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Bexley Heath & District Hebrew Congregation

Bexleyheath, Kent





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 Congregation Data


Bexley Heath and District Hebrew Congregation(i)


75 Lion Road, Bexleyheath, Kent(iii)


The congregation was formed in March 1935(iv) and the consecration of the synagogue by the Chief Rabbi, in an impressive ceremony, took place on 13 December 1936.(v)


Closed, probably in late 1930s.(vi)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


None known, although it was clearly under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi, who consecrated the synagogue.


Rev. S. Wolfe - hon. minister from 1936(x)


The founder and trustee of the congregation was Isaac Schwartz.(xi)

The following officers are mentioned in at least one Jewish Chronicle press report.(xii)

A. Bloom - chairman

Mr. Mayo - vice chairman

N. Cowen - treasurer, later secretary for marriages

L. Harris - hon. secretary

A. Myerson - representative at the Board of Deputies

Later Congregation:

A Bexley Heath Synagogue, unaffiliated, was later re-established for a short period, from about 1946 until about 1948, at 347 Bexley Road, Erith.(xv) The Hon. Secretary being Mrs. L. Cohen., from about 1947.(xvi)

Local Government District:

Since 1 April 1965, Bexleyheath and Erith have formed part of the London Borough of Bexley within the administrative area of Greater London. Previously Bexleyheath was divided between the former municipal boroughs of Bexley and Erith. Both municipal boroughs were within the County of Kent.(xvii)

Registration District (BMD):

Bexley(xviii) - Link to Register Office website


There is no Jewish cemetery in the London Borough of Bexley

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) This was the name given to the congregation in Jewish Chronicle press reports of 7 August 1936 and 18 December 1936.

  • (ii) Reserved.

  • (iii) Jewish Chronicle press report of 4 December 1936.

  • (iv) Jewish Chronicle press report of 15 March 1935.

  • (v) Jewish Chronicle press report of 18 December 1936.

  • (vi) The congregation was never listed in any Jewish Year Book and there are no known press reports relating to it beyond December 1936. Accordingly, it is unlikely to have been in existence for very long, despite its impressive consecration ceremony. It is possible that the demise of the congregation was somehow related to the death of its founder, Isaac Schwartz, in March 1937 - Jewish Chronicle report of 12 March 1937.

  • (vii) to (ix) Reserved.

  • (x) Jewish Chronicle report of 1936 on Rev. Wolfe's appointment as hon. minister to this congregation. You may view a short profile of Rev. Wolfe by holding the cursor over his name.

  • (xi) Jewish Chronicle press reports of 26 December 1932 and 12 March 1937.

  • (xii) The relevant reports are dated 15 March 1935 and 7 August 1936.

  • (xiii) and (xiv) Reserved.

  • (xvi) The congregation, with this address, was listed in Jewish Year Books 1947 and 1948.

  • (xvi) Listed as hon. secretary in the Jewish Year Book 1948.

  • (xvii) The municipal borough of Bexley had been an urban district until 1935 and Erith until 1938.

  • (xviii) The previous registration district for Erith was Dartford, until 1 April 1965, and for Bexley was Dartford until 1 October 1952 and then Sidcup until 1 April 1965. Any registers would be held by the present registration district.


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