Satmar - Kehal Yetev Lev

London N16 and London E5




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Congregation Data


Satmar - Kehal Yetev Lev

Alternative Names:

Beis Hamedrash Kehal Yetev Lev

Beth Hamedrash Yetev Lev, D'Satmar

Beth Hamedrash Yetev Lev or Yetev Lev Beth Hamedrash.

Constituent Congregations

Consists of the following congregations:

Beth Hamedrash Kehal Yetev Lev, 86 Cazenove Road, Stamford Hill, London N16 6AB (from formation in about 1962)

Beis Hamedrash Kehal Yetev Lev, 42 Craven Walk, Stamford Hill, London N16 6BU (from about 2003)

Beis Hamedrash D'Chasidei Satmar, 57 Bethune Road, Stamford Hill, London N16 5EE (from about 2010)

Beis Hamedrash Tehillois Yoel, 148 Upper Clapton Road, London E5 9BA (from about 2011)

The following congregations were within the organised structure from the dates shown below, but no longer appear to be so:

Beth Hamedrash Kehal Yetev Lev, 26 Clapton Common, Upper Clapton, London E5 9BA (from about 1993)

Beis Hamedrash V'Yoel Moshe, 67 Heathland Road, Stamford Hill, London N16 6PQ (from about 2006)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


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