the former

Pontypridd & Neighbouring Areas Jewish Community

Pontypridd, Rhondda-Cynon-Taf, South Wales




Press Reports relating to the Pontypridd Jewish Community
and neighbouring areas
1852 - 2006

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

*Asterisk indicates subsequent additions

[NOTE. These are references to all places in the Pontypridd district, which appeared in the Jewish Chronicle under the heading ‘Pontypridd’. They cover quite a large area including Aberfan, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydvil, Porth, Tonypandy, Tredegar.]

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Jewish Chronicle, 9 April 1852, page 215

Contribution to Merthyr congregation appeal for place of worship.
Charles Goodman, Ponty Pridd [sic] 5s

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1853, page 175

Opening last Tuesday of new synagogue at Merthyr Tydvil. Mrs M. Goodman of Pontypridd has donated a piece, ‘elaborately worked by herself, in Chenille’, presumably for reader’s desk.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1865, page 1

Holy Land Relief Fund
Charles Goodman, Ponty Pridd [sic] 10s.
George Goodman ditto 1.1.0

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1865, page 1

Marriage on 22nd at residence of bride’s mother of George Goodman of ‘Ponty Pridd’ [sic] to Rose, 2nd daughter of Mr H.Joseph of Penzance.  [George Goodman December 1865 Penzance 5c 603/Rose Joseph]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1867, page 8

‘Hebrew Congregation Pontypridd’
‘We have much pleasure in informing our friends that we have at last (after many years) succeeded in obtaining a building to convert into a Synagogue, in this Town, which we shall find a great benefit, not having any Place of Worship nearer than Cardiff or Merthyr’….
‘On behalf of the Congregation CHARLES GOODMAN, Honorary Secretary,’

Jewish Chronicle, 26 July 1867, page 6

From a local newspaper.
New synagogue at Pontypridd opened on Thursday. Full congregation of Jews and Christians. Conducted by Rev N. Jacobs of Cardiff and Rev H. D. Marks. Messrs Goodman have been active in pressing for it. ‘The result is a cozy little synagogue, tastefully fitted up, and arranged to the best advantage of which the limited space would admit’.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1867, page 4

Subscription to JC until 15 May 1868 Mr G. Goodman, Pontypridd.

[From Jewish Record, in Doreen Berger, Jewish Victorian, 1861-1870, p. 125
Death 22.10.1869 of Abraham Samuel, aged 18 months, son of George and Rose Goodman.
Death. Abraham Samuel Goodman December 1869 aged 1 Pontypridd 11a 184]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1871, page 11

Fund for the Jews of Shiraz, Persia.
Merthyr Tydvil Synagogue list includes I. Isaacs, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1872, page 1

Death on 30 ult of David Goodman, Watchmaker and Jeweller, in his 52nd year, of Pentre Ystrad,
Pontypridd. [Moses David Goodman March 1872 aged 52 Pontypridd 11a 262]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 April 1872, page 1

Thanks for condolences -Mrs David Goodman, sons and daughters, and Mr Charles Goodman, of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1872, page 349

Thanks for condolences for late lamented sister. Mrs George Goodman and Miss Joseph, Tram Road, Ponty Pridd [sic]. [Selina Joseph September 1872 aged 37 Penzance 5c 192]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1872, page 376

Contribution to Swansea synagogue appeal. George Goodman, Pontypridd, 10s 6d

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1872, page 400

Contribution to Swansea synagogue appeal. Charles Goodman, Pontypridd, 10s 6d [Also. Both contributions in The Cambrian, 25.10.1872.]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1873, page 469

Six years ago a small synagogue was built at ‘Pont y Pridd’ [sic] by Messrs Goodman and other gentlemen. The congregation is increasing greatly and an enlarged place of worship will be required if the increase continues.
On New Year and Day of Atonement Mr Lorie read the services gratuitously assisted by Mr Vienburg of Romania.

7 November 1873, page 534

Annual meeting of the Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation. George Goodman [sic] of Pontypridd and George Goodman [sic] of Treforest elected President and Treasurer for the ensuing year. Charles Jacobs of Pontypridd elected Registrar of Births and Deaths.
Because of growth of congregation it is intended to enlarge the present synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 December 1873, page 648

Application from Pontypridd congregation requesting that the President of the Board of Deputies certify the secretary of the congregation to be the Registrar for Marriages. Granted.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 1874, page 76

For the first time, Pontypridd has a certified Secretary for the Registration of Marriages.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1874, page 103

Board of Deputies agreed to comply with application for the certifying of marriages. W. [sic] Goodman as Registrar for Marriages in the Ponty Pridd [sic] congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1874, page 177

Advert. Wanted ’a young Jewish PERSON’ to assist in the pawnbroking. Application to George Goodman, opposite Railway Station, Pontypridd. [repeated 18..1875 p. 198, but for ‘young lady, and also a year later]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1874, page 1

Birth on 30 ult at Pentre, Pontypridd, a son to wife of Mr Lorie.  [Hyman Phineas Lorie March 1875 Pontypridd 11a 409]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 December 1874, page 617

Merthyr Hebrew Congregation. Fund for building new synagogue and schools.
Moses Freedman, Pandy, 10s 6d

Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1875, page 691

Moses and Lewis Freedman charged with mending windows on a Sunday. Said they kept own Sabbath and could not afford 2 days off. Fined 5s. The JP said they should have broken own Sabbath.
[Also in The Cambrian, 15 and 22 January]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1876, page 681

Son born on 16th to wife of George Goodman.  [Albert Victor Goodman March 1876 Pontypridd 11a 388]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1877, page 1

Marriage at the synagogue, by Rev F. Ableson, on 28 ult of Rachel, eldest daughter of Charles Goodman of Pontypridd, to Augustus A. Jones of Highbury New Park.   [Rachael Goodman December 1876 Pontypridd 11a 580a/Augusta [sic] A. Jones]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 1877, page 5.

Letter, during correspondence re Swansea workhouse controversy.
Some 7 or 8 months ago writer happened to be in Pontypridd and saw a Jewish women with 2 children at the gate of the Pontypridd workhouse. He took them away and wrote to the Chief Rabbi asking for help. Adler replied that he could do nothing. Editor said that great efforts have been made by Adler to get the children into a Jewish home. Certain difficulties in the way.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1877, page 7

New Year and Yom Kippur services were held at Pontypridd. Prayers read by Myer and Abraham Joseph of Merthyr. Many strangers attended. George Goodman is President and Charles Goodman Treasurer of ‘this small congregation’.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1877, page 1

Son born on 18th to wife of George Goodman.
[Birth. Henry Goodman December 1877 Pontypridd 11a 378]
[Death. Henry Goodman March 1878 aged 0 Pontypridd 11a 235]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1878, page 11
Day of Atonement services at Pontypridd by Rev. H. Isaacs and Rev. H.P. Levy of Merthyr.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1878, page 1

Marriage on 5 December at the synagogue, Pontypridd by Mr N. Jacobs, Newport, and Rev Meyers, Cardiff, of Sarah, youngest daughter of Charles and Amelia Goodman, to Herman, son of Moses and Gertrude Samuel of Cardiff.  [Sarah Goodman December 1878 Pontypridd 11a 506a/Hurman [sic] Samuel]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1879, page 1

Death on 27 February at residence of her sister, Mrs Henry Marks, 90 Grosvenor Road, Highbury New Park, Betsy, wife of I. Israel of Pontypridd, aged 53. [Elizabeth Israel March 1879 aged 53 Islington 1b 283]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1879, page 11

Re services on New Year and Day of Atonement
Once they had a regular congregation but now only three families.
However a minyan was procured from the neighbourhood.
On New Year 11 were present
On Day of Atonement 13 present

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1881, page 1

Mr & Mrs G. Goodman send thanks for condolences for ‘darling little Minnie and Reuben’. Tram Road, Pontypridd.[Death. Miriam Goodman March 1881 aged 1 Pontypridd 1`1a 225] [Death. Reuben Woof Goodman March 1881 aged 0 Pontypridd 11a 228]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1881, page 1

Marriage on 22 June at the synagogue, Birmingham, by Rev G. J. Emanuel assisted by Revs M. Hollander (grandfather of bride) and B. Hast. Minnie Dora eldest daughter of George R. Hollander, Abertillery, to Solomon Baron, Pontypridd. [Solomon Baron June 1881 Birmingham 6d 281/Minnie Dora Hollander]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1883, page 1

Charles Goodman thanks for condolences for late brother.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1884, page 5

Letter from Solomon Lorie, Rosedale House, Pontypridd, re Jewish monuments in Rome.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1884, page 13

Special service for centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore. Afterwards special meeting of congregation at residence of Treasurer Mr G. Goodman at which it was resolved to name the synagogue ‘Ohel Moshé’

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1885, page 2

Services at Pontypridd conducted by two laymen, Mr Abrahamson of Grangetown and Mr Lorie of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 1885, page 12

Letter from M. Lorie, Pentre, Pontypridd, on theological topic.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1888, page 1

Birth of son on 13 June at Park Street, Treforest, to wife of L.S. Abrahamson (Rose Goodman).

[Abraham Harris Abrahamson, September 1888 Pontypridd 11a 429]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1888, page 12

High Holyday services were conducted by two laymen, Mr Abrahamson of Grangetown, and Mr Lorie of Pontypridd(sic).

Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 1888, page 12

Letter from M. Lorie, Pentre, Pontypridd, part of a theological controversy.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 February 1889, front page
Marriage at Pontypridd Synagogue by Rev Abelson, Merthyr, and Rev H. Price, Swansea, Sol, son of Henry Barnett of Swansea to Anne, daughter of George Goodman. [Solomon Barnett March 1889 Pontypridd 11a 627/Annie Goodman

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1889, page 16

First annual meeting of Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation since its reconstitution. Elected: President & Treasurer, L. S. Abrahamson; Vice-President, G. Marks; Hon Sec Rev Elias Plaskonsky [sic]; Committee, L. Freedman, H. Lyons, A. King, J. Pearl.
Treasurer: First balance sheet. After paying heavy expenses, satisfactory balance of £7 7s 6d. Thanks to Mrs L. S. Abrahamson who presented 2 mantles for Scrolls of the Law, to Mr G. Marks who presented a Sefer Torah, Mrs A. Freedman a mantle for the Ark, and Mr H. Lyons who gave the Ark.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1890, page 18

Cardiff New Hebrew Congregation has elected Rev Elias Plastowsky [sic] of Pontypridd to be minister.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 April 1890, page 16

Merthyr. George Goodman, son of Moses, President of Congregation, was bar mitzvah. Moses Goodman presented a handsome plush covering for the Ark and Reading Desk which was elegantly worked and embroidered by Mrs Abrahamson of Pontypridd, sister of the bar mitzvah.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1890, page 2

Appeal for widow with 8 children. Husband died suddenly on 9 April in Taff Street, Porth. Chief Rabbi has donated 10 shillings. [Repeated 30 May 1890 p.2]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1890, page 2

Appeal once again this time name of man given, Abraham Miller. Long list of subscriptions, from various parts of country. Received by L. S. Abrahamson, President of Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation, Treforest.
Contributions from those living near Pontypridd:
J. Isaacs, I. Cohen Pentre, E. Joseph, Ferndale, J. Jacobs, Tonypandy, M. Goldstein, Pentre,
I. Polack, Treherbert, E. Cohen, Ferndale, M.Stone, Penygraig, S. Shibko, Ferndale, I. Barron, Treorchy, M. Ash, Pandy, H. Ash, Pandy, M. Freedman, Pandy, S. Robinson, Pandy, J. Rosenbloom, Treforest.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 October 1890, page 15

‘At a meeting of the members of the Porth Congregation, the following officers were elected: Mr.
J. Isaacs (Porth), President, Mr. Pollick, Treasurer, Mr. J. Freedgoot Honorary Secretary. The synagogue has only been established recently and is progressing very satisfactorily’.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 May 1892, page 3

‘AN Old-established Pawnbroking and Outfitting Business, &c., at Park-street, Treforest, near Pontypridd, to be DISPOSED OF, with full license under the old Act. A splendid opportunity for a Small Investment. Property can be had by lease or purchase. - Applications to Charles Abrahamson, Grange, Cardiff’. [Note. See 2 June 1888. Charles Abrahamson was father of L. S. Abrahamson.]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1893, page 1

Death on 13 September in Merthyr Tydfil of Sarah Sophia Stall, aged 78, relict of late Abraham Stall of Treherbert.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1894, page 1

Birth of son 9 July in Liverpool to wife of Sol Fagin (nee Rose Isaacs of Porth).

[Birth. Hyman Fagin September 1894 Liverpool 8b 115]
[Marriage. Solomon Fagin June 1890 Merthyr T. 11 1007/Rose Isaacs]

[NOTE. JC 21 June 1940, page 2. Golden Wedding. On June 26 at Porth by Rabbi Harris Cohen and the late Rev Mr Abelson, Solomon Fagin of Liverpool to Rose Isaacs of Porth. 37 Quadrant Close London, NW4. Temporary address Sandringham Hotel, Torquay.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 August 1894, page 5

Letter from Solomon Lorie, Rosedale House Pontypridd, commenting on ending of ghetto in Rome.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1894, page 16

Through the exertions of the President, Mr N. Tanchan, of Primrose Vale, services were held at Penygraig Hall during the New Year Holidays and were well attended by a large congregation from the whole district. Conducted by Rev Mr Levine, voluntary assistance from Mr M. Key.
[First reference found in JC to Tonypandy]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 November 1894, page 1

Marriage on 7 November at residence of bride, 83 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester Sarah, granddaughter pf late Rev E. Saul to Benjamin Love of Treorchy.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 February 1895, page 20

On Monday members and others visited the ground selected for the site of the synagogue for Pontypridd, Treforest and surrounding areas. To be started soon. Foundation to be laid during February.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1895, page 3

‘Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation’
‘Urgent Appeal’
There are about 80 families in and close to Pontypridd. They have no synagogue, classroom or mikvah. Except for two families all belong to the working classes ‘in the most humble circumstances’ and are barely able to do more than maintain a shochet.
A suitable site for a synagogue, classroom, house and mikvah has been obtained and building has commenced. The old place, ‘a small insufficient room’, was disposed of for £100 and another £100 was raised from among these poor families. About £700 required to complete the work.
President of congregation, Marks Freedman.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1895, page 16

The congregation has succeeded in establishing a Talmud Torah through the initiative of Rev Mr Sharman with the assistance of M. Freedman, Barnett, Greenberg and J. Marks

Jewish Chronicle, 17 May 1895 pages 19-20

Foundation stones for the new synagogue in Wood Road, Pontypridd, laid on Thursday 9th May. Will provide accommodation for 150 and estimated cost is £800. Stones laid by Col. Goldsmid, Commanding Officer 41st Welsh Regt, Jacob Marks of Swansea, David Leyshon, County Councillor, and Lt W. T. Leyshon, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1895, page 19.

‘New Synagogue at Pontypridd’
Consecrated by Chief Rabbi on Wednesday 16th inst
Will cost about £1,000 of which £550 raised including contributions from local Christians.
Gothic style, ‘immediately above the Taff Vale Railway’
40’ by 30’, accommodation for 200. Nine rooms.
Architect Mr Lloyd, Wood Road. Contractor James Snelling of Pontypridd.
After the ceremony two marriages of two daughters of the President: [Marks Freedman]
Dina Freedman to Saul Bloom of Newport
Edith Freedman to D. Dight of Birmingham

[Dinah Freedman December 1895 Pontypridd 11a 941/Solom [sic] David Bloom
[Edith Freedman December 1895 Pontypridd 11a 941/ David Lazarus Dight]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1895, page 18

The long-needed Cottage Hospital for the mining district was opened on Monday at Porth.Some years ago a committee was formed to raise money by means of the annual Eisteddfod. Mr C. Isaacs and Mr J. Freedgoot, both of Porth, worked hard on the committee to make the movement a success.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 March 1897, page 1

Birth of daughter on 19 March at 84 Bute Street, Treorchy, to wife of Benjamin Love.

15 October 1897, page 28

‘Through the exertions of Mr. Charles Tanchan, the President, and Mr. B. Love, the Secretary, the hall of the Public Library was secured and services held during the New Year and Yom Kippur. The Rev. S. Spiegelman, of Pontypridd, and Mr. Harrisberg, of Bristol officiated. Mr. N. Tanchan, of Pandy, and Mr. Lorie, of Pentre, lent Scrolls of the Law. Mr. Lorie also gave his services as Baal Tokeah and read Kol Nidré and Neilah. Mrs. Charles Tanchan had light refreshments laid out in a room of the Hall, of which every worshipper was invited to partake at the close of the service’.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1898, page 2

Services were conducted by Rev Mr Lipman assisted by S. Goldstein [sc Goldstone] of Aberdare.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 February 1899, page 4

Advert for Shochet and Chazan. £52 p.a. Unmarried preferred. Apply M. Freedman, 3 & 4 Tram-road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1899, page 25

Chatan Torah Moses Freedman
Chatan Bershith C. Freedman

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1900, page 30

General Meeting under auspices of the Achavei Zion of Pontypridd. Mr. V. Bleiden presided, Rev S. Zacutta of the Penygraig congregation spoke on ‘Zionism, its movement and effects‘. He spoke for one and a half hours and meeting lasted 4 hours. Result of meeting - a club to be started at once

8 February 1901, page 26
Memorial Service [for the Queen] by Rev D. Hershman.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 April 1901, page 14

Pte Joe Freedman, son of Mr L. Freedman, Pontypridd, 14 Hussars, died of enteric fever on 15th, aged 23.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1901, page 22

Rev Mr Caplan of Coventry elected Chazan of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1901, page 30

AGM. Mr Freedman re-elected President for tenth year. Mr Tishout [sic - Fishout] elected Treasurer, and Mr Lipman, Hon Sec. Thanks to Auditors and to Rev Solomon D. Cohen and Mr A .King [Aaron] - the teachers of Hebrew Classes. Mr M. Freedman has presented synagogue in memory of his parents a Perpetual Lamp and 4 candelabra.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1902, page 2

Advert. Wanted Baal Korah, Mohel, Chazan [in Hebrew]. Salary £78.Apply I. Whippman, 2 Zoar Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 January1903, page 5

Disastrous fire at Tredegar. Contribution to fund H. Freedman Penygraig 10s.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 April 1903, page 31

Conference of delegates of South Wales Zionist Societies held at Cardiff to discuss advisability of forming a South Wales Zionist District Committee. (Pontypridd Ohavei Zion Association was represented). Adopted. Among the Executive was I. Gross [Grose] Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 1903, page 36

Wedding in Tredegar of Sophie Wolfson and Eli Jacobs of Penygraig. Father of bride was a pioneer of the congregation and has lived there 25 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 August 1903, page 21

Profile of Rev D. Caplan, called to Plymouth. Born Warsaw 1868. Came to England 1891 and has occupied position of Chazan etc at Pontypridd and Stroud.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1903, page 28

‘The Blood Accusation Fable in Wales. Jews Insulted at Pontypridd’
On New Year, congregation was startled by a report that disturbances were in progress in part of the town where Jews live. When residents got there they found some houses barricaded and the mob demanded a servant girl. She was in service of Mr M. Fishout and she had told friends that she had been taken by force, wrapped in a cloth, taken to the synagogue where insulted and spat upon. ’ The mob were under the impression that she had been abducted for ritual purposes for the first day of the Jewish New Year‘. The police arrived and the mob dispersed. The Jewish population is 100 according to the Jewish Year Book.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1903 pages 15-16

Editorial. Pontypridd probably has more than 100 as there are 35 seat holders and 9 Jewish births in 1902. As to disturbances, the police acted quickly. There was no riot nor plunder. The girl said that she had said it for a lark.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 January 1904, page 26

Rev D. Caplan, late of Sydney and formerly of Pontypridd, elected chazan, shochet and teacher for Bedford Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 January 1904, page 2

Tombstone for Hyman Harris, 55 Hannah Street, Porth, will be set on 14 January at Cefn Cemetery, Merthyr. [Death. Harris Hymen March 1903 aged 58 Pontypridd 11a 280]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1904, page 2

Tombstone to be set for Michael Cohen Cilfynydd, on January 28 at Pontypridd cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1904, page 33

Order Achei Brith. Last Sunday, at the White Hart Hotel, the L. S. Abrahamson Lodge no 25 (Pontypridd) was consecrated, 35 members. Bro I. Grose, President, Bro V. Bleiden Vice-President, D. Cohen, Treasurer, I. Yellin, Secretary.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 May 1904, page 32

General meeting of the L. S. Abrahamson Lodge. L. S. Abrahamson of Newport in attendance. All officers re-elected.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 June 1904, page 21

‘English Zionist Federation’
‘The Zionist societies of Aberdare and Aberaman, Brynmawr, Abertillery, Cardiff, Newport, Pontypridd, Swansea, Tredegar with New Tredegar, had spontaneously organised themselves into the South Wales and Monmouthshire Zionist Committee discharging to the Executive of the Federation the liabilities of their constituent societies.’

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 1904, page 12

Board of Deputies
Reference to the disqualification as voters by the Revising Barrister at Pontypridd of the English-born sons of foreign parents. Recommended that if such objection be made in future they should produce birth certificate and if the objection is insisted upon they should give notice of appeal and ask to have a case stated for the opinions of the King’s Bench.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1904, page 19

Three ugly incidents in the Celtic fringe.
In Ireland trouble in Limerick associated with Father Creagh and attacks by the Bishop of Ross.
Pontypridd - girl alleged she was abducted.
Dowlais In September attacks on Jews employed at the Dowlais Steel Works. Jewish Board of Guardians and the Jewish Colonisation Association sent many to America, In June another bath sent to Canada.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1904

New Year Greetings, page vi
Mr & Mrs J. Isaacs, 47 Pontypridd Road, Porth

Jewish Chronicle, 4 November 1904, page 28

Naturalisations in October
Solomon Clien [sic]. 88 Middle Street Pontypridd

Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1905, page 1

Fiance. Pheabe [sic], youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Nathan, Cliff Terrace, Pontypridd, to Hyman, eldest son of Mr & Mrs M. Hauser, Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1905, page 36

Naturalisations in April
Myer Fishout, 8 Station Road, Pontypridd

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1905, page 31

Order Achei Brith. Meeting of L.S. Abrahamson Lodge no. 25 Pontypridd. Elected: H. Green, Treasurer; S. Basser, Financial Secretary; Mr Snidemill, Collector. [?Shnadwill]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 July 1905, page 28

Quarterly meeting of Lodge. I. Grose in chair. Income £24, expenditure £21. Assets £29. Membership 29. L. S. Abrahamson presented I. Grose, on behalf of the Lodge, with an apron for his services as president.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 October 1905, page 24

Naturalisations in September
Hezekiah Goldman known as Casper Goldman, Bute Street, Treorchy.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1906, page 1

Charles Goodman . Died 30 January, 7 Buckley Rd, Brondesbury, late of Pontypridd. Father of T. Lionel Goodman South Africa, Mrs A. A. Jones, Brondesbury, and Mrs Hermann Samuell [sic].  [Charles Goodman March 1906 aged 81 Hendon 3a 143]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1906, page 36

Order Achei Brith. Annual meeting of Pontypridd Lodge. Income £4. Expenditure £34. Surplus £9. Total funds £36.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1906, page 4

Naturalisations in June
Harry Gleen, 1 Grover Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 August 1906, page 10

Letter from W. Canter (translated from Yiddish) 94 Tylacelyn Road, Penygraig re the Odeski case. [A transient kerfuffle in the East End.]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1906, page 31

Services were held at the Central Restaurant, Tonypandy, by the Rev Isaac Domnitz assisted by Mr Isaacs, Porth, and Mr Fine, Troedyrhiw.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1907, page 1

Marriage on 14 March at residence of bride’s mother by Rev N. Koslovsky, Ray, 2nd daughter of Mrs Hyman and late Harris Hyman, 6 The Parade, Porth, and Lewis Curitz, Swansea. [Lewis Curitz March 1907 Pontypridd 11a 859/Rachel Hyman]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1907, page 1

Marriage on 17 March at residence of bride’s brothers 99 Dunraven Road, Tonypandy, by Rev Mr Bachman of Cardiff, assisted by Rev Mr Domnitz of Tonypandy, Bessie sister of Cardash Brothers of Tonypandy, to M. Freedman of Porth. [Bessie Cardash March 1907 Cardiff 11a 604/Max Freedman]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1907, page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Frank, son of Mr & Mrs Israel Arian of Aberfan will read portion of the law at Pontypridd Synagogue. Reception at 6 Aberfan Crescent, Aberfan.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 November 1907, page 22

Israel Miller approved as Marriage Secretary at Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 June 1908, page 2

REQUIRED, a shochet, Baal Korah [in Hebrew] able to teach children, wages 21s.weekly, house free and extras. Aply to M. Wolfson, Hon. Secretary, Brook-street, Penygraig, Rhondda’.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 May 1909, page 1

Bar Mitzvah of Joseph, eldest son of Mr & Mrs M. Bernstein of Johannesburg, gtandson of Mrs H. Bernstein, Pontypridd and the late H. Fisher, Manchester. In Johannsburg,

Jewish Chronicle, 28 May 1909, page 1

Marriage at Stepney Synagogue of Beck, 3rd daughter of Mr & Mrs Lewis, Rectory Square, Stepney, and Moss, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Freedman, 60 Rickard Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1909

New Year Greetings, page viii
Mr & Mrs B. Cline and family, Glen Roy Villa, 46 Berw Road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1910, page 27

Order Ancient Maccabæans.
Meeting last Sunday at Pontypridd synagogue. Society formed for whose founding Rev L. Hershcovitz of Cardiff is credited. Mr Malitz [sic] elected secretary pro tem.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 May 1910, page 30

Order Ancient Maccabæans.
Special General Meeting of Pontypridd Beacon No 11. Bro D. Cohen Commander, in chair. Bro H. Zeligman, Deputy Commander, moved and Rev A. Kraut seconded, vote of condolences on death of Edward VII. Bro H. Bacon of Merthyr appealed for help for Zionist work.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 1910, page 1

Betrothal. Rose 3rd daughter of Mr & Mrs N. Fink of Manchester to Harry 3rd son of Mrs and the late Harris Bernstein of Pontypridd, late of Johannesburg. [Rose Fink March 1911 Prestwich 8d 459/Harry Bernstein]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 September 1910, page 1

Marriage on 30 August at Synagogue, Park Row, Bristol, Florrie elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Hyman Levy of Llanarth House, Cheltenham Road, to Isaac Grose of Dunraven Street, Tonypandy. [Isaac Grose September 1910 Bristol 6a 437/Florence Levy]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1910

New Year Greetings, page xxvi
Mr Harry Bernstein and fiancee Miss Rose Fink of Manchester. Glen Roy, Berw Road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1910,page 3

New Year Greetings
Mr & Mrs M. Freedman and family, 34 Hannah Street, Porth.
[ditto. 19 September 1912 New Year Greetings, page xix ]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1910, page 16

Chanucah service last Sunday. Rev Mr Kraut delivered sermon on Jewish Patriotism. At an examination of the children the following were successful: Hyman Cline, Abe Mellor, Wolfe Whipman Sol Rosenbaum, and M. Cohen. Afterwards a reception was held for all children.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1911, page 16

Board of Deputies. Leave granted to Pontypridd and Brynmawr Synagogues to elect Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1911, page 13

Members of Pontypridd congregation elected Alfred A. Einstein of London as its first representative on Board of Deputies. Had been active in social life of Swales and for 3 years was Hon Sec of Cardiff congregation. Founder and editor of the South Wales Jewish Review.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1911, page 2
Wanted for Pontypridd. Chazan etc, able to translate into English. Wages 35s per week and extras. I Whipman, 32 East Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1912, page 1

Marriage on 28.5.1912 at Synagogue, Pontypridd, Gertie, 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs L. Freedman, 5 Richard Street, Pontypridd, to Sol Shreir [sic] of Acton [Gertie Freedman June 1912 Pontypridd 11a 1041/Solomon Shrieir(sic)]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 [but more likely 13] September 1912

New Year Greetings, page xxviii
Mr & Mrs Barnet Cline and sons 27 Wood Road, Pontypridd
Mr & Mrs Sol Cline and family, Glen Roy Villa, Berw Road, Pontypridd

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1912, page 22

Order Achei Brith. At the Adare Hotel, Tonypandy, a branch lodge was consecrated by the Gtand Loge officers. The following were approved and installed. Bros A. Grose, President; B. Cardash, Vice-President; H. Cardash, Treasurer; C. Solomon , Hon Sec; G. Kann and M. Feeedman, Marshalls; H. Morris, Guardian; J. Freedman and M. Harris, Trustees. Concert subsequently under Presidency of Bro G. Grose. Addresses by inter alia A. Corkland, President of Pontypridd Lodge and Bros G.Grose, M. Levi, R & B Cardash of Tonypandy, G. Freedman and H.Morris of Penugraney  [sic] - Penygraig, C. Solomon, G. Kann and A.Cohen of Trealaw, S. Barnett and C. Baster of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1912, page 2

Advert. Pontypridd Hebrew Wanted Chazan, Shochet and Teacher. Salary 35s weekly. Apply Secretary, 89 Middle St, Pontypridd. [At 1911 Census, occupied by Harry Bernstein].[repeated 8.11.1912 p. 2]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1912, page 2
Advert. Wanted Chazan, Shochet, Mohel and Teacher. Wages £2 and extras. S. Stone, Hon Sec, 83 Berw Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 January 1913, page 36

Order Achei Brith. The Sir Edward Sassoon Lodge no.47 Treforest held its first annual ball in aid of the distress fund. MCs: B. Stone, S. Stone. Stewards: B. Berenstein, S. Gleen J. King. S. Barnett Treasurer. S. Basser Hon Sec. Rev A. Berry, late of Llandudno and now of Pontypridd expressed pleasure at work of Lodge.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 March 1913, page 2

Death on 21 March at 1913 at 50 Rickard St. Aged 68 husband of Sarah. Father of Mrs A. Corkland, 21 Ralph St, Mrs Shrier, 125 Churchfield St, Acton, Mose Freedman, Penrhiwceiber, Sim, Jack, Max, Hyman, Sophia and Dorothy. [Lewis Freedman March 1913 aged 66 Pontypridd 11a 719]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1913, page 2

‘Order of the Covenant’
Annual meeting of the Sir Edward Sassoon Lodge No 47 at the Synagogue Chambers. Bro Shalson of Cardiff, Grand Lodge Delegate for South Wales, installed the following officers: Bro A. Corkland President; H. Gleen, Vice-President; S. Barnett, Treasurer; M. Bernstein, Hon Sec; B. Littlestone, Hon Recording Sec; M. Sunshine, M. David, Marshalls; S. Gleen, Inside Guardian; P. Cohen, J. Levi, C. Greenberg, Trustees; - Freedman, Collector; and a Committee. Finances satisfactory - over £47 - and membership of 32.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 July 1913, page 27

Rev E. Bloom of Merthyr examined the children attending the Pontypridd Hebrew and Religion Classes conducted by the minister, Rev E. Berry. Bloom was very much impressed with the manner with which the pupils read Hebrew and translated the prayers. He also admired the Hebrew writing of the boys. Mr Bloom addressed the children and heartily congratulated Rev E. Berry.
1 August 1913, page 33

Leah Levi, aged 8, daughter of Mr & Mrs A. Levi, 4 Kenwyn Terrace, Pontypridd, has passed her examination, first class, in pianoforte.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1913, page 22

The Pontypridd Education Board has presented the Hebrew and Religion Classes with desks, blackboard and easel, as a result of representations made by Rev E. Berry and the late Mr L. Freedman.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1913

New Year Greetings, page xxvii
Mr & Mrs B. Cline and family 27 Wood Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1913, page 6
New Year greetings , Mr & Mrs B. Littlestone 44 Ber [sic] Road.
[Corrected 10 October 1913, page 3. Mr & Mrs B. Littlestone, 84 Berw Road.]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1914, page3

Mr & Mrs A. I. Nevies (nee Jenny King), Dowlais, send thanks for gifts etc on occasion of their marriage, 14.12.1913. [Marriage. Abraham I. Nevies December 1913 Merthyr T. 11a 1583/Jenny King

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1914, page 39

Special Chanucah service. Rev E. Berry officiated. Mrs Elkan, wife of President, assisted by Mrs D. Cohen and Mrs S. Littlestone, distributed prizes, sweets and fruit among the children. Rev E. Berry was complimented on the manner in which he had taught the children in the past 12 months.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1914, page 2

Death of Myer Littleson aged 18 in Manchester. Brother inter alia of Barney and Solly of Berw Road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1914, page 22

Cardiff Hebrew Congregation have selected candidates for the vacancy as chazan etc. Includes Emanuel Berry of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1914, page 3

‘The Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation has a vacancy for a gentleman to act as Chazan, Shochet, Teacher and Mohel, one able to teach in English; salary £104 per ann. etc. Apply to the Hon. Secretary, S. Littlestone, 91 Berw Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 July 1914, page 27

General meeting of congregation
Elected: H. Cardash, President; J. Freedman, Treasurer; I. Grose, Hon Sec; S. Moses and H. Lewis, Auditors; B. Cardash, O. Gold, M. Freedman, M. Harris and H. Lewis, Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1914

New Year Greetings, page xiv
Mr & Mrs B Littlestone and son 84 Berw Road
Mr & Mrs S.Littlestone and son 91 Berw Road

Jewish Chronicle, 1 January 1915, page 29

Fund for the Belgian Refugees. Shilling Subscription
Collected by S. Stone from members of the Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation 50s.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1915, page 2
Death 6 February at Lombard House, Tonypandy, of Moses Freedman aged 69 father of Leah Levi of 172 Cathedral Road, Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 May 1915, page 19

Rumour that Henry and Bernard Cardash were enemy aliens. Both are naturalised and have resided in Tonypandy for 25 years. Anticipating disturbances extra police kept close watch on their premises with result that the crowds were dispersed.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1916, page 1

Death on 2 March at 7 Buckley Road, Kilburn, Amelia, relict of the late Charles Goodman, late of Pontypridd, in her 99th year. Eldest daughter of the late Samuel and Sarah Jacobs of Penzance, sister of Betsy Jacobs, mother of Mrs A. A. Jones of Hove. [Amelia Goodman March 1916 aged 98 Willesden 3a 337]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1916, page 1

Death on 6 March of Jack, son of Mrs and the late Mr L. Freedman of 50 Rickard Street, Pontypridd. Mourned by mother, sisters and brothers Sim, Max, Hyman, Sophia, Dorothy, Mrs A. Corkland, 21 Ralph Street, Pontypridd, Mrs S. Shrier, Acton, Moze Freedman, Mountain Ash and fiancee Carrie Salomon, London. [Jacob I. Freedman March 1916 aged 27 Pontypridd 11a 672]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1916, page 18

New Year Greetings
Mrs Hyman and family 130 Aldergrove Road, Porth. [Repeated: 6 September 1918 New Year Greetings, page xii; 19 September 1919 New Year Greetings, page xv

Jewish Chronicle, 3 August 1917, page 4

Contribution to Children’s Country Holiday Fund, Miss E. Hyman, Porth.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1919, page 2

JNF Commission of England.
Contributions from Pontypridd per B. Emanuel
M.Sugarman 21s. B. Emanuel 42s. A. Deitsch £10 10s B. Caler 42s D. Cohen 63s. S. Elkan £4 4s
I. Levy 42s B. Cline 63s C. Greenberg 21s B.Cohen 21s Sundries 24s. Total £31 15s.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1919, page 2

JNF Commission
Pontypridd per B. Emanuel.
Be Elkan £3.0.6d.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1919, page 4

The Dr Herman Adler Lodge, Order Achei Brith and Shield of Abraham, Tonypandy, held general meeting. Bro I Grose presided. Addressed by Grand Secretary Bro B. A. Fersht, the Provincial Grand Delegate, and Bro L.S. Goldstein, Newport. An apron was presented to Bro Charles Solomon who has just returned from Palestine for his services rendered to the Lodge said President prior to his joining the colours. The Sir Edward Sassoon Lodge of Pontypridd was well represented.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1919, page 4

Fund for Relief of the Jewish Victims of the War In Russia
Per Nancy Corkland, Pontypridd, £1.1.0

Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1919, page 24

Penycraig (sic)
Miss Sarah Canter, daughter of Mr & Mrs Canter, an assistant teacher at Trealaw Girls’ School died suddenly from heart failure. Strictly Orthodox. Beloved by staff and pupils who have collected (illegible) amount to be sent to a charitable institution. [Sarah Canter December 1919 aged 20 Pontypridd 11a 624]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 1920, page 37

Dance at Pontypridd in aid of the synagogue. £81 14 8d realised.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 February 1920, page 28

Annual meeting of Pontypridd congregation. T. Shepherd and H. Bernstein elected President and Treasurer respectively.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 February 1920, page 5

Zionist Organisation of the UK. Erez-Israel Restoration Fund. Tonypandy. Collected per M. Freedman (Porth) £2.15s

Jewish Chronicle, 19 March 1920, page 16

Obituary of Marks Freedman (Newport, Mon.)
Native of Kovno. Came to England more than 50 years ago. A founder of Pontypridd synagogue whose Jewish community long benefited by his generosity.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 April 1920, page 25

Ref to Rev H. Bergen taking up position in Pontypridd

Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1920, page 1

Forthcoming marriage on 6 May at Pontypridd synagogue. Lily, only daughter of Mr & Mrs I. Bloch of Pontypridd to Emanuel, 5th son of Mr & Mrs M. Woolf of Hove. [Emanuel H. Woolf June 1920 Pontypridd 11a 1805/Lily Bloch]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 November 1920, page 27

Polish Jews’ Relief Fund. Collected at the Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation in response to an appeal by the President. £12.7.3 (obscured).

Jewish Chronicle, 12 November 1920*

Tonypandy. A general meeting of the congregation was held. Mr. O. Gold presided. The Rev. A. Opolion, of Leicester, was elected Shochet, Teacher, Baal Koreh, etc. He will take up his duties on January 1st.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 December 1920, page 2

Death 29 November of Hannah Norrick aged 78 [sic] mother of Esther Elkan of 16 Ralph St, Pontypridd. [Hannah Norrick December 1920 aged 74 [sic] Pontypridd 11a 526

Jewish Chronicle, 28 January 1921, page 1

Marriage on 12(13?) January at Pontypridd synagogue by Rev H. Bergin, Pontypridd, and Rev H. Jerevitch, Cardiff, of ‘Dorrie’, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs A. Corkland, 21 Ralph Street, to Edgar, 2nd son of Mr & Mrs W. Lawrence, Swansea. [Dorothy Corkland March 1921 Pontypridd 11a 1471/ Edgar Lawrence]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1921, page 14

Obituary of Charles Abrahamson, Cardiff. Father of L. S. Abrahamson.  C. A. was ‘especially proud of his possession of a silver Kiddush cup presented to him by the Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation for services rendered’.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1921, page 21

At the Brith Milah of son of Mr & Mrs Baskin [sic], 29 Basset street, Pontypridd, 3 guineas on behalf of the National Fund was collected by Mr S. Elkan, President of the Congregation. [Beril Baskind [sic] March 192 Pontypridd 11a 1138. Mother Pomerantz]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 1921, page 23

London University. Intermediate BA. Obtained by Isio Cohen, Pontypridd Intermediate School.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 1921, page 14

Secretary of the new Jewish Boys’ Club at Tonypandy is L. Cotsen, 55 Brook Street, Penygraig.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 November 1921, page 31

An appeal recently made in the Pontypridd Synagogue by Rev H. Bergin on behalf of the Ukrainian Relief Fund resulted in £23 being promised.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 January 1922*

Blackburn. The Rev. A. Opolion, the newly elected minister of the Congregation, has entered upon his duties. He was formerly minister at Tonypandy, and for five years served the Congregation at Leicester.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1922, page 1

Hyman Bergin, only son of Rev and Mrs H. Bergin will read portion of the Law at Pontypridd Synagogue. Synagogue House, Wood Road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 March 1922, page 3

Last week children attending Classes were examined by Messrs A. King and Freedman. Satisfied with excellence teaching by headmaster Rev H. Bergin. Prizes distributed by M. Bernstein, President. Collection made on behalf of Ukrainian Jews and local Jewish charities. Tea and entertainment for children. Messrs M. Bernstein, S. Stone and the Misses Freedman, Rosenbaum, ad Levy assisted.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1922, page 28

Capt Alfred Instone has been re-elected as Pontypridd’s representative at the Board of Deputies. He has represented the congregation since 1910.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 July 1922, page 33

Joint picnic and outing by members of Social Clubs of Cardiff, Swansea, and Pontypridd, including a cricket match, and inter-town sports. Afterwards a jazz dance by the Swansea Jazz Wallahs.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 1922, page 27

Henry Slater, formerly of Pontypridd, now of London, applied to Pontypridd magistrates to vary a maintenance order of £2..2.0 made against him in respect of wife and child. Order reduced to £1.10.0. He was subsequently charged with being £8.8.0 arrears under the maintenance order.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1922 Young Israel, page 2

Welcome to Eunice and David Corkland, Pontypridd. [JC 17.2.1928 p. 4. Gives their address as 21 Ralph Street.]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1923, page 2

Death on 12 April of Claira Seideman nee Canter aged 27, wife of G. H. Seideman, Manchester, after short illness. [Clara Seideman June 1923 aged 29 Prestwich 8d 292]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1924, page 3

Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation requires Chazan, Shochet and Teacher. £4 per week, house free.
Apply E. Lawrence 8 Ralph Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1924, page 1

Birth of son, 10 May, at Nurse Hills, 6 Bryngwyn Road, Newport, to Mr & Mrs Ernest Rubenstein, nee Annie Lewis, Pontypridd. [Theodore A. Rubenstein June 1924 Newport M. 11a 478. Mother Lewis]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1924, page 2

Mr & Mrs B. Cline, thanks for condolences. [Daniel Cline June 1924 aged 18 Pontypridd 11a 474.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1925, page 1

Death of David Cohen, 3 September, of 24 Common Road, Pontypridd. Wife Sarah, sons, Matthew, Samuel, Isidore and Jacob. Daughters Bella and Hannah.
[Note. In 1911 Census, 6 children reported born to the couple, presumably in Pontypridd, but unable to find any record of births in Births Index.]
[David Cohen September 1925 aged 55 Pontypridd 11a 452]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 September 1925, page 12

Obituary of David Cohen. Died aged 55. Served Pontypridd congregation as President and Treasurer. Ardent worker on many other communal causes. Native of Kieff [sic], settled in Pontypridd 35 years ago.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1925, page 16

Reception at Pontypridd when silver cup presented to Mr A. King for his services as Gabbai. Mr S. Stone, Treasurer, and Mr B. Emanuel, Hon Sec, took part in presentation.
[Note. Alfred Instone, formerly Einstein, was Pontypridd’s representative on Board of Deputies until early 1926. Succeeded by A. S. Diamond.]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1926, page 3

Wanted Chazan, Shochet, Teacher. Vacant house. Good living wage and perquisites. B. Emanuel, Hon Sec, 7 South Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1926, page 30

Rev I Chaitowitz of Brynmawr has accepted call to become minister of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 July 1927, page 10

Contribution to a fund.
Mr & Mrs W. Canter, Penygraig, in memory of daughters Cissie and Claire.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 July 1927, page 48

Herbert M. Adler MA LLM Director of Jewish Education examined the pupils of Pontypridd Hebrew Classes. Expressed gratification with knowledge of pupils and complimented Rev Ivan Chartovitz [sic], the Minister, on his successful teaching.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 1927, page 14

Last week the ladies’ section of the Jewish Social Club in conjunction with the children’s section held their annual outing to Barry under the direction of Rev Ivan Chaitowitz.
The Pontypridd Young Judeans team would like to arrange fixtures with juvenile teams in South Wales. Communications to ??The Parade, Pontypridd (number obscured).

Jewish Chronicle, 11 November 1927, page 25

Mr Max Epstein is making a tour of South Wales and has visited, inter alia, Pontypridd, in order to strengthen JNF activities.

2 December 1927, page 29
Annual meeting of Pontypridd congregation. Elected: S. Elkan, President; A. King, Vice-President; R. Stone, Treasurer; M. Freedman, Secretary.
At a meeting of the Young Judeans Social Club, elected: B. Stone, President; B. Michaelson, Chairman; J. Cohen Treasurer; I. Emanuel, Hon Sec.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1928, page 4

‘Young Israel’
Ref to Eunice L Corkland and David L. Corkland, 21 Ralph Street, Pontypridd

Jewish Chronicle, 23 March 1928, page 13

Obituary of Aaron King. Lived in Pontypridd for last 40 years. One of most prominent members of congregation. For 20 years Treasurer. Elected Honorary Vice-President for Life. [From M. Freedman, Sec of congregation] Also from Rev J. Chaitowitz. Inter alia, a member of Achei Brith.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 March 1928, page 1

Further obit of Aaron King from Rev H. Bergin. When he was minister he found Mr King to be a pious and upright member.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 June 1928, page 16

Mr A. S. Diamond MA LLM re-elected Pontypridd’s representative at Board of Deputies.

10 August 1928, page 1
Engagement. Golda Jacobovitch, Manchester, to Julian, only son of Mr & Mrs S. Lewis, 4 Union Street, Pontypridd.
[Julian T. Lewis December 1928 Ormskirk 8b 1391 Golda Jacobovitz / Golda Yacobowitz?]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1928, page 27

Rev I. K. Cosgrove appointed to Poplar Hebrew Congregation, was born 1903 at Penygraig son of Rev & Mrs A. Kozlovsky. [Birth. Isaac Kozlovsky September 1902 Pontypridd 11a 688]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1928, page 31

Annual meeting of congregation. Elected: H. Bernstein, President; R. Stone, Treasurer; M. Freedman, Secretary; and a Committee of 10.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 December 1928, page 25

At a social function at Synagogue Chambers a donation of ten guineas was handed to the President by Miss S. Freedman on behalf of the Ladies’ Society.
The 2nd annual meeting of the Jewish Ladies’ Social Club was held at the Club Room. Elected: Miss S. Freedman, President; Miss H. Cohen Secretary; Mesdames Corkland, Bernstein, R. Stone, S. Freedman. B. Cohen, Sperling, A. Cline and Miss E. Levy, Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1929, page 1
Engagement. ‘Beatie’, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. Armstrong, Port Talbot, to Solomon, son of Mr & Mrs A. Corkland, 21 Ra[ph Street, Pontypridd. [Solomon M. Corkland June 1930 Pontypridd 11a 1367/Beatrice Armstrong]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1929, page 51

New Year Greetings
Mr & Mrs S.Stone, Vardre House, West Street, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1929, page 19

Jewish War Memorial. Central Committee for Jewish Education.
Herbert M. Adler presented reports of classes he had visited at Brynmawr, Tredegar, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Pontypridd, Tonypandy, Aberdare, Reading, and Luton.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1929, page 16

Annual meeting of congregation. Elected: N. M. Nevies, President; S. Freedman, Treasurer; B. Cohen, 63 Merthyr Road, Hon Sec; and Committee of 10.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 December 1929, page 25.

Manchester. The local Yeshivah has benefited by £6 6s 9d from collection made by Rev I. Chaitowitz, minister of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 January 1930, page 27

Annual meeting of the Jewish Ladies’ Social Club, at the Club Room. Elected: Mrs David, President; Mrs Chaitowitz, Vice-President; Mrs Spurling, Treasurer; Miss R. Nevies, 60 Middle Street, Secretary; Mesdames Elkan, Nevies, Fishout, Gleen and H. Cline, Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1930, page 1

Hubert Joseph Crystal, 2nd son of Mr & Mrs W. Crystal, North View Terrace, Caerphilly will read portion of the Law at Pontypridd Synagogue, on 20 September.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 November 1930 page 2

Death on 5 November at 21 Grawen Street, Porth, of Phillip Hyman, beloved only brother of Sarah Bennett, Rose Cohen, Esther Hyman, and Mrs Curitz Mountain Ash. [Death. Phillip Hyman December 1930 aged 54 Pontypridd 11a 632]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 January 1931, page 29

Annual Meeting of congregation. Balance sheet satisfactory. Elected: S. Ekan, President; S. Freeman(sic), Treasurer; S. Cohen, M. Freedman, Joint Hon Secs. £100 subscribed for urgent reconstruction work.
The Jewish Ladies’ Social Club organised a Jumble Sale and £30 was handed over to synagogue funds.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 1931, page 28

Annual meeting of Jewish Ladies’ Social Club in synagogue rooms. Satisfactory balance sheet. Thanks to retiring President, Mrs David. Elected: Mesdames Chait, President; Elkan, Vice-President; S. Glean, Treasurer; Miss R. Nevies (50 Middle Street), Secretary; Mesdames Nevies, David, Fishout, A.Cline, and the Misses H.Cohen and R. Corkland, Committee. A Jumble Sale was held, raising £30 of which £15 donated to the Synagogue Restoration Fund.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1931, page 1

Engagement. Mark, youngest son of Mrs Glyn [?Gleen] Manchester, and the late Mr Caplan of Pontypridd, to Ethel, youngest daughter of Mrs Levin and late Mr Levin of Dublin. [Marks Caplan December 1931 Manchester N. 8d 1203/Ethel Levin]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 August 1931, page 21

University College, Cardiff. Michael Radler, eldest son of Mr & Mrs M. Radler of Cliff Terrace, Wood Road, Pontypridd, awarded degree of BA.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1932, page 32

At recent meeting of Jewish Ladies’ Society, Mrs Ben Cohen was elected member of the Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 August 1932, page 20

Hebrew Classes had annual outing when they visited Creigau [?Creigiau] where a sports programme was organised and tea was provided. Arrangements were made by Rev Chaitowitz with assistance of the Committee of the Jewish Ladies’ Social Club.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1932

New Year Greetings, page xxii
Mr & Mrs I. Cohen and sons, ‘Ashfurlong’, Gelliwasted Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 November 1932, page 33

Rev H. Jerevitch of Cardiff addressed the members of the Pontypridd Unemployed Club on ‘The Jew and what he did for the world’.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 January 1933, page 29

Annual Meeting of Congregation. Thanks to retiring Hon Sec, S. Cohen. Elected: S. Elkan, President; S. Freedman, Treasurer; M. Freedman (50 Rickard Street), Hon Sec; and Committee of 11.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1933, page 1

Engagement. Sadie, 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs A. Samuels, Forest Gate, London E 7, to ’Matt’, Cohen, FBOA, eldest son of Mrs and the late Mrs D. Cohen, 63 Merthyr Road, Pontypridd.
[See below, 21 April 1933]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1933, page 36

Special service to consecrate Parochas and covers for the pulpit and reading desk presented to the congregation by the Ladies’ Society. Afterwards party by the Ladies’ Society for children, then a dance in the Synagogue Hall.
Rev I. Chaitowitz lectured recently at the Porth Social and Literary Society on ’ Jewish Impression’. Rev John Davies presided. Thanks to lecturer by Mr Tom Davies and Councillor Dan Jones JP.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 April 1933, page 41

Received for Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations from Pontypridd Jewish Ladies’ Society £2 2s.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1933, page 1

Forthcoming marriage. Sadie Samuels and ’Matt’ Cohen will be solemnised at West Ham Synagogue on 23 April. [Sadie Samuels June 1933 West Ham 4a 897/Israel M. Cohen.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1933, page 29

Organised by the Pontypridd and District League of Christian Churches. Mass Meeting of protest against German persecutions was held at the Town Hall which was packed to capacity, there being 3,500 inside. A much larger number was addressed outside. Among the speakers was George Lansbury, MP. Leader of the Labour Party.
[Note. Number inside Town Hall is obscured. Might be 8,500, but probably unlikely.]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1933, page 31

Resolutions of protest at Nazis from, inter alia, Pontypridd and District Unemployed Club.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1933, page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Harold, elder son of Mr & Mrs J. L. Cohen, ’Ashfurlong’, Gelliwasted Road, Pontypridd, will read Portion of the Law at Pontypridd Synagogue on17 June. Reception at Park Hotel, Pontypridd, on 22 June. [Normally spelled Gelliwastad]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1933, page 25

Annual outing of the Pontypridd Jewish Ladies’ Society. Visited Barry, toured Vale of Glamorgan, ended at Ogmore-by-the-Sea and Porthcawl.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1933, page 13

Letter from I. Nevies, 50 Middle Street, suggesting that readers pass on copies of JC to Christian friends and that congregations should get local libraries to take the paper. To give people fuller information on atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1933

New Year Greetings, page xviii
Mr & Mrs L. Cohen and sons, ’Ashfurlong’, Gelliwasted Road, Pontypridd.
[Normally spelled Gelliwastad]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 February 1934, page 36

Annual Meeting of Congregation. The officials were complimented on efforts in raising £150 for the Building Fund of the New Communal Hall and Classrooms and on collecting £50 18s for the German Relief Fund.
Elected: S. Elkan, President; S. Freedman, Treasurer; B. Cline, Gabbai; M. Freedman, Secretary; J. Cohen, Recording Secretary; and Committee of 8.
Annual Bal in aid of the New Communal Building and Classroom Building Fund will be held in the New Inn Hotel next Thursday.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1934, page 1

Death on 8 February of Harry Frank, aged 21. Son of Mr & Mrs M.Fishout, Tyvica Crescent, Pontypridd. [Death. Harry F. Fishout March 1934 aged 21 Cardiff 11a 380

Jewish Chronicle, 23 February 1934, page 26

Board of Deputies. Reference to ’a new and inexpensive form of casting apparatus, invented by the Rev. I. Chaitowitz of Pontypridd’. [For Shechita.]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 April 1934, page 42

The Congregational Communal Hall and Classrooms were consecrated recently. Rev I. Chaitowitz and choir officiated. Those present included the chairman of the local District Council and a Councillor. Opening ceremony by President S. Elkan and Mrs Sarah Freedman, oldest member of the community and only surviving fiundr of the synagogue. The Hall will be permanently named ’The L. and J. Cohen Communal Hall’. Announced that a further cheque for 100 guineas received from Mr & Mrs L. Cohen and also money from the Ladies’ Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1934, page 24

The Sir Edward Sassoon Lodge of Pontypridd, one of the most active of the South Wales Lodges of Achei Brith, has been organising inter-Lodge sports and tournaments for which Bro E. Seligman has provided a trophy.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 May 1934, page 41

Jewish ex-servicemen’s meeting of S Wales and Monmouthshire. Committee elected including reps from, inter alia, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 May 1934, page 40

Jack Cohen of London elected delegate for Pontypridd at Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 June 1934, page 17

Chief Rabbi’s Pastoral Tour.
Arrived Pontypridd and received at the Council Chambers by the chairman of the UDC, the Town Clerk and other leading citizens. The chairman said: ‘the town was proud of its Jewish citizens. They lived good lives and clean lives’. Town Clerk referred to Jews playing a tremendous part in the history of the world. The manner of coming through terrible persecution showed tremendous tenacity of purpose. Pontypridd always found the Jews to be estimable citizens.
Chaitowitz: In Pontypridd Jews and Gentiles were united in helping the town and fostering democracy and good fellowship.
Captain Arthur Seaton said he had known almost every Jew in Pontypridd for past 50 years. Chaitowitz was one of best Ministers he had ever known.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1934, page 22

Letter from Rev Isaac Chaitowitz, 55 The Parade, Pontypridd.
The ’Chait Temporary Wall’ has been approved by the RSPCA and recommended by them to the Board of Deputies. It has be adopted by a number of communities and is inexpensive.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1934, page 41

Last week at the Communal Hall, Mrs I Chaitowitz, President of the Ladies’ Society, presented Mrs Sarah Freedman (the oldest member of the Society) with a menorah for her 80th birthday. Mrs R. Stone presented Rev I. Chaitowitz with a Minister’s Robe for his services to the Society.
The Society had its annual outing to Langland Bay.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1934, page 34

Cardiff. Dr Bernard Gluck has been appointed Ophthalmic Surgeon to Pontypridd Education Authority.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1934, page 36

Mr Harry Cohen has been awarded an Honorary Degree of the University of Wales. He is now doing research in organic chemistry at University College, Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1934, page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Jack, 2nd son of Mr & Mrs S. Freedman, The Avenue, Pontypridd, will read Portion of the Law and Haftarah at Pontypridd Synagogue on 22 September.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1936, page 1

Engagement. Esther eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs N. Simons, Stamford Hill, and Bernard, 2nd son of Mr & Mrs Corkland, Pontypridd.
[Bernard H. Corkland March 1937 Hackney 1b 819/ Esther Simons

Jewish Chronicle, 6 August 1937, page 1

Death on 3 July, Abraham (Abe) Corkland aged 84. Wife Phoebe, Mother-in-law Mrs Louis Freedman. 21 Ralph Street, Pontypridd.
[Abraham Corkland September 1937 aged 64 Cardiff 11a 275

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1937, page 9

Engagement. Rev Emmanuel Morris of Pontypridd to Lily, daughter of Mr & Mrs B. Cline, 27 Wood Road, Pontypridd. [Marriage. Lily Cline September 1938 Stepney 1c 754/ Emmanuel Morris]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 1938, page 11

Engagement. Rose, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies, 6 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd to Henry, son of late Mr & Mrs I. Miller, Manchester. [Marriage Rose Nevies September 1939 Salford 8d 2030/ Henry Miller]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 1939, page 1

Birth on 17 June to Rev Emmanuel Morris and Mrs Morris, nee Cline, of 27 Wood Road, Pontypridd, a daughter, June. [Birth. June Morris September 1939 Pontypridd 11a 837. Mother Cline]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1941, page 13

Engagement. David E. Craimer B.Sc., Cardiff, to Pauline, daughter of Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies, 6 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd. [Marriage. David E. Craimer September 1941 Cardiff 11a 1245/Pauline R.(Pese R.) Nevies

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 20

Death of Ernest Samuel (Landsberg) on 11.1.1941.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 8

Obituary of Ernest Samuel. Rev E. Morris writes: Ernest Samuels [sic] died last Saturday at age 57. Hon V/P British Legion Pontypridd branch. Member Order Achei Brith and acting Special Constable. Many special constables attended the funeral. Ardent worker for community.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1941, page 14

New Zionist Organisation in South Wales
Nahum Levin, General Secretary of the NZO Administrative Committee, on lecture tour in the Rhondda Valley. On Monday addressed meeting arranged by the Pontypridd Jewish Community at which Mr S. Elkan presided. Unanimous support for resolution urging formation of a Jewish National Council, a Jewish Army, and formation of a Jewish Home Guard for Palestine.
At Porth Mr L. Nevies presided over a well-attended meeting.
The General Secretary of the Pontypridd and Porth branch is Mr Lionel Nevies, 16 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1942, page 9

Forthcoming Marriage. Reuben Bender, Salford, and Bella, daughter of Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies, 6 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd .
[Marriage. Bella Nevis [sic] (Esther B.) Salford 8d 784/ Reuben Bender

Jewish Chronicle, 12 March 1943, page 9

Engagement. Gerald Colin of Tawn-y-Waun, Porth, younger son of Mr & Mrs I. Cohn(sic), NW11, to Jeanette Gouldman, Manchester.[Marriage. Jeanette Goulden June 1943 Manchester 8d 758/ Gerald Colin]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1944, page 12

Obituary of Mrs Esther Elkan, wife of President of Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation, aged 64. A founder of the Pontypridd Ladies Society of which President for many years. Mrs Elkan, writes Rev E. Morris, gave devoted services to community in charitable and social work for over 30 years. [Esther Elkan March 1944 aged 64 Pontypridd 11a 508]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1944, page 3

Death of Etta, wife of Myer Fishout, mother of Bentley and Colin (CMF), Lily Rosenthal, Anne Dobbie, Zena Levy and Dorothy. ‘Norwood’, Tyvica Crescent, Pontypridd. [Etta Fishout September 1944 aged 68 Pontypridd 11a 399].

Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1945, page 3

Death of Myer Fishout on 7 July. Husband of late Etta. Father of Bentley and Colin (CMF), Lily Rosenthal, Anne Dobbie, Zena Levy and Dorothy. 11, Tyvica Crescent, Pontypridd. [Myer Fishout September 1945 aged 73 Pontypridd 11a 352

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1946, page 7

Engagement. Lionel Nevies, son of Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies, 6 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd, to Sofie Loebenstein, Knutsford, Cheshire. [Marriage. Jehudah L.(Lionel) Nevies Manchester 10e 1049/ Sofie Loebenstein

Jewish Chronicle, 13 August 1948, page 12

Rev M. Yare appointed Reader and shochet to Pontypridd. Born in Poland.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1949, page 6

Obituary of Sarah Freedman. One of founders of congregation. Actively interested in Cheva Kadisha ad noted for charity work. Known as ‘Granny Freedman’ by Jew and Gentile. Very hospitable. [Sarah Freedman March 1949 aged 96 Pontypridd 8b 613]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 February 1949, page 7

Engagement. Mena, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies, 6 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd ,to Reuben, youngest son of Mrs C. Rabinowitz and late Rabi M. L. Rabbinowitz [sic] (Rav of Sunderland). [Marriage. Reuben Rabinowitz September 1949 Salford 10f 1469/Chaya B. Nevies]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 July 1949, page 2

Death on 3 July in Nursing Home, Cardiff, after long illness, Phoebe Corkland wife of late Abby Corkland. [Phoebe Corkland September 1949 aged 72 Cardiff 8b 66]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1945, page 12

Rev E. Morris inducted as Minister to Margate Synagogue. Served as Minister to Pontypridd congregation for 9 years. Also acted as secretary of the Chevra Kadisha and Treasurer to Pontypridd Zionist Society,

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1952, page 3

Death on 30 January of Abraham Isaac Nevies, Manchester. [Abraham I. Nevies March 1952 aged 65 Manchester 10e 40]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 March 1952, page 2

Engagement. Phyllis daughter of Mr & Mrs S. Gleen, 41 The Parade, Pontypridd, and 7 Daimler Street, Manchester 8, to Solomon (Solly) Waytzman, Hull. [Marriage. Phyllis Gleen September 1952 Manchester 10e 931/Solomon Waytzman]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 March 1952, page 7

Engagement. Mendel Pinchus Yare and Fay Bretstein. 5 Rickards Road Pontypridd. [Marriage. Mendel Yare September 1952 Stepney 5d 1439/Fay Bretstein]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1954, page 2

Death on 18 January of Senda [sic] Elkan, husband of Edith, daughters Ella ad Esther, Hugh. 10 Ceridwen Terrace Pontypridd. [Sender Elkan March 1954 aged 73 Pontypridd 8b 591]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1954, page 2

Thanks for condolences on death of father, Sender Elkan. Bernard Elkan 44 Berw Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1954, page 9

Obituary of Sender Elkan, died aged 73. President of the Pontypridd Congregation for 45 years. His death has brought gloom to Jewish residents of the Rhondda Valley. Esteemed by Jew and Gentile. He represented Pontypridd on South Wales Home for Aged Jews.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1954, page 2

Death 9.7.1954. Mourned by sons Harold and Herbert, brother Saul, sisters Sonia
and Anne. 3a Margaret Street, Abercynon. [Eli Gleen September 1954 aged 78 Pontypridd 8b 417]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1954, page 7

Born 14.10.54 to Sadie nee Moscovitch, wife of Solomon (Sol) Cohen MPS, 5 Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn, Pontypridd. [Judith A. Cohen December 1954 Pontypridd 8b 752]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 December 1954, page 2

Ruby wedding. Mr & Mrs J. Sperling (Sarah Freedman), Belle Vue, Treforest, announce the 40th anniversary of their marriage which was solemnised at Pontypridd Synagogue 17 December 1914. [Marriage. Jack Sperling December 1914 Pontypridd 11a 1447/Sarah Freedman]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1955, page 3

Memorial stone for Sender Elkan will be consecrated at Glyntaff Cemetery, Pontypridd, on 23 January. 10 Ceridwen Terrace, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1955, page 17

Chief Rabbi in South Wales, visited Pontypridd. Received at the Pontypridd Council Chambers by chairman of Council, members and officials. Then to the synagogue where service held at which Chief Rabbi preached a sermon. Reception afterwards, organised by the Synagogue Ladies’ Guild.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 September 1955, page 2

Annual meeting of of congregation. Elected: J. Beatus, President; B. Elkan, Vice-President; M. Freedman, Treasurer; J. Hochberger, Hon Sec. Mr Saul Nevies of London, representative at the Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1955, page 2

Death on 16 September in her 73rd year of Mrs Pearl Garfinkle, known as Garfield. ‘Lynwood’, 77 The Parade, Pontypridd. [Death. Pearl Garfinkle September 1955 aged 73 Pontypridd 8b 430]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 April 1956, page 7

Engagement. Harold elder son of of late Mr & Mrs Eli Gleen, nephew of Miss Sophia Gleen, of 3a Margaret Street, Abercynon, to Hilda, only daughter of Mr & Mrs Moss Bloom, Cardiff. [Harold Gleen September 1956 Cardiff 8b 201] [Also 24 July 1981, page 14. Silver wedding. Hilda and Harold Gleen, 28.7.1956, at Cardiff]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1956, page 2

Golden wedding. Mr & Mrs N. M. Nevies 11 Tyfica Road, Pontypridd. On 11 November 1906. [Marriage. Naphtaly Moses Nevies December 1906 Merthyr T 11a 1257/ Phoebe King]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1957, page 23

Mr Matt Cohen, a former President of the Pontypridd Rotary Club, addressed the Club on ‘My Recent Visit to Israel’.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 April 1957, page 23

Mr Bernard Elkan, President of the Congregation, has been elected Chairman of the Pontypridd Chamber of Commerce.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1958, page 7

Dr W. K. Bernfeld of Whitchurch, Cardiff, has won, for 2nd year in succession, the solo flute competition at the Ebbw Vale Eisteddfod. \he is attached to the Graig Hospital, Pontypridd and the East Glamorgan Hospital, Church Village. He is a German Jew, greatly interested in Welsh History. This year, with essays on early Christian monuments in Wales, and the Roman frontiers in Wales, he shared the D. E. Evans Annual Essay Prize, awarded by the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 1959, page 3

Death on 18 November of Gertrude Shrier, wife of late Solomon. Mourned by Edna, Lionel, Vivienne and Clark and grandchildren. 9 Royal Gardens, Boston Road, London W. 7.  Also by her brothers, Mose (Canada), Sim, Max (Pontypridd),and Hyman (Brighton). And sisters, Sophie (Pontypridd), and Dorrie (London). Sister-in-law Leah, brother-in-law Harry. 50 Rickards Street, Pontypridd. [Death. Gertrude Shrier December 1959 aged 7 Ealing 5e 191]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 September 1960, page 2

Death 4 September. Saul Gleen, Wife Fanny, daughters Phyllis (Hull), Gertie (Birmingham), Etta (Manchester), sons Harry, Vivian, granddaughter Andrea, Sons-in-law Solly, Norman, Joe. 41 The Parade, Pontyprid. [Death. Saul Gleen September 1960 aged 73 Pontypridd 8b 468]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1961, page 1
Death of Simon Freedman, 25 April. Husband of Leah. 6 The Avenue, Pontypridd. [Simon Freedman June 1961 aged 76 E Glamorgan 8b 300

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1961, page 25

Obituary of Simon Freedman.. Senior Executive Officer of congregation. Former Treasurer and Council member. Exec officer of Sir Edward Sassoon Lodge of Achei Brith and prominent member of Carmel Lodge of Freemasons.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1961, page 21

Article by Chaim Bermant, on Cardiff. Many young people leave Cardiff but others come I from the valleys, including Pontypridd and Tonypandy ‘because there is no Jewish life in the valleys’.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1961, page 3

Death of Annie Cline of Pontypridd. Inserted by family in Cardiff. [Death. Annie Cline December 1961 Pontypridd 8b 530]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 January 1962, page 5

Advert. Optician required by M & S Cohen Ltd (Cardiff and branches). Apply to 63 Taff Road, Pntypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1962, page 9

Meeting of National Council of Shechita Boards. ‘…the Cardiff, Swansea, and Pontypridd communities required no more than 15 oxen [a week]’.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1962, page 3

The memorial stone for the late Annie Cline will be consecrated on 30 December at Glyntaff Cemetery, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1963, page 3

Death of Phoebe Nevies, husband Naftali Moshe (Pontypridd). Children, Lionel, Rose (Miller), Bella (Bender), Pauline (Craimer), Nachum and Eliezer (Israel), Saul, Mena (Rabinowitz) Sunderland, Clarice, Brother Israel King, Sister Miriam Roberts.[Death. Phoebe Nevies September 1963 aged 74 Islington 5a 820]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1963, page 71

A Sepher Torah mantle has been presented to the Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation by Mrs F. Gleen in memory of her husband.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1963, page 35
Obituary of Mrs Phoebe Nevies by Rev M.Yare, minister at Northampton and formerly of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1963, page 4

Chatan Torah B. Elkan Chatan Bereshit J. Beatus

Jewish Chronicle, 29 May 1964, page 2

Death of Fanny Gleen 21 May. 41 The Parade, Pontypridd. [Death. Fanny Glee June 1964 aged 71 Pontypridd 8b 502]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 July 1965, page 31

Obituary of Mr Naphtali Nevies by M. Freedman, Treasurer. Oldest member of Pontypridd Congregation. Past President. Staunchly Orthodox. Active in communal affairs, including conducting services on High Festivals and addressing members from the pulpit.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1966, page 18

Mr Bernard Elkan, President of Pontypridd Congregation has been elected chairman of Pontypridd and district Chamber of Commerce for the 2nd time.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 December 1966, page 11

Fund for Florence Restoration, after flood damage to synagogue, home for aged, and Hebrew classes. Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation £20.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1966, page 14

Buffet Supper held at home of Dr and Mrs A. Feiner in Pontypridd. £100 raised for Jerusalem Baby Home. Followed by evening of chamber music.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1967, page 14

The South Wales and West of England Wizo Council held a conference attended by about 200 women from Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Merthyr, and Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1967, page 29

Mr Bernard Elkan, President of Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation has been elected for 2nd time as President of Ponypridd Chamber of Commerce. He has been presented with a silver candelabrum by the Pontypridd Grammar School students’ association for 35 years’ services as social secretary.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1967, page 27

Pages for a Biography, by Alfred Feiner, Pontypridd (Outposts, 6s.) is a 2nd collection of sensitively written poems by a medial man who has found sanctuary from Nazism and inspiration for poetry among the Welsh hills.
[Also written by him: Second Harvest (1963); Pante Re (1965); Selected Poems of Christian Morgenstern, translated by Alfred Feiner, 1971]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1968, page 2

Silver wedding. Bernard Elkan and Fay (nee Littlestone of 44 Berw Road, announce 25th anniversary of wedding at Crumpsall Synagogue, Manchester, on 17 January 1943.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1968, page 4

Death of Solly Wayne (Waytzman). 16 March. Wife Phyllis nee Gleen. 24 Orchard Road, Hull.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 February 1970, page 23

To mark Mr Max Freedman’s 50 years service to Pontypridd congregation, as hon sec and treasurer, a tea reception was held at the Jewish Home for the Aged, Cardiff. An illuminated address and a cheque was presented to him by Bernard Elkan, President of Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation. Other tributes by Jacob Beatus and Sam Cohen Chairman of the Home and former Pontypridd executive officer.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 November 1970, page 31

Death. 8.11.1970. Herbert Gleen PhD of Abercynon. Brother of Harold, sister-in-law Hilda. [Herbert Gleen December 1970 Merthyr T.8b 228

Jewish Chronicle, 20 August 1971, page 29

Death. Sophie Gleen of Abercynon on 11.8.1971. Aged 81. Mourned by nephew Harold, niece Hilda. [Sophie Gleen September 1971 Merthyr T. 8b 1776]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1972, page 36

Death of Max Freedman 22 October. [Death. Max Freedman December 1972 Cardiff 8b 936. Born 23 May 1891]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1972, page 47

Obituary. Rabbi I. Chait [Chaitowitz]. Born Boston, Lincs. His first communal appointment was to Pontypridd where he remained 10 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1972, page 23

Obituary. Max Freedman. Lived all life in Pontypridd. For many years secretary of congregation. Watch repairer and jeweller.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1972, page 11

Family of late Mr & Mrs Barnet Cline of Pontypridd have had a room dedicated in their memory at the Jewish Home for the Aged, Penylan, Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 October 1973, page 29

Memorial stone for late Max Freedman will be consecrated 21 October at Glyntaff Cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1973, page 10

Birmingham. 3 Sifrei Torh dedicated for use by Israeli army, two from the now defunct Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1975, page 49

New Year Section
Harry and Vivian Gleen, 41 Parade, Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1976, page 36

Memorial stone for Sarah Mendoza to be consecrated 16 May at Glyntaff Cemetery. Pontypridd. [Death. Sarah Mendoza June 1975 S. Glamorgan 28 2340. Born 17.3.1888]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 January 1977, page 22

Obituary of Herta Feiner. Arrived with husband, medical doctor, in 1938. He had to re-train. Went to Pontypridd found much prejudice in ‘a not-too-friendly community’. In time overcame these difficulties and became accepted. She worked hard for Jerusalem Baby Home. Plaque to be erected in the Baby Home in her honour. [Death. Herta Feiner December 1976 Pontypridd 27 1510. Born 23.3.1908.]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1977, page 28

Sadie Rhine, nee Littlestone, Pontypridd, died 4 September in Perth, W Australia wife of Eli. Mother of Cecilia and Joan.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1978, page 8

Pontypridd Hebrew Congregation, founded 1867, has been dissolved and the synagogue premises sold. Torah scrolls have been sent to Birmingham and Israel. The few remaining families have joined the Cardiff community or retired to other areas.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 February 1978, page 3

Death 2 February of Saul Bernard Elkan 4 Berw Rd. Wife Fay, children Alan and Carol, sister Ella, sister-in-law Dora, brother-in-law Harry.
[Saul Bernard Elkan March 1978 Pontypridd 27 1738. Born 24.4.1906]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 August 1978, page 6

More than 100 people from all parts of Britain gathered at Cardiff Jewish Home for the Aged to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mrs Leah Freedman, formerly a well-known resident of Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1978, page 9

A bed at Cardiff Home for the Aged has been dedicated in memory of Mr Bernard Elkan, late President of the Pontypridd Synagogue (now closed), by his widow and children.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1980, page 27

Death on 2 May of Enoch Cline, late of Pontypridd. Mourned by daughter Freda Burke, son Phillip, Sam son-in-law, Wendy daughter-in-aw, &c. Address Cardiff. [Death. Enoch Henry Cline June 1980 S. Glamorgan 28 2307. Born 1.1.1904]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 1981, page 29

Death of Leah Freedman, late of Pontypridd, on 17 April. Son Geoffrey, daughter-in-law Esther. Son Jack and daughter-in-law Freda. Son Arnold daughter-in-law Vivienne. [Death. Leah Freedman June 1981 S Glamorgan 28 1925. Born 6.8.1888.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1983, page 27

Obituary of Joseph Berg, died aged 60 in Cardiff. Arrived from Austria aged 15, sponsored by the Pontypridd Jewish community. Never forgot the debt to that town and regularly conducted services until the synagogue closed. In Cardiff active in the community. [Death. Joseph Berg March 1983 S Glamorgan 28 1992 Born 20.1.1923]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1985, page 1

Death of David Corkland. Wife Eva. [David Lionel Corkland February 1985 Redbridge 14 1875. Age 69. Born 1.9.1915.]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1986, page 3

Profile of Henry Cohen, Mayor of Elmbridge. Headmaster of Finnart School. Born Pontypridd.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 May 1987, page 29

Reference to Edith Katz who was once at Pontypridd Girls Intermediate School.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 February 1987, page 18

Death of John Harris 2 .2.1987. Buried Glyntaff Cemetery, Pontypridd on February 4. Wife Edna May. [Death. February 1987 Pontypridd 27 1543. Born 13.10.1896.]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 2000, page 23

Obituary of Harry Cohen, died Weybridge 13.6.2000 aged 87. Born Pontypridd 25.5.1912. For 40 years headmaster of the former Jewish Approved School for Boys at Finnart House in Weybridge. First Class BSc in Physics at Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 2003, page 31

Dorothy Sophie Turner nee Fishout. Died 5.7.2003 at Florida. Widow of Arthur. Born Pontypridd. Daughter Iris, Sister Zena, Brother Colin.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 June 2004, page 20

Obituary of Ronald Bernstein. Born Pontypridd 18.8.1918. Died London 8.5.2004 aged 85. Barrister and a Recorder. Served in RAF during war. [Death. Ronald Harold Bernstein May 2004 Islington 238/A 158]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 2006, page 44

Fay Elkan, formerly of Pontypridd, died 19 July aged 92 in Cardiff

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