Scottish Jewry
in Victorian Britain




Extract from papers on
Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain

Papers prepared by Dr. (later Prof.) Aubrey Newman for a conference at University College, London, convened on 6 July 1975 by the Jewish Historical Society of England
(Reproduced here with Prof. Newman's kind consent)

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Papers on Scotland

GLASGOW (Part 1) - Introductory Data

A.    Does not figure in the 1851 census, but in 1847 the figures for two congregations indicate ,forty-three members and seatholders and 128 individuals. In 1860, about 26 families. In 1862 the school had 8 pupils.. [Primarily from The Rise of Provincial Jewry (1950), by Cecil Roth]

1874  [extracted from The Jewish Directory for 1874, by Asher I. Myers]

Synagogue, George Street. Has seat accommodation for 194 persons, 58 ladies' and 136 gentlemen's seats. Income 1873, 450; expenditure 1873, 400.

Hebrew School, for Hebrew and religious education, 22 pupils.

Philanthropic Society. Objects - the relief of the poor by means of grants of money and loans.

1901 [Jewish Year Book]

Jewish Population about 5000.   1900 - 12 marriages, 49 deaths

United Synagogue of Glasgow.
The above body consists of the following constituent, synagogues:

Synagogue, Hill Street, Garnethill. (First synagogue 1858, present one 1878). Seatholders, 141. Income 1900, 1071.3s.1d., expenditure, 1069.19s.8d.

Synagogue, South Portland Street (founded 1884). 130 seatholders. Income 1900, 593.6s.8d., expenditure 669.18s,1d. The new synagogue in South Portland Street erected at a cost of 9,000 in place of the synagogue in Main Street [Gorbals] is expected to be consecrated on the 1st September 1901.

Synagogue, Oxford Street, Southside. Income 1900, 655.8s.8d., expenditure 671.0s.5d.

Jewish Board of Guardians, 173 St. Vincent Street. Object - to relieve and assist the poor. Income 517.7s.11d., expenditure 436.16s.7d. 504 cases were relieve during the past year. The mode of election is by ballot at Annual Meeting of subscribers.

There are also branches of the Chovevi Zion Association and the Anglo-Jewish Association as well as the Naturalisation Society.

Hebrew School, 29 Thistle Street, Garnethill. 50 children.

Glasgow Hebrew Benevolent Loan Society (founded 1888). Object - to grant loans without interest to the deserving poor. Income 1897-8, 526.14s., expenditure 584.1s.8d. 127 loans granted.

Talmud Torah School, Buchan Street Public School, S.S. Income 566.11s.5d., expenditure 557.0s.5d. About 400 children.

Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society (founded 1879). Object to relieve the sick and unemployed with food and coals. Income 1900, about 125, expenditure 160. Assistance in kind granted about 300 times to 60 families.

Clothing Guild (founded 1893). Object - to give blankets and clothing to the poor.

Literary and Social Society (founded 1893).

There is also a Jewish Volunteer Association.


Board of Deputies returns





















Continuation -
Paper on Glasgow
 by Tova Benski


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