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Congregation Data


Cardiff New Hebrew Congregation

Alternative Names:

Windsor Place Synagogue
Also known simply as the New Congregation or, occasionally, the New Synagogue (Note: not to be confused with the Cardiff New Synagogue, which later became the Cardiff Reform Synagogue)

Last Address:

Windsor Place, Cardiff from 1918 (which continued in use until 1955)(i)

Previous Addresses:

1900 - 1918 Merches Place, Clare Road, Cardiff (ii)

1889 - 1900 5 Edward Place, Cardiff (iii)


In 1942, the congregation became one of the constituents of Cardiff United Synagogue. (iv) The Synagogue in Windsor Place continued to be used as one of the synagogues of the Cardiff United Synagogue until its closure and sale in 1955.

When Formed:

Formed in 1889 by a group of "seceders" from the established (and "Establishment") Cardiff Hebrew Congregation, consisting primarily of recent immigrants from Eastern Europe. The New Congregation thus acquired the name "the Foreigners' Shul" (or "Furriners' Shul"), to distinguish it from "the Englisher Shul".(v) The establishment of the New Congregation created a schism in the community that would not be fully healed for half a century.


Ashkenazi Orthodox

Membership Data:

1900 - 31 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)

1937 - 220 members (The Jewish Year Book 1938) 

Cemetery Information:

The Orthodox Community has two Jewish cemeteries - the Old Jewish Cemetery and the New Jewish Cemetery (for details, see Cardiff Cemetery Information)

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) History on Cardiff United Synagogue's website, Jewish Year Books and Cardiff Jewish Community records and papers, p.1 (listing of material deposited with the Glamorgan Records Office relating to the Community - Reference Code GB 0214 DJR - The National Archives).

  • (ii) History on Cardiff United Synagogue's website and Community records and papers deposited with Glamorgan Records Office, p.1 (as to both, see note (i) above). However, the Jewish Year Books (JYBs) continued until at least 1916 to incorrectly refer to the Congregation's address as 5, Edward Place (from which the Congregation moved in 1900, see note (iii) below). It should be noted that the accuracy of material in JYBs and the extent to which it is up-to-date is often highly suspect due to the verbatim repetition of material from earlier editions where more up-to-date information has not been provided to the editors.

  • (iii) History on Cardiff United Synagogue's website (see note (i) above) and Into the Vortex: South Wales Jewry Before 1914, paper by Geoffrey Alderman, p.4.

  • (iv) Cardiff Jewish Community records and papers deposited with Glamorgan Records Office, p.10 (see note (i) above), which refers to the establishment of Cardiff United Synagogue in 1942.

  • (v) History on Cardiff United Synagogue's website (see note (i) above) and Into the Votex", paper by Geoffrey Alderman, p.4 (see note (iii) above).

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