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Press Reports relating to the former Weston-super-Mare Jewish Community1.

Jewish Chronicle,14 October 1938

Bristol Congregation's Attitude Towards Weston Hebrew Class
A meeting of the Central Committee for Jewish Education of the Jewish Memorial Council was held on Thursday in last week at Woburn House. Dr. M. Epstein, the Chairman of the Committee, presided. Mr. Herbert M. Adler, the Director of Jewish Education, said that they were informed some months ago that there was a number of Jewish children at Weston-super-Mare who were not receiving any Jewish religious education and that the Committee ought to help in that direction. It was therefore arranged for the Rev. L. M. Sanker, of Bristol, to travelto Weston, a distance of twenty miles. Mr. Sanker's remuneration for this work was paid by the parents at Weston and by the grant of the Central Committee. He had now written to say that his Congregation at Bristol objected to his going to Weston, as the parents there would not become members of the Bristol Congregation. The Congregation also object because the Central Committee had utilised Mr. Sanker's services without first consulting them. Efforts by the Central Committee to get Mr. Sankcr to use his good offices with his Congregation, so that Jewish children would not be deprived of religious instruction, had so far failed. A Congregation of the size of Bristol, said Mr. Adler, should have provided religious education for these children out of their own resources.

Jewish Chronicle,
30 May 1941

An Executive Committee was recently formed among the Jewish residents of Weston-super-Mare, comprising: Mr. M. Silver, Mrs. S. Silver, Mrs. D. Zimmerman, Miss J. Zimmerman, Mr. H. Pollack, A/C Oakzley, and A/C G. Poulton, Mr. M. Clapper, the Jewish Welfare Officer, presided over the first executive meeting held last week at 87 High Street (by permission of Mr. and Mrs. M. Silver). It was decided to arrange socials and concerts which would bring together the Jewish evacuees in the town.

Jewish Chronicle,
5 September 1941

In the course of a conversation I recently had with Mr. M. Clapper, the Welfare Minister at Weston-super-Mare, concerning Jewish religious instruction and communal work at reception areas, I was interested to hear that when he was in charge at Porthleven, Cornwall, he trained, and called up on one Sabbath, six boys for their Barmitzvah. It would be interesting to know whether this constitutes a record.—THE REV. J. WEINBERG (Minister, Oxford Hebrew Congregation), 116, Abingdon Road, Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle,
25 August 1944

Thc tenth monthly function of the Weston-super-Mare and District Jewish Servicemen's Hospitality Committee was held last week at the Spiritualist Hall, West Street, Weston-super-Maec. The service was conducted by the Rev. Solomon R. Evans, and after tea the gathering was entertained by ex-Gunner Smiths party of artists. AH Service men and women are welcomed at these gathering.


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