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References to the Dover Jewish Community
Appearing in the Jewish Chronicle and other periodicals
Part 6, 1923 - 1959

Compiled by Harold Pollins 

Jewish Chronicle,  23 February 1923 page 2

Death on 27 January of Michael Coplans of Canterbury aged 67. Interred at Dover on 29 January.



Jewish Chronicle,  29 February 1924 page 11

Engagement of Dr Jack Hurwich of Glasgow to Priscilla Thomas, daughter of Mr & Mrs Cyr-Thomas, Leicester, granddaughter of Alderman Henry Hart. [Mother Eugenie Beatrice].



Jewish Chronicle,  2 May 1924 page 1

Birth on 27 April at 19 Park Avenue, Dover, a son to Mr & Mrs H.R. Hart.

[Henry R. Hart married Miriam Warsow in 1919 at Portsmouth]



Jewish Chronicle,  19 September 1924 page 21

Distinction awarded to Mrs Bessie Phillips of Twickenham - dr of Rev I Barnstein and sister of Rabbi Dr Barnstein of Texas. Awarded Dame d'Honneur du Merite National de France a reward for services to French, Belgian and Allied troops during the war. [Her first husband was Councillor Joseph of Folkestone who died in a tramway accident at Dover. She married Robert W. Phillips in 1921.



Jewish Chronicle,  16 January 1925 page 2

Death on 8 January of Eva, wife of Rev I. Barnstein



Jewish Chronicle,  1 January 1926 page 1

Death on 22 December 1925  at 'Dovercourt', Twickenham, of Rev Isidoe Barnstein of Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  1 January 1926 page 24

Obituary of Rev Isidore Barnstein. Native of Hoorn, Holland. A son is rabbi in US 'and it will be recalled that it was in connection with the admission of  this son to the Rabbinate by Haham Dr, Gaster some forty years ago that considerable public discussion was aroused'. Rev Barnstein spent his last few years living with a daughter in Twickenham. [Reference to 1895 and award of doctorate?]



Jewish Chronicle,  17 September 1926 page 16

Day of Atonement. Service by Rev B. J. Salomons of Ramsgate

Also 1927 and 1929



Jewish Chronicle,  28 January 1927 page 20

Obituary of Israel Davis, chairman of company that owns JC and Jewish World. Born 29 March 1847. Educated first at H.H. Solomon's school at Edmonton, then Rev I Cohen's at Dover, then City of London School.



Jewish Chronicle,  14 January 1927 page 11

Will of Isaac Jacob Davis, Wytham House, Maison Dieu Road, Dover. 13,514. Net personalty 2,272.



Jewish Chronicle,  16 November 1928 page 39

Large congregation assembled on Sunday for a Special Afternoon Service. Services are held monthly by Rev G.S.Belasco, Minister of the Montefiore Synagogue, Ramsgate.



Jewish Chronicle,  12 April 1929 page 2

Death at a nursing home, Leicester, Florence Julia Hart of Minerva College. 3rd daughter of late Henry Hart.



Jewish Chronicle,  11 October 1929 page 11

Obituary of Rev G. S. Belasco, Minister at Montefiore Synagogue for more than 40 years. Tribute from Philip T. Hart, President of Dover Hebrew Congregation. 'He always placed his services at the disposal of our small congregation, and at his own suggestion held frequent Sunday services for Jewish soldiers and others, and was ever ready when any emergency arose'. [Aged 61 when died.]


Jewish Chronicle,  19.6.1931 page 22

The Maccabi motor-cyclists travelling from Palestine arrived at Dover last Friday. Welcome from, inter alia, P.T. Hart OBE, President of Dover Hebrew Congregation, and M.A. Lazarus, Treasurer & Secretary


Jewish Chronicle,  11.11.1932 page 32

Rev B.J. Salomons of Montefiore College preached in the Dover Synagogue on New Year.



Jewish Chronicle,  24 March 1933 page 14

Obituary of Sir Alexander William Prince KBE aged 63, died suddenly. Born Canterbury in 1870. Son of William Prince. Educated Dover.

In business in Dover as wholesale provision dealer and naval and military contractor as a partner. Chairman of the company in 1909.

In 1917 Controller of Expeditionary Forces Canteens. Knighted 1916. KBE 1922. Married in 1897 Edith, daughter of Isaac Jonas of Edgbaston.

Until last year member of Hampstead Synagogue and on its Board of Management. Last year joined Liberal Jewish Synagogue.


Jewish Chronicle,  21 April 1933 page 2

Death in Birmingham of Amelia Goldwater, sister, inter alia, of Mrs Morris, 61 Folkestone Rd, Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  2 June 1933 page 7

Engagement of Shear (George) Daniels of Norwich, nephew of Mrs Daniels and late Mr Daniels of Dover, to Connie only child of Mr & Mrs J. Sadler of Birmingham.



Jewish Chronicle,  18 August 1933 page 1

Engagement of Hettie, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs P. Freedman and adopted daughter of Mrs J. Daniels and the late Mr S. Daniels of 23 Cannon Street, Dover, to Shirley Moss, of Cliftonville, Margate.



Jewish Chronicle,  18 August 1933 page 22

A correspondent writes [precis]:

'A most distressing state of affairs from the Jewish point of view in this town'. Once a large and flourishing community, -now less than a dozen families. The correspondent went to attend the Sabbath service and found synagogue closed. Unable to reach the President Philip T. Hart he approached a Jewish resident who told him a tale of woe. Synagogue only used Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and occasionally Passover. No religious instruction for children apart from private teachers and visits to classes at Ramsgate. The Jewish merchants left  years ago and with them went a great deal of  'true Yiddshkeit'.



Jewish Chronicle,  1 September 1933 page 30

Letter from M.A. Lazarus Treasurer and Hon Secretary of Dover Hebrew Congregation.

Corrects the article. Only six families making it 11 adult males and unable to support a full-time minister. Impracticable to have regular Saturday services. There is only one child, aged 4, in the community. President is no longer resident in the town but is loyally backed by the residents and other seatholders who live in towns in the neighbourhood.



Jewish Chronicle,  3 November 1933 page 2

Death of Morris Rosenshin,  father, inter alia, of Mrs Reef of Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  1 March 1935 page 10

Miss M.A. Whaplate died. Principal of Minerva College.



Jewish Chronicle,  11  December 1936 page 10

Death in Hull of Miss Fanny Barnard of Leeds. Aged 87. Mother was Kate Nathan who was born in Dover in 1816. Father was David Barnard who was born in Rochester in 1818. They were married in Canterbury* in 1841 and resided in Dover for many years. Later went to Brighton and in 1883 David Barnard was presented with illuminated address by Brighton Hebrew Congregation. [*married in registration district Blean, ie Dover area.]



Jewish Chronicle,  4 November 1938 page 10

Engagement of Julius Brown FRCSE of Dover, (son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Brown of Edinburgh), to Elaine Solomon, Liverpool.



Jewish Chronicle,  4 July 1941 page 3

Death of Regina Joseph. eldest daughter of late Mr & Mrs John Davis of Dover. At 89 Fordwych Rd, NW2, on 28 June.



Jewish Chronicle,  11 December 1942 page 3

Death on 5 December of Eugenie Beatrice, widow of late Isaiah Cyr-Thomas. She was 2nd daughter of later Alderman Hart of Dover. In her 69th year.  At Park House. Knighton Park Road, Leicester.



Jewish Chronicle,  21 January 1944 page 16

Rabbi Dr Henry Barnston, now Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth Israel of Houston, Texas. Born Dover 23 August 1868. Studied at Jews' College and UCL. 1896 PhD Heidelberg. After teaching in London for 4 years, went to Beth Israel in January 1900. [Son of Rev Barnstein.]



Jewish Chronicle,  24 March 1944 page 2

Death in Fanborough, of Dr Lionel C. Crane, Medical Superintendent and Consultant Physician to the Dover County Hospital. on 16 March.

[page 15. Went to Dover in June 1943 A devout Jew'].



Jewish Chronicle,  1 September 1944 page 3

Death on 26 August 1944 in Tunbridge Wells of Frances (Fanny) eldest daughter of late Henry Hart, and formerly of Dover and Leicester.



Jewish Chronicle,  13 July 1945 page 1

 Re PO Gould VC. His morher lives in Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  13 July 1945 page 5.

The synagogue at Dover was destroyed during the war.



Jewish Chronicle,  4 January 1946 page 3

Death on 25 December 1945 of Rebecca Lewis nee Aarons, widow of Mark Lewis, late of Dover and Cranhurst Road. Address 76 Marlborough Mansions, Cannon Hill, NW6.



Jewish Chronicle,  27 June 1947 page 2

Marriage at the Register Office Dover of Staff Sgt Hellmuth (Johnny) son of late Mr & Mrs S. Ullman (Stuttgart) to Janet Bathgate Mathieson, daughter of Mr & Mrs D. Mathieson of Argyll, Scotland.



Jewish Chronicle,  24 September 1948 page 2

Death on 14 September of Rosie Davis, 14 Alexandra Mansions, NW6. Daughter of late Mr & Mrs John Davis (Dover) and sister of Sadie and Hilda.



Jewish Chronicle,  22 October 1948 page 16


Letter from R. H. Carvalho

Refers to Carvalho's criticism at last meeting of Board of Deouties about arrangements negotiated by the Trustees of the Dover Synagogue with the Synagogue War Damage Committee.* The Trustees have agreed to allow the money which would normally have been used to rebuild the Dover synagogue to be used for constructing a synagogue in a more populous area. Also that to such new synagogue should be attached a liability to keep Dover Jewish cemetery in order.

But even if accepted that there are no Jewish children in Dover this does not excuse the Dover community from having regard to the future. He hopes there will be Jewish residents there in the future. If enough to form a congregation their first  call will be for the education of the children. If too few to do this their feelings will be bitter if they learn that some flourishing congregation elsewhere is enjoying a synagogue built with Dover's money.

[*Not found in Jewish Chronicle]



Jewish Chronicle,  5 November 1948 page 11

Letter from J. Brown, 2 Maison Dieu Road, Dover says that Carvalho was wrong. There are two children in Dover, aged 6 years and 16 months. The question of Jewish education is causing the writer some concern. The nearest synagogue is at Margate some 24 miles distant.



Jewish Chronicle,  4 February 1949 page 7

Marriage to be solemnized on 5 February at the Goel Tzedec Synagogue, Toronto, Canada, of Martin Watts, ARSM, BSc, only son of Mr & Mrs A. Watts of Dover, Kent, to Esther daughter of Mr Woolf Wimbourne and the late Mrs Charlotte Wimbourne of London.



Jewish Chronicle,  11 March 1949 page 12

The Margate congregation has agreed to take over the Dover Jewish cemetery.



Jewish Chronicle,  21 December 1956 page 30.

Letter re Centenarians, referring to article on the subject in issue of 14 December.

At Plashet Cemetery is Abigail Polack died 12 January 1902 aged 102, widow of Mark Polack, son of Meyer Polack the tailor. Latter was brother of Ephraim Polack. Meyer and Ephraim Polack were cousins of Edward Moses of DOVER who adopted the surname of Goldsmid on marrying a granddaughter of Aaron Goldsmid, and was the grandfather of Col A. E. Goldsmid.



Jewish Chronicle,  6 February 1959 page 12

Obituary of Henry S. L. Polak died Sunday [31 January] aged 76. Born 1882 Dover son of Joseph Polak and Adele de Sola Pool. Educated London. In South Africa a friend of Gandhi and arrested with him. Active in anti-racial affairs. Little part in Jewish activities but did address the Anglo-Palestine Club.



Jewish Chronicle,  27 February 1959 page 23

'Miss Edythe' by Thelma Chadwick

One of 3 sisters who ran boarding school for girls. At first in Dover, then Loughborough, and finally in Leicester.

She was eldest sister. Fanny was school housekeeper and Florrie taught the juniors the 3 'R's'. She must have been in her early 50s when she taught all the subjects in the 4th form with 'terrifying precision'. Information drilled into pupils. She taught Hebrew and religion. in a 'curious cockney Ashkenazi accent I have never heard since'. On Saturday morning she escorted the whole school to synagogue in a crocodile, kept in line by her umbrella, notably for stragglers. Not allowed to whisper during the service. If weather bad stayed at school, having service, with girls taking it in turns to read from the prayer book. She was a cricket addict.



Jewish Chronicle,  28 August 1959 page 21

Irene Sholto, 'Memories of Dover'

Henry Hart, important. His 3 daughters ran boarding school for girls of which she was a pupil [NB born 1894].

On Sabbath afternoons Henry Hart would come to Minerva College to take tea with his daughters. Afterwards the pupils would assemble in the big classroom along two long tables. He would enter with a coppel on his head with a large Bible. He would read a chapter with his interpretation of the text.

On Saturdays they went to shul. The girls filled the gallery.  In Dover there was rarely a minyan. 'Without them, the Minister, the Rev. Mr. Bernstein (sic), a fairly little Frenchman (sic), would read the morning service'. Afterwards there would be a long walk along the sea front to fill in the time of a full service including Reading the Law. Otherwise school would return too soon for Sabbath dinner. The girls would then read the service.

 But when Bernstein had read the prayers he would whisper in Henry Hart's ear who would summon one of his two sons. Either Sam or Philip would leave.

'Then after a while the young Mr. Hart would reappear followed by the colourful figure of a British soldier. In those days "Tommies" wore scarlet coats, trousers striped with either yellow or red, immaculate pipe-clay belts, and brass buttons that shone in the sunshine. Their Broderick caps with shining black peaks had brass buttons too.

'We knew the duties of a regular soldier stationed at the Castle finished around 10 a.m., after which he was free on most days to go out and enjoy himself in the town. But he had to do this in full uniform.. If he was a Jew, and the discerning eye of Mr. Sam spotted him, the latter had not the slightest hesitation in approaching him and putting before him the manifest advantages of coming to shool and being given a mitzvah.

A tallis would be hastily provided from one of the empty seats, and swathed in conjunction with the scarlet coat'.


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