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Press Reports relating to the Waterford Jewish Community
1893 - 1998

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1893, page 1

Death on Sunday 27 August at 8 Manor Street, Waterford, Joseph Diamond aged 68. Interred in the Cardiff New Synagogue Cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1893, page  18

‘WATERFORD. - As a result of a meeting held on the 4th inst.., when a congregation was formed with Mr. R. Smullian as President, services were held on New Year in a room lent by him for the purpose. Mr. W. Smullian and Mr. M. Simon read the prayers, and Mr. Hyman Hanesohn [sic] was Baal Tokeach’.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1894, page 20

Mr and Mrs Goldring presented a Scroll of the Law to the newly-established congregation. In the evening they gave a party to which every Jewish resident of Waterford was invited. Mr M. Simon presided and great satisfaction was expressed by the Chairman, Mr Hanasan[sic], President of the congregation, Mr R. Smullian, Mr Levy, Mr Diamond and others at the formation of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 November 1894, page 20

On Wednesday 14th inst the first Jewish wedding that has been solemnised in Waterford took place in the synagogue 88 The Manor. The couple were Miss Fanny Diamond and Mr Jack Lappin. The ceremony was performed by Rev J. E. Myers of Cork assisted by the local minister Rev Simon Aarons.

The wedding created a great deal of interest in Waterford and the synagogue was filled with Christians.

Rev J. E. Myers preached on Sabbath morning and also at a special service on Sunday evening, the latter attended by several Christians.

Mr Goldring, President, and his wife have made handsome presents to the synagogue. Mr Robinson is Treasurer and Mr J. Levy is Hon Sec.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 March 1896 page 22

On Sunday last Rev Mr Jonas, Mr M. Simons and Mr L. Margolis had a Siyum of Treatise Baba Kama. Mr Simons invited many of his friends to his residence where meetings for study are held.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1896 page 27

Rev J. E. Myers of Cork visited Waterford last week. He found the congregation in a very satisfactory condition and the services of Rev H. Jones [sic] highly appreciated by members of the congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1896 page 7

Rev J. E. Myers, Minister of the Cork Congregation and Visiting Minister of the Waterford Congregation appeals for funds to enable latter to erect a ’Congregational Bath (Mikvah)’. Members are few and unable to bear the cost.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1896 page 19

Rev J. E. Myers visited Waterford and delivered two sermons, one on Sabbath morning and the second at a special service on Sunday. The congregation though small is in a satisfactory condition. A mikvah is much required.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1896 page 24

General meeting. Re-elected: Mr W. Goldring, President; Mr. L. Robinson, Vice-President; Mr L. Levi, Hon Sec and Treasurer.
Committee: Messrs W. Smullian, H. Sherowitz, W. Tooky [sic], R. Smullian, and L. Diamond (Auditor).
Rev H. Jonas gave farewell speech on his leaving for Northampton.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1896 page 24

On Sunday a well-attended meeting was held to establish a Hebrew School. L. Robinson, Vice-President, in the chair. It was unanimously agreed to establish a school. Officers elected: L. Diamond, Hon Sec; Committee: Toohey [sic], Lief, and W. Smullian, with Messrs Robinson and J. Levi, ex officio. Rev Mr Litman (sic) appointed teacher.
Vote of thanks to chairman an to Mr A. B. Diamond, the promoter of the school.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 February 1897 page 1

Birth of daughter on 19 February at 7 Bellevue Terrace, Waterford, to wife of Harris Sherowitz, late of Liverpool.

Jewish Chronicle,
4 March 1898 page 4

Belfast Hebrew National School. Contribution to funds. H. Sherowitz, Waterford, 10s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 1898 page 27

Mr I. William Goldring, late President of the Hebrew Congregation, died in Waterford. Body taken to Dublin and buried in the New Cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1900 page 1

Birth of son on 7 October at Bellevue Terrace, to wife of Harris Sherowitz.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1903 page 32

Samuel Robinson, son of Mr and Mrs L. Robinson, 65 Johnstown, Waterford, gained a certificate in the recent Intermediate Examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1904 page 16

The Census of 1871 showed that there was only one Jew in Waterford.
[See 24 February 1922 for same figure for 1861. The figures are correct for both Censuses: see Louis Hyman The Jews of Ireland, 1972, page 156]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 April 1904 page 29

At conjoint examination by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons, Mr Samuel Robinson passed the preliminary examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1904 New Year Greetings page vii

Mr and Mrs Sherowitz and family.
[And in subsequent years]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 July 1905 page 29

Mr H. Sherowitz has forwarded to Mr John Redmond MP an address signed by many influential Christians on the Aliens Bill.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1905 page 27

Reply by Mr Redmond re the memorial asking for amendments to the Alien Immigration Bill. Agrees with memorial.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 December 1905 page 3

Donations for fund following ’Outrages on the Russian Jews’.
Collected in Waterford per Philip Sayers:
H. Sherowitz £3
Mrs H.Sherowitz 1.5.0
R. Robinson 1.1.0
Mrs Goldring 1.0.0
Sums under £1 6.13.0
Total 9.19.0

Jewish Chronicle, 25 May 1906 page 1

Bar mitzvah of Raphael, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Harris Sherowitz, who will read portion of the Law on May 26th.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1906 page 1

Fiance. Miss Mayme Lapin of Baltimore to Maurice Robinson of Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1906 New Year Greetings page xiii

Mr Maurice Robinson and Miss Mayme Lapin of 65 Johnstown.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1907 page 1

Marriage on 2 May at Waterford by Rev G.B. [sic] Levin of Limerick, between Floretta Goldring, daughter of the late Isaac W. Goldring, to Isaac Sidorsky, 3rd and youngest son of Mr and Mrs Meyers Sidorsky Levi, Suwalki, Russian Poland.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1907 page 33

The first [sic] Jewish marriage in this town was solemnised yesterday week by Rev E.B.[sic] Levin of the Hebrew Limerick Congregation.
[The first Jewish marriage in Waterford was in fact in November 1894.]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1908 page 1

Marriage on 17 March in Amsterdam of Lillian, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Sherowitz of Waterford an Larence Amselem of Buenos Aires, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Amselem of Liverpool.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1908 New Year Greetings page xiv

Mr and Mrs Sherwitz and family.
[repeated in subsequent years]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1909 page 25

Laurence Sherowitz, 2nd son of Mr H. Sherowitz of Bellevue Terrace, Waterford, has obtained a ‘high place’ in the Entrance Examination to Trinity College, Dublin.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 May 1909 page 32

Master David Smullian appeared in a concert recently at Tramore. His mother accompanied him. He is only 9 years old.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1910 page 15

Mr S. Robinson obtained honours in the Primary Dental Examination in Chemistry and Physics.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1910 page 13

Cecil G. Sherowitz, eldest son of Harris Sherowitz, passed in 1st medical examination at Trinity Collgee, Dublin.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 May 1910 page 12

Last week the Waterford Standard printed a long letter from Mr H. Sherowitz on ‘The Religious Condition of the Jewish People’ in reply to the statements of a conversionist.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1911 page 8

Wedding. On 5 September at Burabak [?] Germany, Dora, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Shilibolski, Koenigsberg, to Jacob J. Levi-Sidorski, Suvalki, Russian Poland (late Waterford).

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1912 page 31

Dundee. Rev S. King of Waterford elected minister.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 January 1913 page 26

Mr S. Robinson LDSI of 15 Eldon Terrace Waterford, has been appointed Dentist to His Majesty’s Troops at Cahir Headquarters.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1913 page 23

As a result of the perseverance of Rev S. Turtledove, a Hebrew and Religion Class was formed on Sunday at a meeting of the Waterford Jewish Congregation. A preliminary examination of the pupils in the elementary outline of Hebrew reading and translation was held. Mr R. Smullian, President of the congregation, was elected Chairman of the Waterford Jewish Education Committee and Professor Oscar agreed to act as Headmaster. A first prize, a silver watch, was presented to Joseph Woolfson for good reading and translation. Some members of the Committee expressed a desire to form a Hebrew Literary Society at the beginning of autumn.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1914 New Year Greetings page x

Mr and Mrs Harry Goodman and family, ’The Quay’, Waterford, formerly of Merthyr Tydvil.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 June 1915 page 5

Contribution to a fund [illegible]
E. Berghaus, Waterford, £3
Per J.Porter Waterford Hebrew Congregation £3

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1917 page 1

On 17 January at the North Manchester Synagogue, Sam Robinson LDS, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs L. Robinson of Waterford, to Dinah, older daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Mason of Bury New Road, Manchester.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1917 New Year Greetings page xiv

Mrs Goldring, Waterford.
[and subsequently]
Mr and Mrs J. Levi, 55 John Street, Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1918 page 26

At a recent examination of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, Samuel Aaron Rosenthal, son of Mr and Mrs J. Rosenthal, late of Waterford and now residing in Dublin, passed the final London Pharmaceutical Society Institute examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 February 1920 page 4

The Zionist Organisation of the United Kingdom. Erez-Israel Restoration Fund.
Per R. Smullian, Waterford
Mrs Goldring £2.2.0
Mrs H. Goodman £2.2.0
Mrs Levi £1.1.0
Mrs H. Wolfson £1.1.0
2 donations under £1 £1.10

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1920 New Year Greetings page xvi

Mr and Mrs L. Robinson, 82 Johnstown.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1922 Supplement page ii

The Census of 1861 returned 1 Jew in Waterford.
[But see 6 April 1904 for same figure for 1871]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 July 1924 page 1

Engagement. Annie, 2nd daughter of Mr and Mrs Ellerman of Liverpool, to Mr Jacob Lath of Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 May 1931 page 23

Zionist Congress Elections
Waterford Polling Station, Synagogue Hall. Returning Officer Mr R. Smullian.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1933 page 2

Death. 1st September in Dublin, Jacob Marcus, brother of Isaac Marcus, Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1934 page 1

Death. 27 January. Annie, widow of the late Louis Robinson, late of Waterford. Sons Maurice (USA), Barney (Liverpool), Sam (Manchester).

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1935 page 1

Tombstone in memory of Annie Robinson late of Waterford will be consecrated at Rainsough Cemetery, Manchester.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 March 1937 page 14

Obituary of Rabbi J. Littman. After having ministered to the Aberdeen and Waterford Hebrew Congregations came to London about 40 years ago.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 April 1946 page 8

There are 15 Jews in Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1951 page 2

Silver wedding of Mr and Mrs J. Lath (Anne Ellerman) of Waterford. Wedding solemnised on 3 March 1926 at Grove Street Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 May 1956 page 7

Engagement of Frank Gaier FNAO, youngest son of Mr J. Gaier and the late Mrs Matilda Gaier of Liverpool to Sylvia Lath BA MB DCH, only child of Mr and Mrs J. Lath, 17 Otteran Place, Waterford.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1985 page 6

Golden wedding (17 March 1935) of Abby (Abraham) Wolfson and Sylvia Rick. Married Dublin. He was born in Waterford and arrived in Dublin a year or two before the marriage.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1985 page 10

‘Irish Community in Continuing Decline’.
‘In Limerick and Waterford, which once had Jewish communities, now extinct, the numbers are 5 and 6 respectively’.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 December 1995 page 18

1991 Irish Census.
‘At its peak, Waterford … had a congregation of 62. In 1991 , just nine people declared themselves Jewish’.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 July 1998

‘Single file Introductions’
‘Tall, dark-haired, clean-shaven, liberal make, 34, usual interests, Waterford based, seeks special female friend or soul mate. How about you?’

[repeated 10 July 1998]

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