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First published on JCR-UK: 2003
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Tombstone Inscriptions


Section 5


ref: OJC1.ind

(This page is presented in slightly modified from that which appeared in the original booklet)

(Number given is the Tombstone Inscription Number)


Aaron B73

Aaron ben Michael R22

Aaron ben Simeon the Levite Q19

Aaron ben Yehiel = Aaron Nathan B24

?Abimelech father of Isaac 8/7

Abraham A30

Abraham B100

Abraham B41a

Abraham ben Aaron = Abraham Aaron A19

Abraham ben Aaron Bellem = Abraham Bellem B89

Abraham ben Baruch SGL B2

Abraham ben Eliezer = Abraham Emdon B112

Abraham ben Isaac = Abraham Isaac R15

Abraham ben Issachar Jacob = Abraham Levi = Abraham Levy A20

Abraham ben Joseph = Abraham Joseph II (1799 1868) B68

Abraham ben Nathan Dartmouth = Abraham Jacobs O22

Abraham ben Samuel 8/6

Abraham ben Yekutiel = Abraham Kaufman B77

Abraham father of David B4

Abraham father of Elijah 10/3

Abraham father of Ezekiel Judah 10/12

Abraham father of Federale KZ 10/6

Abraham Isaac ben Joseph = Abraham Joseph I (1731 94) C1

Abraham KZ father of [?] B126

Alexander Aryeh ben Menahem = Alexander Emanuel P17

Alexander ben Abraham = Sender Alexander B11

Alexander ben Meir = Alexander Klapper B117

Alexander ben Samuel = Alexander Samuel A18

Alexander husband of Esther bat ?Judah B40

Aryeh Judah ben Zvi = Lyon Levi A22

Asher father of Zvi A76

Avigdor ben Judah = Frederik Ralph B1

Avigdor ben Moses Isaac = Francis Lyon/s A72

Avigdor ben Samuel = Avigdor Hart A28

?Avigdor father of Isaac 8/7


Baruch ben Isaac Moses = Barrow Moss 13/14

Baruch father of Abraham SGL B2

Baruch father of Genella wife of Joseph ben Zvi P20

Baruch father of Joseph B199a

Benjamin father of Naphtali Hirsh 10/5

Bila bat Eliakim = Elizabeth John Levi B64

Bila bat Moses Isaac = Mrs Arabella Stadthagen B67

Bila bat Solomon = Miss Bile Nathan A46

Blima bat Eliezer = Mrs Blumey Marks B44

Breincha bat Abraham = Elizabeth Hyman A49

Brina bat Abraham = Mrs Brina (Briny) Joseph B108

Brina bat Gershon = Mrs Brina Morris B107

Brina bat Solomon known as Zalman KZ = Mrs Brina Isaacs O17


Chaya wife of Jacob ben [?] Ze'ev B21


David ben Abraham B4

David ben Abraham = David Abraham B4

David ben Jacob = David Jacob Coppel B22

David ben Moses = David Moses S9

David ben Solomon = David Lyons A104

David father of Sarah O12


Edal bat Abraham Zvi = Mrs Edal Joseph C6

Edal bat Samuel = Mrs Alexander Emanuel P18

Eliezer ben Abraham Emden = Eliezer Emden B9

Eliezer ben Solomon = Lazarus Solomon A21

Elijah ben Abraham 10/3

Esther bat Abraham = Mrs Lazarus Solomon O10

Esther bat ?Judah, wife of Alexander B40

Esther wife of Mordecai ben Samuel SGL = Mrs Esther Mordecai A47

Ezekiel Judah ben Abraham 13/12


Federale ben Abraham KZ 10/6

Feigela bat Mordecai = Mrs Fanny Lyon O8

Feigala bat Samuel = Miss Frances Levy (Levi) B106

Friedcha bat Abraham Isaac = Miss Phoebe Joseph A45

Friedcha bat Judah = Mrs Phineas ben Abraham Emdin B35

Frumat bat Moses = Mrs Abraham Emden B55

Gabriel ben Judah = Gabriel Rosenthal A71

Gella bat Abraham known as Arbilai = Miss Gella Joseph C2

Genella bat Baruch, wife of Joseph ben Zvi P20

Gershon ben Judah Jacob = Gershon Sherrenbeck B83

Ginandel bat Judah = Mrs Nandell Moses B49

Gitla bat Isaac = Miss Julia Marks B66

Gittla bat Zvi = Mrs Hannah Ralph B27

Golda bat Judah 10/2


Hannah bat David KZ wife of Isscaher Baer A60

Hannah bat Isaac = Mrs Ann Levy B51

Hannah bat Menahem HaLevi = Hannah Jonas B80

Haya wife of Jacob ben Ze'ev = Mrs Hannah Woolfson B21

Hayyim ben Isaiah the bachelor = Hyman Solomon B14

Hayyim ben Mordecai = Hyman Levy B17

Isaac ben ?Abimelech 8/7

Isaac ben Abraham = Isaac Isaacs B113

Isaac ben ?Avigdor 8/7

Isaac ben Avigdor = Solomon Lyon A23

Isaac ben Rabbi Joseph A125

Isaac ben Meir = Isaac Stadthagen A26

Isaac Eisak ben Jacob from Totnes = Isaac Jacobs A5

Isaac Eliezer ben Sampson T1

Isaac father of Joseph B46a

Israel ben Jacob 10/4

Israel ben Jacob = Israel Jacobs 10/4

Israel father of Mordecai B70

Issachar Behrman ben Joshua Levy, the bachelor R24

Issachar ben Joel = The bachelor ?son of Joel Levy Q16

Issachar Baer husband of Hannah bat David KZ A60


Jacob B99

Jacob ben [?] Ze'ev, husband of Chaya B21

Jacob ben Elijah Moss = Jacob son of Elias Moss B42a

Jacob ben Judah B6

Jacob ben Judah = Jacob Moses B20

Jacob ben Judah = John Levy or Levi B19

Jacob ben Mordecai = Jacob Jacob/s 13/16

Jacob ben Solomon = Jacob Nathan B90

Jacob ben Uri Shraga HaCohen the bachelor = Jacob Philip Cohen B26

Jacob [ben] Uri Shraga ben Moses = Philip Moses B25

Jacob father of Israel 10/4

Jacob Joseph ben Aryeh = Jacob Joseph B88

Jacob KZ father of Menahem B82

Jacob Pesach ben Aryeh = Judah P Lyon B18

Jacob Zvi ben Joseph = Jacob Lyons B86

Joel ben Issachar Jacob = Joel Levy I A43

Joel father of Issachar Q16

Joseph A127

Joseph ben Abraham Isaac = Joseph Joseph (1766 1846) C5

Joseph ben Baruch B199a

Joseph ben Isaac = Joseph Isaac B46a

Joseph ben Jacob Mannheim = Joseph Hart S6

Joseph ben Joseph Meir B97

Joseph ben Judah Jacob = Joseph Jacob Sherrenbeck B78a

Joseph ben Naphtali = Joseph Henry S3

Joseph ben Zvi R8

Joseph ben Zvi, husband of Genella bat Baruch P20

Joseph father of Isaac S8

Joseph father of Isaac A125

Joseph father of Merela [Miriam] A100

Joseph Meir father of Joseph B97

Joshua Falk ben Isaac = Isaac Valentine Q24

Judah ben Avigdor = Judah Lyon B74

Judah ben Isaac = Levin Jacobs A93

Judah ben Isaac = Lewis Jacobs Q6

Judah ben Joseph = Lyon Joseph A13

Judah ben Moses = Lyon/Lippa Lazarus B13

Judah ben Moses Jacob = Judah Moses I 13/10

Judah ben Zvi, husband of Merela bat Joseph A100

?Judah father of Esther wife of Alexander B40

Judah father of Golda 10/2

Judah father of Jacob B6

Judah father of Menahem B102


Leah bat Issachar Baer = Mrs Zvi ben Judah Lyons B45

Leah bat Mordecai = Mrs Leah Emdon B58

Leah bat Shemaiah = Mrs Leah Cohen B82


Martha bat Judah the cantor = Mrs Abraham Emdon A73

Matathias ben Rabbi Shabbetai HaCohen = Mattis Cohen A67

Meir ben Rabbi Isaac = Myer Stadthagen B76

Menahem ben Isaac = Emanuel Levy (aka Levy Emanuel) S1

Menahem ben Jacob KZ husband of Leah bat Shemaiah B82

Menahem ben Judah B102

Menasseh ben Zvi = Emanuel Hart A15

Merela [Miriam] bat Joseph, wife of Judah ben Zvi A100

Michael father of Aaron R22

Minnela bat Menahem = Mrs Henry Hart O21

Miriam bat Abraham = Mrs Miriam Jacobs B48

Miriam bat Abraham Zvi KZ = Mrs Meriam Abrahams B42

Miriam bat Jacob = Miss Betsy Miriam Jacobs Q5

Miriam bat Moses = Mrs Mary Nathan B62

Miriam bat Yehiel O23

Mordecai ben Abraham = Mordecai Abraham 13/15

Mordecai ben Israel B70

Mordecai ben Jacob = Mordecai Jacobs B119

Mordecai ben Samuel SGL = Mark Mordecai B12

Mordecai father of Pessa [=Fanny ?wife of] S. Lyons A44

Mordecai husband of Reichla bat Menahem A1

Moses ben Aryeh Lobell = Moses Lobell of Birmingham A69

Moses ben Isaac = Moses Isaac 9/10

Moses ben Jacob = Moses Solomon A92

Moses father of Zvi B58a

Moses Isaac ben Judah = Isaac Moses P7

Moses Menahem ben Solomon B66a


Naphtali father of Ze'ev Wolf A126

Naphtali father of [?] A130

Naphtali Hirsh ben Benjamin 10/5

Naphtali Hirtz ben Benjamin = Naphtali Benjamin 10/5

Nathan ben Jacob = Nathan Jacobs 13/7

Nathan ben Joseph KZ = Nathan Joseph alias Altmann B15

Nathan ben Solomon = Nathaniel Nathan B91

Nathan father of Zvi husband of Nencha bat Yehiel O16

Nencha bat Yehiel wife of Zvi ben Nathan O16


Pessa bat Mordecai = Fanny [?wife of] S. Lyons A44

Pessla bat Simeon HaLevi = Miss Eliza Levi B46

Phineas ben Abraham Emdin = Solomon (Selig) Emden B16

Rachel bat Abraham = Mrs Rachel Bellem B52

Rachel ben Jacob Judah = Miss Rachel Benjamin B79

Rachel Yettela bat Abraham = Mrs Sara Lyon B41

Reichla bat Abraham = Mrs Naphtali Benjamin A56

Reichla bat Menahem, wife of the gabai Mordecai A1

Reichle bat Joseph = Mrs Rachel Levy A62

Reizcha bat Samuel SGL = Rose Philip [or Rosie Phillips] B119c

Reuben Zelig ben Isaac = Solomon Isaac O18

Rosa bat Asher ben Hayyim = Mrs Rosetta Solomon B60


Sampson ben Nathan = Simon Nathan O13

Sampson father of Isaac Eliezer T1

Samuel ben Hayyim = Samuel Hyman A51

Samuel ben Judah = Samuel Ralph A133

Samuel ben Menahem HaCohen = Samuel Cohen B71

Samuel ben Solomon Phineas = Samuel Levy B10

Samuel father of Abraham 8/6

Sarah bat Aaron = Miss Sarah Nathan B63

Sarah bat Benjamin Aryeh = Sarah Levi B31

Sarah bat David O12

Sarah bat Mordecai = Miss Sarah Levy B65

Shemaiah father of Leah, wife of Menahem ben Jacob KZ B82

Simeon father of Aaron Q19

Simha ben Isaac HaLevi (Bunam Segal) = Benjamin Levy 13/13

Solomon ben Nathan = Solomon Nathan 13/17

Solomon father of Moses Menahem B66a

Solomon Samuel ben Solomon = Charles Samuel Solomon B29


Telza wife of Abraham Joseph = Mrs Eliza Joseph B47


Yehiel ben Naphtali = Henry Hart 13/7b

Yehiel father of Miriam O23

Yehiel father of Nencha O16

Yehiel Michael ben Zvi = Michael Hart P16

Yetta bat Mordecai HaLevi = Mrs Eliezer Aaron B38


Zadok ben Asher = Alexander Sunder Q25

Ze'ev ben Abraham = The bachelor Wolf Rosenberg B116

Ze'ev ben Judah = Mr Wolf B23

Ze'ev ben Mordecai = Marcus Wolf B72

Ze'ev ben Solomon = W. Solomon B3

Ze'ev Hayyim ben Eleazer = Woolf Emden B87

Ze'ev Wolf ben Naphtali A126

Zvi ben Asher A76

Zvi ben Moses B58a

Zvi ben Nathan husband of Nencha bat Yehiel O16

Zvi ben Solomon = Henry Nathan B93

Zvi father of Joseph A100

Zvi father of Joseph R8

Zvi father of Joseph husband of Genella bat Baruch P20


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