Markuleshty; Memorial to a Jewish Colony in Bessarabia
(Mărculeşti, Moldova)

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Translation of
Markuleshty; Yad le-Moshava Yehudit be-Bessarabia

Editor: Leib Kuperstein, Meir Kotik

Published: Tel Aviv 1977, Markuleshty Society

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This is a translation of: Markuleshty; Yad le-Moshava Yehudit be-Bessarabia (Markuleshty; Memorial to a Jewish Colony in Bessarabia),
Editor: Leib Kuperstein, Meir Kotik, Published: Tel Aviv 1977, Markuleshty Society (H, Y, 272 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Markuleshty

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Translated by Sara Mages

   Introduction 11
100 years to Agricultural Mărculeşti Dr. Meir Kotik  
   Chapter One – The history of Mărculeşti   15
   Chapter Two – Agricultural Mărculeşti in the 20th century   41
   Chapter Three – The Cooperative – agricultural and economic factor in the village   67
   Bibliography   87
Way of Life    
   Tracing the glow of the town Leib Kupershtein 91-173
            The beginning / The Răut River / Synagogues / World War One / The Russian Revolution / Zionism
            international style / Rabbinate – The “saga” of the Lubish family / The train / Culture and Folklore
   A drop of blood Ada Fishman 174
   “Immigration” from Mărculeşti Tzvi (Hersh) Pekelman 177
   The "fair" in town M. K. 181
   Memories from our town Dr. A. Kupra (Kupershtein) 182
   Memories of a Mărculeşti's daughter Rosa Langman-Antoniak 185
   The horse and the village M. Ben-Dor (Benderski) 188
   A stranger and a resident in Mărculeşti Y. Mishory 190
   A collection of experiences from my youth Meir Kotik 196
Education in town  
   The Education Poem of Mărculeşti Leib Kupershtein 203
            Primary educational institutions / A miracle in town – a Jewish high school    
   Memories from Mărculeşti's high school Yosef Vinokor 225
   “Entrance exams” to the high school Yehudah Mishory 226
   Tumarkin and the high school Moni Ben-Dor 229
   The high school and the principal Meir Gorodzki 230
   About the high school and the town Y.L. Tumarkin 230
   Tumarkin the educator Tzvi Kupershtein 233
   My first meeting with Tumarkin Lib Yafa 234
   The “Father” Tumarkin Breina Steinberg 236
   The teacher and warrior Yeshayahu Tumarkin Michael Landau 238
   The high school and its principal Meir Kotik 241
   My friend Tumarkin of blessed memory Ehud Avriel 246
   The high school during the years 1926-1927 Meshulam Eisenstein 247
   Yeshayahu Goldstein Chaim Toren 251
   The high school in 1937 M. Ben-Dor / Mina Malchi 252
Youth, Halutzim [pioneers], Immigration    
   The inception of the Youth Movements Leib Kupershtein 257
            “Pirchi Zion” / The founding of “Maccabi” / The “Societies” / “Hashomer Hatzair”    
   The renewed “Hashomer Hatzair” Arye Givony 273
   The first members of “Hashomer Hatzair” to receive pioneer training and the first to immigrate Baruch Pekelman 273
   “Hashomer Hatzair” in 1927 Tzka and Moshe Harduf 276
   With “Hashomer Hatzair” as a student and a teacher Yehudah Mishory 278
   “HaShoef” and other movements Meir Kotik 282
   The activities of “Maccabi Dov Wiesbach 285
   “Soccer” in Mărculeşti Mendel Wiesbach 288
   The “Capitalists” immigrated the “Emuna” route Yosef Pekelman 289
   “Betar” Zev Dudzon 291
   Episodes in “Betar” M. Ben-Dor 301
   “HeHalutz” in Mărculeşti Efraim Prelstein 303
   “HeHalutz” chapter in Mărculeşti Yakov Gorishnick 305
   Two women from Mărculeşti immigrated illegally on the boat “Parita” Miriam Seltzer Kopelovitz 307
Images and Events    
   In praise of the town and its poet Natan Bistritzky-Agmon 313
   Mărculeşti – a collection of poems (translated by Robinson) Meir Hertz 315
   About two homes Chaim Toren 318
   The community in Mărculeşti Meir Kotik 323
   Hirsh (Henriko) Pekelman L. K. 326
   Meeting centers in the town Lina Ben-Dor 327
   The “Heder” of Rabbi Musia Nachum Sefer 328
   Arye Souslik from Mărculeşti – one of the founders of Tel Aviv His sons in Israel 330
   Eliyahu Pekelman Avraham Pekelman 333
   Chaim Mishory Yehudah Mishory 334
   The ritual slaughterer R' Moshe Spielberg   337
   Ester Dechter – who clothed the naked L. K. 337
   “Bikur Cholim” and “Linat Zedek” Tzvi Kupershtein 340
   Yosef Geffen (Tabak) and his family Yitzchak Yitzchak, Yisrael Tabak 340
   Yitzchak Eisenberg Mina Malhi 342
   A “Pressure Groups” in Mărculeşti Dov Stanislavski 343
   Amusing short stories   344
   Shloime the cook or the modest warrior (Avraham Protiz of blessed memory) Dan Ben-Amotz 346
   “Pogrom” in Mărculeşti Hersh Pekelman 355
   The riots in Mărculeşti (1918) Nachum Tefer 356
   My “Pogrom” Yosef Pekelman 357
   Self defence Yisrael Kopelevitz 358
   “Refugees” in Mărculeşti Yosef Pekelman 358
   Momoiano's “Incident” M. Ben-Brit & M. Ben-Dor 359
   The “Premier” Zise Langman M. K. 362
Under Soviet Rule – Wandering  
   The Soviets are coming M. Ben-Brit (Britman) 365-380
            Lina Ben-Dor, Dov Stanislavski, Avraham Schorr, Malka Sodowarg, Yakov Milndler,
            Meir Hertz, Dvora Barenboym-Teneboum, Breina Steinberg, Tova Kukeler,
            Bracha Terif-Kupershtein
   On the way to the Ukraine M. Ben-Brit 381
   On the way to Transnistria Breina Steinberg 385
   The escape from Mărculeşti Malka Yafa 386
   In Transnistria Moshe Fugel 388
   From Mărculeşti's camp to Transnistria S. Tauber 391
   In Transnistria and the escape from there Garesh (Tzvi) Pekel 391
   In Transnistria Polia Tzur (Greenberg) 394
   My experience wondering from the Răut River to the Caspian Sea Lina Ben-Dor (Lisinger) 397
   Among those expelled by the Soviets Regime to Siberia Meir Zebodivker 398
   From Mărculeşti to Georgia and back Chaya Shosterman 400
   To a Kolkhoz in the Stalingrad region and to the Ural Yakov Millender 402
   To Siberia via the Ukraine and Caucasus Mina Malhi-Eisenberg 403
The Holocaust    
   The annihilation operation in Mărculeşti Zev Dudzon 409
            Introduction / The Pogrom / The mass murder    
Witnesses Tell
   M. Ben-Brit / Yakov Millender / Mina Malhi / Malka Sodowarg /
   Rachel Milndler-Meltz / Moshe Fugel / Rivka Fugel / Leib Yafa
   The massacre of Mărculeşti's Jews in Antonescu's trial (1946)   425
   The trial against the executors of the massacre in Mărculeşti   427
   Bibliography   440
The Concentration Camp in Marculesti    
   The concentration camp in the town's grounds Leib Kupershtein 447
            Eyewitnesses Tell – Collected and written by Zev Dudzon    
   Following my holy father, May the Lord avenge his blood Dvora Barenboym-Teneboum 464
   The walls were covered with feathers and blood Bella Fugal-Bar 465
   A spark of hope flickered in our hearts Sara Tauber 465
   We were persecuted without mercy Bertha Morgenstern 466
   One big cemetery Chaim Vizerbin 466
   Farmers' quest for prey Losi Fleshler 470
   The sufferings of an eleven year old girl Silvia Fleshler-Gambeki 470
   Corpses in the cellar Arthur Kosober 471
   Lost childhood Michael Rubinstein 472
   From Mărculeşti the “Town of death” Marios Mirko 473
   A disappointing shelter Yakov Paner 473
   The trains transported the dead M. Rodik 474
   A story without words Meir Sternberg 476
   The camp's bill of indictment (1945) Translated by Z. Dudzon 477
Back to the town  
   The town in 1943 M. Fugal 488
   Desolation in the cemetery Avraham Shosterman 489
   In Mărculeşti, December 1945 Tzvi Kupershtein 491
   Back to Mărculeşti in 1945 Arna Tilis 492
   A visit to Mărculeşti, 1944,1946 Meir Hertz 493
   A visit to Mărculeşti, 1974 Dov (Berel) Golodriga 494
   My memories Shlomo Halles 497
   Mărculeşti (a poem) Meir Haratz 512
   Avraham Protiz, a multipurpose Halutz Yigal Alon 542
   Yizkor – Necrology   547
   Commemoration of the families   551
   List of contributors to the publication of the book   569
   The organization of former residents of Mărculeşti in Israel   572

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