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Ministers (and Readers) of the Synagogue
from 1765 to 2016

The scroll-down table below lists known ministers of the Bristol Hebrew Congregation, which list also includes the congregation's readers (chazanim). The table has been assembled from the pre-1900 information provided by Judith Samuel (Jews in Bristol, Redcliffe Press of Bristol, ISBN 1-900178-16-8) together with post-1900 data extracted from the Congregation's Minute Books, Jewish Year Book listings or has been provided by the Congregation. In a number of instances the dates are approximate. To view a short profile of a minister whose name appears in blue - hold the cursor over his name.


Dates Ministers

1765-1785Isaac Collish or Zvi Hirsch Kalisch
1798-1803Moses Levy
1829-1830Solomon Levy
1829-1832Rev. Abraham Barnett
1833-1835Prof. David Myer Isaacs, BA
1838-1851Aaron Levy Green
1844-1880Rev. Joseph Benjamin
1851-1854Rev. Jacob Lindiner
1855-1858Rev. Samuel Landeshut
1859-1864Rev. Isaac Samuel
1867-1878Rev. Meyer Mendelssohn
1871-1878Rev. Barnett (Berman) Berliner
1872-1879Rev. Abraham Muller
1880-1884Rev. David Fay
1880-1893Rev. Abraham H. Eisenberg
1893-1896Rev. Abraham H. Eisenberg at Bridge St
1893-1896Rev. Emanuel Ritblatt at Bridge St
1885-1889Rev. Joseph Leonard Levy, BA
1890-1892Rev. Moses Hyamson
1894-1895Rev. Louis Mendelsohn, BA
1897-1902Rev. Abraham H. Eisenberg (second term)
1897-1927Rev. Emanuel Ritblatt
1894-1899Rev. A. Levinson
1899-1906Rev. Joshua (Joseph) Abelson, BA
1907-1916Rev. Hyman Goodman
1907-1919Rev. Bernard Paletz
1919-1920Rev. Solomon Mestel, MA
1920-1924Rev. Arthur Barnett, BA
1924-1925Rev. Moses Hirsch Segal
1926-1934Rabbi Harry Swift
1927-1930Rev. Aaron Harry Pakman
1930-1932Rev. H. Lev
1932-1937Rev. A. Goldstein
1934-1944Rev. Simon L Sussman
1935-1947Rev. Louis Sanker
1944-1959Rev. A. Freedman
1951-1955Rev. Harold Lerner
1956-1957Rev. W. Wolfson
1958-1959Sam Lockner
1959-1961Rabbi Dr. Arnost Zvi Ehrman
1962-1987Rev. Max Moddel
1990-1992Rabbi Michael Lloyd Morris
1992-2002Rabbi Hillel Simon
2011-2013Rabbi Dovid Ussiskin
2014-2016Rabbi Mark Daniels

For the List of Officers of the Congregation from 1824 to 2002, see Synagogue Officers

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