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Press Reports relating to the Newbridge & District Jewish Community
(including Abercarn, Crosskeys, Crumlin and Llanhilleth),
Wales (formerly in Monmouthshire) 1852-2004

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 28 May 1852, page 267

Laying of foundation stone of Merthyr synagogue on 20th ult. Mr Goodman of Newbridge proposed the health of the Rev Dr Adler and the Jewish clergy.

Cardiff Times
, 30 May 1885

Serious fire at the premises occupied by Mr Simon Orman, Furniture dealer, Market Square, Abercarn. Property to value of £400 destroyed. Covered by insurance.

Jewish Chronicle
, 13 June 1890, page 1

Appeal for widow and children of late Abraham Miller of Pontypridd. Contribution from E. Tanchen[sic] of Abercarn.

London Gazette
13 September 1892, page 5,240

Harry Roskin, The Crown Shop, High Street, Bargoed. Outfitter and Boot dealer. Petition by Debtor. 8.9.1892.

London Gazette
18 January 1895, page 407

Release of Trustees. Simon Orman, Formerly of Abertillery now of 1 Queen Street, Blaenavon. Formerly Draper and Clothier now Clothier’s Manager.

London Gazette
 28 August 1896, page 4,927

Harry Roskin Bargoed. Discharge suspended for six months. [Standard reasons for suspension: assets insufficient; books not kept; traded knowing to be insolvent;  etc] 

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1896, page 1

Death on 13 November at his son’s residence, Treorchy, Phillip[sic] Tanchan of Abercarn, aged 70.
[Registration of Death: Philip Tanchan December 1896 aged 70 Pontypridd 11a 342]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1900, page 2

Fund for Brynmawr Synagogue and Schoolroom:

H.Roskin, Newbridge, 2 guineas

Jewish Chronicle, 29 May 1900, page 30

H.Roskin, Newbridge, at meeting of Brynmawr and Abertillery Zionist Society.

London Gazette, 28 June 1901, page 4,393

Bankruptcy petition 17 June 1901, to L. Roskin of Newbridge.

Weekly Mail, 25 July 1902

Impudent Theft at Risca

Man appeared before Newport magistrates on a charge of stealing two suits of clothes to the value of £2.18s from the shop of Mr Harry Orman at Risca. He was also a deserter from the RN and also the army.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1902, page 1

Birth on 24 July of a son, at Walton House, Crumlin (Mon) to wife of Marcus Barnett (nee Florrie Ginzburg).
[Registration of Birth: Ernest Laurence Barnett September 1902 Newport M. 11a 298]

London Gazette, 17 March 1903, page 1,816

Receiving order. Debtor’s petition. Esther Orman, Cambrian House, Crosskeys. Clothier, Draper, and Boot Dealer. (Wife of Simon Orman).

Cardiff Times, 4 April 1903

First meeting of creditors of Esther Orman, draper, clothier, and boot dealer, of Cambrian House, Crosskeys. Began business 8 or 9 years ago at Blaenavon with capital of £50. Removed 4 years ago to Crosskeys where assisted by husband, an undischarged bankrupt.

Liabilities of £768.0.10d. Assets £16.5.10d. Failure attributed to illness of debtor and her  family, to bad debts, and losses in trade. £768 owed to 32 unsecured creditors. Debtor adjudge bankrupt.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1903, page 16

Amy Orman of Crosskeys Pupil Teachers’ Centre, and Joseph Orman of the Pontywaun County School (Risca), brother and sister [Father Simon], have passed the matriculation examination of the University of Wales. They were the only Jewish candidates in Wales who sat for this exam and were accorded a special day in order to avoid sitting for the exam in Chemistry which was held on a Saturday.

London Gazette, 3 June 1904, page 3,569

Naturalisation. Aaron Roskin, 2 and 3 Victoria Terrace, Newbridge. Oath of allegiance 25.5.1904.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904, page 1

Birth on 15 September of a daughter, at Walton House, Crumlin  to the wife of Marcus Barnett.
[Registration of Birth: Rose Barnett December 1904 Newport M. 11a 300]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904, page 20

Received for ‘Penny Dinners’, from Rosie Barnett, Crumlin, Mon, 5 shillings.

London Gazette, 1 November 1904, page 7,036

Naturalisation. Marcus Kwart known as Marcus Barnett, 18 Main Street, Crumlin. Took oath of allegiance 13.10.1904.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 January 1905, page 37

H. Roskin, vice-president of Brynmawr and Abertillery Zionist Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1905, page 3

National Tribute for the children of Dr Herzl:

M. Barnett, Crumlin, 5s
Messrs Jaffe Bros., Newbridge 5s
Mrs I. M. Marks, 5s
E. Orman, Crosskeys, 5s
B. Roskin, Abercarn, 5s
H. Roskin, Newbridge, 10s 6d

London Gazette, 4 April 1905, page 2,562

Benjamin Rosovski, known as Roskin, 1 Llanover Street, Abercarn. Took oath of allegiance 24.3.1905.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1905, page 1

Death at Pontymister, after years of painful suffering, Lizzie, nee Lorie, wife of Myer Rabenowitz,  in her 52nd year.
[Registration of Death: Charlotte Rabenowitz June 1905 aged 51 Newport M. 11a 142]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1905, page 28

M. Barnett (Crumlin) elected Treasurer of the Brynmawr and Abertillery Zionist Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1905, New Year Greetings page II

Mr and Mrs M. Barnett, Walton House,  Crumlin, Mon.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 1905, page 31

Abercarn. Services were held at the ‘Sloch Gobalth Hall’, conducted by Rev B. Ginsburg and H. Lewis of Cardiff. Mrs B. Tanchan and son provided the articles required for the services.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 March 1906,  page 30

Reference to Zionist Societies of Newbridge and Crumlin.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1906, New Year Greetings page xiii

Mrs B. Tanchan and son , late of Abercarn, now Newport, Mon.

London Gazette, 21 September 1906, page 6,459

Simon Orman, Formerly of Abertillery now of 1 Queen Street, Blaenavon. Formerly Draper and Clothier now Clothier’s Manager. Discharge refused.

London Gazette, 2 November 1906, page 7,384

Naturalisation. Lewis  Jaffa, 5 Tynewydd Terrace, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 November 1906,  page 39

Naturalisations in October. Lewis  Jaffa, 5 Tynewydd Terrace, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1907, page 32

Reference to death of late Hon Sec of Brynmawr and District Zionist Society, Mr N [Nathan]. Israel of Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1908, Supplement page 3, ‘Young Israel’

New Members, Harry and Morris Cohen, Llanhilleth.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1908, page 13

Monthly meeting of the Newbridge and District Zionist Society. Address by A. Hyams on ‘Modernising of Hebrew’. Vote of thanks to Hyams proposed by I. Levy (Llanhilleth).

Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1910, page 1

Birth on 9 July of a daughter at Commercial Street, Crumlin, to Mr and Mrs A. Barnett (nee Rosie Jacobs)
[Registration of Birth: Rebecca M. Barnett September 1910 Newport M. 11a 331]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1910, page 12

Aberdare. Meeting to re-establish Aberdare and District Jewish Literary and Social Society. Among those enrolled as members were some from Abercarn.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 December 1910, page 15

Aberdare. Meeting of the Aberdare and District Jewish Literary and Social Society. Discussion included
I. Jacklyn, Abercarn.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 January 1911, page 15

Aberdare. Meeting of the Aberdare and District Jewish Literary and Social Society. Discussion included
I. Jacklyn, Abercarn. [Not found in Census]

Jewish Chronicle, 20 January 1911, page 14

West Monmouth and Breconshire Jewish Orphan Aid Society. Among Honorary Collectors is B. Roskin, Abercarn.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1911, page 25

Second Conference of Anglo-Jewish Ministers. Apologies from I. Rabinowitz, Abercarn [should read "Aberavon"].

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1911, page 1

Betrothal. B. Hyman, nephew of Mr and Mrs H. Roskin of Newbridge, to Millie, eldest daughter of Mr and late Mrs Cotton of Edgbaston.
[Registration of Marriage. June 1912 Amelia Cotton Birmingham 6d 269/ Benjamin Hyman]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1912, page 25

Newbridge. Meeting of the Western Valleys Jewish Literary and Social Society. Impromptu debates. Among those who spoke at the meeting were H. Harris, I. Levinsohn and N. Roskin (Abercarn), and Misses A. Orman and L. Falkman (Abertillery).

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1912, page 23

Newbridge, Mon. Under the auspices of the Western Valleys Jewish Literary and Social Society, a social and dance were[sic] held on Wednesday week. Among those present these were mentioned: Nat Marks, E. Jacobs and C. Brest (Abercarn). Last Sunday H. Roskin (President) read a paper on Jewish Nationalism.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 February 1912, page 1

Birth on 14 February at Abbey Road Cwymbran[sic] a daughter to Mr and Mrs Barnett (nee Rosie Jacobs). [In 1910 in Crumlin].
[Registration of Birth: Sybil Barnett March 1912 Newport  M. 11a 642. Mother Jacobs]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1912, page 34

Newbridge Mon. At a meeting of the Jewish Literary and Social Society, Miss Fanny Solomon (Abertillery) read a paper on An Outline of the Theory of Evolution as observed in Living Organisms. Mr B. Roskin and Mr A. Marks also spoke. Mr H. Jacklyn presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1912, page 1

Death on 15 March at the residence of his daughter Mrs M. Barnett, Crumlin, Bernard Ginzburg, aged 64, of Cardiff.
[Registration of Death: Bernard Ginzburg March 1912 aged 64 Newport M. 11a 391]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1912, Supplement page 3, ‘Young Israel’

Reference to Miriam Roskin, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1912, page 27

Newbridge. Meeting of the Western Valleys Jewish Literary and Social Society. Paper read by Mr R. Silverman (Aberdare) on Intermarriage. Discussion by Misses D. Roskin, Silverman, G. Orman, C. Roskin, and Messrs Adler, N. Jacklyn, A. Marks (Abercarn), B. Roskin, E. Jacobs, B. Jacobs, M. Barnett, and A. Marks (Newbridge).

London Gazette, 3 December 1912, page 9,244

Naturalisation. Max Jaffa, 11 Greenfield Terrace, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 1914, page 29

Tredegar. Miss Dora Harris remitted her annual collection for the Jewish Soup Kitchen, London. She was assisted by others including Annie Roskin, Abercarn.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 December 1914, page 19

Sgt Reuben Orman of 1 bn South Wales Borderers has been killed in action. Son of Mr and Mrs Orman of Crosskeys. Another son of the family, Pte H. Orman, 4 bn Middlesex, has also fallen.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 February 1915, pages 25-26

Presentation to Harry Roskin at the Newbridge Hebrew Classes, on his taking up residence in Liverpool. Has lived in South Wales for 28 years, Founded the Newbridge Hebrew Classes and active in the Zionist movement. Address signed by representative Jews of Newbridge, Brynmawr, Blaina, Abertillery, and Cardiff.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 February 1915, page 26

In response to an appeal by Hermann Landau for the relief of Polish and Palestine Jews, a meeting was held at the Hebrew Schoolrooms, Ben Roskin, President, in the chair. Over £8 collected and forwarded to the district committee at Newport, Mon.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1915, page 3

Central Committee for Relief of Polish Jews:
Newbridge congregation £8.0.9. 75% for Poland. 25%  for Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 1915, page 2

Death  June in Bow, Marian Hoepelman (Marks), mourned by sons including Abraham, Newbridge. [He was with Mendle Stone in 1915.]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1915, page 1

Bar mitzvah of Ernest, only son of Mr and Mrs Marcus Barnett, Walton House, Crumlin, who will read portion of the Law at Crumlin on Saturday 3 July. 

Jewish Chronicle, 20 August 1915, page 1

Bert, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Ben Roskin of Llanhilleth (late of Abercarn) was bar mitzvah at the synagogue, Newbridge. Reception in the schoolroom.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 August 1915, page 2

Death on 7 August at the Cardiff Sanatorium, Ettie, aged 7, daughter of Philip and .Sophie Tannen of 30 Gloucester Street Cardiff. [In Llanhilleth in 1911]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1915, page 2

Mrs M. Solomon and family send thanks for condolences during their period of mourning. ‘Glenbrook’, Crumlin (Mon.)
[Registration of Death?: Moses Solomon December 1915 aged 65 Newport M. 11a 325]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 January 1916, page 21

Newbridge. Special meeting of congregation for re-establishing the fund for the Jewish victims of the war. Mr B. Roskin, President, presided. Monthly subscriptions amounting to over £3 were promised by members present. Mr E. Sampson consented to be honorary collector.
[Further reports of sums collected by E. Sampson for the Relief of Polish Jews in connection with the Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Russia].

Jewish Chronicle, 24 March 1916, page 1

Bar mitzvah. Herman Harry, youngest son of Mrs Cohen and the late Mr B. J. Cohen, 47 Gladstone Street, Crosskeys, will read Maftir at the Newbridge schoolroom on 1 April.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1916, page 1

Birth of a son on 6 May at West End, Abercarn, to Mr & Mrs Harry Robinson, nee Annie Roskin.
[Birth, Basil Robinson June 1916 Newport M. 11a 627. Mother Roskin]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1916, page 3

Abertillery and Newbridge United Hebrew Congregation
Wanted Shochet and competent Teacher to teach according to the Chief Rabbis methods. £2.10 weekly with perquisites. 
Apply, J. Simons, Bristol House, Abertillery.
[No other mention of this united congregation]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1916, page 21

Western Monmouthshire and Breconshire Jewish Orphan Aid Society. £28. 7s remitted to the Jews’ Hospital and Orphan Asylum, collected in past year. Among Honorary Collectors was B. Roskin, Abercarn.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 June 1916, page 9

Ref to Mr Roskin, President of the Newbridge congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1916, page 1

Betrothal. Annie Bornstein daughter of Mr and Mrs S. Bornstein, Aldgate, to Moses, elder son of Mr and Mrs D. Cohen of 1 & 2 Church Street, Tredegar.
[Moses J. Cohen (Shumacher) March 1917 London 1c 48//Annie Bornstein]  See 26 January 1917 p. 6]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1916, page 1

Farley, youngest son of Mr and Mrs I. Levy, Old Newbridge Inn, Newbridge, will read Portion of the Law and Maftir on 9 September at the Newbridge Schoolrooms.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1916, page 18

At meeting of congregation, S. Instone of Cardiff elected representative at Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 October 1916, page 23

Rev P. Freedman new minister of congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 October 1916, page 27

New Year Greetings. Rev and Mrs P. Freedman, 38 Alexandra Place, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1916, page 11

Board of Deputies Agenda.
1. Application for certification for First Marriage Secretary for Newbridge Synagogue.
2. Application from Newbridge for leave to elect a deputy for the Board of  Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1916, page 3

Reference to A. Marks as Hon Sec of Newbridge Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1916, page 16

Board of Deputies. Application for certification of First Marriage Secretary for Newbridge Synagogue approved.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1916, page 22

General meeting of members. Elected: B. Roskin, President; I. Levy, Treasurer; A. Marks, Hon Sec; H. Robinson and C. Brest, Audtors; M. Barnett, Marriage Registrar; M. Barnett and M. Gershon, Education Committee; M. Jeffe[sic] Collector. It was decided to establish an advanced class in Talmud and Ayin Jacob under the Guidance of Rev Mr Friedman[sic].

Jewish Chronicle, 19 January 1917, page 1

Betrothal. Gertrude 3rd daughter of Mrs Stark and the late Abraham Stark and Dave, of Newbridge, only son of Mr and Mrs A. Rosenthal, of Manchester.
[Registration of Marriage: Gertrude Stark September 1917 Manchester 8d 419//David Rosenthal]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 January 1917, page 6

Mr and Mrs M. J. Cohen (nee Annie Bornstein)  thank relatives etc and members of the Tredegar and Newbridge Hebrew Congregations for presents etc on their marriage 10 January. Navarino Lodge, NE.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 March 1917, page 3

Russian Fund. For period 27.11.1916 to 4.3.1917. Contributions from Newbridge Hebrew Congregation include sums collected by Master D. Robinson on the Pidyon Haben at Mr and Mrs Brests (£4,6,3),  the weekly collections at Newbridge Hebrew Congregation (£4), and at the Chanucah party by the children of the Hebrew Classes (£1.1.6).

20 May 1917

204587 Pte William Stone. 2/1 London (Royal Fusiliers). Arras Memorial
[British Jewry Book of Honour: 15 Woodland Terrace, Abercarn] (See below 11 April 1919, p. 32).

Jewish Chronicle, 25 May 1917, page 12

Board of Deputies. Leave given to Newbridge Synagogue to elect deputy.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1917, New Year Greetings page xiii

Rev and Mrs P. Freedman and son, 38 Alexandra Place, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1917, page 1

Forthcoming marriage On 18 November, Lily[sic], daughter of Mr and Mrs D. Rosenblatt[sic], Nottingham, to 2nd Lt N. Roskin of ‘Brynderwyn’, Aberbeeg, at Chaucer Street, Synagogue.
[NOTE. Marriage. Nathaniel Roskin December 1917 Nottingham 7b 883//Rachael Fitleson[sic]]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 November 1917, page 18

Rev H. R. Goldman of Brynmawr and Rev P. Freedman of Newbridge lectured on The Aims and Merits of a Society to the Bynmawr and District Jewish Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 December 1917, page 18

Tredegar. Chanucah service. Later Mrs P. J. Cohen, wife of the President, and Mrs P. Freedman of Newbridge entertained the children. Rev P. Freedman was amongst those who addressed the children.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 January 1918, page 18

Mr A. Hyams MA, of Newport, examined the pupils attending the Newbridge Hebrew and Religion Classes under the supervision of the Rev P. Freedman. Mr Hyams expressed his great satisfaction and appreciation of the rapid progress and advancement the children had made in their studies. Mr I. Levy, Treasurer, presented the children with bags containing sweets etc..

Jewish Chronicle, 4 January 1918, page 21

At a recent meeting of the Newbridge congregation, presided over by Mr B. Roskin, it was decided to form a Zionist Society for Newbridge and district. Elected: Rev J. [sic] Freedman, President, Messrs C. Brest, Vice-president, H. Robinson, Treasurer, Misses A. Orman and D. Roskin, Hon Secs. Mesdames Jaffa and M. Cohen were elected to the Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1918, page 13

Monthly meeting of the Newbridge and District Zionist Society, addressed by Mr A. Hyams MA of Newport on The Modernising of Hebrew.  Rev P. Freedman presided. B. Roskin, S. Orman, H. Robinson, M. Barnett,  and the Misses A. Orman, D. Roskin, and L. Orman took part in the discussion. Mr I. Levy (Llanhilleth) proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Hyams.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1918, page 9

Newbridge and District Zionist Society. Mrs Tobias of Cardiff gave address on Jewish Women and Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1918, page 19

Rev Philip Freedman, minister of the Newbridge and District congregation, who is on a visit to his parents, Rev and Mrs D. Freedman, delivered a sermon in Yiddish at the Psalm of David synagogue in Leeds.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1918, page 1

Maurice, eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. Dayan of Blackwood, Mon., will be bar mitzvah at the Newbridge Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1918, page 1

Harry, son of Mr and Mrs M. Jaffa of Newbridge will read the whole sedra at the Newbridge synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1918, page 17

At the Newbridge synagogue last Sabbath the Rev Philip Freedman read the thanksgiving prayers.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1918, page 1

Death on 2 November of Bala Brane Cohen, mother and mother-in-law of Rev and Mrs P. Freedman, 38 Alexandra Place, Newbridge.
[Registration of Death: Bella Cohen December 1918 aged 49 Bedwellty 11a 201]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1918, page 14

Annual meeting of the Newbridge and District Zionist Society. Elected C. Brest. Chairman; Miss D. Roskin, Vice-chairman; Mrs P. Robinson, Treasurer; the Misses A. Orman and R. Roskin, Secretaries; Ref P. Freedman, Mr Alec Marks, Miss Jaffa, and Miss D. Cooper, Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1918, page 20

Newbridge and District. Special service held at the Newbridge synagogue on Sunday by Rev Phillip Freedman.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1919, page 33

Meeting of the Newbridge and District Zionist Society; Miss D. Roskin Presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 April 1919, page 32

Rev P. Freedman will hold a Siyum on Tractate Rosh Hashanah next Monday morning at 7.30. in the synagogue.

There was a large gathering at the funeral of Hyman Stone, a valued member of the congregation and supporter of many charitable institutions. His son was killed in France last year. [Actually 1917]

Registration of Death, June 1919

Hyman Stone. June 1919 Newport M. 11a 266

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1919, page 6

Preachers tomorrow. Rev P. Freedman, Newbridge, Mon., synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1919, page 1

Death on 2 May after long illness of Taube Esther aged 59. Wife of Simon Orman. Mourned by husband, son and daughters. Shiva at Pandy House, Crosskeys.
[Registration of Death: Tawbe E. Orman June 1919 aged 59 Newport M. 11a 254]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1919 page 23

From Rev P. Freedman. By premature death of Mrs S. Orman, Crosskeys, the Newbridge Hebrew congregation  and the Ladies’ Society are deprived of a noble type of Jewish womanhood,. A  staunch supporter of various charitable institutions. Two sons killed in early part of the war.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 July 1919, page 26

Thanksgiving service, followed by another in Newbridge Park where the Vicar of Newbridge welcomed the Jewish community.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1919, page 4

Fund for Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Russia:
Newbridge Congregation £16.3.0.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1919, New Year Supplement

Greetings from Mr and Mrs Levy and family, Llanhilleth.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 November 1919, page 12

Conference of Brynmawr, Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, and Newbridge and District congregations in connection with the newly-acquired burial ground of the Brynmawr congregation. Decided to form a Joint Burial Committee and a Building Committee of the congregations to formulate rates and plans for the cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 1920, page 31

Members of the Newbridge and District congregation presented Mr and Mrs B. Roskin with a handsome candelabra. Mr B. Roskin founded the congregation, and has been President for the past twenty-five years is a member of the Deputies of British Jews, and has often acted as Lay Reader.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1920, page 4

Newbridge. Collected for Fund for the Relief of the Jewish Victims of the war in Russia by M. Gershon at the presentation to B. Roskin. £3.3.0. Per Mr Latte, Ebbw Vale £1.1.0. Per Mr Mendel Stone, Newbridge, 10.6.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1920, page 14

‘For The Kiddies’. Collected by Miss Rosie Barnett, Crumlin:

Carrie Brest, Abercarn, 2s 6d   Abe Brest, Brynmawr 6d  
Lily Curzburg, Cardiff 2s 6d   Mr Lloyns, Crumlin  2s 6d  
Bernard C. Barnett, Crumlin 5s 0d   Basil Robinson, Abercarn 6d  
Rosie Barnett 5s 0d   Eva Ginzburg 1s 0d  
Monty Marks, Newbridge 2s 0d   F. Barnett, Crumlin 2s 0d  
Cissie Jaffa 1s 0d   E. Barnett 1s 0d £1.5s.6d


Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1921, page 34

Collected for the Ukrainian Relief Fund at the bar mitzvah of Montague Gershon, son of Mr and Mrs M. Gershon, Newbridge, £3.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 May 1922, page 13

Black List of Deputies who attended no meetings. Includes B. Roskin, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 June 1923, Young Israel page 7

Reference to Cissie Jaffa, 3 Victoria Terrace, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1923 page 14

‘For The Kiddies’. Collected by Miss Rosie Barnett, Crumlin:

Carrie Brest, Abercarn, 2s 6d        
Bernard C. Barnett, Crumlin 5s 0d        
Monty Marks, Newbridge 2s 0d        
Basil Robinson 6d        
P. Barnett 2s 0d        


Jewish Chronicle, 1 February 1924, page 1

Engagement. Miss Rebecca (Beck) Horevitz, Salford, to Joseph Orman, BA, LlB, Windhoek, South West Africa, formerly of Crosskeys, Mon.
[Registration of Marriage: Joseph Orman March 1924 Prestwich 8d 456//Rebecca Horevitz]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 February 1924, page 15

Received from the Newbridge Hebrew Congregation £20 for Keren Hayesod.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1924, New Year Greetings page xxiv

Mr and Mrs B. Roskin and daughter, Ebbw Vale.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1926, New Year Greetings page xx

Mr and Mrs B. Roskin and daughter, Ebbw Vale.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1927, page 11

Funeral of Isaac Brest, Brynmawr. Representatives of various congregations were present including from Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1928, page 1

Engagement. Ray, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Jaffa of Newbridge, to Harry, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Quate, Leeds.
[Registration of Marriage: Harry Quate December 1928 Newport Mon 11a 583/Ray Jaffa]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 December 1928, page 27

Shepherd’s Bush Synagogue. Presentation of a Sepher Torah by Mr Benjamin Roskin, late of South Wales.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 February 1929, page 3

Death on 15 February at Hammersmith of Benjamin Roskin, late of Aberbeeg. Father of Annie (Mrs Harry Robinson,Cardiff), Deborah (Mrs Nathan Robinson, Poplar Grove, W6), Irene (Mrs David Auerbach, Newport), Nathaniel (Nat), and Bertram (Bert) Ontario and New York. Brother of H. Roskin, Liverpool.
[Registration of Death: Benjamin Roskin March 1929 aged 66 Hammersmith 1a 578]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1930, page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Cyril, elder son of Mr and Mrs Capel Brest of Abercarn, will read sedra on 4 January.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 1931, page 35

Miss E. Roskin elected secretary of Liverpool University Jewish Students’ Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1933, page 35

Miss E. Roskin elected treasurer of Liverpool University Jewish Students’ Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 July 1933, page 17

Mrs B. W. Morris, Newbridge, collector for Central British Fund for German Jews.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 February 1935, page 2

Death on 7 February 1935 of Mendel Stone, Brixton, SW 9, late of Newbridge.
[Registration of Death: Mendle Stone March 1935 aged 58 Camberwell 1d 822]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1935, page ii

Death on 19 September at 2 Commercial Road, Llanhilleth, of Isaac, husband of Fanny Levy.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 October 1935, page 14

Obituary of Isaac Levy of Llanhilleth. He was a founder of the Newbridge and District Hebrew Congregation.
[Registration of Death: Isaac Levy September 1935 aged 61 Pontypool 11a 120]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1936, page 2

Death on 14 February, Bertha Tanchan, aged 90, widow of the late Phillip Tanchan of South Wales. 19 Edgecumbe Road, Redland, Bristol.
[Registration of Death: Bertha Tanchan March 1936 aged 90 Bristol 6a 271]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1936, page 2

Death on 18 March of Simon Orman, late of Crosskeys at 81 Selborne Street, Liverpool. Mourned by family in England and South Africa.
[Registration of Death: Simon Orman March 1936 aged 77 Liverpool South 8b 162]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 March 1937, page 1

Keith John, only son of Mr and Mrs Nathan Robinson, 377 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, grandson of the late Mr and Mrs Benjamin Roskin of Llanhilleth, and of the late Mrs Rebecca Robinson of Blaenavon, will read Maftir and Haftarah at Ceylon Road Synagogue on 13 March.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 February 1942, page 13

Engagement. Cpl. Alec D. MacKendrick, RCOC, Vancouver, to Cissie, present address Christ Church Vicarage, Hertford, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Jaffa, Newbridge.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1946, page 7

Bar Mitzvah. Gerald, son of Mr and Mrs Eric (Pep) Rose of Caldy Villa, Llanhilleth, Mon., will read Maftir and Haftarah at the Newport Synagogue on 9 November.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1946, page 3

Death on 9 November of Max Jaffa of Newbridge. Mourned by wife Ella, son Harry and daughters Ray and Cissie.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 February 1947, page 14

Death of Abraham Press aged 71 of 39 Alexandra Place, Newbridge.
[Registration of Death: Abraham Press March 1947 aged 70 Caerleon 8c 27]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 1947, page 7

Engagement. Harry, only son of Mrs E. Jaffa and the late Max Jaffa of 3 Victoria Terrace, Newbridge, to Edith, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs S. Cohen, 78 New Dock Road, Llanelly.
[Registration of Marriage: Edith Cohen December 1947 Cardiff 8b 504//Herman M. Jaffa]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1951, page 17

Last reference to Ella Jaffa in Newbridge. [Died 1959 in Cardiff.]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1957, page 2

Death on 27 May of Capel Brest, husband of Lily, mourned also by sons Cyril and Stuart, daughter-in-law Joyce grandchildren etc. 4 Groves Road, Newport.
Registration of Death: Capel Brest June 1957 aged 72 Newport 8c 232]

Jewish Chronicle, 14 August 1959, page 2

Death of Ella Jaffa aged 85 on 9 August. Widow of Max Jaffa, formerly of Newbridge. Mourned by children Harry, Ray and Cissie (Canada).
Registration of Death: Ella Jaffa September 1959 aged 84 Cardiff 8b 123]

Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 1987, page 25

Obituary of Herman Jaffa died Cardiff aged 82. Born Newbridge. Went to Cardiff 1955. Active in Ajex. For 30 years on editorial board of CAJEX and editor from 1959-1970. In WWII was in Royal Artillery and served in North Africa and Italy. Survived by wife Edith.
Registration of Death: Herman Mendel Jaffa November 1987. Born 22 November1905. South Glamorgan 28. 1655. 1187]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 October 2004, page 28

Obituary of Leah Rosen. Born Newbridge 15.7.1908. Died London 3.8.2004. Lived in Hull for 80 years, Father Israel Levy sold haberdashery and cloth to miners from horse and cart.
Registration of Death: Leah Rosen. August 2004, Born 15 July 1908. Barnet, London. 219/1. D12E. 246. 804]

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The Newbridge and District Jewish Community, a History of the Jews of Newbridge
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