the former

Aberdare Synagogue

and Jewish Community

Aberdare, Rhondda-Cynon-Taf, South Wales




Press Reports relating to the Aberdare Jewish Congregation, Wales
1920 to 1968
Compiled by Harold Pollins

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Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 1920, pages 35-6

A symposium  was held at the Synagogue Chambers under the auspices of the Jewish Literary and Social Society. The symposium consisted of reminiscences of ex-service members of the Society. The speakers were ex-Private Isaac Andrews (Military Medallist), ex-Private Eli Bloch, Jack Abrahams, Sol. Silverman, I. Andrews, M.H. Andrews, and ex-Sergaent Moss Goldsone. Two other impromptu subjects were discussed, viz., “Will War End War ?” and “Will Zionism Emancipate Jewry?” Mr R. Silverman presided.


Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1920, page 31

The annual ball under auspices of the Aberdare and District Literary and Social Society was held at the Memorial Hall. There was a large gathering from all parts of South Wales and Monmouthshire. The proceeds were to go to the funds of the synagogue.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1920, page 34

Miss Sophia Cohen, daughter of Mr & Mrs Henry Cohen, President of the Congregation, presented a cloth for the Reading Desk.


Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1920, page 2

Jacob Fine died on 6 November at 18B Whitcombe St.


Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1920, page 11

Meeting of Board of Deputies. B.E. Hann for Aberdare


Jewish Chronicle, 8 July 1921, page 4

Fund for 'Federation of Ukrainian Jews in aid of the Pogrom Violations in the Ukraine'

From the Aberdare Hebrew Congregation per L. Bloch and M. Levitt

Donations under £1 from M. Levitt, L. Bloch, H. Cohen, L. Goldsmid, M. Silverman, L. Levine, R. Silverman, E. Robins, E. Bloch, S. SIlverman, D. Fine, H. Shimlove, Abrahams. £4.10.6


Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1921, page XVI New Year Greetings

Mr & Mrs L. Curitz, Maesydre Villa, Aberdare Rd, Mountain Ash.


Jewish Chronicle, 4 November 1921, page 31

Family of late Mr & Mrs B. Hann of London have presented a Shofar to the congregation.


Jewish Chronicle, 23 December 1921, p. 4

Fund for 'Federation of Ukrainian Jews in aid of the Pogrom Violations in the Ukraine'

Aberdare Hebrew Congregation per H. Cohen, L. Bloch, and M. Levitt

H. Cohen £1.13s.6, M. Levitt £1 4s, I. Goldsmith 15s 6d, L. Bloch 14s 6d, M. Silverman 13s 6d.

10s 6d each from R & S Silverman, E. Corb, E. Andrews, S.L. Goldstone, C. Britz, J. Abrahams, - Simmons (Pontygwaith), L. Curitz.

Mr Simmons (Mardy) 7s 6d, D. Fine 6s,

5s each from E. Bloch, L. Corb, - Samuels.

H.  Shimlove 4s 6d, Mr Phillips 2s 6d.


Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1922, page 33

Mark Angel of London elected by Aberdare Hebrew Congregation to be their representative at Board of Deputies.


Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1922, page 34

Services and celebrations of Chanucah. In list of places is Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1923, page 1

Engagement on 25 December of Leah only daughter of Mrs and late Mr Andrews, 73 Jubilee, Road, Aberaman, Aberdare, to Barney, 3rd son of Mr & Mrs I. Marcus, Bristol.

[Marriage: Leah Andrews March 1924 Cardiff 11a 647; Barnett Marcus]


Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1923, page 33

The proceeds of the annual ball held in connection with the Aberdare Hebrew Congregation will be devoted to local charities.


Jewish Chronicle, 28 June 1923, page 33

Meting of the Congregation. Councillor Henry Cohen and Mr D. Fine elected President and Treasurer respectively.

The families of the late Jacob Fine and B. Hunn (sic) have presented the synagogue with electric standards in memory of their parents who were founders of the present synagogue building.


Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1923, page 15

Annual meeting of the Aberdare and Aberaman Congregations (sic). Elected: President Lewis Bloch, Treasurer H. Shimilove.


Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1924, page 24

Councillor Henry Cohen elected Vice-chairman of the Health Committee of the Aberdare Urban District Council. He is the first Jew in South Wales to hold the position.


Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1925, page 11

Obituary of Max Silverman aged 65. A native of Skood, Courland, Lithuania (sic) but spent most of life in Aberdare. For many years was Warden of the synagogue of which he was one of the pioneers.


Jewish Chronicle, 8 May 1925, page 33

Mr Henry Cohen elected chairman of the Health and Children's Welfare Committee of the Aberdare UDC.


Jewish Chronicle, 31 July 1925, page 27

Mark Angel re-elected Aberdare's representative at Board of Deputies.


Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1926, page 27

Councillor Henry Cohen again returned at the top of the poll for Aberaman Ward of Aberdare UDC.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 September 1926, page 21

Aberdare: In the course of a sermon on Kol Nidrei,  Rev B.M. Strasunski, the newly-appointed Minister, appealed for support for the Ukrainian Relief Fund. The Hebrew classes, under his direction, are making progress.


Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1926, page 2

Death of Aaron Harrisberg of Bristol. One of his daughters is Mrs R. Silverman of Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 3 December 1926, page 34

Annual general meeting. Elected Lewis Bloch, President; S. Bluestein, Treasurer and Secretary, 35 Seymour Street.


Jewish Chronicle, 18 February  1927, page 2

Death on 9 February of Sidney Shepherd, 33a Canon St, Aberdare, aged 32, youngest son of the late Mr & Mrs A. Shepherd, Cardiff.

[March 1927 aged 32 Merthyr T. 11a 1082]


Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1927, page 45

At a public meeting at the synagogue an address was given by Maurice Rosette of the English Zionist Federation. Resolved to form a local Zionist society with an inclusive subscription to Keren Hayesod.


Jewish Chronicle, 9 December 1927, page 36

Annual meeting of the congregation. Elected, L. Bloch, President, Treasurer and Secretary, M. Harris. And a committee.


Jewish Chronicle, 14 February 1929 page 6

Death on 7 February at Liverpool House, Aberaman , Aberdare, Bertha, relict of late Solomon (Sol) Goldstone.

[Bertha Goldstone March 1929 aged 64 Merthyr T. 11a 1091]


Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1929, page 19

At the recent District Council elections Councillor Henry Cohen again returned by a large majority.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1929, page 17

Representative for Aberdare at Board of Deputies, still Mark Angel.


Jewish Chronicle, 25 Ocober 1929, page 15

Chatan Torah V. Freed. Chatan Bereshit Mr Harris


Jewish Chronicle, 10 January 1930, page 36

'Aberaman and Aberdare'. General meeting of congregation at Synagogue Chambers. Elected: Mr Harris, President and Treasurer; O. Shane

Hon Secretary; Councillor H. Cohen, Messrs M. Goldstone and L. Bloch, Trustees; Auditors were re-elected - M. Fine and M. Goldstone.


Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1930, page vii Supplement

Estimated population of Aberdare 90


Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 1931, page 3

WANTED, Shochet and Teacher; state salary; single man preferred. Apply, Secretary, R. Abrahams, 31 Seymour-street, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1932, page 2

Death on 15 March of Milly Mendoza, nee Schaverien, sister of Councillor Henry Cohen of Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1932, page 2


WANTED. Shochet, Teacher and Reader. - Apply, Treasurer, R. Abrahams, 31 Seymour-street, Aberdare'.


Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1933, page 9

Engagement. Jacob Woolf Harris MPS, younger son of Mr & Mrs M. Harris, 3 Graig Street, Aberdare to Evelyn Sumray, LRAM, daughter of Mr & Mrs D. Sumray, 87 Wentworth Street, London.


Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1933, page 2

Death in Manchester of Morris Joel Asher father of inter alia Olga Freed of Aberdare. [Wife of Victor Freed]


Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1934, page 34

Rev H. Jerevitch (Cardiff) occupied the pulpit of the Aberdare Unitarian Church on Sunday. This was first time a Jewish minister in South Wales has preached in a church. Subject: 'Civilisation as preached by the Prophets'.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1934, page 9


Hyman Isaac Harris FSMC FBOA of Wembley elder son of Mr & Mrs M. Harris, 3 Graig Street, Aberdare, to Shoshana (Rose), eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs S.L. Lipschitz, London N16.


Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1934, page 32

Mr Bernard Marcus of Aberdare has been given permission to promote the next Welsh lightweight boxing championship.


Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1934, page 2

In Memory of Gertrude Rostursky who died 4 October 1918 mourned by her children Nathan, Victor, and Jenny, Fremont, Aberdare.

[Died in Sunderland]

[30 October 1936 page 2. In memory of Gitta Miriam Freed died 2 Marcheshvan 1918, mourned by children Nathan, Victor and Jenny Freed.]


Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1934, page 34

At the distribution of prizes to pupils of the Swansea Hebrew classes the function was attended by pupils of the Aberdare Hebrew classes.


Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1935, page 20

United Appeal for Polish Jews

Aberdare contributions from Victor Freed, H. Cohen, Corb Brothers, I. Goldsmith, B. Schwartz (plus anonymous contributions of under £13 each.) 


Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1936, page 34

Bernard Marcus of Aberdare has secured the promotion of the cruiserweight championship between Eddie Phillips of Bow and Tommy Farr of Wales.


Jewish Chronicle, 17 January 1936, page 40

At the table tennis contest between England and Wales the Welsh team included L. Samuel (Aberdare).


Jewish Chronicle, 4 February 1938, page 9

Engagement between Dr Benjamin Joseph MB ChB of Glasgow to Edna, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Victor Freed, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1938, page 11


Aubrey Freed, second son of Mr & Mrs Victor Freed, Aberdare to Dolly Hill of Glasgow.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1938, page 58

'Missing Relatives

Daniel Fine, uncle, who was last heard of from Cardiff or Aberdare. is sought by Miss Metzger, of Dublin'.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1939, page 7

Chanucah Celebrations in various listed places, including Aberaman and Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1939, page 7

Annual meeting of the Hebrew congregation. Victor Freed in the chair. Mr S. Bluestein, Treasurer, presented the balance-sheet and was thanked for past services. Elected: President, Henry Cohen; Treasurer, Bernard Schwartz; Hon Sec, Sidney Shimolove(sic); Victor Freed re-elected representative at Board of Deputies.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 3

Birth on 8 January in Cardiff, a daughter to Mr & Mrs B. Schwartz of Tyclyd, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1941, page 16

A Zionist Society was formed last Sunday after special meeting in the synagogue. Mr. Z, Badash of Swansea gave an address. Elected: President Victor Freed, Treasurer B. Schwartz, Secretary Miss S. Bluestein and a committee of six.


Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1941, page 15

Meeting in Cardiff for purpose of considering plans for evacuating Jewish children from Cardiff. Dr J. M. Yoffey and Mr Silver had toured  the hills and valleys on the outskirts of South Wales in search of suitable accommodation for Jewish children; assisted by Victor Freed of Aberdare. 'It was intended if possible to organise the scheme on Habonim lines'.


Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1941 page 16

The first bar mitzvah in Aberdare for two years was of Gerald Black of Ilford.


Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 1941, page 18

For the first time in 21 years a conference was held of all Jewish clergy in South Wales, in Cardiff. Including a representative from Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 8 August 1941, page 12

Victor Freed elected President of the Aberdare Rotarian Club. Has been a member for 8 years. He is identified with many public services in the valley. He was President of the Hebrew congregation for many years and represents them on the Board of Deputies. He is chairman of the Aberdare Zionist Society and is prominently associated with the Carmel Lodge of Freemasons.


Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1941, page 15

'Aberdare and Aberaman'

Harris Schwartz, Merthyr, has presented the synagogue with a clock. Mr & Mrs H. Cohen, Aberaman, have given a curtain for the Ark, and Mr & Mrs Benjamin Schwartz have supplied fittings for the curtain.


Jewish Chronicle, 3 July 1942, page 11

'Rally of South Wales Youth'

Rally organised by Cardiff Association of Jewish Youth, included those from Brynmawr, Aberdare, Merthyr, and Cefn Coed.


Jewish Chronicle, 5 March 1943, page 3

Birth of 22 February at Cardiff to Leona, wife of B. Schwartz of Tyclyd, Aberdare, a son

[Saul Schwartz March 1943 Cardiff 11a 454. Mother Freedman]


Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1943, page 9

Son, Jeffrey Lewis, born in Glasgow to Mr & Mrs Aubrey Freed (nee Hill) formerly of  'Bute Villa' Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 December 1942, page 12

'The Committee of the Mifal Lemaan Yalde Yisroel "Yalde Yisroel Fund" ' thanks Rabbis and Hon Officers of the following congregations - includes Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1944, page 12

Rabbi Dayan I. Abramsky and Rabbi Dr Munk addressed a meeting in Cardiff  on behalf of the Mifal Lemaan Yalde Yisroel (Palestine Jewish Children's Fund). The committee formed included representatives from Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1944, page 13

The congregation recently presented Mr Sydney Shimilove with a pair of silver candlesticks in appreciation of his services as Hon Secretary for 15 years.


Jewish Chronicle, 7 July 1944, page 10

Aberdare. At a farewell meeting held by the South Wales branch of the Ezra-Noar Agudati for the Madrich Chaver Dov Kahn and for Chaverah Shaina Cohen and Chaver Stern, Chaverah Cohen spoke on 'The Duty of Jewish Youth' and the Madrich on 'Chalutziut'. Chaver Kahn and Chaver Stern are leaving for the kibbutz. 


Jewish Chronicle, 6 October 1944, page 3

Death on his 82nd birthday of David Ginsberger mourned by wife, daughters, sons-in-law , &c. 14 Clifton Street, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1944, page 13

Obituary of David Ginsberger, Aberdare. A greatly respected member of the Aberdare congregation and before 1939 an official for 0ver 40 years of the Adath Yeshurun Congregation in Frankfort-on-Main.


Jewish Chronicle, 23 March 1945, page 11

Engagement. Harry Isaacs MPS, youngest son of Mr E. Isaacs and late Mrs Isaacs of Merthyr Tydfil to Edna, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Victor Freed, 'Fremont', Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1945, page 4

Suddenly, at Aberdare, death of Sophia Harris, aged 74, wife of Mark, mother of Henry, Anne, Ray, Rose and Jack. Funeral at Willesden.

[Sophia Harris September 1945 aged 74 Pontypridd 11a 344]


Jewish Chronicle, 2 December 1945, page 11

Marriage to be solemnised on 18 October 1945 in London of  Bernard, younger son of Mr Sam. Kahn and Mrs Kahn (nee Ginsberger) of 14 Clifton Street, Aberdare to Cynthia, daughter of Mr & Mrs H. Goldberg of 11 Cardiff Street, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1946, page 3

On 21 January 1946 in Hove, Mark Harris aged 75 late of Aberdare (survived wife by 4 1/2 months). Beloved father of inter alia Ray Shumanski of Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1946, page 4

Death on 22 April 1946 at  New End Hospital, Sidney, son of the late Maurice and Lena Silverman of Aberdare.

[Sidney Silverman June 1946 aged 49 Hampstead 1a 467]


Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1946, page 13

Marriage to be solemnised on 2 June 1946 in London of Henry I. Harris FSMC FBOA, of Wembley, eldest son of the late Mark and Sophia Harris of Aberdare, and Suzanne Bokor of London, daughter of the late Professor Dr Armin Bokor and Mari Zebla Gross of Budapest and Tokay.

[Susanne Bokor June 1946 Marylebone 1a 1494 and Henry I Harris]


Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1946, page 7

A daughter, Linda Estelle, born 26 November at Aberdare Hospital to Edna nee Freed wife of Harry Isaacs MPS of Merthyr Tydfil.

[Linda E. Isaacs December 1946 Pontypridd 8b 848. Mother Freed]


Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1947, page 18

Obituary of Lewis Bloch who acted for 40 years as honorary Baal Tefila for the congregation. Actively supported a number of Zionist and other causes and in recognition of his work his name was inserted in the Golden Book of the JNF. For his services to the congregation the members presented him in 1938 with a gold kiddush cup.

[Death. Lewis Bloch March 1947 aged 97 Pontypridd 8b 651]


Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1947, page 2

Death on 25 May at 5 Tanybryn Street, Aberdare, Fanny Bloch aged 86, widow of Lewis Bloch, mother of Etty (Aberdare), Jenny Lyne (Manchester), Ray Marsh (Cardiff), and Eli Bloch (Sheffield).

[Death. Fanny Bloch June 1947 aged 86 Pontyprid 8b 467]


Jewish Chronicle, 13 May 1949, page 2

Bar mitzvah of Samuel, elder son of Mr & Mrs Charles Britz, 3 Belmont Terrace, Aberdare. At Aberdare Synagogue on 14 May.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1949, page 12


Britain's smallest JPA Group was formed last week at Aberdare which numbers no more than twelve families. Elected: Chairman Victor Freed; Treasurer - Goldberg; Hon Sec E. Freed. 'Mr. Freed said that Aberdare, though a tiny community whose members were not wealthy, would strive to reach a target of £500'.


Jewish Chronicle, 29 July 1949, page 12

Meeting of representatives of small South Wales communities. Rev A. Waxman, minister of Merthyr Tydfil, complained that most are only interested in kosher food. Education is neglected and there were many children in the Rhondda Valley 'who had not yet opened a Hebrew Primer'. When selecting minister members only wanted a shochet and it did not matter whether he was a first-class teacher, preacher or chazan.

Meeting attended by representatives from Aberdare, Brynmawr, Merthyr, Newport, Pontypridd, Port Talbot, Swansea and New Tredegar.

To form a Representative Council of South Wales and Monmouthshire congregations with the object of coordinating the congregations in all communal matters especially Hebrew education and shechitah.

Rev A. Schlachter of Aberdare spoke of numbers of children who were not receiving adequate Hebrew education because of the lack of teachers in the Rhondda and Monmouthshire Valleys.


Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1949, page 23

Following a conference on clothing for Israel convened by the Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations Abroad, various consignments of clothing, cod liver oil, boots and shoes were sent. Among the various ladies' guilds contributing was Aberdare's.


Jewish Chronicle, 7 April 1950, page 15

A Shechita Board for the Rhondda Valley formed by the Merthyr, Pontypridd, Aberdare, Tredegar and Brynmawr congregations.


Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1950, page 22

'BUSINESS couple require housekeeper: one girl aged 8 years; good house; good wages. - Goldberg, 11, Cardiff St., Aberdare, S. Wales'.


Jewish Chronicle, 11 May 1951, page 2

Death on 29 April of Esther, widow of late Todras Andrews, mother of Morris, Leah (Marcus), Isaac and Chaim.

[Death. Esther Andrews June 1951aged 81 E. Glamorgan 8b 295]


Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1952, page 2

Death on 5 May of Bessie wife of the late Harry Shimilove, 12 Clifton St, Aberdare. Mourned by sons Sidney, David, Reuben, daughters Nan, Flossie, Sophie, Freda.

[Death. Bessie Shimilove June 1952 aged 76 Pontypridd 8b 418]


Jewish Chronicle, 17 April 1953, page 16

A South Wales Regional Conference met at Cardiff, attended by teachers and ministers from Cardiff, Llanelli, Merthyr, Newport, Aberdare and Newport. To discuss education matters.


Jewish Chronicle, 20 January 1956, page 3

In memory of Mark Harris who died 21 January 1946 and Sophie Harris who died 8 September 1945. Mourned by children, Harry, Anne Abrahams (N.16), Ray Shumanski (Aberdare), Eva Bloom (Salford), Jack (NSW), Rose (Wembley).


Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1956, page 7

Engagement of Sam (Sholom), younger son of Mr & Mrs M.Leidner of New Jersey, USA, to Joyce (Yetta) Cohen of NW11, step-daughter and daughter of Mr & Mrs H. Goldberg of Aberdare. [But see infra, 10 May 1957 page 2. Marriage to Hermann Rosemann]


Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1956, page 7

Engagement. David, son of late Mr & Mrs Shimilove of Clifton St, Aberdare, to Beatrice, younger daughter of Mr Victor and late Olga Freed of Cardiff.

[Marriage. David Shimilove December 1956 Cardiff 8b 375/ Beatrice Freed


Jewish Chronicle, 4 January 1957, page 2

Death on 14 December 1956 of Louis Curitz. Wife Rachel, Son Max, daughters Cissie (Mass.), Ella (Freeman), Zelda (Speed), Esther Golding (Dublin), 1 Tanybryn St, Aberdare.

[Death Louis Curitz December 1956 aged 85 Merthyr Tydfil 8b 362]


Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1957, page 2

Marriage on 1 May at the Brent Bridge Hotel, NW4, of Herman (sic) Roseman (sic) of NW 11, to Joyce Cohen, daughter of Mrs H. Goldberg and step-daughter of Mr H. Goldberg of Aberdare.

[Marriage. Yetta J. Cohen June 1957 Hendon 5e 982/ Hermann Rosemann]


Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1957 page 2

Golden wedding. Marriage on 4 December 12957 at Aberdare of Mr & Mrs Mordecai Fine (Sarah Fine) of Liverpool. Formerly 1 Church Street, Ystrad Mynach


Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1959, page 15

‘Profile of a Community. ABERDARE: A Dwindling Kehilla

The Aberdare Jewish community existed over a century ago, but its peak period was, perhaps, 60 years ago, when there were something like fifty Jewish families living in the Vale of Glamorgan - which covers Aberdare, Aberaman, Godreaman, Mountain Ashh and Perrhiwceiber - and they were, indeed, a flourishing community. Now - they are less than a minyan.

With the advent of the two World Wars, and then nationalisation of the coal industry, many members of the community drifted to Cardiff and other large centres.

The house at 19a Seymour Street which was bought for a synagogue 60 years ago still stands. But its last Holy-day service was held there in 1957, conducted by the Rev. S. Schlachter, who is now retired, but still lives in the district. Mr. Schlacter has been responsible for the synagogue for the past 20 years.

The Scrolls of the Law are still housed in the synagogue, and a decision is to be reached about their final destination, which will probably be Israel or the Cardiff Home for Aged Jews.

For a time this compact little community was led by a number of very Orthodox and learned men, a few stalwarts of traditional Judaism, who held the kehilla together. They had arrangements for burial with their close friends and neighbours of the Merthyr Hebrew Congregation, and these arrangements still exist. During the last war a large number of Jewish refugees and their families came to the locality and became staunch and loyal members. Their support made it possible to maintain a chazan-shochet-teacher, who conducted regular Shabbat and Festival services. Most of those newcomers have now left for Cardiff.

Some 15 years ago Mr. Victor Freed, who had always lived in Aberdare and was Chairman of the Aberdare Rotary Club, took charge of the synagogue’s affairs. His son, Aubrey Freed, became its last Hon. Secretary, while another son, Reginald Freed, was the last Aberdare representative at the Board of Deputies.

But the history of this little community, which has survived 100 years, is now drawing to a quiet and reverent close, as there are now but a handful of Jewish people left in the Aberdare Valley’.

[Based on article by H.E. Samuel, 'A Short History of the Aberdare Jewish Community', CAJEX, vol 9. no 2, June 1959, pp. 88-9]


Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1962, page 7

Engagement. Philip Rothman BA, only child of Mr & Mrs A. Rothman of Clapton, to Doreen, eldest daughter of Mrs Ella Chivers of 7 Graig Isaf, Aberdare.

[Marriage. Philip Rothman September 1962 Hackey 5c1656/ Doreen E. Chivers]


Jewish Chronicle, 24 August 1962, page 11

Article 'Fewer Jews in Wales'.

'...there are still in each of the ghost communities such as Bridgend, Brynmawr, Aberdare, Port Talbot, Pontypridd and Porthcawl, small groups who are trying to keep alive traditional Judaism'.


Jewish Chronicle, 15 February 1963, page 3

Death on 6 February of Sally Schlachter formerly of Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, husband of Alma (nee Salomon) aged 84, 5 Clifton St, Aberdare. Mourned also by sisters Ada Britz (Aberdare), Rachel Britz (Swansea), Fanny Rosin (Cardiff),  Mary Wyman (Swansea).

[Death. Sally Schlachter March 1963 aged 84 Pontypridd 8b 663] [Former minister of Aberdare]


Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1965, page 2

Death on 15 November of Betty Cohen. Husband Henry Schaverien-Cohen, 17 Lewis St, Aberaman, Aberdare.

[Death. Betty Cohen December 1965 aged 63 Cardiff 8b 213]


Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1966, page 3

The stone for the late Ada Britz of Aberdare was consecrated at Cardiff.

[Death. Ida (sic) Britz June 1965 aged 89 Pontypridd 8b 476]


Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1966, page 14

Services are no longer held at Abedare


Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1966, page 14

A plaque was dedicated at Penylan Hone for Aged Jews, Cardiff, in memory of Samuel Britz and his wife Ada and their son S.H. Britz of Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 October 1966, page 19

Death on 16 October of Victor Freed. Former president of Aberdare community and which he represented at the Board of Deputies. Former president of Aberdare Rotary Club. Moved to Cardiff 30years ago.

[Death. Victor Freed December 1966 aged 83 Cardiff 8b 233]


Jewish Chronicle, 10 February 1967, page 2

Died on 7 February Henry Cohen (Schaverien) of 17 Lewis St, Aberaman, Aberdare.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1967, page 18

Reference to the death of Henry Cohen in Cardiff in his 85th year. He was from Aberdare where he was president, trustee and registrar (sic) for marriages. A member of Aberdare UDC for 9 years and a Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute.

[Death. Henry Cohen March 1967 aged 85 Cardiff 8b 149]


Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1967, page 2

Death on 18 May of Rose Harris. [See 26 April 1968]


Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1968, page 2

Death on 22 December 1967 of Alec Goldsmith. Brother Israel, sisters, Rosie, Annie, Mary. 42 New St, Aberaman, Aberdare.

[Death. Alexander Goldsmith December 1967 aged68 Merthyr Tydfil. 8b 451]


Jewish Chronicle, 9 February 1968, page 2

Will of Victor Freed of Cardiff formerly President of Aberdare Jewish community. Left £142,039

net £133,254.


Jewish Chronicle, 26 April 1968, page 4

Consecration at Willesden of stone of Rose Harris, youngest daughter of the late Mark and Sophie Harris of Aberdare.


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