the former

Corporation Street Synagogue

(the New Synagogue)

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear


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Corporation Street Synagogue, Newcastle
The former Corporation Street Synagogue

Congregation Data


Corporation Street Synagogue

also known as the New Beth Hamedrash(iii)

and the New Synagogue(iv)


37 Corporation Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, consecrated in 1904(v)

The synagogue was located in a somewhat shabby building on two floors over a blacksmith's yard. The lower floor of the synagogue, with a capacity for 140, being used by male worshippers and the upper floor, with capacity for 100, being used by the ladies.(vi)


The congregation was formed in 1904.(ix)  

Amalgamation and Final Status:

In 1916, the congregation amalgamated with the Newcastle Beth Hamedrash, although both places of worship continuing in use, the Sabbath and Festival services being held at Corporation Street and weekday services and study at the Beth Hamedrash, and with High Holy Day services held in the nearby Westgate Hall.(x) Despite the amalgamation, both congregations continued to function for some years with separate administrations. The end came in 1924, with the formation of the Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation and Beth Hamedrash (Ravensworth Terrace Synagogue), into which both congregations were incorporated.(x)

(Note: this was the second instance of the formation of a "United Hebrew Congregation" in Newcastle, the first was 1880 merger (Leazes Park Road Synagogue) and the third was the 1973 merger.)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Congregation was unaffiliated but was under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.

Spiritual Leaders:

(To view a short profile of a leader whose name appears in blue, hold the cursor over his name.)

Rev. L. Kopel - from about 1904 until about 1908(xiii)

Rev. Letovitch  - reader and shochet following Rev. Kopel(xiv)

Rabbi Tarshish - from about 1909 until about 1912(xv)

Rev. Israel Brodie - from about 1916 until about 1919(xvi)

Rev. Kraut - reader and shochet from about 1920 until 1924(xvii)

Rabbi Y.M. Sandelson - minister from about 1919/1920 until 1924(xviii)

Lay Officers:(xxi)


1905-1906 S. Rosenberg

1906-1908 S. Cohen

1908-1909 M. Wiseman

1910-1915 B. Bromberger (Chairman)

1915-1924 I. Woolf

Vice President

1905-1906 A. Mickler


1905-1909 A. Erdberg

1909-1910 J. Caller

1910-1911 A. Mickler

1911-1923 M. Wiseman

Hon. Secretaries

1905-1906 S. LevinsteinB. Bromberger

1906-1907 S. LevinsteinE. Krawitz

1907-1908 E. Krawitz

1908-1909 M. Bergman

1909-1910 S. Levinstein

1910-1912 E. Krawitz

1912-1918 J. Weiner

1918-1919 L. NewmanJ. Sherman

1919-1920 J. MorrisJ. Sherman

1920-1921 J. Sherman


1910-1915 A. Lewis


The Corporation Street Chevra Kadisha, for the Hazelrigg cemetery, founded in 1909.(xxii)


The congregation would have used the Elswick Jewish cemetery and, from 1906, the Hazelrigg cemetery  (for details, see Newcastle Cemetery Information).


Notes & Sources
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