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Press Reports relating to the Doncaster Jewish Community
 1905 - 2002

Compiled by Harold Pollins


Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1905 page 19

Reference to the continuing Jewish settlement at Doncaster but no spiritual provision for them.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1906 page 35

Mr Samuel Morris aged 34 has resided in Doncaster for 20 years. There are four Jewish families in Doncaster.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 March 1913 page 25

The Rev. P. Chazen, of Edinburgh, has been unanimously elected Reader and Shochet of the Doncaster Congregation, and has already taken up his duties’.
[First located mention of a congregation in Doncaster]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1913 page 7

[Ref to Board of Deputies]
‘An application from Doncaster for certification of a First Marriage Secretary …’

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1913 page 47

In list of Chatan Torah and Chatan Bereshith mention of the ‘Doncaster United Hebrew Congregation’

Jewish Chronicle, 29 May 1914 page 24
The annual meeting of the United Hebrew Congregation was held on Sunday. The following were elected: Messrs. H. Schapiro, Warden; S. Russbaum, President; L. Scowlowitz [sic] Treasurer; M. Kletz, Hon. Secretary; L.G. Harris, M. Fine, H. Harris, H. Levy, and J. Wynne, Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 June 1914 page 32

[Re Leeds Old Hebrew Congregation]
Arrangements have been made between this congregation and the newly-formed congregation at Doncaster whereby the former are granting burial facilities in their cemetery at Gildersome. A similar arrangement existed with Bradford until the congregation acquired a site of its own, and is still in operation with the York Congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1920 page 23
Councillor Samuel Morris nominated Mayor of Doncaster. Born Sheffield has lived in Doncaster 35 years. For 15 years involved in municipal work. A director of Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd and several theatres, picture-houses and other concerns.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 December 1920 page 2

WANTED. Shochet, Teacher. Salary £4 per week; apply in confidence, Hon. Sec. Dolphin Chambers, [illegible] - place, Doncaster

Jewish Chronicle, 6 May 1921 page 2

Notice of death of Hyman Schapiro on 2 May 1921 at his residence, ‘Redwood’, Thorne Road, Doncaster.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 May 1921 page 12
     Obituary of Hyman Schapiro. Founder of the congregation and its President until the time of his death. Funeral at Leeds cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 September 1925 page 11
Obituary of Mr L. Srolowitz, aged 71. A founder of Doncaster synagogue and has been Treasurer since its inception. Settled in Doncaster over 30 years ago. Together with the late Mr Schapiro established the synagogue and founded the Hebrew Classes.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1930 page 32
The Jewish Social Club was officially opened on Sunday by Mrs S. Morris. The chairman of the Club is Harry Morris; those responsible for the entertainment were Mr I. V. Barder, Hon. Sec., and Mr S. M. Kirsch.
[But see entry for 1 November 1940]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1940 page 21
‘Last Sunday evening the newly formed Jewish Ladies’ Knitting Guild held its first “social” at the residence of Mr and Mrs C.M. Rosenberg.  The sum of £20 was raised for the Red Cross Fund’.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1940 page 15
The Jewish Social Club was formed a few months ago by Mrs M. Rosenberg.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 March 1944 page 15
Obituary of Mr H. Harris, a founder of the Doncaster Jewish community, and has held office as Treasurer and Collector.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 1947 page 3
Memorial stone for the late Joseph Metchick will be consecrated at Rose Hill Cemetery, Doncaster, on 6 July 1947.
[First mention of this cemetery. Presumably a Jewish one. Also mentioned in entry for 8 September 1995]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 December 1950
Obituary of Samuel Morris who died on Saturday night in Leeds aged 79. Mayor of Doncaster 1920 and 1937. Freedom of the city. Public career began 1904 when elected to Balby-with-Hexthorpe Urban Council, which became part of Doncaster borough in 1914. Retained membership of council until 1945. A brother of Lord Morris of Kenwood and of Alderman Hyman Morris of Leeds (who was Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1942).

Jewish Chronicle, 8 July 1955 page 18
Report of annual meeting of the Sheffield and District Jewish Representative Council. ‘A grant was … to be made to the Doncaster community, who were appealing for funds to establish their own synagogue’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 February 1956 page 13
The annual general meeting was held in the new synagogue building

Jewish Chronicle, 25 December 1956 page 16
‘The [Doncaster Free] Church was lent to the Jewish community for the Holy-days’.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1959 page 5

Report to Board of Deputies on Small Communities - ‘Some of their problems’
‘DONCASTER. Mr M. Puckatch. In our synagogue, built after the last war, we hold services on Friday evenings. We have 25 children under the age of 14 but no permanent teacher. There is no prospect of a resident minister.’

Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1960 page 23
The Communal Rabbi of Sheffield, Rabbi Isaac Chait, and the Rev. Stanley Brickman visited the Doncaster Community last week
Rabbi Chait, preaching at the Synagogue, Canterbury Road, commended the local community on their efforts to preserve their co-operate (sic) Jewish life, even though this entailed sacrifice and hardship.’

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 1967 page 24
‘Doncaster to be “adopted”
‘The tiny Jewish community of Doncaster is to be “adopted” by the New Central Vilna Synagogue, Leeds.
The Doncaster Hebrew Congregation, with some 50 members, will be regularly visited by a Hebrew teacher to ensure that the children of the community receive Jewish education. Through the New Central Vilna regular supplies of kosher meat and poultry will be delivered to homes in Doncaster’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1967 page 28

‘Doncaster explains “adoption”
‘Embarrassment has been caused in Doncaster and Sheffield by last week’s report that the Doncaster Jewish community is to be “adopted” by a Leeds synagogue.
Pointing out that for many years the local Hebrew congregation has been under the “umbrella” of the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation, Mr. M. Escovitz the hon. Secretary of Doncaster, said that the continued existence of the community was in jeopardy because so many of its families had left to live in Leeds.
While they were grateful to their friends in Sheffield who had attended to their requirements for kashrut and education, Mr. Escovitz said that it was with relief and pleasure that they accepted the offer of the New Central Vilna Synagogue, Leeds, to take an active part in their communal affairs. It was thus felt that thereby it would no longer be necessary for people to leave Doncaster in order to seek Jewish activities.
Rabbi Isaac Chait, of Sheffield, said that the report caused “amazement and consternation” locally. For the past 15 years, he said, the Sheffield community had sent a shochet and teacher every week to Doncaster and he himself had conducted services on special occasions, such as the consecration of the synagogue and social club in 1955 [sic]. Moreover, from time to time children of the Doncaster community have been going to Sheffield  for extra tuition and britzka.
Until the report appeared last week, said Rabbi Chait, he had no knowledge that any such move was planned’.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 1970 page 38
Obituary of Maurice Puckatch, president of the Doncaster Hebrew Congregation, aged 79.
He arrived in Doncaster from his native Hull after World War I. He was one of the founder-members of the synagogue consecrated in 1956. He was president for over 40 years.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1971 page 31
Obituary of Max Kletz aged 84. He was a founder-member of the congregation. He was a direct descendant of the Vilna Gaon. Treasurer and President of the Congregation for several years and he conducted a major part of the services at the High Festivals.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 May 1976 page 18

Reference to the Doncaster Jewish Cemetery.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 April 1979 page 8
The tiny Doncaster community donated an ambulance for Israel through the Leeds Young Friends of Magen David Adom.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 April 1979 page 22

Mr Sidney Furman, for eight years president of the Doncaster Hebrew Congregation, has died aged 76. He went to Doncaster from Hull 53 years ago and was very active in raising funds to build the Doncaster Synagogue. He served the community unstintingly, particularly as chairman of the Chevra Kadisha.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 June 1979 page 11

“The United Hebrew Congregation has received a gift of £1,000 from the Doncaster Hebrew Congregation, following the decision of the Doncaster community, now reduced to six families, to end its life as a separate congregation.
In a letter to Mr Maurice Lewis, President of the Sheffield congregation, they wrote, ‘This congregation has reluctantly resolved after many years of fruitful activities that the point has been reached where dissolution should take place. The Synagogue has been sold and the Congregation’s material assets have been consolidated.
… Out of the funds which are now being distributed, a gift of £6,000 has been made to Sheffield’s Hillel House.”

Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1979 page 12
‘The Sheffield community is to have an archives room, thanks to the generosity of the Doncaster community, whose recent donation to the United Sheffield Hebrew Congregation will enable them to go ahead with the project … The room will be known as the Doncaster Room.’.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1979 page 14
Report of laying of foundation stone of the Doncaster Hebrew Congregation Wing at Sheffield’s Hillel House by Mr Mandy Morris, chairman of Doncaster Hebrew Congregation and Mr Michael Escovitz, Secretary.
Morris said the congregation had begun in the late 19th century with 2 families, including his grandfather, and had increased to 50 families.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 November 1979 page 11
Opening of Doncaster Hebrew Congregation Wing of Sheffield Hillel House.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 September 1981 page 12
Sheffield has benefited further from gifts from the nearby Doncaster community. Amounts of £500 and £1,500 respectively have been given to the Burial Association and Hillel House.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1995 page 51
Memorial stone for Naomi (nee Bergman of Hull), wife of late Chaim Meyer Rosenberg of Doncaster, will be consecrated at the Rosehill cemetery, Doncaster, on September 17.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 September 1998 page 14
Profile of Boris Schapiro, bridge player. Family emigrated to Doncaster. ‘They owned a horse business and it was above the unlikely setting of a stable that his great-uncle Hyman Schapiro built Doncaster’s first synagogue’.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 December 2002 page 15
Obituary of Boris Schapiro. Born 1909. Fled Riga after the 1917 revolution and came to Doncaster, the birthplace of Boris’s father where a branch of the family business was long established. ‘Boris’s grandfather, Hyman, founded the synagogue in Doncaster in the early 19th  century [sic] and another family member became mayor’.
[Notice difference from 1998 entry]

Doncaster Synagogue and Community

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