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Selective Press Reports relating to the Tredegar Jewish Community, Wales

Compiled by Harold Pollins


Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1873 page 553

“The Jews of Tredegar in Monmouthshire, comprising about a dozen families, have formed themselves into a congregation. Heretofore they attended places of worship in neighbouring towns, though as these are at some distance from Tredegar, the Tredegar Jews find it more convenient and suitable to have a place of congregational meeting in their own town. The Rev. Mr. S. Shynman, formerly minister of Merthyr Tydvil congregation, has been engaged (under the sanction of the Chief Rabbi) to act as Shochet. He has also established a school which is, we understand, attended by the children of the Tredegar congregation. Mr. Lewis Lyons of this town has fitted up a portion of his house as a synagogue, with accommodation for lady worshippers, and has presented the congregation with a Scroll of the Law. Our informant speaks very gratefully of his efforts. We are glad to learn that a brotherly feeling prevails in this little congregation. We trust that feeling will be permanent,”

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1878 page 7a

Services on High Festivals held at the Tredegar temporary synagogue

Three Jewish residents of Tredegar say they will provide a permanent place of worship for the entire congregation, independent of extraneous aid.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 March 1884 page 9

On Tuesday next the Rev Dr H. Adler, Delegate Chief Rabbi, will consecrate the new synagogue at Tredegar

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1884 page 7

‘Consecration of New Synagogue at Tredegar’.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1895 page 20

˜Much regret is felt by the Jews in Tredegar at the death in Naples, of their townsman, Mr. Edward William Waites. He was a man of great piety and benevolence. For the last seventeen or eighteen years since he left the Church (he was for a long time a Churchwarden) Mr. Waites devoted his attention to Jewish charities, to many of which he contributed privately. It is to Mr. Waites that the Tredegar congregation is indebted for their handsome synagogue. Mr. Waites held the Chief Rabbi in the highest esteem.”

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1953 page 19

‘Synagogue to be sold. No minyan at Tredegar’.
The Montefiore Centenary Synagogue, Morgan Street, which was built in 1891[sic] is to be sold. Since 1944 no minyan and no services and the synagogue has been almost permanently closed.
There was a temporary synagogue at 18 Queen Street


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