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Articles by Harold Pollins originally published in the Oxford Menorah

and republished on JCR-UK with the kind consent of Harold Pollins

About Harold Pollins


1993:  An Unknown Soldier: Harry Mitchell Davidson, A World War I Jewish Soldier from Oxford and his Family

1996:  It's a Small World

1996:  Two Graves from Knockaloe (updated 2004)

2002:  The Lynn Family of Oxford

2003:  Isaac or Levi or Lewis or Percy Levi Solomon of Oxford

2003:  Habonim in Oxford in WWII (updated 2012)

2004:  The Jufra Club in the Second World War

2005:  M.E. Slapoffski of Oxford

2005:  Rabbi Jacob Weinberg leaves Oxford

2006:  Two Unknown Welsh Synagogues, and an Oxford Connection

2009:  Slapoffskis in Oxford

2010:  Thame and its Jews

2011:  The Last Minister of Oxford

2012:  The Freedsons in Oxford

2013:  Phillip Cohen of Oxford 1791-1877

2013:  Solomon Moses Mitchel. A Transient in Oxford

2014:  Ministers in Oxford

2014:  Oxford Jewish Casualties in First World War - Three Mysteries

2014:  90th Birthday Speech by Harold Pollins

2014:  Two Oxford Jewish Court Cases of the 1840s

2015:  Was There a Mikveh in Oxford in the 1840s

2015:  An Indian Jew at Oxford University

2017:  A Yorkshire Curiosity

2017:  Strange Broiges Affair

2017:  A Jew and the "Forbidden Thing"

2017:  Adventures in Agriculture


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