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Grimsby Cemetery


Although there had been a Medieval Jewish presence in Grimsby, the Jews were not to return until the 1860's, when the situation in Eastern Europe coupled with the deep water port facilities and railway connections made Grimsby an attractive place to travel through.

At the height of the Exodus from Eastern Europe Grimsby saw some 5,000 immigrants a year (approximately 100,000 in total), most of whom continued their journeys elsewhere in the UK and beyond.

The Grimsby Hebrew Congregation was founded in 1865 and continues to this day, albeit with a very small Community.

The first Jewish Cemetery in Grimsby (often referred to as the "Grimsby Old Jewish Cemetery") opened in 1854 and closed following World War I. In 1959, it was converted to a recreational park, the remaining headstones being lifted and buried under turf. The current Cemetery (Nunsthorpe, Grimsby) was consecrated in March 1896, and subsequently extended. The site was bombed during World War II.

The layout of the Grimsby Cemetery can be viewed here. The original cemetery plan had the graves numbered alternately from left to right and from right to left. For the present purposes, all rows are numbred from the front to the back of each section and all graves within each row are numbered from left to right. Also, gaps between graves have been included in the numbering system as it is highly likely that many of these will correspond to unmarked/unknown graves.

The term 'Unconsecrated Grave' is used to describe graves for which the deceased has been identified (from the burial records) but where no headstone or plaque has been erected. Also, the Congregation's records include details of more than 120 burials for which the grave locations cannot be identified.

Burials of note include Aldermen Max Bloom and Woolf Solomon and Alderman and former Mayor of Grimsby (1929), Isadore Abrahams. It should be noted that Grimsby's first Jewish Mayor (1901), Alderman Moses Abrahams, passed away on 8 May 1925 and was buried in Hull.

This database covers all burials, consecrations and headstone renovations carried out prior to 31 July 2021 (approximately 580 identified graves).

Information for any individual may be displayed by first selecting the appropriate surname letter from the list below and then selecting the required name from its corresponding drop-down list. Navigation to the next or previous burial plot in the Section/Row is achieved by clicking the appropriate link on the individual burial page. Note that the final section of the drop-down list covers all of the burials for which the grave locations have not been identified. Note that each burial record includes the Reference No. from the orginal burial list (where known).

Grave locations (accurate to about a metre) can be displayed on a Google satellite image via the button provided on each burial page. Note that, although the grave location will always be identified, the image may not contain details of some of the most recent row additions to the cemetery.

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This database has been created through the efforts and support of Alan Tobias, David Gordon, and Simon Plant. The GPS enhancements were developed by Alan and Derek Tobias. Webmaster - David Shulman.

Permission to make these burial records available on JCR-UK was granted by the Council of the Grimsby Hebrew Congregation.

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