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Wrexham Jewish Community

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Press Reports relating to the Jewish Community in
Wrexham, North Wales
Part 2, 1911 - 2009

Compiled by Harold Pollins and kindly contributed to JCR-UK.
[Information within square brackets is from the compiler]


Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1911 page 1
Death on 30 April at 23 Foster Rd, Wrexham, after a long and painful illness, Sarah Rosenthal, aged 16, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs E. Rosenthal.
[Death. Sarah Rosenthal June 1911 aged 16 Wrexham 11b 190]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 July 1911 page 2
Death on 2 July at 8 Mostyn-terrace, High Town-road, Wrexham, of Dora, wife of Rev Jacobs of Wrexham.
[Death. Dora Jacobs September 1911 aged 35 Wrexham 11b 332]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1911 page 28
Rev Wolf Jacobs of Wrexham elected minister of Pontypridd.

6 January 1912. Passenger List Leaving UK 1890-1960
Max Glantz. Single. Labourer. Liverpool to New York. Ship ‘Franconia’
[Was this Max Glantz sometime of Wrexham?]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1912 page 29
Special Chanucah service at Chester. 'The attendance included a number of coreligionists from Wrexham, the Wrexham congregation now being affiliated with that of Chester'... 'Praise is due to the Rev.  Mr.  Kalmanovitch for the manner in which he trained the children both at Chester and Wrexham, and for the great progress they have made during the short time they have been under his tuition'.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1913 New Year Greetings page 3
Mr Sol Harris, 13 Smithfield Road, Wrexham, and fiancée, Miss Leah Saipe, Leeds.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1914 page 2
Marriage on 3 June at the New Briggate Synagogue, Leeds, of Leah, 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs  Samuel Saipe of Leeds and Saul, eldest son of Mr & Mrs B. Harris, 11 Smithfield-road, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 June 1914 page 32
Last Sunday members of the Chester and Wrexham Congregations were invited by Rev S. Kalmanovitch to an 'at home'. Mrs & Mrs Kalmanovitch were presented with a suite of furniture subscribed for by members of both congregations.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1914 page 2
Marriage on 14 July at Salisbury, Rhodesia, of Annie 4th daughter of Mr & Mrs E. Rubenstein of Dublin, and Barnett, younger son of Mr & Mrs S. Myers, late of Wrexham and Liverpool.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 December 1914 page 26
Isaac Harris has been successful in the examination for Jesus College, Oxford, and obtained a scholarship of £60. Also received a gold medal presented by the Mayor of Wrexham for being the head boy of Wrexham County School.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1915 page 2
Engagement of Mary 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs P. Goldberg of Leeds to William son of Mrs and late Mr Blumenthal of Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1915 page 1
Birth on 12 November at Leasaul House, Percy Road, Wrexham of a son to Mr & Mrs Saul Harris nee Leah Saipe.
[Birth. Isidor J. Harris December 1915 Wrexham 11b 441. Mother Saipe]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1917 page 15
Special meeting of congregation, which numbers thirteen only, in aid of appeal for the Relief of the Russo-Polish Jewish Fund. Collected £21 8s. This is fifth donation. Address by Rev G. Grayewsky.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1917 page 18
Special meeting of congregation. Rev G. Grayowsky(sic) delivered an address on 'Humanity and the Present Suffering in Palestine' and made an appeal. £12 12s 6d collected for Palestinian Fund and £8 2s for the Russian Relief Fund.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1917 page 28
Bar Mitzvah of Willie Reuben. Collected by Rev G. Grayewsky for the Palestine Relief Fund £10 12s.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1917 page 21
Collected by Rev G. Grayewsky, Wrexham, for Russian Jews’ War Victims’ Fund £7 5s. And for Palestine Jews’ Relief Fund £7 5s.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1917 page 1
Birth on 6 December at 'Lea-Saul', Percy Road, Wrexham, a son to Mr & Mrs Saul Harris nee Leah Saipe.
[Birth. Maurice Harris March 1918 Wrexham 11b 384. Mother Saipe]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1918 page 17
Services for soldiers. At Wrexham, Rev Mr Greyewski(sic).

Jewish Chronicle, 18 January 1918 page 18
An examination of pupils of the Religion Classes was held at the residence of Mr M Ruben(sic). Members of the congregation were delighted with the progress of the children since Rev Mr Grayewski(sic) had taken charge of the entire instruction. Thanks to Mr Grayewski and Mr & Mrs  Ruben for placing the use of their houses for the Classes.

Naturalisation, 4 October 1918. National Archives HO144/1501/367928
Morris Volinski, resident in Wrexham. Known as John William McKey. jockey.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 December 1919 page 12
Barmitzvah in Liverpool of Abraham Henry Barzilay only son of Mr & Mrs Samuel Barzilay of 91  Norman Rd, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 January 1920 page 4
Contributions to the Eretz-Israel Restoration Fund. Wrexham List.
Mr & Mrs D. Fisher; H. Black; D. Harris; M. Reuben; - Blumenthal; I. Turner; R. Silver; Mr & Mrs J. Glantz; Mr & Mrs S. Barzilay; H. Mack; S.  Harris

Jewish Chronicle, 6 February 1920 'Young Israel' page 2
Aaron Mack, Violet L. Mack, Wrexham

Jewish Chronicle, 13 August 1920 page 29
Regrets at the death of Mrs Franks, wife of the Rev M. Franks, Minister of the Chester and Wrexham Congregations. Death at Shotton while visiting her daughter Mrs Goldman.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 December 1920 page 27
Dr I Harris, exhibitioner of Jesus College, Oxford, had the degrees of BA, BM, ChB conferred. Son of Mr & Mrs I.  Harris, Smithfield Rd, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1921 page 12
Board of Deputies. Representative of Chester and Wrexham - A. Finestone

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1921 page 4
Wanted - Shochet and Teacher. £5. Apply H. Newmark, Chester.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 December 1923 page 2
Death. Barnett Firestone, Manchester. Brother of, inter alia, Mrs Glantz, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1925 New Year Greetings page xxvii
Mr and Mrs Reuben, son and mother, Mulberry House, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1925 New Year Greetings page xxix
Mr and Mrs R. Silver and daughter, 22 Caia Road, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 July 1926 page 1
Mr and Mrs R. Silver of Wrexham wish to announce that the engagement of their daughter Minnie to Mr Reuben Goldstein of Liverpool is cancelled.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1927 page 2
Death on 19 June of Mark Golding of Wrexham and 9 Bignor Street, Manchester.
[Death. Mark Golding June 1927 aged 38 Wrexham 11b 346]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1928 page 31
At silver wedding celebrations of Mr and Mrs M. Reuben, a flower vase was presented to the couple on behalf of the congregation to which they had rendered valuable services. £10 was collected for Ukrainian Jews’ Relief Fund.
[Marriage. Morris Reuben September 1903 Leeds 9b 1160//Minnie Blumenthal]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1929 page 10
Palestine Emergency Fund, Collected by Mr H. Black From the Wrexham Hebrew community £7.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 January 1930 page 14
Manchester Jewish Education Board.
Grants were renewed to Oldham, Bolton, Chester, Wrexham, Barrow and Burnley.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 April 1930 page 2
Marriage on 17 April at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, Liverpool, of Alfred, son of Mrs I. Staal, to Ida, daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Albiston of Wrexham.
[No entry in Marriage Index found]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1932 page 2
Tombstone for Sophie Silver, 22  Caia Road, Wrexham. will be consecrated at Rice Lane Cemetery, Liverpool.

Ellis Rosenthal, 39 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester, died 29 January 1933 at the Jewish Hospital, Elizabeth Street, Cheetham. Probate to Jane Rosenthal, widow. Effects £272 18s 4d.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1933 page 32
Central Committee for Jewish Education. Chester and Wrexham awarded a grant subject to certain conditions being fulfilled.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 February 1935 page 44 Young Israel
Reference to M. Shineberg, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1935 page 2
Mrs R. Walter, late of Liverpool, expresses thanks for sympathy in recent bereavement. 44 Gerard Street, Wrexham.
[Death. Nathan Walter March 1935 aged 57 Wrexham 11b 341]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1935 page 2
Death of Sarah Tobie Joseph, Liverpool, mother of, inter alia, Mrs Fanny Shineberg, 48 Bertie Road, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 April 1935 page 1
Death of Samuel Aaron Joseph aged 93. Father of, inter alia, Mrs S.(sic) Shineberg, 48 Bertie Road, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1935 page 37
At a municipal by-election, I. W. Reuben elected member for Grosvenor Ward. First Jew to be elected to the Town Council.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1937 page 9
Obituary of Bernard(sic) Harris, Liverpool. ‘He established the Wrexham Hebrew Congregation and served as President for a number of years’.
[Death. Barnett Harris September 1937 aged 73 Liverpool S 8b 127]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 Januaryr 1938 page 17
United Appeal for the Jews in Poland - £10.12.0.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 December 1938 page 31
502 children arrived from Vienna including 100 Protestants and Catholics. ‘Members of the National Council of Women in North Wales have helped to prepare two houses to receive refugees, and in Wrexham a large scheme is being arranged’.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 December 1938 page 2
Death on 14 December of Nettie Lee nee Saipe, sister of, inter alia, Mrs Samuel Harris, Wrexham

29 September 1939 National Register [Known to be incomplete]

23 Saxon Street.
Reuben Silver, 24 December 1872. Traveller. Draper. Widowed
Minnie Cohen, 8 August 1908. Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married

119 Benjamin Road Hyman Black, 24 March 1885. Drapery Traveller. Widowed
Minnie Black, 24 March 1886. Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married
Rena Vites (Black), 27 February 1916. Uncertificated Elementary School Teacher. Single

9 Bonygraig Rose
Levensohom(sic), 19 February 1912. Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married

78 High Street
Maurice J. Rosenthall, 30 June 1930. At school

52 Hope Street
Anita Berkovitch (Burke). 21 August 1930 At school
Wiliam Berkovitch 4 May 1906. Manager (Gowns Manufacturing) Married
Essel Berkovitch (Burke), 8 May 1908. Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married

45 Bartley Road
Israel Turner. 25 June 1891. Master Tailor and Draper. Married
Annie Turner. 24 February 1894. Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married
Sidney Turner. 11 May 1916. Incapacitated. Single

Jewish Chronicle, 29 December 1939 page 15
Liverpool. Rabbi Dr S. M. Lehrman and Mr H. Beacon recently visited Wrexham to inspect religion classes conducted by Mr S. Coleman on behalf of the Greenbank Drive Synagogue Education Committee. ‘Religious services and instruction are held regularly for the Jewish evacuees.’
The headmaster of a local school gave assurance that attendance at the classes and services would be made mandatory.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1940 page 7
Reference to Bachad Training Centre, Lane Farm, Rossett, near Wrexham. Now getting paid employment with local farmers.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1941 page 17
A Knitting and Social Circle has been formed in Wrexham which will help the local Soldiers’ Comfort Fund of the WVS, Jewish ladies will be welcomed. Communicate with Mrs Saul Harris, 8 Bridge Street.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1942 page 6
Regional conference of the Federation of Zionist Youth held recently at Liverpool. Included delegate(s) from Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 March 1943 page 2
Birth. On 12 March at Nursing Home, Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, to Rose, nee Emanuel, wife of Leonard Ruda, 35 Clavering Avenue, Barnes, SW11.
[Birth. David I. Ruda March 1943 Wrexham 11b 348. Mother Emanuel]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1943 page 9
Engagement. Maxwell Vites MPS FSMC, to Rena, only daughter of Mrs Black and the late Hyman Black of Leeds, formerly of Wrexham.

Israel Turner of Braeside, 45 Beechley Road, Wrexham, died 21 May 1946. Administration to Annie Turner, widow. Effects £573 16s 3d
[Death. Israel Turner June 1946 aged 55 Wrexham 11b 246]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1946 page 2
Bar Mitzvah. Burke (Berkovitch). Barry Arnold, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Burke, 52 Hope Street, Wrexham, will read Maftir and Haftarah on 10 August at the Great Synagogue, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester.
[Birth. Barrie A. Berkovitch September 1933 Manchester N, 8d 470. Mother Brunswick]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1947 page 7
Engagement. Maurice (Maurie), younger son of Mr and Mrs Saul Harris, 8 Bridge Street, Wrexham, to Pearl, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Albert Diamond, Wallasey, Cheshire. ‘At Home’ at the Childwall. Synagogue, Liverpool.
[Marriage. Maurice Harris September 1948 Liverpool S, 10d  1579//Pearl Diamond]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 August 1948 page 2
Death on 13 August of Reuben Silver, aged 72. Father of Minnie, father-in-law of Barnett, grandpa of Doreen. 59 Beechley Road, Wrexham.
[Death. Reuben Silver September 1948 aged 72 Wrexham 8a 382]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1949 page 7
Engagement. Maxwell H. Turner MB ChB MRCS LRCP, son of Mrs  A. Turner and the late Mr I. Turner, of Wrexham and 72 Salisbury Road, Liverpool, to Naomi, Oldest daughter of Dr and Mrs Carl Myers of Preston.
[Marriage. Maxwell H. Turner June 1950 Southport 10f 1089//Naomi Myers]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1949 page 3
Memorial stone of the late Reuben Silver will be consecrated at Rice Lane cemetery, Liverpool on 3 July. 59 Beechley Road, Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1951 page 2
Death in Liverpool of Etti Abrahamson, nee Joseph, sister, inter alia, of Fannie (Mrs Shineberg), Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 December 1952 page 2
Death on 8 December of Fanny Shineberg, husband Samuel, sons Joseph and Myer, daughter-in-law Milly, grandson David. 43 Bertie Road, Wrexham.
[Death. Fanny Shineberg December 1952 aged 68 Wrexham 8a 426]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 December 1953 page 3
In memory of Saul Harris, died 29 December 1949, Wrexham and Liverpool.
[Death. Saul Harris December 1949 Blackpool 10b 497]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1954 page 26
Ref to Dr and Mrs R. Nussbaum, medical practitioner in Wrexham. Came to England as refugee in 1939

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1957 page 7
Birth of son, David Martyn (their third), on 1 January, to Mildred, nee Segal, wife of Dr Jack Borkin of Rhostyllen, Wrexham.
[Birth. David M. Borkin March 1957 Wrexham 8a 418. Mother Segal]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 February 1957 page 7
Engagement. Sidney Vernon, Prestwich, to Anita, only daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Burke, 52 Hope Street, Wrexham.
[Marriage. Sydney Vernon September 1957 Salford 10f 1340//Anita Burke]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1957 page 7
Engagement. Barry, elder son of Mr and Mrs W. Burke, 52 Hope Street, Wrexham, to Barbara, only child of Mr and Mrs I. Goldberg, Prestwich.
[Marriage. Barbara Goldberg September 1958 Heywood 10c 953//Barry A. Burke.]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1959 page 7
Engagement. David Lewis, Manchester, to Joan Helen, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Max Brown, 9 Ernest Parry Road, Queen’s Park, Wrexham.
[Marriage. Joan H.  Brown September 1960 Manchester 10e 889//David Lewis]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1961 page 7
Marriage on 6 August of David Watkin MB BS, only son of Mr and Mrs J.  Watkin of Wrexham, to Elizabeth Appleby MB BS, of Edgware.
[Marriage. Elisabeth(sic) Appleby September 1961 Chelsea 5c 657//David F. L. Watkin]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1962 page 7
Engagement. Jeffrey Weltman B Eng, only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Weltman of Hunter Banks, Marford, Wrexham, and Gwendoline Ann, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Bob Collins, Southport.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1964 page 10
A daughter, Sally, was born on 2 June to Dr Elizabeth nee Appleby and Mr David Watkin FRCS, a sister for Andrew, 2nd grandchild for Mr and Mrs F. J. Watkin of Wrexham and Mr  and Mrs Jack Appleby, Edgware.
[Birth. Sally E. L. Watkin September 1964 Leicester 3a 856. Mother Appleby.]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 June 1965 page 10
Engagement. Michael Stephen Burke, younger son of Mr and Mrs William Burke, 52 Hope Street, Wrexham, and Lesley Black, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Black of Manchester.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 March 1966 page 11
Marriage between Gideon, son of Mr and Mrs J. Klaus of Tel Aviv, and Sylvia Esther, daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Weltman of Hunter Bank, Marford, Wrexham, will take place on 23 March at Tel Aviv.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1970 page 38
Obituary of Rev Abraham Snadow died aged 86. Served Newport, Mon., for 55 years, retired 1964. Left Russia aged 21, already a shochet. Studied in London to be mohel. Arrived in Newport 1910 having previously served Wrexham and Abertillery.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1972 page 43
Obituary of Rev Samuel Cohen aged 83. Born Russia, at age 10 to Palestine with parents. Yeshiva in Jerusalem and married there 1908. Came to England 1912 as minister to Chester and Wrexham communities. In 1918 appointed as shochet to Liverpool Shechita Board.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 1972 page 26
At annual lunch of the Liverpool Daughters of Zion held at the house of Mr and Mrs H. Weltman, near Wrexham, £90 was raised.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 May 1977 page 26
Engagement. Allyson, eldest daughter of Helen and the late Alf Holman of London E.18. to Peter, eldest son of Charlotte and John Russell of Wrexham.
[Marriage not found]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 March 1984 page 12
Recent 90th birthday of Mrs Annie Turner, nee Harris. Lived in Wrexham until 1947 then back to Liverpool.
[Note husband Israel Turner died Wrexham 1946]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1985 page 34
Engagement. Pamela and Alex Dermont together with Jennifer and Sydney Vernon announce the engagement of their children, Rosalind to Howard, younger son of the late Anita Vernon. Grandson of Mr Essel Burke of Wrexham.
[Marriage not found]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 November 1987 page 22
Engagement. Ruth, eldest daughter of Louise and Allan Hersh, granddaughter of Hettie Hersh (London) and Isaac Cohen (Birmingham), to Dennis Joseph Burke, grandson of Esther Burke, Wrexham.
[Marriage. Ruth A. Hersh October 1988 Birmingham 32 580//Daniel J. Burke]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1989 page 1
Nigel Davies of Wrexham, chess master, recently found he was Jewish. Grandparents Rubin Friendt and Betsy Hyman married 1870. Their daughter Sarah known as Minnie was Nigel’s maternal grandmother. He has been circumcised and is preparing for aliyah, learning Hebrew. Has Jewish family in Leeds and distant relatives in Israel.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1993 page 13
Conference at Chester on small communities. Among communities represented was Wrexham.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1996 page 17
Obituary of Henrietta Nussbaum. Born Cologne 14 September 1901. Died London 8 July 1996 aged 94. Refugee from Germany with PhD in education. Married to Dr Rudolf Nussbaum. Left Germany for Italy in 1934 but left in 1938 because of fascist laws. Settled in Wrexham. He practiced as doctor, she worked in factory. Became blind. Divorced. Formed first volunteer section of the Jewish Blind Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 2000 page 21
Llandudno has the only synagogue in North Wales.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 2000 page 21
A Thai banquet was held at the Wrexham country house of Pamela and Stanley Salmons. She said, because it’s so small, our community is very enthusiastic and active. It’s a very warm and welcoming group of people.’

Jewish Chronicle, 22 June 2007 page 29
Dr Maxwell Turner died 14 June 2007. Husband of Naomi Myers for 57 years. Especially remembered by the Harris family of Liverpool.
[Death. Maxwell Herman Turner June 2007 aged 83. Born 23 March 1924. Stourbridge DY9.]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 March 2009 page 16
Stanley Salmons of Wrexham has published a novel. He is Emeritus Professor at Liverpool University’s department of human anatomy and cell biology.

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