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Amersham, Chesham & District Hebrew Congregation

Amersham, Buckinghamshire




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Congregation Data


Amersham, Chesham & District Hebrew Congregation (from about 1949)(i)

Former  Names:

Amersham & District Hebrew Congregation(ii)  (about 1947/48)

Developed from:

Amersham United Synagogue Membership Group(iii)


Woodside Hall, Woodside Road, Amersham, Bucks. from Summer 1942.(iv)

Date Founded:

The Membership Group was established in 1940.(v) The Congregation was formally established in the mid/late 1940's, having developed from the Membership Group in Amersham (linked to the United Synagogue) and the Chesham Hebrew Congregation (linked to the Federation of Synagogues), both of which had been formed by WWII evacuees from heavily populated areas of Central & Eastern London.

Date Closed:

Closed, about 1968(vi)


Orthodox - Ashkenazi


Although the Membership Group was linked to the United Synagogue, the Hebrew Congregation appears only to be have been loosely affiliated with to the United Synagogue,and probably not beyond the mid 1950s


Rev. Sabastian (Sonnie) Morton Bloch - Minister(vii)

Rev. Dr. Izaak Rapaport - Minister and Secretary from 1941(viii)

Rev. Jonah Indech - Minister, Reader and Hon. Secretary, from 1 April 1944 until 31 December 1945(ix)



c.1945-46 - M. Levy

c.1945-46 - J.L. Feuchtwangern

c.1946-52 - M.E. Mosely

c.1946-52 - B. Grossman



c.1945-47 - A. Winer

c.1947-52 - B. Grossman


c.1949-56 - K.A. Nathan


Hon. Secretaries

c.1946-52 - B. Grossman

c.1952-53 - I. Deitchman

c.1953-56 - M. Winger

c.1956-61 - J.M. Angyalfi

c.1961-63 - S. Tabor

c.1963-66 - M. Wiseman


Neither Amersham nor Chesham have a Jewish cemetery. However, for United Synagogue cemeteries, see Cemeteries of the United Synagogue. 

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) Jewish Year Books from 1949.

  • (ii) Jewish Year Books 1948.

  • (iii) Listed in Jewish Year Books 1945/6 and 1947. There were no Jewish Year Books published during World War II after 1940.

  • (iv) Press reports of the Bucks Examiner dated 5 & 12 June 1942 (appearing in The Rabbi in the Green Jacket 2015 by Vivien & Deborah Samson, pp.309/10) refer to the synagogue being then under construction in Woodside Road. All Jewish Year Books listing the congregation gave this as the address of the congregation.

  • (v) The press report in Bucks Examiner of 12 June 1942, refers to the existance of Synagogue Group some two years earlier.

  • (vi) The congregation was last listed in the Jewish Year Book 1966.

  • (vii) The Rabbi in the Green Jacket 2015 by Vivien & Deborah Samson, p.34. No dates are given, although it i sassumed that Rev. Bloch was the first of the three ministers named in the book. 

  • (viii) The Rabbi in the Green Jacket 2015 by Vivien & Deborah Samson, p.34. No date is given as to when Rev. Rapaport, PhD ceased serving as minister. To view a short profile of Rev. (later Rabbi) Rapaport, hold the cursor over his name.

  • (ix) The Rabbi in the Green Jacket 2015 by Vivien & Deborah Samson, p.34. Rev. (later Rabbi) Indech is also the only minister listed for this congregation in a Jewish Year Book (1945/6). It is not stated when he was appointed.

  • (x) The years of service of the Officers are extracted from Jewish Year Books. it is assumed that the officer assumed office in the year prior to the year of the book and continued until at least the following year.

Rabbi in Green Jacket

The Rabbi in the Green Jacket
Memories of Jewish Buckinghamshire 1939-1945
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