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Press Reports relating to the Llanelli Jewish Community
Part 4, 1960 - 2009

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

(Note: The spelling of "Llanelly" and "Llanelli" are reproduced here as in the original source. The changeover from Llanelly to Llanelli took place in the 1960s. The Jewish Chronicle began the "Llanelli" spelling in 1966 but continued a number of extracts with the "Llanelly" spelling after that date.)

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 1960 page 6

Rev David Josovic, Reader at the Nelson Street Sphardish Synagogue since 1956, now appointed Reader of the Montague Road Beth Hamedrash, London, E8. Born in Czechoslovakia, came to England 1937. Previously held positions at Hampstead Adath Yisroel Synagogue, at Llanelly and Plymouth.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 April 1960 page 7

Engagement. Warner Bakerman, elder son of Mr and Mrs Israel Bakerman, Liverpool, to Freda, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy, ‘Hym-Lea’, Gower Villa, Llanelly.
[Marriage. Freda Landy September 1960 Liverpool 10d 1345//Warner Bakerman]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1960 page 7

Bar Mitzvah. Stephen Simon, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Ennis Landy of Craighouse, New Road, Llanelly, will read Sidra, Maftir and Haftarah at Llanelly on 22 October.
[Birth. Stephen S. Landy December 1947 Llanelly 8a 377. Mother Schwarts(sic)]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1961 page 3

In memory of Florence Rubenstein died 2 March 1960. Mother of Boobs. Husband, son, daughters, son-in-law, grandchildren. 21 Dorchester Road, Cardiff, of Llanelly.
[Husband is Morris M. Rubenstein]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1961 page 3

In memoriam. Bessie Landy died 16 March 1950. Missed by husband, children, grandchildren. Felstead, 74 New Road, Llanelly.
[Death. Bessie Landy March 1950 aged 67 Hendon 5e 550. Wife of Isaac Landy]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1961 page 3

Memorial stone for Joseph Saper, late of Ilford and Llanelly, will be consecrated at Edmonton Cemetery on 11 June.
[Death. Joseph Saper June 1960 aged 72 Hackney 5c 622]
[Child born in Llanelly 1923]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 August 1961 page 29

Baal Musaf required for High Festivals. Apply H. Cass. 7 Cowell Street, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1961 page 15

Swansea Junior Club is to be revived. Sunday afternoon meetings. Children aged 9-15 from Swansea, Port Talbot, Llanelly and Porthcawl will be welcomed.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1962 page 21

Young Israel. Reference to Wendy S. Cohen, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 1962 page 26

Obituary of Samuel Landy died aged 85. For several years warden of Llanelly Synagogue. One of his sons is Rabbi M. Landy of Cricklewood.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1962 page 31

Obituary of Henry Pollard. In his 85th year. Came to Highgate from Llanelly in 1921. Settled in South Wales 62 years ago and was Warden and Trustee at Llanelly.
[Hiser Policovsky. See 29 August 1924 page 6550 above]


Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1963 page 10

Bar Mitzvah. Brian Phillip, second son of Mr and Mrs Ennis Landy of Craighouse, 56 New Road, Llanelly, will read Maftir and Haftarah on 11 May at Llanelly synagogue
[Birth. Brian P. Landy June 1950 Carmarthen 8a 271. Mother Schwarz]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 May 1963 page 2

Forest in Israel to be named after Harry Landy, vice-chairman and former chairman of the Mizrachi Organisation of Great Britain. Local efforts will be organized by Bernard Howard.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1963 page 23

Young Israel D. Cohen, Llanelly, celebrating his son’s (A.M.C.) birthday.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1963 page 10

Bar Mitzvah. Paul Barrie, only son of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy, 146 Felinfoel Road, Llanelly, will read Sidra, Maftir and Haftarah in the Llanelly synagogue on 1 June.
[Birth. Paul B. Landy June 1950 Llanelly 8a 368. Mother Rubenstein]


Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1963 page 11

Hyman Landy, President of Llanelly Hebrew Congregation, speaking at the Bar Mitzvah of the son of a cousin also named Hyman Landy, said ‘We are the Gateshead of Wales’. Monty Landy, Hon Sec of Magen David Adom, brother of the host, spoke of the rabbis and ministers from Llanelly. Chief Rabbi of Ireland, Isaac Cohen; Rabbi Myer Berman, Wembley; Rabbi H. Solomon, London; Rabbi M. Landy, Wembley, (brother of the President); Rev Harry Berman (now in business but at the head of Llanelly’s spiritual affairs); Rev Abel Berman; the late Rev H.  D. Ritvo, Luton; the late Rev Morris Bloom, Hove; Rev Hyman Davies, Scotland; Rev Isaac Paster, Manchester; Rev Meyer Fine, Cardiff; Rev  Barney Bloom, Board of Shechitah; Chairman of the Midlands Division of the National Coal Board, W. L. Miron; Dr E. S. Conway, head of the Jews’ Free School; and his own brother, Harry Landy, Mizrachi leader. The Llanelly community now numbers only 14 families with no stipendiary official, but has a regular minyan.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1963 page 33

Michael Howard of Llanelly has been awarded an Inner Temple scholarship worth about £1,300 to read for the bar. He has just finished at Peterhouse, Cambridge, and is a past President of the Cambridge Union.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1963 page 24

‘Scattered communities of Wales’
‘The bond between Llanelly and Swansea is growing stronger’. ‘Llanelly’s community revolves around Mr. Harry Berman, a former minister and brother of Rabbi M. Berman of Wembley, for its religious life, although the community is unquestionably deeply religious as compared with most of Wales’.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1963 page 58

New Year Greetings
Mr and Mrs E. Levi, 15 Courtenay Road, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1963 page 27

Profile of Meyer Fine, 43 years old, born Llanelly, In World War II served in Welsh Guards in France Belgium and Holland then Intelligence Corps. Post-war served in Swansea then minister to Merthyr, then to Cardiff.
[Birth. Meyer Fine December 1919 Llandilofawr 11a 2669. Mother Franks]
[See below 25 October 1996 page 21]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1964 page 22

Everyone of the 50 members of the Llanelly Jewish community contributed to the £35 raised for Jewish Child’s Day.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 June 1964 page 22

Profile of Rex Hyams, aged 80 tomorrow. Service to Jewish education ‘especially in some of the outposts of Jewry in the Welsh valleys from Llanelly to Brynmawr’.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 February 1964 page 27

Entire proceeds of £26 from a performance of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ by the Llanelly Festival Players – a non-Jewish group – has been given to WIZO.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 March 1964 page 31

The amount raised for WIZO by the Llanelly Festival Players was £76.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 September 1964 page 73

Swansea JPA raises £2000 at inaugural dinner. Members of Llanelly community present raised £100 on the spot an promised to make their own collection in future.
[See below 24.6.1965 p. 34]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 January 1965 page 20

Two members of the Llanelly Hebrew congregation – Mrs H. Howard and Mrs H. Landy – collected £37 for Jewish Child’s Day.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1965 page 20

Mrs Sally Green of Llanelly was hostess to 120 Old Age Pensioners from Carmarthen who visited Swansea synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 March 1965 page 27

Jewish youth club members from Bristol, Cardiff and Llanelly helped make the Swansea Jewish Youth Club’s annual dance and cabaret the most successful for some years.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 June 1965 page 10

Silver wedding. Bernard and Hilda Howard (nee Kurshion) of 2 Tyrfran Avenue, Llanelly. At Llanelly 25 June 1940
[Marriage. Bernard Hecht June 1940 Llanelly 11a 2987//Hilda Kershion(sic)]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1965 page 34

Swansea inaugural reception for JPA raised £2000 but since then almost £750 added.
[See above, 4 .9.1964 p. 73]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 February 1966 page 20

More than 80 members of the Swansea and Llanelly communities attended a cocktail party at home of Mr and Mrs Bernard Howard and then went on to a dinner at home of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy, Gower Villa. More than £25 went to Jewish Child’s Day and the Jerusalem Baby Home.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 1966 page 36

A group of Chasidim from Stamford Hill aim to move to Llanelli and set up a yeshiva, Intend to take over the 57-year old synagogue which is now rarely used.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1966 page 14

‘Declining South Wales communities’
The synagogue at Llanelli manages occasional services.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 September 1966 page 15

Unlikely that the Chasidim will establish a yeshiva in Llanelli. Last week members of the Llanelli Hebrew congregation decided it was not peactical. They said that during the last month there had been daily services and they intended to reinstate the Friday evening services. There will be the normal High Festival sevices at Llanelli. An officiant has been engaged who will as usual be assisted by members of the community.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1966 page 83

Obituary of Isaac Landy. ‘benevolent but dynamic lay leadership’ who secured a united synagogue and ensured a religious education.
[Death. Isaac Landy September 1966 aged 82 Hendon 5c 152]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1967 page 21

Recent will. Mr Bernard Howard, late President of Llanelli Hebrew Congregation, who died in July 1966, left £26,361, net £13,943, duties £720.
[Death. Bernard Howard September 1966 aged 49 Llanelly 8a 290]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 1967 page 25

Six Days’War. A sum of £20,000 has been raised by the communities of Swansea, Port Talbot and Llanelli where there are less than 100 families.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 July 1968 page 17

Llanelli is among a number of provincial communities where Hebrew Classes have disappeared or dwindled to one or two pupils.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 July 1968 page 34

Obituary of Henry Wyman. Died aged 87. Oldest, active member of the Swansea community. Spent the last 50 years in South Wales, first at Penrhiwceiber, then Llanelli, then Swansea. Dairy farmer then interests in building and property development. President of Swansea and Llanelli JPA for many years.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 April 1969 page 10

Engagement. Elliot Berman BDS, younger son of Mrs Jane Berman of Prestwich and the late Mr J. L. Berrman of Llanelli and Kathryn, daughter of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Baker of Manchester.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 1969 page 9

Wilfrid L. Miron, Midlands Regional Chairman of the National Coal Board, is about to take on an additional appointment as chairman of the South Wales division. Then he will be responsible for seven areas containing 100 pits. He was born in Llanelli, practised as a solicitor in Worcester and Nottingham before becoming solicitor to Shipley Collieries Ltd. During WWII served in the Sherwod Foresters becoming Lt Col. MBE 1944, OBE 1945, recently CBE. Territorial Decoration. Member of Nottingham Progressive Synagogue and Nottingham AJEX.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 January 1970 page 19

The small Jewish community of Llanelli donated £400 to Jewish Child’s Day.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1970 page 10

Engagement. Brian Curwen, BA (Oxon), eldest son of Dr S. Curwen CBE and Mrs Curwen, Bristol, and Pamela Howard BA, only daughter of the late Mr B. Howard and Mrs Howard of 2 Tyrfran Avenue, Llanelli.
[Marriage. Pamela Howard December 1970 St Marylebone 5d 1757//Brian M. A. Curwen]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1970 page 10

Silver Wedding. Hyman Landy and Renee Abelson, 146 Felinfoel Road, Llanelli, at Higher Broughton Synagogue, Salford, on 6 June 1945.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 July 1970 page 20

Obituary of Goodall Levy died Leeds. Before this was at Swansea for many years. He was a Trustee for 20 years and he held the other principal offices as he had done in Llanelli where he previously lived.
[Note. Marriage. Goodall Levy June 1923 Swansea 11a 2045//Selina Rubenstein (daughter of Harries Rubenstein of Llanelli].

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1970 page 9

Sidney I. Simon, London barrister. From Llanelli. Inspector of Taxes, moved to Birmingham, editor of Birmingham Jewish Recorder and held other Jewish offices.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 August 1971 page 26

Death of Sarah Rabinowitz. Obituary. Married Reuben Rabinowitz in 1924. After 6 years in Llanelly moved to Birmingham.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 October 1971 page 19

Engagement. Stephen Simon, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy of Craighouse, New Road, Llanelli, grandson of Mrs S. Schwarz, and Suzanne, only daughter of Mrs Marie Benson of London N12.
[Marriage. Stephen S. Landy September 1972 Hendon 5c 846//Suzanne Benson]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1972 page 19

The tiny Jewish community of Llanelli went to town last week for the Bar Mitzvah of Neville Cass, whose father Mr H. Cass, is Secretary of the synagogue. 21 people were called up to the Law, including 7 Cohanim who read from a Torah which had been presented by the boy’s grandparents, Mr and Mrs  A. Palto, over 50 years ago. Neville was the 4th generation of his family to celebrate his bar mitzvah in Llanelli. Rabbi M. Landy preached the sermon and the service was led by Rev Joseph Freedman, emeritus minister of Swansea and Mr Fred Hirsch of Epsom who has conducted High Holyday services at Llanelli for the past 10 years.
[Birth. Neville M. Cass March 1959 Llanelly 8a 322. Mother Rubenstein]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 March 1972 page 38

Death of George Abelson, Manchester. Mourned by, inter ali, Renee and Hyman Landy, Llanelli.

Probate 1973

Samuel Palto. Died 4 March 1973. Of 93 Station Road, Llanelli. Probate 12 February 1974 Effects £3,787.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1973 page 18

Harry Cass, Secretary/Treasurer of Llanelli Hebrew Congregation – ‘now largely merged with the Swansea Hebrew Congregation’ – has been appointed JP for Carmarthenshire. Aged 45 and is co-chairman of Swansea and Llanelli JPA. Fourth son of Mr and Mrs Saul Cass of Hendon.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1973 page 18

Almost £8,000 raised at the inaugural meeting of the Swansea and Llanelli JPA 1972 campaign held at the synagogue hall, Swansea.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1973 page 73

New Year Greetings
Mr and Mrs E. Levi 15 Courtenay Road, Llanelli.
Mr and Mrs Rosemont and daughter 25 Roland Avenue, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1974 page 63

New Year Greetings
Israel Glynne of Coach House. Aelybryn, Llanelli
Mr and Mrs Rosemont and daughter, 26 Roland Avenue, Llanelli

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1974 page 19

‘New Life Peer’ Sir Arnold Silverstone, joint treasurer of the Conservative Party. Brother of Sir Joseph Stone, doctor of Harold Wilson. Sir Arnold knighted in 1964 for political services to Conservative Party. A barrister and company director. Born Llanelli and many years in Birmingham where Silverstone family was connected with Jewish and general communal work. Sister Freda Silver, wife of George Silver, president of the Oxford Jewish community. Brother-in-law of Lord Bernstein, a fervent socialist.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1975 page 49

New Year Greetings
Mrs Sarah Green, 3 Queen Victoria Road, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 November 1975 page 35

Death. On November 8, Eli Levi. Husband of Sophie, of 15 Courtenay Road, Llanelli.
[Death. Eli Levi S Glamorgan 28 1911 December 1975. Born 6 April 1901.]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1975 page 29

Llanelli a ‘fine building maintained by the proud remnants of a once proud, lively and scholarly Synagogue – “the Gateshead of South Wales” as the sole local survivor of the Landy family called it. (It was also quarrelsome and, like Brynmawr, boasted an “opposition” shul for a time’.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 March 1976 page 18

Engagement. Robin Ian, elder son of Mr and Mrs Harold Cantor of Southport, to Barbara, twin daughter of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy of Liverpool, formerly of Llanelly.
[Marriage. Barbara Landy September 1978 Liverpool 3b 1004//Robin I. Cantor]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 May 1976 page 14

Engagement. Brian Phillip, son of Anita and Ennis Landy, of Craig House, New Road, Llanelli, and grandson of Mrs S. Schwarz, and Paula Ruth, daughter of Sadie and the late Harry Leibu of Edgware, granddaughter of Mrs R. Harris.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 September 1976 page 50

New Year Greetings
Israel Glynne, Coach House, Aelybryn, Llanelli.
Mr and Mrs Rosemont and daughter, 26 Roland Avenue, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1977 page 26

Death on 13 January in Llanelli Hospital of Councillor Labor Dennis.
[Labor Dennis. January 1977. Llanelli 24 2302. Born 5 December 1902.]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 April 1977 page 16

Daughter, Elizabeth Davina, born on 7 April 1977 to Pamela nee Howard and Brian Curwen, a sister for Joanna Lucy, another grandchild for Hilda Howard of Stanmore and the late Bernard Howard of Llanelli. Another grandchild for Dr and Mrs Sydney Curwen of Bristol.
[Birth. Elizabeth Davina Curwen June 1977 St Pancras 14 1931]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1977 page 34

A small Jewish community in Wales requires a man capable of conducting the whole Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Excellent remuneration. Apply H. Cass, 7 Cowell Street, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 July 1977 page 20

Lord Ashdown, joint Treasurer of the Conservative Party since 1974, died aged 65. Born Llanelli.
[Death. Arnold Ashdown. September 1977 Uckfield 18 1171. Born 28 September 1911]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1977 page 50
New Year Greetings.
Israel Glynne, Coach House, Aelybryn, Llanelli

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1978 page 14

Obituary of Rev Harry Berman, died last week in Bournemouth. For many years minister of the Llanelli congregation. He was brought up in Llanelli and after serving as minister at New Tredegar and Stockton returned to Llanelli to run the family business. When community became too small to afford a minister he stepped in the breach and took over those duties including teaching the children and supervising kashrut.
[Death. Harry Berman March 1978 Bournemouth 23 13. Born 18 May 1904]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1978 page 18

The Llanelli synagogue was built in the Welsh chapel style of the 19th century.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1979 page 20

The marriage was solemnized on 11 February at the North London Progressive Synagogue between Dr  Paul B. Landy MB BS LRCP MRCS, son of Mr and Mrs Hyman Landy, 146  Felinfoel Road, Llanelli, and Jacqueline De Vaan, daughter of Mr J. De Vaan and the late Mrs J. De Vaan of Holland.
[Marriage. Paul B. Landy March 1979 S Newington 15 242//Jacqueline de-Vaan]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1979 page 6

New Year Greetings
Mr and Mrs K. E. Rosemont and Lesley, 26 Roland Avenue, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1980 page 33

Death. Ralph Silverstone aged 77. Born Llanelli, moved with family to Birmingham in early 1930s.
[Ralph Silverstone March 1980 Camden 14 2081. Born March 1902]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1980 page 27

Death of Sarah (Sally) Green, widow of Meyer Green, formerly of Llanelli, died 7 May 1980 in Cardiff. Mourned inter alia by brother and sister-in-law Sol and Phoebe Collins.
[No death record found]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1980 page 14

Obituary of Sally Green, died in her 88th year. Was chairman of the Llanelli Benevolent Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1980 page 15

Obituary of Anita Landy. Went to live in Llanelli on her marriage just over 35 years ago. Involved in chevra kadisha and synagogue guild then chair of Swansea WIZO.
[Husband Ennis]
[Death. Anita Landy September 1980 Swansea 27 2373. Born 2 July 1921]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1981 page 15

Obituary of Rabbi Moses Feldman. Died in California aged 86. Served congregations in England and Wales (Llanelli) before emigrating to California in 1920.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 July 1981 page 5

Pen Portrait of Freda Silver, born Llanelli. Member of Silverstone family. Very active in Oxford Jewish community including being the first woman President of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1981 page 18

Birth. Son Gavin Paul, to Ronnie Ellis (Elishahof) and Dawn nee Glynne. 3rd great grandchild for I. Glynne of Llanelli.
[Birth. Paul Ellis December 1981 Camden 14 1939. Mother Glynne]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 March 1982, page 32 [corrected date]

Sifrei Torah were presented by the Llanelli Hebrew Congregation to the Cambridge Traditional Jewish Congregation on permanent loan. There are only a few Jewish families in Llanelli so no longer able to hold services in the synagogue. The Llanelli honorary officers - Harry Cass, Ennis Landy and Hyman Landy – had family connection with Berry Landy of Cambridge, a trustee and chairman.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1982 page 19

Death of Myra Lucas, nee Silverstone, of Llanelli, Birmingham and London. Died 13 June.
[Death. Myra Lucas June 1982 Camden 14 1612. Born c 1908]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 April 1983 page 22

Birth. Craig Mathew born 4 April to Dawn nee Glynne and Ronnie Ellis (Elishahof). Great grandchild for I. Glynne Llanelli.
[Craig Mathew Ellis June 1983 Camden 14 1952. Mother Glynne]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1983 page 12

Engagement. Rachel, daughter of Barbara and Michael I. Glynne of Llanelli, grand daughter of Mr I. Glynne to Michael, son of Yetta and Gerald Goran of Glasgow.
[Marriage. Rachel Glynne August 1984 Swansea 27 1388//Michael Goran]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1984 n. p.

Advert for Miele, Landy’s TV and Radio Co., 34 Stepney Street, Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1984 page 26

Death of Minnie Barnett on 23 November. Husband late Woolf. Sons Cyril and Gabriel. 87 years old. Lived in Llanelli, Willesden and Edgware.
[Death. Minnie Barnett November 1894 Hendon 13 684. Born 16 June 1897]
[Marriage. Woolf Barnett December 1919 Mile End 1c 845//Minnie Neikin]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1984 page 10

Pen Portrait of Rev Meyer Fine. Minister of Leicester congregation. Born Llanelli. In WWII served in Welsh Guards in France, Belgium and Holland, then transferred to Intellligence. Has been shochet and mohel at Swansea, Merthyr, and Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1985 page 10

Rev Hymie Davies has retired after 37  years service to the Hull Western synagogue as chazzan and minister. Age 71 born Llanelli. Has been in Birmingham, 12 years in Ayr, then Hull.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1985 page 19

Obituary of Rabbi Myer Berman, died in London aged 76. Retired in 1974 after 40 years at Wembley. Born London, received Jewish education at Llanelli. Chaplain in WWII and received MBE for ‘gallant and distinguiahed services’.
[Death.Myer Berman May 1985 Harrow 12 1643. Born 2 January 1909]

Probate 1985

Myer Berman of 11 Marsh Hall, Talisman Way, Forty Avenue, Wembley. Died 7  May 1985. Probate £106,949.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1985 page 12

Puppets in Jerusalem Little theatre run by Yehudit Kesset, originally from Llanelly

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1985 page 20

Golden Wedding. Hyman and Leah Landy nee Rosenblatt, late of Llanelli, were married at Hope Place Synagogue, Liverpool, on 3 November 1935,

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1985 page 1

Michael Howard appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Trade and Industry. His mother is cousin of Rabbi Maurice Landy and Mr Harry Landy. Howard and his wife belong to the St John’s Wood Liberal Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1986 page 12

Obituary of Hyman Landy. Moved to Liverpool some years ago after 40 years of happily married life in Llanelli.
[Death. Hyman Moses Landy May 1986 Liverpool 36 893. Born 5 January 1908]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 July 1986 page 8

Obituary of Lord Stone died aged 83. Born Llanelli, ‘a Jew, Welshman, Socialist’. Knighted 1970. Peerage 1976. Born Silverstone. Educated Llanelli County Intermediate School. Medical Practitioner.
[Death. Joseph Ellis Stone July 1986 aged 83 Camden 14 1564. Born 27 May 1903.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1987 page 35

Death of Mark Cohen, Cardiff Sons Anthony and Brian, Daughter Debbie. Daughter-in-law Ann. Grandson Ben (Llanelli).

Jewish Chronicle, 10 February 1989 page 14

Obituary of Rev Harry Llandy, died aged 70. Born Llanelli. First post was at Biggleswade, Beds., where small Jewish congregation established at start of WWII. Then he held several posts ending with the Yavneh Federation Synagogue in South Hackney. Brother of Maurice Landy.
[Death. Harry Landy January 1989 aged 70. London City 14 720. Born 5 November 1918]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1989 page 24

Engagement. Tracy Nicola daughter of Janice and Joe Savitz to David, son of the late Hymie and Leah Landy of Liverpool, formerly of Llanelli.
[Marriage. David Landy September 1990 Liverpool 36 605//Tracy N. Savitz]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1989 page 28

Obituary of Hyman Landy. Died aged 72. Chairman of Swansea Hebrew Congregation since 1986. Born Llanelli. Mourned by wife Renee, son and daughter.
[Death. Hyman Moses Landy December 1989 Aged 72. Kensington and Chelsea 13 1924. Born 1 October 1917.]

Probate 1990

H. M. Landy, Flat 28 Brynfield Crescent, Langland, Swansea. Died 6 December 1989. Probate £100,000.


Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1990 page 90

Obituary of Rev Ruben Abenson. Died in Israel aged 80. Born Liverpool. Ist ministerial post was at Aberdare. Later at Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1991 page 12

Death of Rev Hyman Davies aged 78. Born Llanelli. Served for 40  years at Hull and Grimsby.
[Death. September 1991 aged 78. Hull 7 734. Born 1913]

Probate 1991

Hyman Davies, 69 Parkfield Drive, Hull. Died 21 September 1991. Administration £139,012.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 August 1992 page 7

‘Llanelli community wound up’
‘Llanelli’s organized Jewish community has been officially wound up. The proceeds from the sale of its synagogue – almost £23,000 – were presented to the Penylan House Jewish retirement and nursing home in Cardiff, by the synagogue’s last surviving trustee, Harry Cass’. Jews first settled in Llanelli in the 1850s. In its heyday it had 250 families. The nearest active congregation is Swansea which is 20 miles away.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 August 1992 page 11

Obituary of Freda Silver-Jackson. Died aged 77. Was from 1981 to 1983 Oxford Jewish community’s first woman President. Born Llanelli into Silverstone family, youngest of 7 children.
[Death. Freda Jackson July 1992 aged 77 Oxford 20 2393. Born 13 August 1915]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 August 1993 page 11

Died aged 82. Well known cinema operator in South Wales. Born Senghenydd he helped his father run an early cinema at the Hippodrome, Llanelli

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1996 page 21

Obituary of Rev Meyer Fine. Died Leicester 8 October 1996 aged 76. Shortly after his bar mitzvah he joined Manchester yeshiva.
[Death. Meyer Fine October 1996 aged 76 Leicester A506 609A 232. Born 2 December 1919]
[See above 13 December 1963 page 27]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1996 page 21

Obituary of Rabbi Maurice Landy. Born Llanelli.
[Death. Maurice Landy May 1996 aged 83 Westminster D38C 2581D 148. Born 31 May 1913, Died 12 May 1996]


Jewish Chronicle, 20 March 1998 page 29

Obituary of Monty Landy. Born Llanelli 31.7.1912. Died Jerusalem 28.1.1998 aged 85. Soon after WWII he was instrumental in establishing the British Friends of Magen David Adom. Was its honorary solicitor.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 2000 page 27

Obituary of Dr Edward Conway. Born Llanelli, end of March 1911 but date of birth registered on 3 May. Llanelli grammar school. University College of Swansea.Then into teaching. Changed name from Ephraim Cohen. 1951 Principal of Jewish Orphanage. September 1958 Headmaster of resurrected Jews’ Free School. Died London 17 April 2000 aged 89.
[Death. Edward Sidney Conway November 2000 aged 89 Camden B53A 2501B 121.]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 2000 page 23

Obituary of Jack Kushion. Born Ostrog Russia 25 August 1910, Died Jerusalem 20 April 2000. Arrived in Llanelli aged 2 months. Swansea Technical College. Then joined widowed mother’s drapery business. He was uncle of Michael Howard. At age 13 helped Rabbi Harry Swift establish a morning minyan. Was later synagogue secretary and treasurer. In 1939 married Rose Lustigman and moved to Swansea.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 2000 page 16

Obituary of Harry Landy. Born Llanelli 10 April 1911. Died London 25 July 2000 aged 89. In 1935 came to London and married Gertrude, daughter of Walter Nathan Williams. Acive in Jewish organizations especially Mizrachi of which he became chairman. Was an accountant. Business problems in early 1970s (recession). Collapse of British Bank of Israel. In 1979 he was tried at the Old Bailey, 5 years prison and large fine. In 1980 conviction quashed.
[Death. Harry Landy July 2000 aged 89 Barnet C4E 2191C 81]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 April 2003 page 19

Death of Norman Price, formerly of Llanelli, in Netanya, 16 April 2003. Now united with wife Sonia

Jewish Chronicle, 25 July 2003 page 19

Obituary of Percy Aloof, President of Plymouth Hebrew Congregation for 15 years. His wife was Bessie Fine of Llanelli, married in 1958.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 July 2006 page 30

Obituary of Ronald Cass, Born Llanelli 23 April 1923. Died London 2 June 2006 aged 83. Composer Son of Saul Cass, Manchester, jeweller.
[Death. Ronald Cass. June 2006 aged 83 Camden E61A 250/1E 168]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 2006 page 56

Death of ‘Twink’, Hetty Benjamin. Born Llanelli 3 March 1919. Died 4 November 2006 aged 87. Lifelong music teacher.
[Death. Hetty Benjamin November 2006 aged 87 Enfield E50D 227/1E 127]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 August 2007 page 23

Death of Anthony, youngest and last of six Landy brothers and 1 sister of Llanelli.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 2008 page 32

Death of Dr Rabbi Isaac Cohen, born Llanelli, on 26 July 1914. Died Jerusalem 30 November 2007 aged 93.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 2009 page 29

Death of Maurice Palto, Son of the late Israel and Rachel Palto of Llanelli, brother of late Annie.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 2009 page 32

Obituary of Hilda Howard. Born Ostrog 27 December 1911. Ran a ladies’ fashion shop in Llanelli. Mother of Michael Howard. Died London 17 May 2009.

Part 1, 1872-1918

Part 2, 1919-1936

Part 3, 1937-1959

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