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Transcription of the Tombstones

(a section of Rabbi Susser's "Jewish Tombstone Inscriptions in S. W. England")

Hebrew names and dates and other information transcribed by Rev. Dr. Bernard Susser in 1963.

In square brackets: Names and identifications transcribed by B. L. Joseph, in possession of Samuel Jacob in 1910

Inscriptions numbered by Roman numerals were no longer extant in 1963.

(There is also a TRANSCRIPT MADE IN 1992)



FT 1 Nitla wife of Isaac ?


[Two in upper corner, Benjamin Family. 5534 (1734).]


FT 2 Isaac b Benjamin


[The family of Woolf Benjamin. His son Benson died in Bristol. Daughter lived in Haydon Square, London, married to Lyon Levy who threw himself off the Monument about 1810.]


FT3 Alexander b Moses

Nisan 5551 = April 28 1791

[Alexander Moses, called Zender Falmouth. Grandfather Mrs. Jacob wife of Moses Jacob of Redruth

Betsy Moses (wife) of Phillip Moses

Rosa Simons of Truro, wife of Samuel Simons

________ Levy of Truro, wife of Israel Levy of Truro

Judith Lawrence wife of Henry Joseph of St Austell, afterwards Lawrence Lawrence.


Phil Moses, and another not known. He went to Havre.]


FT 4 Baer b Joel 11th Iyyar 5551 = 15 May 1791

[Barnett Levy father to B. .L. Joseph.


Judith wife of Lyon Joseph

Hannah wife of Abraham Joseph

Betsy wife of Solomon Solomon

Sally not married

Sheba wife of Hart Elias


Joel Levy

Abraham Levy]


[i) JOSEPH, eldest son of Lyon Joseph, brother of B.L.J.

(ii) LEVY LEVY son of FT 4. Uncle to B.L.J. & brother of Henry Joseph's mother of Penzance.

(iii ) ESTHER wife of FT 4.]


FT 5 5552




FT 6 not very legible

[(iv) =?FT 6 Grandfather on father's side of I.L. Solomon of Red Lion Square.]


FT 7 Uri Shraga b Alexander died 14 Kislev 5592 = 19 Nov 1831

[Phill Moses son of FT 3.]


FT 8 Feigela bas Moses, wife of Alexander. died Yom Kippur 5565 = 15 September 1804.

[Wife to Alexander Moses, FT 3]


FT 9 Zvi b Joseph

[Henry Joseph of St Austell, uncle to B.L.J and 1st husband to Mrs Lawrence.]


FT 10 illegible

[(v) ISAAC JOSEPH of Redruth, brother to FT 9]


FT 11 Alexander b Zvi

died 5506 = l805/6

[Son of Henry Joseph of St Austell & Mrs Lawrence.]


FT 12 Moses b __________ 5567

Moses Jacob of Redruth - Moroshela Redruth, grandfather of Moses Jacob Jacob, died 5667]


FT 13 Samuel b Samuel HaLevi

died Nisan 5574 = March 1814

[Rabbi Saavil]


FTl4 Gershon b Elijah

17 Adar 5628

Gershon Elias II March 1868




FT 15 Moses b Israel SGL 5559=l829


FT 16 A.H.H. 5607

[A.H.H. child of Morris & Rebekah Harris]


FT 17 Bila bas Benjamin HaLevi

wife of Israel SGL 5515??

Adar (probably 5575 =1815)

[Grandmother of Israel Solomon, or mother of Henry Harris of Truro.]


Ft 18 Abraham Simon b Israel

Aaron HaLevi, died 5586 = 1825/6.

[Simon Solomon, husband of Kitty Solomon and uncle of Israel Solomons of London & after New York.]


FT 19

[(vi) Rabbi Mowsha's eldest son Shaya.]


FT 20 Abraham b Joseph, aged

60 (?) years, 559

[Abraham Joseph father of Henry Joseph of Penzance]


FT 21 Feigela bas Joseph,

wife of Isaac b Moses,

5590 = 1830

[First wife of Isaac Davidson of London. She was sister of I Joseph, formerly of Redruth, now of Plymouth.]


FT 22 Judith bas Moses, wife

of Moses Isaac,

5610 = 1850

[Mother of Joe Joseph of Plymouth, wife of I Joseph of Redruth?]


FT23 Jacob Elijah b Naphtali

5596 = 1835/6

[Hart Elias?]


[(vii) Wife of Phil Moses, FT 7.]

S6 S/


FT 24 Feigela daughter of Isaac b Samuel 5584 = 1824

[Child of Isaac Simon, sister of Walter Simmons of London.]


FT 25

Israel b Ezekiel Arye

5584 = 1824

[Israel Levy of Truro; Father of Henry Levin of Penzance, Mrs Oppenheim and Mrs Sam Jacob also of Penzance.]


FT 26 Samuel b Naphtali 5584 = 1824

[Samuel Harris, father of Henry Harris late of Truro.]


FT 27 Esther bas Samuel,

wife of Judah b Joshua:

5623, Esther Falkson,

July 25th 1863.




FT 28 Sarah wife of Moses b Jacob. aged 93 years:

S. Jacob 5591

[Sarah Jacob, wife of Moses Jacob of Redruth, FT 12]


FT 29 Rosa bas Alexander, wife of Samuel. died Teves 5595 = 1835 January.

[Mrs Rosa Simmons, wife Samuel Simons whose daughter Sarah Kitty married Jacob Jacob of Falmouth.]


FT 30 Moses b Hayyim, Reader here in Falmouth.

[= Revd Moses Hyman d. 10 Sept 1830. Minister in Falmouth 27 years]

[Rabbi Mowsha]


FT 31 Samuel b Simon 5593

[Samuel Simons of Truro. Married to FT 29.]


FT 32 Yetla bas Alexander:

Judith Lawrence, 29.11.5604 = 1844


FT 33 Eliezer b Jacob, 12th Av 5601 = 3 July 1841, Lazarus Lawrence.


FT 34 Yetla bas Israel Aaron SGL, 19 Adar 5599 = 5th March 1839 ; Mrs Judith Harris aged 75.


FT 35 Leah bas Israel Aaron SGL, 15 Teves 5602 = 2th Dec 1841.

[Leah, sister of Judith Harris (who was) grandmother of the late Samuel Harris of London.]


FT 36 Judah b Joshua. died 19th Heshvan 5613 = 1st Nov 1852 aged 5, Lewis Falkon.


FT 37 Moses b Samuel from Penzance. 17th Ellul 5618.= :

Moses Samuel Jacob son of S & S Jacob Penzance, August 27th 1858 aged 43 (or 45). This stone was erected to his memory by his cousin Moss Jacob.




FT 38 Bila bas Jacob of Falmouth, died 4th Nisan 5598: To the memory of Betsy, 3rd daughter of J & K Jacob. Died 29th March l838 aged 16 years.

[Betsy Jacob, died 29.3.5598]


FT 39 Sarah Kayla bas Samuel, wife of Jacob b Moses. 12th Kislev 5607: Sarah Kitty wife of J. Jacob of Falmouth, died Dec 1st 1846 aged 69 yrs.

[Grandmother of Samuel Jacob, died 1.12.1846 aged 69 years.]


FT40 Jacob b Moses, died 25th Shevat 5613: Jacob Jacob of Falmouth died 3rd Feb1853 aged 79 years.

[Jacob Jacob died 3.2.5613 - 79 years]


FT 41 Kayla bas Moses, wife of Abraham SGL, died 19 Iyyar 5614 = 17th May 1854


FT 42 Moses b Jacob, Parnass and leader, here in Falmouth 21st Shevat 5620.


Moss Jacob Jacob, son of J and S. K. Jacob, Falmouth. died Feb 14 1860 aged 47 years

[Moss Jacob Jacob died 14.2.5620 (1860) - 47 years.]




FT 43 Nathan b Meir FOS;


In memory of my husband Nathan Vos Born 25 April 1833 did 29 Oct 1913 aged 80 years.


Note. Only one stone has a reverse side inscription to it.

I do not know why he did not transcribe stones FT 32, 33, and 34.

Rabbi "Saavil" is no doubt meant as "Zenvel", the diminutive of Samuel.








1 DEBORAH GITELEH wife of Isaac Benjamin

Died 6 Elul 5554 (25 August 1794)


2 ISAAC son of Benjamin (Woolly Benjamin)

Died 17 Heshvan 5551 (25 October 1790)

A daughter of this man lived in Haydon square, London

and married Lyon Levy.


3 UNKNOWN (This grave is broken into 3 pieces)


4 ALEXANDER son of Moses (Zender Falmouth)

Died 28 April 1791

children: (i) Phill Moses (B:1) husband of Betsy (C:*)


(ii) Another son died in France


(iii) Rosa (D:2) wife of Samuel Simons (D:4)


(iv) Hannah (Pz E:l) wife of Israel Levy (C:10)


(v) Judith (D:5) wife of first Henry Joseph (B:*)

infant children (F:1) (B:*)

then Lazarus Lawrence (D:6)


(vi) Sarah (D:1) wife of Moses Jacob (B:5)


5 BER son of Joel (Isachaar Jacob)

Died 11 Iyar 5551 (15 May 1791)

children: (i) Joel Levy husband of Rachel, daughter of Joseph Joseph

(ii) Abraham Levy husband of Zipporah Benjamin

of Plymouth

(iii) Levy Levy (A:6)

(iv) Judith Levy, wife of Lyon Joseph

(v) Hendele (Hannah) Levy, wife of Abraham

Joseph (C:5)

(vi) Betsy Levy wife of Solomon Solomon

(vii) Sally Levy

(viii) Shevya Levy (Pz F:4) incestuously [not incest in Jewish law. FJG] married her Uncle Hart Elias (C:8)


Barnet Lyon Joseph



Eldest son of Lyon Joseph and Judith Levy (A:5 (iv))

Father of Abraham Joseph (C:5)


6 LEVI son of Isachaar (Levy Levy) (A:4 (iii) )

Died 1 Kislev 5552 (27 November 1791)

Eldest son of Barnet Levy (A:4)




* ALEXANDER son of Zvi

Died 5 Ab 5564 (1804)


* MOSES son of Israel Segal

Died 5559 (1798-9)

Son of Israel Solomon (B:3)


* JACOB son of Reuven

Died 5561 (1800-1)



Died c. 1780

Wife of Barnet Levy (A:4)

She may have been the first to be buried in the cemetery.


8 PETER JOHNS JNR (not Jewish)

It is highly unlikely that this man has been buried here. The headstone has probably been moved from the cemetery next to this one.




1 URI SHARAGA son of Alexander (Phill Moses)

Died 14 Kislev 5592 (19 November 1831)

Son of Zender Moses (A:4) and Phoebe (B:2)

Husband of Betsy Moses, nee Jacob (C:*)


2 FEIGELEH (Phoebe Moses)

Died Yom Kippur 5565 (15 September 1804)

Daughter of Moses wife of Alexander Moses (A:4)


3 ISRAEL AARON LEVI son of Isaac Segal (Israel Solomon)

Died 23 Sivan 5562 (23 June 1802)

Husband of Bella Woolf (C:2)

Daughter Judith (D:7) married Samuel (C:11)




* ZVI son of Joseph (Henry Joseph of St. Austell)

Died Adar 5563 (1803)

First husband of Judith Moses (A:4 (v) ), (D:5)


* ISAAC son of Joseph (Moses Isaac Joseph)

Brother of Henry Joseph

husband of (firstly) Judith Joseph (C:*) daughter of Moses Jacob (B:5)

Daughters: (i) Phoebe (C:*)

(ii) Rebecca Joseph (C:)



Infant son of Henry Joseph (B:*) and Judith (D:5)


MOSES son of Jacob of Redruth (Morashela Redruth)

Died first of the middle days of Passover 5567

(25 April 1807)

Married to Sarah Moses (D:1)

Children: (i) Jacob Jacob (E:3)

(ii) Kilah (C:9)

(iii) Judith Rebecca (C:*)


6 SAMUEL son of Samuel Levi (Rabbi Saavill)

Died 1 Nisan 5574 (22 March 1814) aged 73 years.


7 FEIGELEH infant daughter of Isaac Simmon son of Samuel.

Died first day of Passover 5584 (14 April 1824)

Sister of Walter Simmons of London.

Possibly Grandmother of Rozah (D:2) and Samuel (D:4)


8 ABRAHAM SIMEON son of Israel Aaron Levi (Simon Solomon)

Married to Kitty Solomon (C:9)

Son of Israel Solomon (B:3) and Bella Woolf (C:2)


9 GERSHON son of Elijah (Gershon Elijah)

Died 11 March 1868, aged 84 years.




l A.H.H.

Died 5607 (1846/7)

Infant child of Morris and Rebecca Harris.



Died 2 Adar 5576 (1816)

Wife of Israel Segal, daughter of Benjamin Woolf.






5 ABRAHAM son of Joseph

Died 6 Tishri 5589 (27 September 1827/8) aged 60 years.

Married to Hannah, daughter of Barnet Levy (A:5(v) )

Father of Henry Joseph (Pz F:5)

Son of Joseph Joseph (A:*)


6 ISAIAH son of Moses

Died 1 Nisan 5587 (30 March 1827) aged 17 years.

Eldest son of Rabbi Moses (D:3)




* FEIGELEH (Phoebe Davidson, nee Joseph)

First wife of Isaac son of Moses (Isaac Davidson)

Daughter of Isaac Joseph (B:*) and Judith Joseph (C:*)



Died 26 Kislev 5610 (08 December 1849)

Wife of Moses Isaac Joseph (B:*)

Daughter of Moses Jacob (B:5) and Sarah Moses (D:1)


8 JACOB ELIJAH son of Naphtali (Hart Elias)

Died Kislev 5596 (1835)

Incestuously married Shevya Levy (A:5 (viii) ), (PzF:4) [not incest in Jewish law. FJG]


* BETSY MOSES nee Jacob

Died 29 March 1838

Wife of Philip Moses (B:l) daughter of Moses Jacob (B:5)


9 KILA (Kitty)

Died 19 Iyar 5614 (10 May 1854)

Wife of Abraham Simeon Segal (B:8)

Daughter of Moses Jacob (B:5)


10 ISRAEL son of Ezekiel Aryeh (Israel Levy of Truro)

Died second day of Pentecost 5584 (04 December 1824)


11 SAMUEL son of Naphtali (Samuel Harris)

Died 29 Tammuz 5584 (24 July 1824)

Husband of Judith Solomon (D:7)

Father of Henry Harris of Truro, married to Esther Jacob.

His son was Samuel Harris of London.



Died 25 July 1853 (?)

Daughter of Samuel




1 SARAH JACOB nee Moses

Died 1 Shebat 5591 (15 January 1831), aged 83 years

Wife of Moses Jacob (B:5)

Daughter of Alexander Moses (A:4) and Feigeleh (B;2)


2 ROZAH SIMONS nee Moses

Died 15 Tebeth 5598 (1838), aged 82 years

Wife of Samuel Simons of Truro (D:4)

Mother of Sarah Kilah (E:2), married to Jacob Jacob (E:3)

Daughter of Alexander Moses (A:4) and Feigeleh (B:2)


3 MOSES son of Hayim of Falmouth (Rabbi Mowsha)

Died 22 Elul 5590 (14 September 1830)

Father of Isaiah (C:6)


4 SAMUEL son of Simeon (Samuel Simons of Truro)

Died 11 Tishri 5593 (24 October 1832), aged 92 years

Husband of Rozah Moses (D:2)

Father of Sarah Kilah (E:2), married to Jacob Jacob (E:3)


5 YETELEH nee Moses (Judith Lawrence)

Died 29 November 1843 (5604)

Wife of first Henry Joseph of St. Austell (B:*)

Their infant children buried in (A:1) and (B:*)

Then married Eliezer (D:6)


6 ELIEZER son of Jacob (Lazarus Lawrence)

Died 12 Ab 5601 (30 July 1841)

Husband of Yeteleh. (D:5)


7 YETELEH (Judith Harris)

Died 05 March 1839 (5599), aged 75 years.

Wife of Samuel (C:11)

Daughter of Israel Aaron Segal (B:30

Sisiter of Leah (D:8)

Grandmother of Samuel Harris of London.



Died 15 Tevet/Shebat 5602 (1842)

Unmarried daughter of Israel Aaron Segal (B:3)

Sister of Yeteleh (D:7)


9 JUDAH son of Joshua (Lewis Falkson)

Died 19 Heshvan 5613 (1 November 1852), aged 65 years.

Husband of Esther (C:12)


10 MOSES son of Samuel of Penzance (Moses Samuel Jacob "Mosam")

Died August 27, 1838 (5618)

Unmarried son of Samuel Jacob of Penzance (Pz B:1)

(Samuel Jacob was the 2nd son of Moses Jacob (B:5) and Sarah Jacob (D:1)




1 BEILAH (Betsy Jacob)

Died 5598 (29 March 1838), aged 16 years

3rd daughter of Jacob Jacob (E:3) and Sarah Kilah (E:2)


2 SARAH KILAH (Sarah Kate Simons, or Kitty Jacob)

Died 1 December 1846, aged 69 years

Wife of Jacob Jacob (E:3)

Daughter of Samuel Simons (D:4) and Rose Simons (D:2)


3 JACOB son of Moses (Jacob Jacob of Falmouth)

Died 3 February 1853, aged 79 years

Husband of Sarah Kilah (E:2)

Children: (i) Beilah (E:1)

(ii) Moss Jacob Jacob (E:4)

Son of Moses Jacob (E:5)


4 MOSES son of Jacob (Moss Jacob Jacob)

Died 14 February 1860, aged 47 yeas

Son of Jacob Jacob (E:3) and Sarah Kilah (E:2)






la URI son of Zvi (Philip Joseph)

Died 04 Sivan (18 May 1790)

Infant son of Henry (B:*) and Judith Moses (D:5)


b JOSEPH son of Zvi (Joseph Joseph)

Died 14 Ab (04 January 1790)

Infant son of Henry (B:*) and Judith Moses (D:5)



Died November 1913, aged 80 Years


This was the last Jewish burial in Falmouth



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