Lieger Beth Hamedrash Torath Chaim

London N16 and E5




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Congregational Data


Lieger Beth Hamedrash Torath Chaim

which refers to the following three congregations:

Alternative or Former Names:

Congregation always known as Beth Hamedrash Torath Chaim or Torath Chaim Beth Hamedrash (until closed in late 1980's)

Congregation always known by the above name or as Beth Hamedrash Torath Chaim Lieger

Congregation known as Beth Hamedrash Toras Chaim until about 2005, and previously known as Beth Hamedrash Ohel Shmuel Sholem until about 1992.


36 Bergholt Crescent,
Stamford Hill, London N16
(until late 1980's).
Subsequently the address of Spinke Beth Hamedrash)

(Location: Bergholt Crescent (some 600 feet long) runs east from Cranwich Road to Durley Road, just to the south of Amhurst Park and about one-third of a mile west of the road Stamford Hill.)

145 Upper Clapton Road,
Upper Clapton, London E5 9DB
(still current)

(Location: Upper Clapton Road is a half mile section of the A107 running north through Upper Clapton, from Lower Clapton Road to Clapton Common.)

37 Craven Walk, Stamford Hill,
London N16 6BU
(still current)

(Location: Craven Walk runs northeast for about 1,000 feet from Clapham Common approximately 0.3 mile east of the junction with the road Stamford Hill.)

Formation & Status
(based upon appearances in Jewish Year Books):

Formed in early 1950's and active until late 1980's

Formed in early 1980's
and still active

Formed in about 1965
and still active


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Synagogues associated with the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC).

Local Government Districts:

The North London districts of Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton, extending into parts of Stoke Newington, Tottenham and some other adjoining areas, together include the largest concentration of Haredi Jews in Europe, who generally tend to identify as being part of the greater Stamford Hill community.

In common with most of the greater Stamford Hill area, all the above addresses are now in the London Borough of Hackney, an Inner London Borough created on 1 April 1965, within the administrative area of Greater London.

Previously these addresses were all in the somewhat smaller former Metropolitan Borough of Hackney (established 1900) in the County of London (established 1889), both of which entities were abolished in 1965.

Registration District:

Since 1 July 1837 - Hackney

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