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Selected Press Reports relating to
the former Canning Town Synagogue

Jewish Chronicle, 21 October 1904

The Secretary (Mr.. Blank), stated that there were at the present time about fifty Jewish families in the district of Canning Town, where there was no proper Jewish organisation. A non-Jewish landlord, in order to encourage Jews to settle there, had fitted up a small synagogue capable of seating about eighty (males and females). Last Sunday week a meeting was held there, over which the Rev. A. Chaikin presided, in order to organise a congregation. About twenty-four members joined, and there were about thirty-five Jewish children without religious education. It was believed that when once the classes were started and a regular Minyan formed, a considerable number of Jews would settle in the neighbourhood. On the motion of the President, it was agreed to make a grant of £20 to place the Canning Town congregation on a working basis.


Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1922

At the Canning Town Synagogue last Sunday a Chinuch was held and a Sepher Torah presented by Mr. A. Freedman (the Collector) and Mrs. Freedman. The donor has purchased the gift for the sum of about £80 from the commission he has received as collector ... Rabbi Rabbinowitz, of the Vine Court Synagogue, delivered an address on the significance of the occasion, and appealed for assistance for enlarging the Synagogue. The Rev. M. Gaer conducted the service. The Congregation, which has a membership of about one hundred and thirty is anxious to enlarge and remodel the Synagogue. It is presently situated at 269, Barking Road, which was purchased about three years ago as freehold property, and in order to meet the demands for accomodation from the growing Jewish population the sum of about £3,000 is required for structural alterations. Towards this sum about £600 is already in hand. In addition to enlarging the Synagogue, it is hoped to build classrooms.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1923

Canning Town Synagogue
This Congregation, established over twenty years, has never before appealed for outside assistance, but finding itself in financial difficulties, it is compelled to appeal now to the community. In consequence of the increasing membership, the Committee has been obliged to build a new Synagogue and Talmud Torah Classes. The members of the Congregation have raised sufficient money to purchase a freehold, but the new building, which is now nearly complete, will cost over £4,000. ... If the deficit is not met the work of completing the Synagogue will be curtailed.


Jewish Chronicle, 24 June 1927

Canning Town Synagogue — The Sepher Torah presented to the Synagogue by the Canning Town Ladies' Guild, was consecrated last week. Rabbi Rabbinovitch delivered an address. The mantle for the Scroll was presented by Mrs. L. Cohen, President of the Guild.
The synagogue is consecrated during year 1924.


Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1928

Mr. Jacob Baronovitch, President of the Canning Town Congregation, Vice-Chairman of tHe Canning Town Talmud Torah, Vice-Chairman of the local Achei Ameth Lodge, and Treasurer of the West Ham Jewish Social Club — From Mr. Bernard Green.


Jewish Chronicle, 17 June 1932

269, Barking-road, Plaistow, E. 13.
APPLICATIONS are invited for the post of Minister capable of acting as Reader to the above; commencing salary £156 p.a.; ... additional remuneration for suitable candidate. — Apply in writing to tbe Secretary, Mr. Bernard Green, B.A.


Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1934

Canning Town Communal Centre
From Mr. BERNARD GREEN (Chairman, Building Committee)
SIR,—May I crave the hospitality of the columns of your journal to bring to the notice of the public that the Canning Town Congregation has now taken in hand the problem of providing some sort of Jewish rendezvous for the district. Our Hebrew Classes, known as the Canning Town Talmud Torah, have, through lack of other accommodation, been compelled to meet in a small, narrow, upper part of the Synagogue, in a corridor not fit even for a cloak-room. The ventilation is dreadful. Of the three classes, two meet in the "Classroom" which, in order to separate the two classes, is sub-divided by a folding door. The slightest whisper in one section of the corridor is naturally audible in the other section, and it is all but humanly impossible for the teachers to teach. The third class has to meet in the ladies' gallery of the Synagogue, and one does not need to describe the difficulties encountered on this score. As was recently reported in your journal, the local Jewish Literary and Social Society (the West Ham Jewish Social Club) has now, for the ten years of its existence, met in non-Jewish environments. All this has been carefully thought over by the local Synagogue, with the result that there has been formed a Joint Committee, known as the Canning Town Fund Committee, on which are represented the Canning Town Synagogue, the Canning Town Talmud Torah and the West Ham Jewish Social Club. This Joint Committee has undertaken the task of raising funds for the purpose of providing a much-needed centre for the district. I wonder whether any of your readers can assist us in our task.
Bernard Green.


Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1935

The death occurred recently at his residence, 13, Beckton Road, Canning Town, of Mr. M. A. R. Moliver, at the age of fifty-nine. For many years the deceased was Secretary of the Canning Town Synagogue and was founder and headmaster of the Hebrew Classes. He was mainly responsible for the rebuilding of the Synagogue, worked hard for the Jewish National Fund, and for communal and charitable institutions.


Jewish Chronicle, 1937

Canning Town Synagogue
Kahan, at present-Minister and Shochet to the Bolton Hebrew Congregation, has been appointed Minister of the Canning Town Synagogue. Mr. Kahan received his early education at the Southall Street School, Manchester, proceeditig subsequently to the Manchester Talmudical -College and the Telz Yeshiva, Lithuania. From the latter he received a certificate of high standard in Rabbinics and Kabbalah certificate for Shechita. For three years Mr. Kahan was Second Reader to the Holy Law Congregation, Manchester, and Hon. Organiser and Lecturer to the Young Men's Hebrew Association of Manchester. For a period he was Reader and Shochet to the Southport Hebrew Congregation and later was appointed to the Bolton Congregation, a post which he held for four years. He is also Visiting Minister to the Blackburn Congregation. Mr. Kahan, who it twenty-eight years of age, is the son of the late Mr. Kahanovitch, a well-known Manchester communal worker.


Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1943

At a meeting of members of the Canning Town Synagogue, the following were elected: Messrs. H. Granditer, President; M. Granditer, Treasurer; J. Balkin, Warden; S. Herman, I. Isaacs, and J. Redman, Trustees; H. Bagel, D, Nalkin, and M. Flansberg, Auditors; H. Bagel, Representative at the Deputies; and M. Flansberg, H. Bagel, and J. Goldberg, Delegates to the Federation.


Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1945

The following were elected at a meeting of the Canning Town Synagogue: Messrs. H. Granditer, President; J. Leach, Vice-President; M. Granditer, Treasurer; M. Leach and J. Balkin, Wardens; S. Berman, L. Secunda. and I. Isaacs, Trustees; and J. Leach, H. Bagel, and D. Nalkin, Auditor.


Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1970

LEACH.—Canning Town Synagogue wishes their esteemed president and his wife. Jack and Esther Leach, Mazzeltov, good health and continued happiness on their Silver Wedding.


Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1970

BAGEL-—Hyman. Canning Town Synagogue honours memory of worthy service and condoles with Mrs. Bagel and family.


Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1976

BALKIN - Sam. The Canning Town Congregation extends their deepest sympathy and condolences to Mrs Balkin, daughter, Jo, brothers and family over the sudden passing of our honorary auditor Mr. Sam Balkin, who for so many years freely served this synagogue.


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