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Press Reports relating to the North Bow & Victoria Park Synagogue
Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1894, page 8

“CONSECRATION OF A NEW SYNAGOGUE AT NORTH BOW. - On Sunday afternoon a small synagogue, erected by Mr. S. Rousen, adjoining his residence, Argylle(sic) House, Parnell Road, Bow, was consecrated. Mr. Rousen, for many years a member of the New Synagogue, transferred his membership to the East London Synagogue on the erection of that place of worship, but the infirmities of age have prevented him and his wife, who is totally blind, from attending the services except at rare intervals. Mr. Rousen, who has built the synagogue (a commodious and bright looking building) at his own expense, hopes that the arrangements he had made for public worship in the district will be appreciated by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood , which is a considerable distance from any public place of worship, and their attendance is invited on Sabbaths and Festivals. The consecration ceremony was conducted by the Revs. J.F. Stern and I. Greenberg”.

In his sermon Rev Stern mentioned that his late father was one of the East End Jews who founded a humble place of worship in Assembly Passage, Mile End Road. This was superseded by the East London Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1894, page 15

'A public meeting has been held at Argyle House, Parnell Road, in connection with the North Bow and Victoria Park Synagogue erected by Mr. S. Rousen at his own expense ... Mr. Rousen strongly opposed a suggestion that each worshipper should pay a small weekly contribution, as he wished for the first twelve months to pay all expenses out of his own pocket ...'

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1894, page 18

“NORTH BOW. - The services at Mr. Rousen’s synagogue for the North Bow and Victoria Park district have been conducted by Mr. H. Cowen, Mr. Rousen, and by the Rev. J. Kyanski, who also preached on the Day of Atonement. He appealed to the worshippers to send donations, no matter how small, for distribution among Jewish charities”.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1895, page 16

“NORTH BOW AND VICTORIA PARK SYNAGOGUE. - AT a special meeting of the members, Mr. S. Rousen, who had erected the synagogue, presented a new Sepher Torah. Mr. Rousen has again undertaken to pay all the expenses for the synagogue for a further period of twelve months. A cordial vote of thanks was passed to him by the members”.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1895, page 1

Death on 20 November at Argyll(sic) House, Parnell Road, Bow, of Jessie, beloved wife of Saul Rosen in her 82nd year.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1895, page 14

“NORTH BOW AND VICTORIA PARK SYNAGOGUE. - On Sunday, presentations were made to Mr. S. Rousen, the founder of the Synagogue, who had erected it at his own expense, and to Mr. R. Hart, the Hon. Secretary, in recognition of his labours in that capacity. The testimonials were respectively, a silver Yod and a silver Kiddush Cup”.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 February 1896, page 2

Contribution to the Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor

“Mr. Rousen, on the occasion of his second marriage, per Rev. J.F. Stern …..10 6”

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1896, page 19; 25 September 1896, page 20; 1 October 1897, page 24; and 22 September 1899, page 25 - There are references to services in the Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 December 1897, page 29

First bar mitzvah in the synagogue. Master Henry Hart, son of the Warden. Raphael Hart, the boy’s uncle, officiated as usual. Afterwards the congregants were entertained by Mr. S. Rousen.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 April 1900, page 1

Death on 10 April at Argyle House, Parnell Road, Bow, Saul Moses Rousen, aged 76, dearly beloved husband of Mrs M. Rousen.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 April 1900, page 1

“MRS. M. ROUSEN returns her sincere THANKS for kind visits, telegrams, letters, cards and expressions of sympathy received during the week of mourning for her late lamented and dearly beloved husband. She also wishes to thank the Rev. J. F. Stern for his great kindness during the week of mourning. - Argyle House, Parnell-road, Bow”.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1903, page 34

“SPACIOUS double fronted RESIDENCE, 16 rooms, conveniently situated, with complete furnished synagogue attached, coach-house and stabling. TO LET on lease; splendid accommodation for manufacturing purposes. - 22, Parnell-road, Bow, E.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1905, page 1

Born on 12 December at Argyle House, Parnell Road, to the wife of Alfred Cohen, a son.


[No more references found to the synagogue or to Argyle House.] 


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