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Press Reports relating to the Oxford Jewish Community from 1844 - 2011

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Please note that the shorter press reports on this page are presented in their entirety whilst the others are hyperlinked to a longer article. These reports are in chronological order. 

1844 -1900 -2000 -:

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 2 March 1844

Alarming Fire in Oxford - a report and article on a devastating fire at the home of Rabbi Aaron Jacobs, in which the rabbi and his eldest daughter perished.

The Times, London, 2 March 1844, page 6

Burial of Aaron Jacobs and daughter 1844
After the inquest the bodies were given in the care of Rabbi Levi and placed in a one-horse chaise and sent to the German Jews' synagogue, Duke St., where they were to be interred.
The synagogue used by the Oxford Jews was held at the deceased's house.
Yesterday morning, about 8 am the remains reached London. Soon after 10 the funeral proceeded under the direction of Mr. Hendricks, the undertaker of the Great Synagogue congregation, to the Jews’ burial ground North St, Mile End, 'attended by
several rabbis of the tribe of Levi and a large concourse of persons of the Jewish persuasion.'

Oxford Chronicle, 31 August 1844

A Jewish Wedding - a report of the wedding of Nathan Jacobs (son of the late Rabbi Aaron Jacobs who died a devastating fire at his home - see reports of 2 March 1844) and Miss Hannah Wolff.

The Times, London, 3rd September 1844

A Jewish Wedding at Oxford - a further (shorter) report of the wedding of Nathan Jacobs and Miss Hannah Wolff.

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 11 July 1846

Sudden Death in Oxford
On Tuesday last Harris Levy, a Polish Jew, carrying on the trade of a silversmith in Queen-street, in this city, was seized about five in the morning with an apoplectic fit. Mr Wyatt, the surgeon, was immediately sent for, and shortly after Dr. Wootten was called, but it was evident from the onset that medical skill was unavailing. About 10 o'clock Levy was supposed to be dead; the shutters of his house were put up, and his brethren assembled and commenced paying their customary honours to the dead; but the weeping, howling, and groaning, which resembled an Irish wake, seemed to re-animate the poor sufferer, who, in fact, was not dead, but lived two hours after it was supposed that his spirit had fled! The house was frequented during the whole of the day by all the Jews, young and old, resident in the city, and the next morning the corpse was conveyed to London, for interment in the Jewish burying place there. The loss of this worthy Israelite will be much regretted, not only by his brethren, but by all who were intimate with him, and acquainted with his social character. In his dealings he was distinguished for his correctness and uprightness, and but a short time since we had occasion to refer to his integrity and judgment in leading to the discovery of a series of robberies in this neighbourhood.

Jewish Chronicle23 July 1847, page 201

Statistical Summary of the Hebrew Congregations in the British Empire:
Oxford. Baalei Batim [in Hebrew]   Seatholders 0  Individuals 20

Jackson's Oxford Journal2 October 1847

Inquests by W. Brunner, Esq., Coroner - inquest into the deaths of Mr Charles Liddell and of Miss Eliza Roberson (servant to Mr. Israel Levi)

Jewish Chronicle8 September 1848, page 677

'MARRIED. At Oxford, on Wednesday, 30th ult., by the Rev. N. Jacobs, Mr. A. J. Woolf, son of the Rev. Isaiah Woolf, of Oxford, to Fanny, daughter of Mr. Friedman, of Romford. After the ceremony the Rev. Mr. Jacobs delivered an impressive address suited to the occasion.'

Jewish Chronicle23 February 1849, page 162

Letter re Hirsch Edelman. He is in Oxford in search of Hebrew MS.
Asks for money to support him.
Messrs Barnett and Cohen of Birmingham pay him a weekly sum.

Jewish Chronicle2 March 1849, pages 170-1

Letter from Israel M. Levy, 66 St Giles St, Oxford dated 27 February 5609
Re letter of last week regarding Edelman.
'That his whole time is entirely devoted to the benefit of our holy faith, I am an eye-witness.'
Supports appeal for funds for Edelman.

Jewish Chronicle9 March 1849, page 178

Letter from Salford. In Manchester 10 subscribers at 6d per week for 2 months, February and March.

Jewish Chronicle27 April 1849

'A successful effort has just been made to enable two learned Jews to explore the precious treasures buried in the libraries of Oxford, and they are both now engaged in the sacred occupation of bringing to light some valuable prints and manuscripts long hidden in obscurity. Rabbi Hirsch Edelman has, through the instrumentality of the Rev. Dr. Raphall, and his influence with the Jews of Birmingham and Manchester, succeeded in raising a sum, though yielding but small pittance, to enable Mr. Edelman to ransack those libraries, and to translate the rare and useful MSS. The talented Mr. Leopold Dukes has also this week, by the laudable exertions of Mr. Walter Josephs and friends been placed in a condition to go for about three months to the same seat of learning, and to make the treasures in which it abounds available to the Jewish community.'

Jewish Chronicle18 May 1849, pages 256-7

‘Oxford Letters’ I - Dedicated to the memory of Michael Josephs esq., signed Leopold Dukes, Oxford
Purpose of this letter and the two subsequent letters (see below) is to acquaint the reader with researches now being made in the Bodleian.

Jewish Chronicle
25 May 1849, pages. 264-5

‘Oxford Letters’ II - see 18 May 1849 above

Jewish Chronicle
1 June 1849, pages. 272-4

‘Oxford Letters’ III - see 18 May 1849 above

Jewish Chronicle22 June 1849, pages 295-6

Long letter from Dukes, 'Studies of the History of Literature in the Oxford Library'.
Followed by a series of reports on the same subject, up to 7 September 1849.

Jewish Chronicle28 September 1849, pages 406-7

Oxford Synagogue

Jewish Chronicle2 October 1849, page 7


'Sir.- On the part of myself and my brethren in Oxford, I beg to express to you our grateful acknowledgement for your kind notice, in your valuable journal of the 28th ult., of our small congregation, and to thank you for the compliment paid to us on the arrangement of our synagogue affairs.
Yours respectfully,
W. HARRIS, Warden’

Jewish Chronicle10 May 1850, page 248

Advert. ‘Treasures of Oxford’

Being Compositions by the most eminent Hebrew Writers, faithfully Copied from Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, by Rabbi H. EDELMAN and Mr. LEOPOLD DUKES, with Notes Edited and Translated by M. H. BRESLAU, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle.’

[repeated many times thereafter]

The Times,  London, 8 August 1891 page 9.

[Death of Leopold Dukes.]

Jewish Chronicle10 August 1855, page 267

Dr M. Steinschneider is at the moment in Oxford engaged on a catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts of the Bodleian Library.

Jewish Chronicle9 December 1859, page 1

Jews of Morocco Relief Fund
Israel M. Levi, Oxford, £1.

Jewish Chronicle17 May 1861, page 5

Catalogue of the Hebrew works in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, by Dr Steinschneider of Berlin has just been published Catalogue was commenced in 1852.

Jewish Chronicle15 November 1861, page 4

Death of Dr B. Baudinel of the Bodleian Library for more than 40 years, chief librarian. With no knowledge of Hebrew yet he gave his attention to the acquisition of Hebrew manuscripts and printed works, including the Oppenheim library, from Germany. Under his administration the Bodleian has become the first Hebrew library in the world, possessing early 2000 manuscripts and 7000 printed volumes.

Jewish Chronicle8 July 1864, page 1

Marriage on 21st ult at 71 St Giles Street, Oxford,  by the Rev B. Albu, Leah eldest daughter of Rev J. Cohen of that place to Gustav Frankel of Sunderland, son of Mr Gottschalk Frankel of Kempna, Prussia.

Jewish Chronicle10 February 1865

Appeal for help to a family in difficulties.
Mr. Levy, Oxford, 2s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle15 December 1865, page 1

Holy Land Relief Fund
Mr Levi, Oxford, 10s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle12 March 1869

Oxford, New College. Among exhibitioners is Mr F.D. (sic) Schloss, Manchester Grammar School.

Jewish Chronicle19 March 1869.

Last week we announced the election of D.F. Schloss to an exhibition at New College. Has now obtained a scholarship at Corpus. Former is worth £50 a year for 3 years. Latter £95 a year for five years. First  Jew to obtain a scholarship at Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1870.

'Mr. Adolphe Neubauer, of Bodleian Library, Oxford, who has recently returned from a library commission to Spain, delivered a lecture last Saturday week at the Taylor Institution, Oxford "on the Moabite stone newly discovered." Mr. Neubauer is the first Jew permitted to lecture at the University. A densely crowded room, occupied by many notable members of that body, and a hearty applause rewarded labours of the learned lecturer, who, considering his short residence in this country, gave proof of a remarkable mastery of the English language. Mr. Neubauer is well known to our readers as author of la Geographie de Talmud, crowned by the French Academy.'

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1870, page 3

'The New Year Holydays
OXFORD.- The attendance at the above synagogue was very good, 25 persons attending on each day of the holidays. The services were read by the shochet (in Hebrew) Mr. Kronsow (sic), assisted by Mr. Lazarus of Leman-street, London. There was no sermon. There was a little curtailment in the service - the yotzeh (in Hebrew) of the Kedushah (in Hebrew) being omitted.

[Notes re Mr Kronsow (sic) - not from the press report]

1871 Census, RG10/14439 Folio 39 page 19, 6 Pensons Gardens

Lipyee /Lipzee?




Traveller Wife
Traveller Son
Jewish clergyman


Marriage of Samuel Kronson at Oxford Register Office

Date: 24 July 1872.
Groom: Samuel Kronson. 26 years. Bachelor. Jeweller. 44 St Ebbe’s Street. (Father Levin Kronson Schoolmaster)
Bride: Leah Harris. 28 years. Spinster. 44 St Ebbe’s Street. (Father Wolf Harris Clothier)
Witnesses: Albert Lowy, Julia Harris, Henry Harris

Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1871, page 7

'OXFORD.- We are very pleased to learn that the Chief Rabbi, during a visit to Oxford made by him last week, succeeded in obtaining from the Bishop of Oxford the grant of a site for a burial ground for the use of the Jewish inhabitants, who at present are but few in number'.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1871 page 9

'OXFORD,- We are asked to correct a statement made in our impression of last week, that the Chief Rabbi had succeeded in obtaining from the Bishop of Oxford the grant of a site for a burial-ground for the use of the Jewish inhabitants of Oxford, as the negotiations have as yet been carried on privately with the secretary of the Bishop'.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1871 page 12

Mr Sackville Davis has taken his MA in Oxford. The first Jew to have taken  this degree at Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 December 1871, page 10

Mr Joseph Solomon, Commoner of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and Scholar of the Grammar School, Bristol, has been elected Mathematical Scholar of Balliol College.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1872, page 15


‘WANTED, to APPRENTICE a BOY (indoors), 14 years of age, to the Watch and Clock Repairing Business, to a respectable tradesman in town or country. A small premium will be given. Apply to H. Woolf, 6 Magdalen-street, Oxford’.
[Herschel Woolf. ?Son Isaiah, born 1858]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1872, page 1

Death on 26th ult after long and painful illness, Salina Levi, lamented by husband, relatives  and friends.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1872 page 1

Mr I. M. Levi of Oxford and Mrs  Silverston of Birmingham thank friends for visits etc during week of mourning.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1872, page 349

Marriage on 1st inst at the Borough New Synagogue of Sarah, youngest daughter of Abraham Harris of East Street, Walworth, to Israel Morris Levi of 52 St Giles, Oxford. [His second marriage.]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 December 1872, page 536

Mr Joseph Solomon of Balliol College is in the 1st class in the Mathematical Moderations List, of Oxford University.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1873, page 296

Special meeting of (London) Board of Guardians to consider request that the Board should interpose with a view of procuring for 4 children resident at Oxford and motherless (the father being an invalid) admission to Jewish schools under the Pauper Removal Act.

Resolved, that the  Board restricted its operations to the poor of London. And to point out that anyone could invoke the provisions of the Act.  Also there was a wealthy relation of the surviving parent resident in Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1873, pages 527, 532

Dr A. Neubauer  appointed sub-Librarian of the Bodleian Library.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1874, page 672

Mr David Schloss, Corpus Christi College, son of Mr Sigismund Schloss of Manchester, has passed 1st class in the final examination of the Classical School. The first Jew to have obtained such a high distinction.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 August 1874


Wanted by a highly respectable Jeweller wishing to leave home a situation in a wholesale or retail business. Aged 19. Five years business experience. Apply L. S., 28 Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

[Note. In the 1871 Census, Lewis Solomon was at 29 Cornmarket Street, as jeweller and tobacconist. His brother, Joseph, was aged 15 in 1871 and the advert presumably applied to him.]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 October 1874 page 439


To watchmakers and jewellers. Wanted by respectable young man, a situation in a wholesale or retail jewellery business/ Aged 19. 5 years business experience. Address I.R. [sic] Cornmarket Street Oxford.
[Probably same as 14 August 1854 but unable to find anyone with those initials in the 1871 Census.]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1875, page 701

The Rev M. Manovitzs[sic] of Oxford has been engaged by the Exeter congregation to fill the office of Reader, vacated by Rev M. Harris who was injured when travelling on the Sheffield and Lancashire Railway.


Jewish Chronicle, 9 July 1875, page 234

Contribution to the 'Jewish Home'
Abraham Davis, Esq., Oxford, 10.0.


Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1876, page 788

Mr A. Zacharias of Oxford as written a book entitled 'What is Friendship' and having forwarded a copy to HM the Queen, the Queen has graciously accepted it.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 April 1876, page 1

Marriage on 25 inst. at the synagogue, Singer’s Hill, Birmingham, Percy Levi, eldest son of Mr L. Solomons of Oxford to Fannie, eldest daughter of the late Mr P. Aaron and Mrs I Jonas, 1 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1877, page 4

Percy Barnett, a pupil of Jews’ Hospital, attended the City of London School. Candidate for Open Classical Scholarship in the joint examination of Trinity and Exeter Colleges, Oxford, greatly coveted by the public schools. He gained 2nd place, the first instance of a pupil of ‘one of our communal schools distinguishing himself at Oxford’.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1877, page 1


Young lady desires engagement as a Jewellery, Fancy or any business where an energetic saleswoman I required. Could take entire charge of a business, or a Housekeeper or useful companion to a Lady. A. B. 1 Cornmarket, Oxford.
[This was address of the Zachariah shop. Family had 3 daughters.]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 June 1877 page 2

Jews’ Hospital and Orphan Asylum
Contribution by M. E. Slapoffski, Oxford, 1.1.0

Jewish Chronicle, 8 June 1877, page 10

The degree of Doctor of Civil Law conferred on Mr Sackville Davis of Worcester College, now practising at the Indian bar. He was first Jew to graduate at Oxford and is the first Jew to have DCL conferred.


Jewish Chronicle, 22 June 1877, page 11

The Class List issued by Oxford examiners in the Jurisprudence School records the name H. Behrens (New).

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1878, page 11

Day of Atonement. 'The members of the Oxford Congregation worshipped in their new Synagogue; their services were conducted by Mr. Rosenthal, assisted by Messrs. Davidson and Abrahams.'
[1881 Census. Marks Rosenthal, 22, Lodger, 'Reader in the Synagogue'.]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1878, page 4

A new small synagogue has been opened at Oxford. On Sunday Mr Oswald J. Simon of Balliol College and son of Mr Serjt Simon MP delivered a sermon.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1878, page 13

New, small synagogue opened. ‘Its size and character, though of humble description, is creditable to the few families who have honourably striven to preserve their ancient congregation under great difficulties’.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1879, page 1

Death on 20 February at 47 Pembroke Street of Maria, wife of Abraham Davis and eldest daughter of the late Abraham Harris of 20 East Street, Walworth. Lamented by husband, sisters and brothers.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 March 1879, page 1

'MR. A. DAVIS, of Oxford, with the BROTHERS and SISTERS of the late lamented Mrs. Davis return their sincere THANKS for visits, cards and letters of condolence received during their week of mourning. - 20, East-street, Walworth'.

Oxford Times 31 December 1881, page 1

{In list of churches etc}
Oxford Hebrew Congregation, 24 George Street. Minister and Rabbi Rev S. Schapero. President L. Solomon. Hon Sec L.H. Goodman. Services Friday at 4.30pm. Saturday 9 am.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1883, page 6

'OXFORD.- There was a large attendance at the Oxford Synagogue during the recent festivals. The services were conducted by the Rev. M. Schulman. It is in contemplation to erect a new synagogue, for which purpose a subscription list will shortly be opened. The honorary officers for the ensuing year are: President, Mr. L. Solomon; Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. Zacharias'.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1884, page 12

The Rev. B.J. Salomons, late of Oxford, conducted the services at this synagogue by invitation on Sabbath last, 22nd inst.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 1884, page 5

Letter from J. Zacharias, Hon Sec of Oxford Hebrew Congregation.
Re students next term. Kosher dinners will be provided daily during term by Rev M. Schulman.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 April 1885, page 12

J. Zacharia (sic) Hon Sec of the Oxford Congregation has been elected a member of the Board of Guardians. He is the first Jews to be elected to serve in an official capacity in the City of Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 April 1885, page 3

Boarding House: Mrs S. Hyamson

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1885, page 4

Superior Jewish boarding house, 47 Wellington Square

Jewish Chronicle, 21 August 1885, page 10

‘On Sunday last a memorial service was held in the Synagogue, Worcester Place, Oxford. The Rev. I. Mizrachi (a native of Jerusalem) delivered a sermon, after which the Ascaba was recited and offerings were made’

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1886, page 6

In the Class List of the Honour Examination for Bachelor of Civil Law, Mr A. Avaskar (non-Collegiate) was placed in Class 3. He s a member of the Beni Israel community and the first of that body to become a graduate of Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 July 1886, page 9

Mr Moses A. Avaskar BA Oxon (reported as BCL last week) joined the Afghan Expedition as a Clerk and was present at the Battle of Maiwani and went through the siege of Candahar 1880-2. Then went to Oxford as unattached students.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1887, Page 16.

On Sunday a special service was held in the synagogue, Worcester Place. Service read by Rev. M. Million

Jewish Chronicle, 13 April 1888, page 11

J. Zacaharias for the 4th time elected to Board of Guardians

Jewish Chronicle, 29 March 1889, page 15

Zacharias elected for the 5th time to Board of Guardians.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 January 1891, page 16

There are eight Jewish families. Too expensive to maintain a shochet. B.J. Franks suggests travelling shochetim.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1892, page 16 [In David Lewis]

Letter from I Simon, Manchester dated 24 October.
Son at Wadham. Went to Oxford Synagogue last Friday evening with a fellow student. Only the Reader and the Treasurer present.
Next morning he was the only one present.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 November 1892, page 10

Letter in response from Oxford Union Society. There have been services on Friday and Saturday for 56 years.

Jewish Chronicle,11 November 1892, page 16-17

response by Simon

Jewish Chronicle, 25 November 1892, page 19 [in Lewis]

Nearly every Jew and Jewess in Oxford attended the last Sabbath service in Worcester Place, because Oswald Simon was preaching.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 January 1893, page 15

J. Zacharias, Treasurer and Hon Sec of the congregation was installed as Worshipful Master of the ‘Bertie’ Lodge of the Freemasons.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 February 1893, page 9

Long report of the Chief Rabbi’s visit on Sunday of the new building in Worcester Place.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1893, page 16

Montague R. Emanuel, Harrow and Balliol

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1893, page 16

Lewis Solomon, President of the congregation, has presented a handsome curtain for the ark and seven brass candlesticks.,

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1893, page 10

New Year services in the new synagogue conducted by Rev I. Zacharias and Mr G. Davidson.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1893, page 20

J. Zacharias, Treasurer, has obtained from the City Corporation a grant in perpetuity of land for a cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1894, page 14

‘The late Mr. Moses A. Avaskar …was a Sergeant of Volunteers in Oxford’.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1894, page 20

On Sunday last presentation made to the late President Lewis Solomon of a testimonial in recognition of his services for nearly 40 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1894, page 23
On Sunday last burial ground consecrated by Rev J. Zaccheim.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1894, page 20

Prize presented to the High School by General Sir George Chesney MP won by George Jessel Zacharias, son of the Hon Sec and Treasurer of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1894, page 19

'The synagogue was exceedingly well attended during the festivals, the congregation having increased during the past year. The prayers were read by Messrs. G. Davidson and J. Zaccheim.
At a general meeting of the congregation, held on Sunday, a vote of thanks was unanimously tendered to Mr. A. B. Birnbaum, of Park Crescent, Portland Place, London, for his valuable services to the congregation during his residence at the University. A vote of thanks was also passed to Mr. G. Davidson for his efficient assistance in reading the Festival Services'.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1894, page 20

George Jessel Zacharias was successful in the recent examination for scholarships at Oxford High School.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 June 1895, page 1

Death on Tuesday 25th of Leah, relict of the late Abraham Zacharias of Oxford, sister of Nathaniel and Hannah Harris of 15 and 20 East Street, Walworth.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 July 1895, page 18

Quote from Daily Chronicle
Herbert Louis Samuel is candidate at general election for South Oxfordshire.
In 1889 he entered Balliol. Obtained first class in Modern History.
Aged 25.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1895, page 18

New Year and Yom Kippur. Rev Solomon Radritzky officiated assisted by G. Davidson.
Davidson gave address, ’he feared his great age would preclude him from giving in future assistance, which he has gladly given during the past 24 years.’

Jewish Chronicl, 18 October 1895, page 18

I. Goldstone, as resident in Oxford for the past 35 years assisted in the Yom Kippur service.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1895, page 19

Montague R. Emanuel (University College) obtained BA.
M.A. Canney BA was awarded Junior Kennicott University Scholarship for Hebrew
He was taught Rabbinic Hebrew by A. Mundy of 166 Jubilee Street, Stepney.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 January 1896, page 25

[Tredegar. Ref to Rev. J.B. Zaccheim conducting the Hebrew Education classes]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 February 1896, page 21

On Saturday last the first bar mitzvah for many years was held. All members in the City and the University were present.
Harry Mitchell Davidson, only son of Mr D. Davidson, read his portion and the haphtarah.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 September 1896, page 17

[Reference to Rev. J. B. Zaccheim in Tredegar]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1896, page 21

Services were conducted by Rev S. Rudnitzski(sic) assisted by G. Davidson and Mr Goldstein.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1897, page 8

Letter from Joel Zacharias.
Re opening of new municipal buildings by HRH Prince of Wales.
On site of ghetto of medieval Oxford Jewry.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1897, page 24

Mr & Mrs J. Zacharias (he is President and Treasurer of the congregation) were at the home of Mayor and Mayoress to meet HRH Prince of Wals.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1897, page 12

B.P. Moore, Scholar of Balliol, elected to Hertford University School
Maurice Simon, Scholar of Wadham, obtained first class in Oriental Studies. Son of Rev I. Simon of Manchester.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1897, page 8

Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Service read by Rev S. Radnitzki and J. Zacharias. Sermon by Joel Zacharias.
J.Z., Hon Sec and Treasurer of Congregation provided dinner and entertainment to all poor citizens of Oxford, Mayor and Corporation present. Band of the Oxfordshire Regiment. 78 people present.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September, 1897 page 23

Annual General Meeting of congregation.
President Joel Zacharias
Treasurer Daniel Davidson
Warden Gabriel Davidson
Asst Hon Sec George Jessel Zacharias
Meeting then resolved itself into a committee for proposed acquisition by purchase of a synagogue building.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 October 1897, page 26

New Year services conducted by Rev S. Radnitzky and Gabriel Davidson.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1897, page 33

Joel Zacharias, President of the congregation, elected to City Council by one of the highest polls ever registered.
He is the first Jew to 'receive municipal honours' in the city.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 December 1897, page 10

[In midst of correspondence in JC re Jews in the Volunteers]
Letter from Joel Zacharias. He attested as a Volunteer in 1870 when there were few Jews in the Volunteers. Not so now. He is in favour of Jews serving in the Volunteers and there should be religious services for them.
Signed by JZ, Late Colour Sergeant, 2nd VB, Oxfordshire Light Infantry.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 December 1897, page 31

George Jessel Zacharias, eldest son of Councillor Zacharias, president of the congregation, last week successfully gained scholarship at the Oxford High School.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1898, page 27

Annual General Meeting last Sunday.
President Councillor J. Zacharias
Warden G. Davidson
Treasurer L. Crook
Asst Hon Sec G.J. Zacharias
VP of University sub-committee Mr C. Waley Cohen

Claude Montefiore has given £25 to the synagogue building fund. Also contributions assistance from John Harris and Mrs Laski

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1899, page 24

The principal services of the New Year were read by G. Davidson, Warden, who has acted in this capacity for past 27 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 January 1900, page 25

Rev L. Abrahamson, minister, delivered a discourse.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1900, page 29

Rev L. Abrahamson conducted Passover services.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1900, page 27

‘The synagogue has been re-decorated, &c., the cost being defrayed by the President, Councillor Zacharias. The services were conducted by the Rev. L. Abrahamson and Mr. Moses Segal.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1900, page 27

J. Zacharias elected to council, top of the poll.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 December 1900, page 34

[Wrexham. 'The new minister and teacher, the Rev. L. Abrahamson, of Oxford;]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1901, page 26

[WREXHAM. Order of prayers conducted at the synagogue, Bradley Road, by Rev. L. Abrahamson.]

[1901Census. Wrexham, 5 Kenyon Street
Louie Abrahamson. Head Single 24. Rabbi of Hebrew Congregation Born Russia, Russian Subj
Hannah Abrahamson Mother Widow 49 ditto ditto
Jacob Abrahamson Brother 13 ditto ditto]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1901, page 27

[Rev L. Abrahams late of Oxford congregation elected to be minister and shochet of Rhyl congregation.]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1901, page 4

‘RHYL. - To let. 3 bedrooms and sitting-room, furnished, convenient; two minute walk for promenade’ near the marine lake; good attendance. Apply Rev. Shochet L. Abrahamson, Edgbaston House, Lake-terrace, Wellington-road’.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1901, page 25

[Services in Rhyl conducted by Mr M. Rosenberg, headmaster of Liverpool Hebrew Schools, assisted by Rev L. Abrahamson]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1902, page 26

[Services in Rhyl conducted by Rev L. Abrahamson]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1901, page 29

Mr Moses Segal appointed minister and shochet.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1901, page 25

New Year services conducted by Rev G. Lipkind BA assisted by Mr M. Segal.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1901
Yom Kippur services conducted by Rev G. Lipkind BA and Mr M. Segal.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 July 1902, page 9

Sgt J.Q. Henriques of New College was captain of the Oxford University team which competed on Tuesday at Bisley , Oxford versus Cambridge. He was top scorer for Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1902, page 31

New Year services. Rev G. Lipkind BA officiated assisted by Rev Mr Segal. Sermons on both days. On 2nd day Segal urged members of the congregation of necessity of co-operating with Jewish students in organising regular services throughout the year. He instanced Cambridge where students organise services during residence.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 November 1902, page 33

At the instance of R.M. Sebag-Montefiore, university secretary of the congregation, a general meeting of undergraduates was held at the beginning of term to consider the position of Oxford Hebrew Congregation. Should be fixed times for services so as to suit the majority of undergraduates. The meeting also decided to invite ministers to preach occasionally. Now, more people attend Friday evening and Saturday morning services.
Also a committee was formed to act as an executive committee and to deal with the unsatisfactory financial position. The local Jewish residents, headed by Joel Zacharias (president) are co-operating.

G.J. Zacharias ran in the 100 yards race at the Freshmen’s Sports.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1905, page 36

Last Friday evening Rev Michael Adler BA gave a sermon before the Oxford congregation and subsequently at a meeting of the Adler Literary Society formed by Jewish university students and held at the rooms of N.S. Lucas (New College) where Adler read a paper on ‘Jews in English Literature.’
Discussion by Lucas, R. Sebag-Montefiore, A. Green. Segal and Hyman.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1905, page 12

C.H. Kisch (Trinity) son of Hermann M. Kisch CSI, obtained first class in Classical Mods.
S. Klingenstein (New College) 2nd class

Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1905, page 29

Duncan B. Franks, son of Baron Franks, has been successful in the first professional examination for licence of dental surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 August 1905, page 30

Sudden death of the President, Councillor Joel Zacharias, on Tuesday.
Ref to Oxford congregation, ‘the ranks of which are, unfortunately, continually thinning through death and removals.’

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1905, page 11
L.J. Stein of St Paul’s School has obtained a Balliol Scholarship in Classics.
Jacob Alexander of City of London School is Classics Scholar at Queens.’
Walter H. Hirschbein City of London School Classics Scholar at St John’s.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1908, pages 255-6

Dr Gaster visited Oxford last week and addressed the Oxford University Zionist Society at Merton.
President H. Dagutski (Merton)
In the discussion were Rev M.H. Segal MA (non-collegiate)
Kallen (Harvard)
Reitlinger (Corpus)
Schloss (Balliol)
Lob (Worcester)
Alexander (Queen’s)
Stein (Balliol)

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1908, page 8

F.A. Schwabacher (Lincoln) Class II Jurisprudence
H.R. Isaacs (Exeter) Master of Civil Law} degrees conferred last Saturday
A.M. Cohen (Balliol) MA }

Jewish Chronicle, 31 July 1908, page 10

Arthur F. Joseph (University) has passed Class III in Classical Greats

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1908, page 7

Reference to essay by Rev M.H. Segal in the Jewish Quarterly Review. Says he is shochet in Oxford with poor salary. Ought to have a better job.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 August 1908, page 2

Death of Marcus Ert Slapoffski aged 86 [formerly of Oxford] on 4 August at home of his daughter Mrs Gertler, 3 Friday St, Leighton Buzzard.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1908, page 27

Mr L.J. Stein, Hon Sec, representing members of the University, draws attention of Jewish undergraduates about to come into residence of the existence of the Oxford Hebrew Congregation. Regular services are held at the synagogue in Richmond Road.

Jewish Chronicle
27 November 1908, page 33

L.J. Stein elected junior treasurer of Oxford University Union Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 December 1908, page 33

Joint meeting of Oxford and Cambridge University Zionist Societies. Speakers included S. Hillelson (Balliol)

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1910, page 17

Letter from H. Goldcrown, Hon Sec Oxford Hebrew congregation, 27 Cripley Road
He is Hon Sec of the town section. Refers to remarks of Rev A.A. Green at Conference of Anglo-Jewish Ministers.*
Feels sure that our President and Mr C.W. Montefiore will do all they can for the benefit of members but since Rev M.H. Segal left there has been no minister.
‘This is a matter that will seriously affect the congregation permanently, unless the body of the University section reconsider their verdict and pay the reader as they have hitherto done.’
The President (B. Franks) has tried to bring the University section in touch with the Oxford section but so far with no success. He hopes that when Mr Montefiore returns in the new term he will continue to come to a definite understanding with our section.

*There is a report of the Conference in the issue 7 January 1910 pp. 13-14 but contains no report of Rev Green’s remarks.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1910, page 16

Interview re Jewish Dispersion Committee. J.E. Blank says that some Jews went to Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 July 1910, pages 16-17

Report of Annual Meeting of the West London Synagogue Association
Paper by Leonard Stein of Balliol on ‘Oxford and Judaism’
Oxford Hebrew congregation - small numbers, 30 in total
At Oxford there are
congregational meeting
Literary Society
Zionist Society
Study circle
Discussion: O.J. Simon said that 30 years ago he was the only Jew at Oxford (sic) until the advent of Mr Montefiore

Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 1910, page 11

Letter from L. Freedson 43 Hythe Bridge Street
He has been resident at Oxford for last 5 years.
Stein at the W London meeting only spoke of Oxford undergraduates but there is a small resident Jewish congregation.
Would be willing to support a Jewish minister if one could be secured. The town community cannot afford him by itself.
Hopes that both sections can come together so that a minister is in situ next October.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1910, page 12

Appointment of Mr B. Liebermann BA as minister for the Oxford Hebrew congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1916, page 1

Marriage 3 December 1916 2Lt Conrad M. Samuel RFA, Compayne Gardens, NW to Barbara Shuffrey elder daughter of James Allen Shuffery and the late Mrs Shuffery of Oxford

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1917, page 20

Letter from Mr E. Lipson MA, president of Oxford Hebrew congregation. Draws attention of Jewish undergraduates to services every Friday at 6 and Saturday morning at 10.30.

The Jewish Guardian, 2 March 1923, page 3

'Reform Services at Oxford'

Efforts now being made by Mr Michael Franklin to hold such services. Ref to Basil Henriques and others holding 'Reformed Jewish' services in Oxford before 1914.
Since then nothing until Franklin assisted by Mr Reuben Levy started Saturday morning services a few months ago. Services held in synagogue at 9.15 before Orthodox services. Average attendance 6 (cf many attracted by Henriques.)
Slim, blue prayer book written by Henriques and Frank Haldinstein still in use (borrowing from Singer’s and JRU plus some original prayers.)

The Jewish Guardian, 16 March 1923, page 5

Letter from Michael Franklin, Queen’s College

He says services are Liberal rather than Reform. They make use of JRU book and only one prayer from Henriques’s book ('Prayer for the University')
Seven attend, not bad considering small number of Jews at University.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 April 1938, page 16

Obituary of Rev B. J. Salomons
Born Poland 7.11.1852. Age 16 emigrated with parents, appointed at age 20 to Oxford Hebrew congregation. Stayed 2 years, then to Stockton
1885 and Chatham for 12 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1939, page 43

Mr Walter Ettinghausen has been elected Marriage Secretary of the Oxford Hebrew Congregation in succession to Mr Friedson(sic) who has resigned through ill-health. Mr Friedson was the first Marriage Secretary of the Oxford Synagogue to be elected and since that time, before the war, there have been but four weddings solemnised in the synagogue.
In consequence of the increasing numbers attending the synagogue on Friday evenings, many of them refugees from Germany and Austria, it has been decided as an experiment to invite senior members of the University to give a short address at the end of the evening service. On the last two Friday evenings Mr Cecil Roth has spoken on various points of Jewish history arising from the synagogue ritual.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1939, page 44

The Oxford University Jewish Society met at Somerville College last Sunday. Mr A. Eban, Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, gave a talk on ‘The Arabs, Palestine and the Jews.’
So far this term they have had very successful meetings. At the opening meeting Mr C. Roth gave a talk on ‘Emergence from the Ghetto.’
‘In the course of the last few months, the Jewish population of Oxford has increased many times over, and much is being done by both Jews and non-Jews for the refugees. There is a hostel in the town for some twenty boys from Germany and Austria, and a social club has been formed for other young refugees.’

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1939, page 37

The inaugural meeting of the local branch of the Federation of Women Zionists was held last week at the Clarendon Hotel. Mrs Olden presided and Viscountess Samuel and Dr A. Samuelsdorff addressed the meeting.
Chairman Mrs Olden
Treasurer Mrs Alleyn
Hon Sec Mrs Leverton
Committee Mrs Silkin, Mrs Ettinghausen

Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 1939, page 32

‘Jewish Community’s Progress’
‘Need for Financial Support’
[From a Correspondent]
‘There are now something like 300 German Jews in Oxford, whose Jewish population has thus increased tenfold within the past year. Among the new arrivals is Professor Guttman, formerly of Breslau, one of Germany’s most distinguished brain surgeons. In addition, about thirty boys are being trained as engineers in the Linton Road Hostel, while thirty more are receiving agricultural training on farms in Oxfordshire, under the auspices of the active Committee headed by Mrs. C.G. Seligman.
For the first time since the War the Synagogue in Richmond Road is now open all the year round. The room adjoining the Synagogue has been modernised and refurnished to provide a meeting place for the newly-instituted Hebrew classes and young people’s group; the former are held by the kindness of the Jewish Memorial Council, and the latter with the support of the German Habonim movement.
The Jufra Club for German-Jewish women has now been in existence for some months, and holds fortnightly meetings under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Ettinghausen. Recently, an Oxford branch of the Federation of Women Zionists was founded when Lady Samuel and Dr. Samuelsdorff visited Oxford, and the new branch, whose Secretary if Mrs. Leverton, meets every three weeks. As a result of J.N.F. Week, during which a record sum was raised, a Jewish National Fund Commission for Oxford is shortly to be formed.
Jewish activities in Oxford could be expanded still further if the Community was not hampered by lack of funds. The newcomers are naturally not able to make any appreciable contribution towards the cost of this expansion which their arrival has made necessary.’

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1939, page 30

At a meeting of the local branch of the Federation of Women Zionists Miss Sylvia Daiches spoke on ‘The History and Activities of WIZO.’ Mrs D. Berenblum was in the chair.
Last week at a meeting of the Jufra Club for German-Jewish women (which now has a membership of over 50) Mrs F.H. Heinemann spoke on ‘The German Housewife in England’ followed by a discussion.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 July 1939, page 27

This week Mr & Mrs Cecil Roth took up permanent residence in Oxford. Mr Roth was recently appointed to the University Readership in Post-Biblical Jewish Studies.
At the fortnightly meeting of the Jufra Club for German-Jewish women Miss Ilse Koch gave an exhibition of classical and modern dances.
Almost 100 persons contributed to the Oxford Campaign for JNF Week. The sum raised was just short of £60 - a record figure for this community.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 August 1939, page 26

The first wedding of a refugee couple was held in Oxford recently. Mr Fritz Weiss of Kitchener Camp, Richborough, was married to Miss Therese Weisz of Oxford. In the evening a reception and dance was held at the home of Mr & Mrs David Leverton.
‘Life in a kvutzah’ was the subject of a talk by Mrs Leah Leverton at a recent meeting of the Oxford branch of the Federation of Women Zionists.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1939, page 23

At a recent meeting of the Jufra Club for German-Jewish women Mrs Pompan spoke on ‘Stories of Jewish Adventure (the Chevalier of Geldern).’
Dr Hauser, formerly of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, has been appointed Warden of the Refugee Committee’s Boys’ Hostel.
The hostel boys sang Hebrew songs recently at a garden party held recently by the Rotary Club and the Refugee Committee. Lord Nuffield was present and spoke to some of the boys.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 August 1939, page 26

At a meeting of the branch of the Federation of Women Zionists held at the synagogue, Mrs I. Kursbatt spoke on ‘Theodor Herzl.’ Mrs R. Olden chairman of the branch presided.

Jewish Chronicle, September 1939 to July 1945

See Press Reports on Oxford Jewish Community during WWII.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1945, page 5

‘Oxford Anniversaries’
Dinner to celebrate 75th anniversary of repeal of the Test Acts, ‘a repeal by which Jews were formally admitted into the University.’ Held by Oxford University Jewish Society (formerly known as the Adler Society).
Chair: President of the Society Mr Geoffrey Wigoder.
Inter alia, Dr Nathaniel S. Lucas said that he and four other undergraduates founded the Society 40 years before.
There were 100 members of the Society

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1945, page 17

Basil T. Wigoder (Oriel) President of the Oxford Union

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1945 p. 13

Presentation to Mr & Mrs Walter Ettinghausen at the home of Mr Neville Laski on behalf of the Oxford Synagogue, OUJS, WIZO, Habonim, JUFA, Hechalutz, and Poale Zion on the occasion of their leaving Oxford to settle in Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1945, page 13

Rabbi Dr S. Daiches presided at prize distribution of the ‘Congregational Hebrew Classes’. Mrs Daiches presented prizes. Rev J. Weinberg reported that classes attended by 50 children yet according to the list of Jewish children submitted to him by the Education Office there were still over 100 in Oxford.
After the prize distribution the children were entertained at the home of Mr & Mrs Neville Laski.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1946, page 17

Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches has lived in Oxford for last six years and acted as honorary preacher to the congregation. He delivered his farewell sermon at Pentecost. He will be returning to London.
At meeting in aid of UPA at home of Dr Daiches over £100 raised. In Chair was Daiches. Address by Dr Basil Bard
At meeting of congregation it was announced that a Youth Club had been formed. And Dr Cecil Roth elected representative on Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 July 1946, page 13

Presentation to Dr and Mrs Daiches on departures for London. Made by L. Bloom. Tributes paid by Rev J. Weinberg and Mr S. Kaye on behalf of the community; by Mrs I. Guttman on behalf of Women’s Zionist Society and by Mr G.B. Wigoder on behalf of students.
A garden fete in home of Mr & Mrs Neveiile Laski raised nearly £200 for UPA.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 July 1946, page 13

Mrs L. Guttman chair of Women’s Zionist Society writes that the garden fete organised by the Society raised £160 not nearly £200.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1946, page 13

Letter from J.D. Abrams, Dinner Secretary of the OUJS, from University College, Oxford
Annual dinner of OUJS to be held on Saturday November 16 at The Forum (‘Oxford’s new University restaurant’). Speakers will included Sir Patrick Hannon MP, Sir Keith Joseph, Mr Leonard Montefiore OBE, Dr Cecil Roth and it is hoped a prominent visitor from Palestine. Tickets 12/6d

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1946, p. 13

Oxford Union, by a majority of 14, rejected motion ‘that this house approves the handling of the Palestine problem.’

Jewish Chronicle, 7 February 1947, page 12

Annual Meeting. 70 attended.
L. Bloom presided.
Over past 9 months congregation has increased over 100 per cent. Larger membership than at any time in past 7 years. More at Hebrew classes and two additional sets of classes had recently been opened.
Jewish Youth Club reorganised and a Social Committee formed.
The minister Rabbi Weinberg had obtained his rabbinical diploma.
Chair of Social Cttee N. Steinman
Rep on Board of Deputies Dr C. Roth
Elected: L. Bloom Senior Treasurer
S. Kaye Senior Warden
Committee: M. Decofsky; E. Kampfner; N. Steinman; Drs M.L. Ettinghausen and L. Mushin
University reps. R. Levy junior Warden
G. Freidman Junior Treasurer
E. Lunzer on Cttee

Jewish Chronicle, 18 April 1947, page 15

After G. Ellenbogen gave an address on ‘The Work of the AJA’ in rooms of Mr H. Cohen in New College it was agreed to form a branch of the Association in Oxford. Mr L. Bloom elected chairman

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1947, page 6

Dr Robert Eisler was 65 last Sunday 27 April. Banker, economist. Has lectured at the Sorbonne and University of Oxford. For past ten years has lived in Oxford.
In WWI was in Austrian Army and was awarded Silver Medal for Gallantry

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1947, page 15

First meetings of OUJS addressed by Louis Golding, novelist, and Itzig Manger, poet
Public meeting of branch of AJA. Leonard Stein AJA president gave talk on ‘Problems facing Anglo-Jewry.’ L. Bloom presided

Jewish Chronicle, 13 June 1947, page 17

Letter from E.Z. Swift President OUJS and Rabbi O.H. Lehmann, Hon Librarian OUJS Library 21 Polstead Rd

About year ago appealed in JC for books and periodicals of Jewish interest. Intention was to set up a library not only for Jewish youths in Oxford University but also to serve as central Jewish library for all the constituents of the Inter-University Jewish Federation.
Now taking steps to establish a centre of Jewish religious and cultural activity in Oxford. Ask for assistance - authors of books of Jewish interest to supply copies and publishers of periodicals to keep them supplied with their issues

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1947, page 13

Oxford Union debated motion on Thursday last week (23 October) ‘That this House would deplore legislation to curb Fascist activity in this country.’ Ayes 350 Noes 178

Jewish Chronicle, 26 December 1947, page 12

Over 100 children and 200 adults attended prize distribution of Hebrew classes. S. Kaye presided.
Mrs Frankel presented prizes. Rabbi Weinberg reported that 5 sets of classes were held regularly in different parts of Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1955, page 20

At the recent annual meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society Mrs Frankel was re-elected chairman.
Activities in the past year included: showing of Israeli films, a living newspaper, support for Jewish Women’s Week (which raised £145 10s.), a coach outing to the Hachsharah Farm at Hurst Grange, Twyford, a talk by Mrs C. Roth at her house on ‘Jewish art and life’, a Chanukah bazaar at Transport House at which £145 was raised, and a Chanukah social at the house of Mrs Kemp.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1955, page 24

The Oxford Jewish Social Circle raised £122 for the Home for Aged Jews, Nightingale Lane, London, at a recent gathering of the Jewish residents of Oxford, Swindon and Farringdon.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1955, page 17

The Oxford Jewish Social Circle entertained a party of 62 members and their guides of the social and cultural club of the Jewish Blind Society on Sunday. Lunch and tea were arranged by the ladies of the committee and Mr G. Silver put his restaurant at their disposal. The visitors were conducted round the colleges by Mrs Franklin Kohn.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1955,

Memories of Oxford Synagogue - an article by K. R. A. Hart, on his memories of Oxford Synagogue and the Oxford Jewish Community.

The Times, 14 June 1966

University News - A New Synagogue at Oxford
A new synagogue and Jewish social centre proposed at Oxford will include a kosher canteen for the Oxford University Jewish Society.
At present the 80 orthodox Jewish students at Oxford have kosher meals in a cramped converted house next to the 1891 synagogue. A grant of £25,000 will be made by the Wolfson Foundation towards the new synagogue and centre on condition that the Oxford Jewish congregation raises the rest of the £100,000 needed.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1978,

City of Sweetness - Town & Gown - 2, Oxford - an article on the Oxford Jewish community, its history, characters, buildings and institutions.

Oxford Mail, 23 November 2004

Service marks reopening by Staff reporter

An Oxford synagogue and Jewish centre held a special service yesterday (Sunday, November 21) to mark the end of a two-year £1.9m renovation project.
The Oxford Jewish Congregation (OJC) hosted the "re-dedication ceremony" to launch its newly modernised building in Richmond Road at 4.30pm.
The service was attended by numerous civic, religious and educational leaders.
Rachel Harris, OJC spokesman, said the centre was unique in the UK because all religious branches of Judaism were provided for, with orthodox and progressive services taking place under one roof.
She said the renovation was well-needed, adding: "After years of avoiding buckets placed to collect water from the deteriorating and leaking roof, OJC members are now able to enjoy their magnificent new centre."
The building includes a new three-storey classroom block, flexible prayer spaces, meeting rooms, libraries, and a student lounge to serve the diverse needs of the community.
The project was financed through a fundraising campaign led by Oxford's Jewish community.
Originally established in 1842, the OJC is now home to about 300 families.

Oxford Mail, 5 February 2011

Oxford’s Forgotten Sons and Daughters - an article on Oxford's rich Medieval Jewish history.


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