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Press Reports relating to the Hoylake Hebrew Congregation
Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 19 April 1940, page 4
“It has been decided to form a Hebrew Congregation and Religious Classes in Holyoke (Cheshire). All Jewish residents in this area who are interested should communicate immediately with Mr. Rogansky, 58, Trinity-road, Hoylake.”

Jewish Chronicle, 26 April 1940, page 18
“At a meeting of Jewish residents, held in Hoylake recently, it was decided to form a Congregation, and a number of Sabbath services have already been held. Those interested should communicate with Mr. H. Rogansky, 58 Trinity Road, Hoylake.”

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1940, page 15
SERVICES have been organised for the ensuing High Festivals and during the whole year arrangements have also been made for children’s religion classes. Will those who are interested kindly communicate immediately with the Hon. Secretary, H. Newman, 3 Alderley-road,  Hoylake. ‘Phone: Hoylake 2977.”

Jewish Chronicle, 7 March 1941, page 16
“The social club which has been formed for the boys and girls of Hoylake and district at B.W.T.A., 3a Birkenhead Road, Holyoke (where gatherings are held every Wednesday evening), is to hold a Purim Dance next Thursday. The Secretary is Miss Betty Rogansky, 58, Trinity Road, Hoylake, Cheshire.”

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1941, page 14
“The first public meeting of the Hoylake Hebrew Congregation was organised last week in collaboration with the Liverpool Keren Hayesod Committee … The following were elected to form a Keren Hayesod Committee in Hoylake: Messrs. S. Rogansky (Chairman of the congregation), H. Solomon, L. Makin, I. Baker, A. Tearle, and I Levey.”

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1941, page 12
Reference to the 1st quarterly meeting of  the Hoylake and District Jewish Ladies’ Social Club. ‘The weekly socials (which are held every Tuesday at the Synagogue Chambers, B.W.T.A. Hall) are to be continued throughout the summer. All residents and visitors are welcome.”

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1941, page 14
“The Hoylake Jewish Ladies’ Circle have arranged a series of lectures to be given monthly under the auspices of the Hoylake Hebrew Congregation.”

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1945, page 13
“Adult classes in Modern Hebrew are conducted at the B.W.T.A. Rooms, Birkenhead Road, Hoylake. The Bnei Akivah Group also meets there every Shabbat at 3 p.m. and every Sunday at 2.30 p.m.”

Jewish Chronicle, 22 May 1959, page 18
“The Hoylake Jewish Discussion Group has been addressed by Mr. T. Kleinhans of the West Indian Federation Society, on ‘Racial Discrimination’.”
[Probably first newspaper report of the Discussion Group.. Many reports thereafter.]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1962, page 46
“Mr. Louis Chinn, of Liverpool, has been appointed Minister-Reader of the Hoylake Hebrew Congregation and is to take up his duties  immediately.
Mr. Chinn, who officiated at Hoylake during the High Festivals, has ministered to several small congregations.
The congregation is contemplating acquiring its own  permanent synagogue. Since it was formed - during the last war - it has held its services in the hall of the British Women’s Temperance Association.”

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1963, page 34
Letter from A.M. Lerman, chairman of the Hoylake and District Hebrew Congregation.
Says there are 20 families which includes 21 men aged over 13. They have services every Sabbath and Festival. Have own minister (part-time) who receives a salary from the congregation. There are 2 children between ages of 13 and 15 who have one lesson a week from the minister, and five children under bar mitzvah age who receive two lessons a week.
“Some little time ago we heard a rumour that our premises were likely to be pulled down to make way for  a shopping centre.. Since that time a group has been organised to raise funds to provide new premises should this happen.”
There is no kashrut problem. They are near a large town and meat is sent by train. There has been no marriage outside the faith since the congregation’s formation.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1964, page 2


The Hoylake Hebrew Congregation has acquired the Methodist Chapel, Market Street, which, after internal alterations, is to be used for its synagogue.
Conversion will, it is hoped, be complete by next Passover and the synagogue will replace the rooms at the British Women’s Temperance Institute which the  congregation has used for the past 23 years.
Mr. A.M. Lerman is the Chairman of the planning committee.”

Jewish Chronicle, 17 December 1965, page 22
“The Friends of the Hoylake Hebrew Congregation had their annual dance last Saturday at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.”

Reference to 25 families.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 May 1970, page 18

Reference to 60 people at Hoylake.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 October 1980, page 11

“Hoylake closes its doors
Hoylake Hebrew Congregation has finally closed its synagogue, on the opposite bank of the Mersey from Liverpool, after services have been held in the town since 1920 (sic).
For 16 of those years the community held services in a converted Methodist chapel. Now most members have moved away and falling attendances made it impossible to hold services even for the recent High Festivals.
All the furnishings of the synagogue, including the Ark, almemar, and some Torah scrolls, have been given to the new synagogue at Hale, near Manchester, and a ceremony is to be held shortly to which former officers and members of the Hoylake congregation have been invited.”

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