith I. Bloom.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1893 page 19

First charity ball organized by members of the Jewish congregation of Stockton under patronage of Mayor and Mayoress. Stewards were Messrs A. Michelson, P. Bernstein, I. Bloom, A. Levi, A. Bloom, M. Cohen, J. Brodie, A. Hyams. MCs were A. Michelson and P. Bernstein. Hon Secretarial functions by Mrs A. Michelson. After expenses, surplus will be divided between Stockton charities and some poor Jewish families . Contemplated making it an annual event.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1893 page 18

E. Michelson, son of Mr A. Michelson, passed the recent Cambridge Local Examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1893 page 2

The tombstone in memory of Mrs Betsy Cohen will be set on 22nd in the Jewish cemetery Stockton-on-Tees.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 June 1893 page 1

Mr M. Cohen will be ‘At Home’ on 25th on the occasion of the bar mitzvah of his son Reuben. Wellington Street, Stockton.
[Birth. Reuben Cohen September 1880 Darlington 10a 8]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 July 1893 page 1

Marriage on 29 June at St John’s Synagogue, Leeds, Sophie only daughter of Mrs S. Wolfe, and Meyer Cohen of Stockton.
[Marriage. Sophie Wolfe June 1893 Leeds 9b 880//Myer Cohen]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1893 page 15

The services on High Festivals were conducted by Rev B. Cohen assisted by a gentleman from Sunderland. ‘The small synagogue was packed to suffocation.’

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1893 page 16

Annual meeting of congregation. The president congratulated the members on having got through the High Festivals without any accident occurring in the ‘incommodious’ synagogue. They have had notice to quit and although small in number and having passed through trade crisis they should build a synagogue. Elected: President A. Michelson, Treasurer E. Goldstone(sic), Committee A. Hyams, M. Myers, M.  Cohen, P. Bernstein, and B. Yates.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1894 page 20

At the invitation of the President of the Stockton congregation, the Rev M. E. Davis of Middlesbrough examined the Hebrew and Religious Class. He was highly satisfied. The annual ball of the Jewish young men of Stockton was held on 31st ult at the Masonic Hall, Stockton-on-Tees. About 120 guests were present including ladies and gentlemen from Sunderland, Shields, Newcastle, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Darlington, and Leeds. Messrs L. Cassell and S. Goldstone were MCs, Messrs B. Yates, E Myers, R. Goldston together with H. Cohen, Hon Sec, were stewards. Arrangements for refreshments & were under the management of Misses Schott, Myers and Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1894 page 16

Synagogue was well attended on both days of the festival but more on 2nd day when Rev M. E. Davis of Middlesbrough preached. He is virtually a visiting minister. The congregation has bought an eligible site for a synagogue. The services during recent festivals were conducted by Rev B. Cohen and a gentleman from Sunderland.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 27 April 1894 page 3

‘The Jewish congregation have purchased a site in Hartington-road for the erection of a new Synagogue’.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1894 page 1

Fiance. Emily, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Levy of Middlesbrough to Sol, eldest son of Mr and Mrs E. Goldston, 2 Lawrence Road, Stockton.
[Marriage. Solomon Goldston March 1895 Stockton 10a 123//Caroline Elizabeth Schott]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1894 page 3

Jewish Provincial Ministers’ Fund. Grant to Stockton has been discontinued.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1894 page 20 [This report had erroneously been attributed to Stockport instead of Stockton - Webmaster]

Services at recent festivals were conducted by Rev B. Cohen assisted by a gentleman from Sunderland.
At AGM, M. Getz and P. Bernstein elected President and Treasurer respectively. M. Getz and I. Cohen were Chosan Torah and Chosan Bereshith..

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1894 page 20

AGM. Elected: President M. Getz, Treasurer P. Bernstein. Chatan Torah M. Getz, Chatan Bereshith I. Cohen.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 17 January 1895 page 3

Annual Jewish Charity Ball was held in the Borough Hall last night. Officials: MCs A Michelson and P. Bernstein; Stewards M. Gatz(sic), I. Bloom, M. Cohen, A. Bloom, A. Hyams, B. Zates(sic). Secretary S. Michelson. One-third of the proceeds will go to charitable institutions of Stockton. About 50 couples were present.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 1 February 1895 page 3

The Mayor of Stockton has received £5 from Mr A. Michelson being half the net proceeds of the recent Jewish Charity Ball and has handed it over to the treasurer of the Stockton and Thornaby Hospital.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1895 page 1

Death on 10 March of Hagar (Hugerche) Getz, wife of Morris Getz
[Death. Hagar Getz March 1895 aged 62 Stockton 10a 46]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1895 page 20

Death of Mrs Morris Getz at her residence Much missed in Stockton and Middlesbrough. She has resided in the district for 24 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1895 page 1

Death on 28 July at his residence in Salant, Russia, Marcus Bloom. Sons Abraham and Isidore in Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1895 page 18

The New Year services were conducted by Rev Mr Cohen and Mr Aronson of Middlesbrough who volunteered his services.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1895 page 16

Chatan Torah P. Bernstein. Chatan Bereshith M. Getz.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1895 page 17

Annual meeting of congregation. M. Getz re-elected President and Eli Goldston Treasurer. Vote of thanks to Mr Aronson for his services as Reader during the holidays, to Mr P. Bernstein resigning Treasurer, and to Rev M. E. Davis of Middlesbrough for his valuable services to the Stockton congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1895 page 13

Annual gathering in connection with the Stockton High School was on 6 October. Master S. Goldston, son of Eli Goldston of Church Square, was awarded these prizes and certificates. Cambridge Local Examination. Junior College of Preceptors Examination First Class. South Kensington Certificate for plane and solid geometry. South Kensington Certificate for Mathematics. South Kensington Certificate for drawing from model. Special prize given by the Vicar of Stockton for Divinity (open to the whole school.)

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1895 page 1

Tombstone of Hagar Getz will be set at Stockton-on-Tees cemetery on 7 November.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1895 page 1

Death on 6 November at West Hackney Joseph Lyons late of Stockton aged 67.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1896 page 1

Silver Wedding. on 7 June 1871 at residence of Mr S. A. Sampson, A. Michelson of Middlesbrough to Sarah Nathan only daughter of the late Mr B. Nathan of Portsea. Central Buildings, Stockton.
[Marriage. Sarah Nathan June 1871 Hull 9d 411//Asher Michelson Przedecky]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1896 page 18

Chatan Torah M. Getz. Chatan Bereshit A. Michelson.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1896 page 21

Rev B. Cohen assisted by Mr Levene of South Shields conducted the services.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1896 page 22

AGM. President M. Getz was thanked for services during two years of Presidency. Elected: President A. Michelson, Treasurer P. Bernstein, Committee M. Myers, A. Bloom, I. Bloom, E. Goldston, A. Hyams, I. Cohen.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 23 December 1896 page 3

The Jews of Stockton intend to revive the interesting function of their charitable ball which they dropped two years ago in deference to the town’s charitable ball. The date has been fixed for 17 February at the Borough Hall and a very strong list of patrons has been secured.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 February 1897 page 19

A ball promoted by a number of Jewish young ladies and gentlemen was held last week at the Borough Hall in aid of local charities. P. Bernstein and E. Myers acted as MCs. Messrs H. Cohen, A. Michelson, S. Phillips, M. Schott, and B. Yates were stewards.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 13 March 1897 page 3

At the final meeting of the promoters of the Stockton Jewish Charity Ball, held at the house of Miss Getz, Treasurer, it was decided that the surplus of £16 16s be handed to local charities - £10 10s to the Stockton and Thornaby Hospital and £6 6s to the Stockton and Thornaby District Nursing Association.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 29 March 1897 page 1

‘General Servant (experience). Wanted at once; no washing. Apply Mrs. Michelson, 1 Central Buildings, Stockton’

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1897 page 25

Middlesbrough. Thanksgiving Day celebrated in impressive style. Some visitors from Stockton. ‘The National Anthem was sung in Hebrew and English’.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1897 page 28

The congregation celebrated Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee by a treat for the children attending the Religion Classes who, accompanied by parents, had a picnic at Mount Grace Priory. Mr Michelson, the President, presented each child with a medal commemorating the event. The children were supplied with cakes, sweets and teas. Various addresses were made. There were cheers for the Queen, the Chief Rabbi and the Lord Mayor of London. Cheers also for Mesdames A. and S. Bloom who were in charge of the commissariat of the party, and for Rev B. Cohen, the teacher.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1897 page 16

June Matriculation of University of London.. First Division Reuben Cohen Stockton High School.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 October 1897 page 27

Rev B. Cohen conducted the festival services assisted by Mr Davison of Sunderland.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 October 1897 page 28

AGM. A. Michelson unanimously re-elected President, E. Goldston elected Treasurer in place of P. Bernstein. Vote of thanks to P. Bernstein.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1897 page 1

Death on 30 October of Izak Meyer Cohen in his 91st year. Father of Mrs J. M. Fisher and Mrs S. Finn.
[Death. Izak Myer(sic) Cohen December 1897 aged 91 Stockton 10a 31]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 November 1897 page 1

Mr Percy Bernstein thanks for condolences for his sister Rachael Nathan [died Middlesbrough]. Sleigh House, Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1897 page 23

Board of Deputies. Report that a young lady had communicated with the Board that the examination in connection with the Stockton Exhibition Endowment had been fixed for a Saturday and asked the Board to use its influence to get it changed. The Endowment Committee did so but later wrote that the lady had not attended on the changed date.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1897 page 30

Rev M. Rosenbaum of Newcastle visited Stockton on the 18th and by special request examined the Hebrew and Religion Class, He was highly satisfied.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1898 page 23

Jewish Labour News. Middlesbrough and Stockton. Tailors report employment is slack

Jewish Chronicle, 28 January 1898 page 29

College of Preceptors Exam. B. Schott, Stockton, 3rd class certificate, 2nd division.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1898 page 29

Stockton Jewish charity ball proved a great success. Balance of £23 3s handed over. Committee: Messrs M. Schott, H. Cohen, I Barnett Miss Cohen. Treasurer Morris Getz, Hon Sec Miss Schott.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 March 1898 page 29

Abraham Bloom represented Stockton Liberals as a delegate at the National Liberal Federation held at Leicester.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1898 page 1

Death on 4 September at his residence 10 Wellington Street, Morris Getz.
[Death. Morris Getz September 1898 aged 66 Stockton 10a 41]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1898 page 27

Death of Morris Getz on 4th. Burial on Tuesday by M. E. Davies. Many people from Middlesbrough where he once lived, Hartlepool, Sunderland and Newcastle attended. He was interested in all communal affairs and for a time was President. A pioneer of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1898 page 27

Sudden death of Morris Myers aged 64. Highly esteemed by Christians as by Jews. Funeral conducted by Rev M. E. Davies.
[Death. Morris Myers December 1898 aged 64 Stockton 10a 29]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1898 page 27

AGM. A. Michelson and E. Goldstone re-elected as President and Treasurer. Committee: Myer Cohen, P. Bernstein, Isaac Cohen, H. Barnett, R. Hyams. Hon Sec Jacob Schott. Rev M. E. Davies of Middlesbrough appointed visiting minister.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 November 1898 page 24

Maurice Schott, 37 Bridge Street, Stockton-on-Tees , obtained a Diploma of Merit for special proficiency in cutting at the Tailors’ School of Art, Drury Lane, London.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 28 April 1899 page 3 (Friday)

Yesterday the coroner held an inquest at Northallerton on the body of Albert Rosenberg (50), a Jewish phrenologist, who died suddenly at Northallerton on Wednesday. The coroner said that he saw deceased on Tuesday night and he was then suffering from malarial fever, contracted in either Burma or India. Dr Bartram said the he saw him in the Harewood Arms Hotel Northallerton, at about 5 o’clock on Wednesday. He was then dying. He thought he had died from alcoholic poisoning as he had been drinking heavily. Verdict of jury, ‘Death from natural causes’. Last night Mr Michelson of Stockton removed the body for burial in the Jewish cemetery at Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1899 page 26

A. Michelson, President, on reading in the local paper of the sudden death of Albert Rosenberg in Northallerton, provided the deceased burial in a Jewish burial plot. The body was conveyed to Stockton and interred on Friday. Rev M. E. Davis of Middlesbrough the visiting minister officiated. The deceased was destitute nothing is known of his friends or relatives.

Jewish Chronicle, Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 29 July 1899 page 1

‘General Servant Wanted for Sunderland; small family; no washing. Apply Mrs. Michelson, 1 Central Buildings, Stockton.’

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1899 page 1

The tombstone of Morris Getz will be set at Witton Cemetery, Birmingham, on 12 November.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 December 1899 page 1

Death on 20 Tebeth at residence of her son in Bradford, Miriam Deborah, relict of Isaac Bernstein, in her 80th year. Mother of, inter alia, Percy Bernstein of Stockton.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 9 January 1900 page 1

‘Collection at Special Service of the Stockton Hebrew Congregation for the Transvaal War Fund.’

Mr M. Cohen
Mr J. Myers
Mr H. Barnett
Mr H. Cohen
Mr J. Cohen
Mr E. Goldston
Raphael Hyams
Mr E. Lerhman(sic)
Mr A. Michelson
Mr A. Payman
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
10. 6
  Mr B. Udvin
Mr J. Barnett
Mr S. Garbutt
Mr P. Bernstein
Mr R. Cohen
Mr J. Goldston
Mr J. Michelson
Mrs Noah
Mr E. Padway
Sundry small donations
10. 6
  5. 0
  5. 0.
  2. 6
  2. 6
  2. 6
  2. 6
  2. 6
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10. 0

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