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OUR MISSION:  JewishGen provides access to millions of free records, award-winning resources, and historical translations to achieve its mission of preserving our Jewish family history and heritage for future generations. JewishGen Press supports that mission by offering a publishing platform for books that enhance our understanding of the people, places, and events that shaped our past. These books have the inimitable capacity to deepen our connections, add to our knowledge base, and ensure a future where the past is understood and not forgotten.

WHO WE ARE:  The Editorial Board and Publications Team are dedicated volunteers committed to helping writers bring their words to an international audience of genealogy and history enthusiasts. The Board includes highly experienced genealogists and individuals with publishing and/or editing experience. 

HOW WE WORK:  Since the books are produced by JewishGen Press volunteers, using third-party print-on-demand technology, we are able to publish high quality books that would not be considered by for-profit publishing houses. We are well suited for books that will not necessarily find a wide audience nor produce a profit, yet are of value to the Jewish community. Significant books with a small audience can find a home at JewishGen Press. Books are printed in either hardback or paperback editions.

EDITING AND PROOFREADING:  JewishGen is not responsible for editing or proofreading the work. The work must be edited prior to submission by the author and/or by a professional editor retained at the author’s expense, for coherence, grammar, spelling, and typographical errors. Authors must carefully proofread work before submitting it for consideration. The work must be coherent, grammatically correct, and contain no spelling errors. Proofreading and editing at all stages of publication are the responsibility of the author, not JewishGen Press.

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS:  JewishGen Press covers the cost of publishing selected works and does not charge authors any publishing fees. Authors will receive no remuneration or royalties for any books sold by the Press. Books are produced and sold via a print-on-demand process.

COPYRIGHT:  Authors may retain the copyright to their books published by JewishGen Press.

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