Memorial Book to the Martyrs of Michow
Who Perished in the Holocaust
(Michów, Poland)

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Translation of
Michow (Lubelski); sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Michow
she-nispu be-shoat ha-natsim ba-shanim 1939-1942

Editor: Hayim Rabin

Published in Israel 1987

This is a translation of:
Michow (Lubelski); sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Michow she-nispu be-shoat ha-natsim ba-shanim 1939-1942
(Memorial book to the martyrs of Michow who perished in the Holocaust),
Editor: Hayim Rabin, Former Residents of Michow, Published: Israel 1987 (H,Y 343 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Michow

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Editorial 1-3
The Organization 4-5
Historical review 6-10
Chapters of hatred Survivors' testimony 15-133
Russia - wandering and hardship 135-157
    A Jewish mother S. Schuster 137-141
    How I escaped S. Kleinman 143-146
    Forced labor M. Engluster 147-148
    My suffering I. Kesselbrener 149-150
    At the edge of horror A. Rubinstein 151-153
    Life and tribulations 155-157
Michow - life and people 159-191
    Michow - a sample of the society Avraham Rubinstein 161-164
    The windmill - a seat of the spirit I. Ch. Weinberg 165-166
    About Michow S. Kleiman 167-170
    Shimon Butchan P. Guterman 171-175
    Men of enlightenment P. Guterman
    Wagon-drivers in Michow A. Rubinstein 177-182
    About my father D. Brodett 183
    Village walkers I. Ch. Weinberg 185-186
    Background of life Devora Lerner 187-189
    Kidush Hashem [sanctification of the Name of God] 191
Michow fraternity in Israel 193-212
    My parents Nechama and David Aspis Aharon Aspis 195-197
    The Goldman family receives new olim [immigrants] Yechiel Guterman 199-200
    Yakov Skara+A48bnik and his wife Yehoshua Skarabnik 201-206
    My father Yehoshua Goldman Menachem Goldman 207-208
    My mother Tzipora Goldman Menachem Goldman 209-210
    Nechama and David Aspis Shoshana and I. I. Weinberg 211-212
Michow in our hearts Michowers - born in Israel 213-223
    From generation to generation Meira Weiberg 215-218
    Michow - in my heart Miriam Tamir 219-220
    Holocaust in Michow and the Michow Book Yehoshua Skarabnik 221-223
Died in the prime of their lives 225-230
    Zvi Goldman M. G. 227-228
    Yakov Heilik Glika 229
    Shmuel Rubinstein Editorial Board 230
Dyor history and others 231-241
    Scars that last forever Yechezkel Duchleuter (Dyor) 233-234
    The story of Avraham Michel's Yechezkel Duchleuter (Dyor) 235-236
    Worries about Aliya Ch. Scheretzki 237-238
    How I made Aliya D. Radenburg 239-241
Suffering and destruction 243-263
    Black Saturday Yakov Skarabnik 245-246
    Days of fear and hunger Avraham Rubinstein 247-252
    Michow's last days Y. Skarabnik 253-254
    The horrible Sabbath P. Guterman 255-256
    Dobe'le the Rabbi's P. Guterman 257-258
    At the time of murders… A. Rubinstein 259-261
    A book, a monument (poem) I. Ch. Weinberg 263
Michow's uniqueness 265-296
    From Michow on Glika Zokolek 267-268
    Michow folklore and tradition Yakov Skarabnik 269-272
    My melamdim (teachers) Yakov Skarabnik 273-276
    Two sons Yakov Skarabnik 277-280
    Landscape and society Yakov Skarabnik
    First of May in Michow Yakov Skarabnik 281
    My father's armchair P. Guterman 283-285
    My mother's pearls P. Guterman 287-288
    Michow-Lubelski Y. Guterman 289-290
    The unique qualities of Michow Moshe Glawinski 291-193
    A visit to dead Michow Y. Skarabnik 295-296
Outlines I. Dyor 297-307
    Michow - a Shtetl with a heart I. Dyor 299-300
    Pesach in Michow I. Dyor 301-303
    Kotzker Hasidim I. Dyor 305-306
    The destruction of Michow I. Dyor 307
First steps in Israel Y. Guterman 309-316
    A night in Tel-Tzur Y. Guterman 311
    A week in Kefar-Ya'vetz Y. Guterman 313
    Tears of blood and joy Y. Guterman 315-316
List of Michow martyrs (necrology) 321-335
List of martyrs [address or name missing] 337-339
Michower who died in Russia 343
Michower who died in Israel 343-345


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