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Press Reports relating to the York Jewish Community
1881 - 1895

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 20 May 1881, page 1

Marriage on 17 May at residence of bride’s mother, Oxford House, Coventry, Fannie, second daughter of late Levin Joel to Lionel H. Wolfe of Haxby, Yorks.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1882, page 1.

Stillborn son born on 10 January at Wolferville, Haxby, Yorks, to wife of L.H.Wolfe

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1892, page 14

Small number of Jews have recently settled in York. Applied to Chief Rabbi for facilities to celebrate New Year and Day of Atonement. He has presented them with Sepher and Shofar.
‘Divine service will therefore be held on the New Year in York for the first time, in all probability, since the expulsion in 1290’.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1893, page 13

Jewish residents of York have formed a congregation. A synagogue is being fitted up to be used in forthcoming holidays.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 Sept 1893, page 18

Services were conducted by Rev M. Eker who also acted as Baal Tokeah, assisted by Mr J, Rudolph. Miss Barnett has presented a mantle for the Sepher.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 December 1894, page 17

The congregation celebrated Chanukah with the consecration of a Sepher Torah
J. Rudolph congratulated congregation on its success. The income from every source has almost doubled in the last year.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 April 1894, page 18

Congregation has suffered severe loss by demise of Levi Harris Wolfe (eldest son of the late Joseph Wolfe of Sunderland) which took place last Sunday at Bournemouth. Mr Wolfe assisted materially in establishing the congregation and was elected shortly afterwards as Warden. He was a prominent member of the Sunderland congregation.
Funeral in Sunderland on Tuesday. Service conducted by Rev J. Phillips.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1894, page 16

Services held at their synagogue in Aldwark during the New Year.
Mr Rudolph - Schacharit
Rev L. Toft - Musaph

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1894, page 17

General meeting held last Sunday.
J. Rudolph - President for 3rd year
Mr Peritz Vice-President
Committee: J. Rosenboam, M. Barnett, J. Israel, J. Allenbergh

Jewish Chronicle, 17 May 1895, page 18

Pastoral tour of the Chief Rabbi. On Monday he was at York. Met at station by President J. Rudolph, Rev L. Toft and Mr M. Rosenbaum.
Afternoon service in the synagogue at which the Chief Rabbi delivered a sermon. Service attended by many Christians.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 May 1895, page 20

Misses Rose and Ray Woolfe presented a handsome mantle for the Sepher Torah in memory of their father.

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