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Press Reports relating to the Falkirk Jewish Community 1913 - 1999

Compiled by Harold Pollins


Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1913, page 30

Board of Deputies meeting.
New deputy for Falkirk mentioned - Dr L. Turiansky

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1913, page 47

Chatan Torah: Wolf Climbler
Chatan Bereshit: M.S. Spilg

Jewish Chronicle, 11 September 1914, page 18

Rev B. Finkelstein, late of Manchester and FALKIRK, unanimously elected Reader and Teacher at Langside Congregation, Glasgow. ‘Mr. Finklestein came to this country from Russia a few years ago’.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1916, page 2

[List of contributions to the ‘Fund for the Relief of the Jewish Victims of the War in Russia’]
Includes Falkirk Hebrew Congregation per Rev J. Chazan per the Chief Rabbi £3.4.10

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1916, page 3

WANTED Shochet and Teacher, 30s. Per week. Apply A. Bulbin, Hon. Sec. 9, Melville-street, Falkirk’.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1917, pages 18-19

'Russian Jews and Military Service
At a sitting of the Appeal Tribunal for the County of Stirling held last Friday, several appeals were heard from Russian subjects ...
[An] important case was the application by the Hebrew congregation of Falkirk for the exemption of their minister, who also acted as teacher to about forty children in the districts of Falkirk, Stirling, and Bonnybridge. He had also to slaughter cattle and seal the meat. A letter was read from the Chief Rabbi, stating that the gentleman in question had been a minister before the date of the Convention, and was therefore entitled to exemption. The appeal was refused, but two months were given in order that the case might be taken before the Central Court. In each of the other "Russian subject" cases, the appeal was refused'.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1933, page 9

Jewish War Memorial. Central Education Committee. Grant to Falkirk £26.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1930, page 18

Central Committee for Jewish Education. Grants for Provincial Schools. Grants renewed for (inter alia) Falkirk.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 January 1936, page 34

Mr Herbert M. Adler visited Glasgow including a visit to Falkirk Hebrew Congregation Religion Classes.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1936, page 14

'Jewish Memorial Council. Religious Education in Scotland'
Mr Herbert M. Adler 'reported that classes at Falkirk were now being conducted in one central place, that being a condition of the grant by the Central Committee, and the children were now being properly taught'.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1938, page 8

Jewish Memorial Council
'Mr Herbert M. Adler, Director of Jewish Education, said the classes at Falkirk had not had continuity of teaching. Through the efforts of the Rev. Dr. I. K. Cosgrove, a Mr. Zwebner of Glasgow would now visit the classes once a week. He asked for the Committee's authority to resume the grant of £36 per annum. This was approved...'

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1940, page 9

Prisoner of War
Lieutenant H. Rosenberg RAMC. His father lives at Pleasance Square, Falkirk

Jewish Chronicle, 10 September 1971, page 21

Paul Morron, a leading figure in the Glasgow Jewish Student Society and a senior vice-president of the IUJF, is a law graduate employed as a social worker by Falkirk Town Council.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 April 1978, page 13

The Edinburgh Jewish Friendship Club celebrated 2ist year with a party. Mrs Margaret Bloch of Falkirk entertained with Yiddish songs.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 December 1999, page 15

'Falkirk hosts its first Siyum
HISTORY WAS MADE at Falkirk, Central Scotland, with the completion of the daily study of the section of the Talmud dealing with Festivals and Shabbat
The Edinburgh and Glasgow Daf Hayomi shiurim held a joint siyum - commemoration of the completion of the book of the Talmud. They decided to meet half-way between the two cities, in the Falkirk home of Jackie and Raymond Taylor.
Rabbi David Sedley, the minister of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, completed the last section of the tractate.
Rabbi Avraham Weiss, head of the Glasgow kollel, began the new section.
It was the first time in living memory that a siyum had been held in Falkirk'.

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