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City of Derby

The city of Derby, in the English East Midlands, lies on the river Derwent. It has a population of about 230,000. It was a county borough until 1974, when it became a district of the administrative county of Derbyshire. In 1996, the city of Derby became a unitary authority.

Derby Jewish Community

Although there were Jews in Derby as early as the 1830s, there was no organised Jewish congregation until the end of the nineteenth century (although unsuccessful attempts were made in the 1880s to establish a congregation jointly with neighbouring Burton-on-Trent). A congregation was founded in 1899, shortly followed by a Jewish cemetery. Numbers began to decline rapidly after World War II and the congregation closed in the 1980s. (For the early history of Jews in Derby, see paper by Samuel Simpson.)

Congregation Data


Derby Hebrew Congregation
also simply known as  Derby Synagogue


270 Burton Road, Derby, from about 1924(ii)

Previous Address:

24 Harriett Street, Derby, from about 1899 to 1924(iii)

Date Formed:

The congregation was formed and formally organised in 1899.(iv)

However, there had been an earlier attempt to establish a congregation in Derby. On 4 March 1887 the Jewish residents of Derby and near-by Burton-on-Trent held a meeting to form the Derby & Burton-on-Trent Hebrew Congregation, a joint congregation for the two towns, but the attempt failed and by 1895 the two groups had definitively separated, services being held in Derby in the Corn Exchange and in Burton in the Masonic Hall.(v) However, such services were not been held on a regular basis.(vi)


Closed in 1986,(vii) the remaining members of the congregation became linked with Nottingham Hebrew Congregation.(viii)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


The congregation was unaffiliated but was under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.

(To view a short profile of a minister - hold the cursor over his name.)

Rev. Asher Littenberg - from about 1899 until about 1902(ix)

Rev. Harris Cohen - visiting minister in at least 1902(x)

Rev. Arnold Mishcon - from October 1902 until December 1906(xi)

Rev. Michael Dinerstein - from January 1907 until about 1912(xii)

Rev. S. Olive (formerly Olwenstein) - from about 1912 until about 1914(xiii)

Rev. S. Wolfe - from about 1914 until about 1918(xiv)

Rev. Maurice David Hershman - from about 1914 until about 1918(xv)

Rev. Selig Bressloff - from about 1921 until about 1934(xviii)

Rev. L. Korn - from 1934 until no later than 1935(xix)

Rev. Bernard Kersh - from 1935 until 1937(xx)

Rev. Reuben Restan - from 1937 until 1946(xxi)

Rev. Maurice (Avraham Moshe) Rose - from 1948 until 1952(xxii)

Rev. H. L. Levy - from c.1952 until 1959(xxiii)

Lay Officers:

The data on the lay officers of the congregation has been extracted Jewish Year Book listings.(xxviii)


1900-1914 - Henry Davis

1914-1917 - B. Serabski

1917-1919 - Jacob Ettinger(xxix)

1919-1923 - M. Fineberg

1923-1925 - H. Levy

1925-1929 - M. Fineberg

1929-1930 - J. Cemmell

1930-1932 - M. Myron

1932-1933 - H. Friesner

1933-1956 - Hyman Levy


1900-1901 - L. Cowen(xxx)

1901-1902 - Jacob Epstein

1902-1906 - L. Cowen(xxx)

1906-1907 - Jacob Epstein

1907-1908 - N. Lux

1908-1910 - Harris Lux

1910-1911 - M. Middlevick

1911-1912 - H. Levy

1912-1914 - S. Berman

1914-1915 - T. King

1915-1917 - R. Myron

1917-1918 - S. Simons

1918-1919 - H. Levy

1919-1921 - M. Levy

1921-1928 - L. Calvert

1928-1930 - H. Friesner

1930-1931 - N. Lux

1931-1934 - S. Lux

1934-1937 - H. Friesner

1937-1940 - J. Selby

1940-1945 - no data

1945-1946 - Dr. S.A. Miller

1946-1956 - J. Morris

Vice Presidents

1900-1901 - P. Epstein

1901-1904 - Isaac Morris

1904-1906 - Jacob Epstein

1906-1907 - B. Serabski

1907-1908 - Harris Lux

1908-1909 - B. Serabski

1909-1910 - Harris Lux

1910-1911 - B. Serabski

1911-1912 - S. Berman


1946-1950 - H. Van CleefS. Levi(xxxi)

1950-1951 - H. Van CleefJ. Rose

1951-1955 - J. RoseI. Davies

1955-1956 - J. RoseS. Simpson


1900-1902 - Joseph Mann

c.1902       - Rev. A. Littenberg

1902-1906 - Rev. A. Mishcon

1907-1912 - Rev. M. Dinerstein

1912-1914 - Rev. S. OliveA. Levy

1914-1915 - Rev. S. WolfeJ. Bernstein

1915-1917 - Rev. S. Wolfe

1917-1918 - M. Berman

1918-1921 - D.V. Vidovski

1921-1930 - M. Vidovski

1930-1931 - L.S. Levy, BA

1931-1932 - H. Amsell

1932-1933 - A. Levy

1933-1935 - T. Ockman

1935-1937 - H. Friesner

1937-1940 - S. Levy

1940-1945 - no data

1945-1946 - Rev. R. Restan

1946-1949 - A. Carr

1949-1974 - L.W. Fraser

1974-1975 - W. Petrook

1975-1986 - Miss M. Berman

Membership Data:

National Reports and Surveys(xxxv)

1977 - 27 male (or household) members and 13 female members

1983 - 22 male (or household) members and 12 female members

Registration District

Derby, since i July 1837 - Register Office website


Search the All-UK Database

The records in the database associated with Derby include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database includes also Chesterfield (some 24 miles to the north) (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in:
Derby during the 1810s (2 records); 1840s (4 records), 1850s (7 records), 1860s (9 records), 1870s (6 records) and 1880s (3 records); and
Chesterfield during the 1800s (1 record) and 1840s (1 record).


Bibliography, Online Articles and Other Material
relating to the Derby Jewish Community



Other Derby Jewish Institutions & Organisations

Educational & Theological

  • Hebrew and Religious School (founded by 1901)

Other Institutions & Organisations*

  • Jewish Society (founded by 1917).

  • Maccabaean Institute (founded by 1924)


Derby Jewish Cemeteries Information

The Jewish cemetery in Derby:

  • Nottingham Road Cemetery, Jewish Section, Chaddesden DE21, opened 1901/2, first burial 1906.

(For additional information, see IAJGS Cemeteries Project - Derby)


Derby Jewish Population Data



(The Jewish Year Book 1896/7)



(The Jewish Year Book 1904/5)



(The Jewish Year Book 1904)



(The Jewish Year Book 1910)



(The Jewish Year Book 1911)



(The Jewish Year Book 1920)



(The Jewish Year Book 1945/6)



(The Jewish Year Book 1945)



(The Jewish Year Book 1949)



(The Jewish Year Book 1952)



(The Jewish Year Book 1959)



(The Jewish Year Book 1960)



(The Jewish Year Book 1967)



(The Jewish Year Book 1972)



(The Jewish Year Book 1975)



(The Jewish Year Book 1986)


Notes & Sources
( returns to text above)

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  • (ii) This was the address under which the congregation listed in Jewish Year Books from 1925.

  • (iii) This was the address under which the congregation was listed in Jewish Year Books 1900/1 through 1924 It is also probably the "loft over a butcher's yard" which, according to the paper by Samuel Simpson, was in use from 1899.

  • (iv) Paper by Samuel Simpson and Jewish Year Book 1900/01.

  • (v) Paper by Samuel Simpson and The Jewish Chronicle report of 5 May 1889. However, the Jewish Year Book 1896/7 stated that a Day of Atonement service was held in the Masonic Hall, Burton, at which residents of Derby and Ashby-de-la-Zouch also joined in. Mr. S. Brown, shochet officiated and Isaac Brown is secretary.

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  • (xxviii) Where a person is first listed in a year book as holding a particular office, it has been assumed that his term of office commenced in the year of publication of the relevant year book and that he continued in office until the commencement of office of his successor, unless the office was vacant. Initially year books corresponded to the Hebrew year, and thus ran roughly from autumn of one year - the year of publication - until autumn of the next year. From 1909, year books were published according to the Gregorian year, being published generally towards the end of the year prior to the year appearing the title of the year book. For example, if an officer is listed in Jewish Year Books 1935 through 1938, it is assumed that he commenced office in 1934 and continued in office until 1938. However, it should be noted that this is only an assumption and, accordingly, his actual years of office may differ somewhat from those shown here. Jewish Year Books were not published during WWII subsequent to 1940. There were no Jewish Year Book listings of lay officers (other than secretary) subsequent to 1956.

  • (xxix) Initially spelled Attinger - Jewish Year Book 1918.

  • (xxx) Name possibly Cohen, as listed in Jewish Year Books 1900/1 and 1902/3.

  • (xxxi) Listed S. Levy in Jewish Year Book 1947.

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