Watford & District Jewish Community

Watford, Hertfordshire





Press Reports and other information
relating to the Watford and District Jewish Community
 1908 - 1950

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

[Birth. Joyce Henrietta J. Finestone December 1908 Watford 3a 785. Father is Alfred Finestone. (See 15 March 1918]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 August 1917, page 3

‘Watford and Bushey. Gentlemen residing at Watford and Bushey who are desirous to attend services on the Jewish High Festivals are requested kindly to communicate with Mr. F. J. Moss, 8 Ye [sic] Corner, Aldenham-road, Bushey, Herts.’

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1918, page 17

’A private meeting of Jewish residents was held on Sunday for the purpose of considering the desirability of forming a Jewish Congregation, and ultimately building a synagogue in the town’. The notice stated that there were some hundreds of Jewish families already resident in Watford, Bushey, and neighbouring towns and there might be as many as 200 Jewish children, in need of Jewish education. The meeting was in favour.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1918, page 2.

Advert. Meeting of Jewish residents will be held on 17 March on premises of Messrs Finestones Ltd, 87 High Street, Watford. M. R. Morris, Hon Sec, pre tem.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1918, page 1

Death of Solomon Marks in Holloway, London, father inter alia of Harry Marks of Brondesbury and of 9 Westbury Road, Watford, (temporary address).

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1918, page 20

Advert. Watford and Bushey Congregation. Wanted. Reader and Hebrew and Religion Teacher. Apply M. R. Morris, Hon Sec, 24 Market Street. Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 August 1918, page 14

Meeting of Jewish inhabitants of Watford and Bushey held at the newly-acquired synagogue in Leavesden Road, Watford. Alfred Finestone presided. The committee had acquired a permanent building as synagogue. Rev. Sidney M. Ellis, LRAM, assistant Reader at Golder’s Green synagogue, has been elected Reader, Secretary, and Teacher of the Classes.

Elected: Board of Management: Finestone, Chairman; Stuhl, Treasurer; Morris, Hon Sec; Grant, Moss, Barnard, J. Levinson, Rohko, [illegible], [illegible]. Mr Stuhl, Mrs Moss, Mr Finestone, and Mrs Roth were elected as Education Committee. Mesdames J. Grant, Barnard, Bourne, P. Grant, H. Grant, Miss Moss, and Mss Nathan formed the Ladies’ Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1918, page 13

Killed in action. 2Lt P. E. Posner (Watford), previously reported Missing in Action.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 June 1919, page 15

21 guineas from Mr and Mrs N. Posner, 57 Durban Road, Watford, to Watford Grammar School, to found and endow an annual prize for science in memory of 2 Lt P [Philip] E [Ernest] Posner 3 bn S Staffs and 8 bn Lincolnshire.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 February 1920, page 29

Watford and Bushey Hebrew Congregation
Advert. Lack of funds will make it imperative to close the above unless regular contributions are forthcoming. Hon Sec, Mr H. Hittner, Percy Road, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1922, page 28

A Jewish Religious Education Class has been organised in Watford and will open on Monday next at the Callowland Infants School, Leavesden Road. It will meet every Monday and Wednesday 5.1 - 7.15. Miss Lily Breckner will conduct the class.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 March 1923, page 18

Union of Hebrew and Religion Classes. |Allocation of grant. £5 to Watford for books.

[Death of Alfred Finestone. September 1925 aged 57 Hampstead 1a 526]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 February 1926, page 26

Watford Hebrew Classes. Recently visited by Herbert M. Adler, Director of Jewish Education. He reported satisfactorily on the progress of the pupils. Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 87 High Street, and there are vacancies. Mr S. Gould, 82 Gammons Lane, Watford, is secretary of the classes.

Jewish Chronicle,  4 June 1926, page 21

At examination at Guildhall School of Music, Vivienne Posner, only daughter of Nathaniel and Hortense Posner, 57 Durban Road, Watford, passed in Singing (Intermediate).

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1926, page 1

Bar mitzvah. Leslie, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J. Levison of Watford will read portion of the Law at the Central Synagogue, Great Portland Street, W.1.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 December 1927, page 2

Death of Amelia Levy. Mourned by children, inter alia, Mr and Mrs H. Levy of Watford.

[Birth. Jeremy M. Gasson June 1936 Watford 3a 1618. Father Walter Gasson. See 7 January 1947]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 15

Abbots Langley. Jewish residents of Watford, Bedmond, Leavesden, Hunton Bridge, and Abbots Langley, who are interested in Sabbath morning services are asked to communicate with the Rev E. Freedman, 32 Abbots Road, Abbots Langley, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 April 1941, page 15

Letter from S. Frumkin, 53 Queen’s Road, Watford. Hoping to form a Jewish congregation in Watford. Intend to hold services every Friday evening and Sabbath morning, beginning this Friday. ’We already have a minister to conduct the service’.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1941, page 4

Advert. Watford and Bushey Hebrew Congregation. ‘The Gables’, Heathfield Road, Bushey. Services on Shavuot and every Sabbath morning at 10 am. Hebrew classes are being organised.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 1941, page 20

Watford. Services are held at the Methodist Hall, 91 Queen’s Road, Watford, Fridays at I pm and Saturdays at 10 am. Further information from L. Dunitz, 45 Shaftesbury Road, Watford.

At the inaugural meeting of the Watford and Bushey congregation held recently, Mr Bard presided and offered his house, ‘The Gables’, Heathfield Road, Bushey, for communal functions. Sabbath services are held at this address.
Also Hebrew classes meet Tuesday 5.30 pm and Sundays at 10.30 am.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1941, page 13

Watford and District Jewish Social Club is now open every Thursday 6 pm to 10 pm at the Vestry Room, 91 Queen’s Road, Watford. Hon Sec Miss E. Frumkin, 53 Queen’s Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 August 1941, page 14

Prof Selig Brodetsky, President of Board of Deputies, will address a public meeting at the Methodist Hall, 91 Queen’s Road on 12 August. [signed] L. Dunitz, Hon Sec, Watford and District Hebrew Congregation and Maurice Brody, Hon Sec, Rickmansworth and District Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 1941, page 13

Rev E. Freedman, Liaison Officer, appointed by the Board of Deputies, for Watford and district, will be in attendance at Watford Town Hall every Thursday 10-11. Jewish residents who require advice and assistance are invited to attend.
Hebrew classes are held at Aldenham Road School, Oxley, on Sundays, 10-12 and Thursday evening 5.30-7.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1941, page 19

Mrs L. J. Greenberg, JC Cookery Expert, will lecture on 26 August at the Methodist Church Hall, 91 Queen’s Road, by permission of Rev B. Howard.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1941, page 5

Advert. Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. 91 Queen’s Road. Services will be held at that address on the High Holydays. Letting of seats, Sunday morning, 53 Queen’s Road. Communications to L. Dunitz, 45 Shaftesbury Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1941, page 17

Services are now held regularly at the Methodist Hall, 91 Queen’s Road. Friday evenings 7.30. Saturday mornings 9.30.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1941, page 20

Watford and Bushey. Services are regularly held on Sabbaths and Festivals at ‘The Gables’, Heathfield Road, Bushey.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 8

Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. Chatan Torah K. S. Frumkin. Chatan Bereshith I. Dumb.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 13

Simchat Torah dance. Methodist Hall. 14 October.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 23

New Ark consecrated for services for the Watford and District Hebrew Congregation at the Methodist Hall.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1942, page 12

Jewish Social Club Dance. 53 Clarendon Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 March 1942, page 14

Jewish Social Club. Meeting every Tuesday evening at 91 Queen’s Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 March 1942, page 4

Canteen for Passover. Watford and District. Those interested in a kosher canteen for Passover please communicate with Rev E. Freedman, 32 Abbot’s Road, Abbot’s Langley or with Mr B. Bard, ’The Gables’, Heathfield Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1942, page 14

Meeting in support of the Watford, Bushey and District Hebrew Classes. Elected: J. Goldbart, Chairman; L. Dunitz, Hon Sec; J. Landau. K. S. Frumkin representing Watford, Ben Bard Bushey, S. Gordon Garston, and M. Flansberg Treasurer, Carpeder’s Park.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 May 1942, page 4

North Watford. High Festival services will be held at St Peter’s Hall, Tudor Drive. Apply Mr W. Housepeter, 58 Tuor Drive, North Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 September 1942, page 4

Watford, Garston and Leavesden District. Services for High Festivals will be held this year at The Hall, 3 Horseshoe Lane, Garston. Apply S. Gordon, 44 Sheepcote [sic] Lane.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 September 1942, page 4

Advert. Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. Jack Goldbart Chairman, 91 Queen’s Road.
Services for High Festivals.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1942, page 16

Dvr Edward Kosky RASC is Prisoner of War in Italy. Only son of Mr D. Kosky, Croxley Green, Watford, formerly of East Ham.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1942, page 9

Missing in Action. Sgt Philip Greenstein RAF. Mother lives at 32 Cassino Road, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 December 1942, page 3

Bar Mitzvah. Alan Burns, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Harold Burns of 109 Canonbury Drive, Watford, will read portion of the Law at Watford Synagogue on 12 December.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 September 1943, page 4

Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. High Festival services will be held at the Spiritualists’ Hall, 91 Queen’s Road, under the supervision of Jack Goldbart. L. Dunitz, Hon Sec.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1943, page 13

A Shiur on Chumash and History is conducted every Sabbath by Rev EW. Freedman 44 Sheepcot Lane, Garston, Watford, an hour before the termination of the Sabbath.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 December 1943, page 1

Capt David Rumney RAMC awarded Military Cross. Home is in Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 December 1943, page 4

Advert. Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. 91 Queen’s Road. Services are held every Saturday.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1944, page 3

John, elder son of Mr and Mrs Jack Gasson, 7 Swiss Avenue, Watford, will read a portion of the Law at the Parkgate School on 19 February.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 March 1944, page 13

‘Garston and Watford’. A Hospitality Committee for the Forces has been formed. A Seder for allied troops is being arrange for April 7 at Parkgate Road School. Those interested should write to Mr Gordon, 44 Sheepcote [sic] Lane

Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1944, page 3

Bar mitzvah. Maxi, son of Mr and Mrs S. Gordon, 44 Sheepcote [sic] Lane, will read Maftir and Haftarah at the Garston and North Watford Synagogue, Parkgate School, Parkgate Road, on 17 June.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1944, page 9

Bar mitzvah. Peter, youngest son of Mr and the late Mrs H. Burns, 109 Cassiobury Drive, Watford, will read portion of Law at Watford Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle,  1 September 1944, page 4

The Garston and North Watford Hebrew Congregation extend their good wishes to their former Hon Sec, James Kimchi and his mother in their new home in Manchester.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1944, page 13

Garston and North Watford. The Jewish Hospital Committee has arranged High Holyday services for members of Allied forces at 3 Horseshoe Lane, Garston.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1944, page 4

Watford Hebrew Congregation. High Holyday services at the Spiritualists’ Hall,91 Queen’s Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1944, page 1

A son, Victor Joseph, was born on 16 October at Mardale Nursing Home, Watford, to Mrs Hetty Aptaker (nee Hershon) and Mr David Aptaker of 52 Beechwood Rise, Watford.
Birth. Victor J.Aptaker December 1944 Watford 3a 1800 Mother Hershon]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1944, page 4

A few vacancies exist at the Lucy Gaster Children’s Home, for children 2-7 years, Oxhey Hall, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 1944, page 3

Death on 10 November at ‘Delfield’, Delfield Close, Watford, Jack Marks, husband of ‘Dolly’ and father of Stanley, Brian, Sonia, and Shirley.
[Death. Jacob Marks December 1944 aged 48 Watford 3a 1220]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1944, page 9

Engagement. Cpl Alfred Goldstein RAFVR, younger son of Mr and Mrs M. A. Goldstein, 42 North Western Avenue, Watford, to Sylvia, elder daughter of Mrs A. Schiff and the late Mr P. Schiff of Finchley.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1944, page 3

Leon, only son of Mr and Mrs H. Weiss, Oxhey, will read a portion of the Law at Parkgate Synagogue, Watford. No festivities owing to the reported death of uncle, Sergeant Max Scheddle, RAF.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1944, page 5

Formerly reported Missing now presumed Killed in Action, Flt Sgt Max Scheddle RAFVR, only son of Mr and Mrs J. Scheddle of Watford. Wife and son live in Ilford.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1945, page 1

Birth on 25 December 1944 at Ruskin College, Oxford, a son to Bertha nee Lazarus, wife of Aaronson, a brother for Evelyn and Frances. ‘Fourways’, 10 North Western Avenue, Garston, and ‘The Nest’, Shiplake, Henley, Oxon.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 January 1945, page 3

Colin, younger so of Mr and Mrs Michael Goldbart of Hatch End will read portion of the Law and Haftarah at 91 Queen’s Road, Watford, on 27 January.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 February 1945, page 2

Engagement. Hetty, 2nd daughter of Mrs F. Goodman and the late Mr M.Goodman of Watford, to Cpl Herman Rose of New York.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1945, page 14 Young Israel

Elizabeth Holme, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1945, page 3

In memory of our only son Sgt Max Scheddle RAFV who failed to return from operations over Cologne 4 July 1943.
6 Percival Gardens, Kingswood, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1945, page 11

Engagement. Pte Joseph Yadganoff, US Army, of New York, to Jeanne, daughter of Mrs Esther Gordon and the late Mr Isaac (Teddy) Gordon of Knightsbridge, formerly of ’White Coppice’, Devereux Drive, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 1945, page 11

Bar mitzvah. Cyril Gerald, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Nathan Green, 51 Rickmansworth Road, Watford, will read portion of the Law at Watford Synagogue, Queen’s Road, Watford, on 18 August.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 August 1945, page 4

In memory of Gertrude Kosky who died 6 September 1940. Husband and family, 58 Winton Drive, Croxley Green, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1945, page 4 New Year Greetings

Mr and Mrs M. A. Goldstein and family, 42 North Western Avenue, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1945, page 3

Birth. On 6 September at Mardale Nursing Home, Hempstead Road, Watford, to Anne, nee Boxer, wife of Cecil Jacobsen, a daughter, Susan Pamela. 34 Holland Gardens, Watford.
[Birth. Susan P. Jacobsen September 1945 Watford 3a 1953. Mother Boxer]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1945, page 3

Bar mitzvah. Raphael Wolf, only son of Rev M. Miloslawer and Mrs V. Miloslawer, 469 Whippendale Road, Watford, in the Hendon Adass Yisroel, on October 6. Reception at Watford October 7.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 1945, page 11

Birth on 25 September at the Peace Memorial Hospital, Watford, a son, Geoffrey Isadore David, to Gertrude (Trudie) (nee Bergman) wife of Sidney Sall [sic] of 133 Frankland Road, Croxley Green.
[Birth. Geoffrey I. D. Soll [sic] September 1945 Watford 3a 1951. Mother Bergman]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1945, page 3

Bar mitzvah. Sidney, younger son of Mr and Mrs S. Gordon, 44 Sheepcot Lane, Garston, wll read portion of the Law and Haftarah at Parkgate School Synagogue, North Watford, on 20 October.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1945, page 3

Silver wedding. Mr and Mrs Michael Hart (Sadie Harris) celebrate this on 27 October 1945. Festivities postponed until their so Ralph returns from the Far East. ‘Daytons’, 223 Watford Road, Croxley Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1945, page 3

Death on 1 November in London, Yetta Cohen sister of Harold and Ray Ginsberg, aunt of Norma and Diana. 17 Tudor Drive, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 November 1945, page 11

Silver wedding. Mr and Mrs Sholom Gordon (Tamara Kowner). Marriage solemnised in Vilna on 19 November 1920. 44 Sheepcote Lane, Garston, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1946, page 11

Engagement. Dr William Wolfson, son of Mrs Wolfson of Chingford and the late Mr M.Wolfson of Glasgow, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr and Mrs George A. Romain, ’Elm Trees’, Hempstead Road, Watford.
[Marriage. William Wolfson September 1946 Paddington5d 614//Elisabeth [sic] Romain]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 April 1946, page 3

Engagement. David only son of Mr and Mrs S. Cohen, 197a High Street, Watford, to Lily, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Skolnick, 102 Southfield Avenue, Watford.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 April 1946, page 11

A Ladies’ Guild as recently formed in the Garston and North Watford congregation to promote Jewish activities in the district.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1946, page 13

The name of the newly-born son of Mr Garelick, secretary of the Garston and North Watford congregation, and Mrs Garelick, has been inscribed in the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1946, page 4

North Watford and Garston congregation extend their best wishes to Mr and Mrs Frumkin on their departure for the USA. Mr Frumkin was formerly warden of Watford congregation and Miss Edna Frumkin was secretary of the Club and Hospitality Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 August 1946, page 18

Mentioned in Despatches. Guardsman P. Balbirsky, Welsh Guards, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1946, page 4

Watford and District.
‘It is proposed to establish a Synagogue to cater for the religious and social needs of people of Jewish faith. Will all interested please communicate with Mr. Garelick, 7, Second Avenue, Garston’.
[repeated 13 December 1946, page 4]

Jewish Chronicle, 20 December 1946, page 7

Engagement. Leon Youngest son of Mrs S. Selzer and the late Mrs Shaier Selzer of London NW2, to Amy, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Sholom Gordon.
[Marriage. Abraham L. Selzer September 1947 Willesden 5f 1772//Amy E. Gordon]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 December 1946, page 2

Mr and Mrs J. Green announce the 40th anniversary of their wedding on 1 January 1947, New North Road N1, formerly of Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 January 1947, page 15

It has been decided to form an Orthodox congregation which will be associated with the United Synagogue. Elected Honorary Officers: S. Gordon, President; W. Gasson, Chairman; S. Hudess, Vice-chairman; S. Aaronson, Treasurer;
M. Garelick, 7 Second Avenue, Garston, Hon Sec.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1947, page 13

First annual meeting of the Jewish Ladies’ Guild. As a result of several functions £40 given to charity and £50 to the synagogue building fund. Retiring chairman Mrs Tamara Gordon. Elected: Mesdames Hudes, Chairman; Aukin, Vice-chairman; Gasson, Treasurer; Davidson, Collector; Gould, 128 Gorton Way, Croxley Green, Secretary.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1947, page 2

Engagement. Harold, son of Mr A. Weinrabe and the late Mrs W. Weinrabe, of Kenton, Middlesex, to Rose, daughter of Mrs J. Shenker and the late Mr Shenker of 47 Carpenders Avenue, Carpenders Park, Watford.
[Marriage. Harold Weinrabe March 1948 Hendon 5e 1277// Rose Shenker]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1947, page 3

Memorial stone for late husband, Hyman Lipman of Watford, will be consecrated at East Ham Cemetery on18 May.
[Death. Hyman Lipman September 1944 aged 54 Watford 3a 1143]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1947, page 2

Birth on 25 May at Mardale Nursing Home, Watford, to Roberta (nee Merkeown), wife of Harry Nathan, a daughter, Marilyn Ann, a sister for Melvyn and Robert, 5 Hazelwood Road, Croxley Green.
[Birth. Marilyn A. Nathan June 1947 Watford 4b 596. Mother Merkeown]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1947, page 4

Watford and District Hebrew Congregation. High holyday services will be held at the Spiritualist Hall, Queen’s Road, and every Sabbath morning. Inquiries to Hon Sec, M. Garelick, Second Avenue, Garston.
[repeated 12 September 1947, page 3]
Rev D. Miloslawer has been appointed minister and to teach the children.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1947, page 3

The consecration of the memorial to Joseph Shenker will be at Marlow Road Cemetery, East Ham. 47 Carpenxders Avenue, Carpenders Park, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1947, page 5

Watford and District Hebrew Congregation applies for affiliation to the United Synagogue. Agreed subject to details.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1948, page 15

Prizes distributed to pupils of the Hebrew Classes, at the Town Hall. An appeal for Jewish Child’s Day raised £60.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 February 1948, page 2

Birth. 19 February to Edna (nee Gordon), wife of Louis Goodman, of a son David Stephen Gordon Goodman, 23 Tudor Drive, Watford.
[Birth. David S. G. Goodman March 1948 Watford 4b 506. Mother Gordon]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 March 1948, page 7

Engagement. Philip, only son of Mr and Mrs George A. Romain of ‘Elm Trees’, Hempstead Road, Watford, to Joan, only child of Mrs Raie (Reggie) Rose of Cumberland Court, W1.
[Marriage. Philip A. Romain September 1949 Marylebone 5d 978//Joan Rose or Rosenberg]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 April 1948, page 16

Young Israel Leonard Davis, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1948, page 2

Engagement. Belle 2nd daughter of Mr and Mrs Mark Mendoza, Westcliff on Sea, to Jack Reuben of Toronto Canada, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Sam Reuben, Tudor Walk, Watford.
[Marriage. Jack Reuben December 1949 Southend on Sea 4a 1536//Bella B. Mendoza]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 1948, page 12

The Jewish Youth Club, formed recently for literary and social activities, meets Sundays and Tuesdays. Ages 13-21. Hon Sec Miss Rita Lissman, 37a St Albans Road, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 June 1948, page 2

Birth on 13 June at University College Hospital, a son to Pearl (nee Shenker), wife of Philip Baetu. A brother for Lynda. 1 Parsonage Close, Abbots Langley, Watford.
[Birth. Barry J. Baetu June 1948 Pancras 5d 641. Mother Shenker]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 June 1948, page 3

Memorial stone for late Jack Green (Canning Town and Watford) will be consecrated at Edmonton Cemetery on 20 June.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1948, page 2

Bar mitzvah. David, elder son of Mr and Mrs H. J. Bentley of Chorley Wood, will read portion of the Law and Haftarah at the Watford and District Synagogue on 24 July.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 September 1948, page1 5

Services on the High Holydays will be held at the Spiritualists’ Hall (Lower), 93a Queen’s Road. Applications to
Mr M. Garelick, 7 Second Avenue, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 October 1948, page 3

Tombstone for the late Harry I. Leon LDS RCS will be consecrated at the Willesden Cemetery on 10 October. 32 The Avenue, Watford.
[Death. Harry I. Leon June 1947 aged 47 Watford 4b 252]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1948, page 3

Advert. Minister/teacher required for new congregation at Watford, affiliated to the United Synagogue. Apply to secretary, Mr M. Garelick, 7 Second Avenue, Garston. (Phone Bishopsgate 9415 during day. Garston 2139 after 7 pm]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1948, page 2

Son, Clive Allen Ivor, born 5 October at Bearsted Memorial Hospital N16, to Miriam nee Gottlieb wife of Joseph Fierstone, 97 Vicarage Road, Watford. Stoke Newington 5d 927. Mother Gottlieb]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 December 1948, page 3

Watford and District Synagogue. Chanucah service and distribution of prizes to be held at Watford Town Hall on 2 January 1949. Prize distribution will be by Mrs Jack Goldbart.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1949, page 16
For United Palestine Appeal, collected by Mr J. Goldbart of Watford, at the bar mitzvah of Master Raymond Goldbart, £25.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 May 1949, page 7

A daughter, Barbara Ann, was born on 26 April at Stanborough Hydro, Garston, Watford, to Joy nee Bernstein, wife of Dr Harold Stewart, 13 The Avenue, Watford.
[Birth. Barbara A. Stewart June 1949 Watford 4b 501. Mother Bernstein]

Jewish Chronicle, 20 May 1949, page 2

Jeremy Maughan, only son of Mr and Mrs Walter Gasson, 11 Orchard Drive, Watford, will read Maftir and Haftarah at the Watford and District synagogue on 21 May.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1949, page 2

Death on 22 August, Elaine Jennifer, aged 3 months, daughter of Rose and Harold Weinrabe, 47 Carpender’s Avenue, Watford.
[Birth. Elaine J. Weinrabe September 1949 Watford 4b 461`. Mother Shenker]
[Death. Elaine J. Weinrabe September 1949 aged 0 Hendon 5e 439]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1949, page 4

Watford and District Synagogue, 38 Clarendon Road, Watford.
The honorary officers will be at the synagogue on Sundays 11 and 18 September to enrol new members and allocate seats.
[NOTE. First mention of this address]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1949, page 3

Advert. Wanted Orthodox woman for cooking and light household duties; to take care of elderly couple, house near Watford. Apply to J. Isaacs, 69 Carpender’s Avenue, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1949, page 15

The Watford and District Youth Club recently acquired new premises in Clarendon Road, comprising a dance hall, gymnasium, two games and other rooms, and a tennis court. Secretary Mr L. Davis, 30 Oakleigh Drive, Croxley Green.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 November 1949, page 2

The marriage will be solemnised on 27 November at Alexandra Road Synagogue of Belle, 2nd daughter of Mr and Mrs Mark Mendoza of Westcliff-on-Sea, to Jack, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Reuben, 121 Tudor Walk, Watford.
[Marriage. Bella B. Mendoza December 1949 Southend on Sea 4a 1536//Jack Reuben]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 December 1949, page 5

Wanted. Watford and District Synagogue, 38 Clarendon Road. Post of part-time Minster and Teacher. Free accommodation available.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 January 1950, page 3

Death on 27 December 1949 at 129 St Alban’s Road, Watford, Sara King aged 94, mother of Max and Hnde Linaman [?illegible].
[Death. Sara King December 1949 aged 94 Watford 4b 282]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 March 1950, page 2

Birth on 26 March to Edna, nee Gordon, wife of Louis Goodman, a daughter Hannah Joan. Tudor Drive, Watford.
[Birth. Hannah J. Gordon March 1950 Watford 4b 814 Mother Gordon]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1950, page 3

Watford (affiliated) Hebrew Congregation. Baal Musaf required for High Holydays. Must perform duties of Baal Koreh and Baal Tekiah if required. £40 plus expenses not exceeding £10. Hon Sec. Mrs S. Goldbart, 33 Maytree Crescent, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 August 1950, page 16

Letter from J. Isaacs 69 Carpenders Avenue, on the disused cemetery at King’s Lynn.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1950, page 6

Engagement. Barney youngest son of Mr J. Fox and the late Mrs S. Fox of London E8 and n, and Phyllis, only daughter of Mr and Mrs B. West of 48 Market Street, Watford.
[Marriage. Barnett Fox December 1950 Stepney 5d 1247//- Westnovote [sic]]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 October 1950, page 18
Dental surgeon required for old-established London practice. Write C. Leon, 32 The Avenue, Watford.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1950, page 7

Ian Peter, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Nathan Green of 51 Rickmansworth Road, Watford, will read portion of the Law at Watford Synagogue, Clarendon Road, on 23 December.


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