Dover Jewry
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Extract from papers on
Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain

Papers prepared by Dr. (later Prof.) Aubrey Newman for a conference at University College, London, convened on 6 July 1975 by the Jewish Historical Society of England
(Reproduced here with Prof. Newman's kind consent)

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DOVER (Kent)

(For the Community's early history, see "Dover" in Cecil Roth's "The Rise of Provincial Jewry", 1950)

Published Data

A  -  In 1833 various members of the Jewish community petitioned the Harbour Board for a piece of ground in Paradise Pent for a synagogue which was opened in 1835. In 1841 there were eight families, but in 1851 it was stated that 'from the months of November to April inclusive divine service is performed morning and evening in the schoolroom of Sussex House, the attendance being so great and the synagogue not being large enough to hold the congregation and the pupils of Mr. Cohen [the school's headmaster].


Synagogue Northampton Street. Founded 10 September 1862 Has seat accommodation for 85 gentlemen and 60 ladies. Seat rental 2 to 5 guineas per annum. Income for the year 1872 69.10s.0d; expenditure for year 1872 145.0s.0d.

There exists at Dover a Jewish Ladies' Philanthropic Society having for object the relief of the Jewish Poor in Dover.


Jewish Population 106. 1900 0 marriage 1 burial
Synagogue Northampton Street (Founded 1862) seatholders 11. Income, 1900 - 102.10s.8d. expenditure 127.19s.6d.

Dover Hebrew and Religion School (Founded 1873).
There are 21 children attending this school, 13 boys and 8 girls.

Owing to situation near the Continent a great number of poor casuals pass through the town and are all relieved.

Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association (founded 1877) 

[A - Primarily from The Rise of Provincial Jewry (1950), by Cecil Roth]
[a - The Jewish Directory for 1874, by Asher I. Myers]
[b - Jewish Year Book]

Board of Deputies returns

  births marriages burials seatholders


2 (F)





























Further light is thrown on Dover by an entry in the Jewish Chronicle, on 19 February, 1875:

We earnestly appeal to our brethren on behalf of Dover Synagogue. This synagogue is among the oldest established in the provinces after the return of the Jews. It seems that only four members of the congregation are able to contribute appreciably to the annual funds required to support this synagogue. A debt of 100 burdens this ancient congregation. Surely our numerous and wealthy brethren will not hesitate to subscribe towards the support of a synagogue in the town of Dover - a town admirably suited for the spring and summer visits of our country-going families.


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