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Town of Walsall

Walsall is an industrial town in the English Midlands, to the northwest of Birmingham, with a population of approximately 170,000. Until 1974, Walsall was a county borough in the county of Staffordshire (and incorporated the town of Darlaston from 1966). In 1974, it became a metropolitan borough within the newly created metropolitan county of West Midlands (its area being increased at the time by the incorporation of adjoining areas) and, in 1986, it became a unitary authority when West Midlands lost its administrative county status, becoming purely a ceremonial and geographical county.

Walsall Jewish Community

Although the formal Jewish congregation in Walsall was a World War II creation, a number of individual Jews lived there long before that period dating from the first half of the nineteenth century. For more details see "Note on the origins of the community" by Harold Pollins.

Congregation Data


Walsall Hebrew Congregation


83 Bradford Street, Walsall.(ii)


Inaugural meeting held in July 1942.(iii)


Closed by about 1948(iv)


Ashkenazi Orthodox



Lay Officers:(v)

H.Bergman, President; E. Weiner, Vice-President; S. Kapp, Treasurer; Isaac Bergman, Secretary

Registration District (BMDs):

Walsall, since 1 July 1837 - Link to Register Office Website

Cemetery Details

There is no Jewish cemetery in Walsall


Online Articles and Other Material
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The records in the database associated with Walsall include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in:
Walsall during the 1790s (1 record), 1830s (1 record), 1840s (5 records), 1850s (10 records), 1860s (4 records) and 1880s (1 record); and
Darlaston during the 1840s (3 records).



Walsall Jewish Population Data*



(The Jewish Year Book 1948)


Notes & Sources
( returns to text above)

  • (i) Reserved.

  • (ii) Address listed in Jewish Year Books 1947 and 1948. However, the Jewish Chronicle report of 4 December 1942 referred to the opening of the Walsall Jewish Centre at Oriel Chambers, 13a Bridge Street.

  • (iii) Jewish Chronicle report of 31 July 1942.

  • (iv) The last Jewish Year Book return was in 1948. Jewish Chronicle report of 30 March 1951 refers to the congregation as defunct.

  • (v) These were the officers elected at the inaugural meeting reported in Jewish Chronicle of 31 July 1942. The same officers (other than E. Weiner) are listed in the Jewish Year Books 1947 and 1948. However the Jewish Chronicle report of 30 March 1951 claims that Leon Jessell was "from 1941-5 .... Hon. Sec. of the Walsall Hebrew Congregation."

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