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Aron Kodesh, Southampton Synagogue
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Congregation Data


Southampton Hebrew Congregation


Mordaunt Road, Inner Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 6GP (from 1963)(ii)

The building was previously a Methodist chapel.(iii)

Former Addresses:

From 1864 until 1963, the congregation was at Albion Place, High Street, Southampton, a purpose built Italianate synagogue designed by architect Hyman Henry Collins, FRIBA.(iv)
This synagogue was demolished in 1964 to make way for a carpark.(v)

2 Middle East Street, Southampton (from at least 1833)(vi)

Current Status:



The Jewish congregation dates from 1833.(vi)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


The congregation is unaffiliated but under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.



Split in Congregation:

In the 1830's a split occurred in the congregation over the appointment of J.A. Goldman as shochet, the congregation only being reunited through the intervention of the Chief Rabbi N.M. Adler, shortly after his assuming office.(ix)

Ministers & Readers, etc.:
(To view a short profile of a minister or reader whose name appears in blue - hold the cursor over his name.)

Joseph Abraham Goldman - shochet from 1834 until 1867(ix)

Rev. Solomon Alexander - minister from 1869 until 1872(x)

Rev. B. Grossbaum - minister from 1872 until 1874(xi)

Rev. Isidore Simon - minister from about 1875 until early 1884(xii)

Rev. Simon Fyne - minister from 1884 until 1897(xiii)

Rev. Wolff Stoloff - minister from about 1898 until about 1899(xiv)

Rev. H. Holdinsky - minister from about 1900 until about 1908(xvii)

Rev. J. Bogdanski Morrison - minister from about 1909 until 1911(xviii)

Rev. Morris Brown - minister from 1912 until about 1914(xix)

Rev. M.L. Gordon - minister from 1914 until 1949(xx)

Rev. Abraham Bernstein - minister from about 1952 until 1953(xxi)

Rev. Reuven Restan - minister from 1953 until 1958(xxii)

Rev. Phillip Isaacs - minister from 1959 until 1969(xxiii)

Rev. Harry Berman - visiting minister from 1969 until 1973(xxiv)

Lay Officers (1874)(xxviii):

President - David Davis

Treasurer - Samuel Aaron Jones

Hon. Secretary - Sydney Myers

Registrar of Marriages - H.P. Moseley

Lay Officers (since 1896):

The data below has been extracted from Jewish Year Books, first published in 1896/7.(xxix)


1896-1911 - Michael Emanuel, JP(xxx)

1911-1914 - Chas. A. Emanuel

1914-1915 - Julius Hyams

1915-1918 - J.M. Millet

1918-1919 - M. Cohen

1919-1921 - Julius Hyams

1921-1926 - A. Jacobs

1926-1931 - E. Grey

1931-1932 - A. Jacobs

1932-1940 - E. Grey

1940-1945 - no data

1945-1947 - E. Grey

1947-1951 - H. Morris

1953-1956 - A. Bernfield


1896-1912 - M. Cohen

1912-1914 - Jacob Franks

1914-1915 - Samuel Kaplan

1915-1918 - A. Morresz

1918-1919 - H. Lesser

1919-1926 - S. Levine

1926-1931 - S. Alterman

1931-1939 - J. Moss

1939-1940 - I. Joshpe

1940-1945 - no data

1945-1948 - I. Joshpe

1948-1949 - G. Morris

1949-1951 - Dr. S.R. Saunders

1951-1953 - no data

1953-1954 - H. Ross

1954-1956 - Dr. S.R. Saunders

Secretaries and Hon. Secretaries

1896-1906 - N. Levy

1906-1911 - Ald. Michael Emanuel, JP(xxx)

1911-1915 - Robert A. Gerth 

1915-1919 - H.M. Dale 

1919-1926 - S. Rosenberg 

1926-1931 - E. Salaman 

1931-1932 - J. Alterman 

1932-1940 - J. Morris

1940-1945 - no data

1945-1947 - J. Morris

1947-1948 - E. Wyne

1948-1951 - S. Weintroub, MA

1951-1962 - S. Burke

1962-1963 - N. Rose

1963-1983 - S. Weintroub (xxxi)

Religious Classes:

Hebrew and Religious Classes were established in 1874.

The headmaster was frequently the minister of the congregation, non-minister headmasters include Rev. C.A. Eker (1912-1926) and A. Eker (1931-1947), possibly the same person(xxxii)

Number of pupils:(xxxiii)





















Membership Data:

Number of Seatholders(xxxvii) For earlier data, see Board of Deputies Returns













Reports & Surveys(xxviii)

1983 - 48 male (or household) members and 45 female members

1990 - 42 members (comprising 22 households, 9 individual male and 11 individual female members)

1990 - 19 members (comprising 2 households, 4 individual male and 13 individual female members)

2010 and 2016 - listed as having less than 50 members (by household)


There are two Jewish cemeteries in Southampton. For details see Cemetery Information on Southampton Jewish Community home page.

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

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  • (xii) Jewish Chronicle report of 15 October 1875 places Rev. I. Simon in Southampton and report of 7 December 1883 states at a meeting of the Council of Administrators Rev. I. Simon "of Southampton" was elected reader of the South Manchester Synagogue.

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  • (xxx) Was elected Mayor of Southampton in 1895. He reportedly served as a warden of the congregation for 26 years.

  • (xxxi) S. Weintroub was actually listed as president in Jewish Year Books from 1974 through 1981 (as well as from 1984 through 1988) and as there was no hon. secretary listed at such time, it is assumed that he also performed the function of secretary.

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