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Press Reports relating to the Jewish Community in
Basingstoke, Hampshire
1903 - 1958

Compiled by Harold Pollins and kindly contributed to JCR-UK.
[Information within square brackets is from the compiler]


Jewish Chronicle, 3 April 1903 page 30
‘The Jews residing in Basingstoke have formed themselves into a congregation. They hold services, but have no Sepher Torah, and as they are few in number they solicit help from the community to purchase a Sepher. Mr. R. Polka, Flaxfield College, is the Hon. Secretary.’

Hampshire Chronicle, 12 March 1904 page 6
Basingstoke County Court
Mark Levi, tailor, brought action against Reuben Polka of Flaxfield Road, Basingstoke, for railway fare and carriage of furniture. Levi said that the defendant brought him from London to work for him at 8s a day and if suitable would get rise of 6d or 1s. He brought furniture and family but then had argument with Polka. The judge found for the plaintiff for the £2 claim, remarking that having brought him from London the defendant thought he had got him fixed and then wanted to reduce his wages.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 1904 page 10
The formation of congregations in such places as Darlington and Basingstoke illustrates the increasing dispersion of Anglo-Jewry.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904 page 3
National Tribute for the Children of Dr Herzl
R. Polka 2s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904 page 4
Bridegrooms of the Law. Mr R. Polka. Mr M. Posner.

Hampshire Chronicle, 8 April 1905 page 6
County Court. Moody v. Polka. Mr  H.  Polka, defendant, was defendant in case brought by Messrs Moody & Son for £3 for removing his furniture from Basingstoke to Portsmouth Station. Counter-claim for £5 on account of certain of the goods being damaged in transit. Judgement for plaintiff on the claim and allowed £4 on counter-claim.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 August 1906 page 1
Death on 25 August, in London EC, of Kate (nee Pearl) wife of Sam Schwartz, sister (inter alia) of Mrs Frances Prozner (Basingstoke).

Reading Mercury, 5 September 1914 page 4
Basingstoke Borough Bench
Aaron Mendell, tailor, an Austrian subject, was charged with not registering himself. Had been in the employ of Reuben Polka, Flaxfield Road, since 30 May, and was brought to police station by his employer. He had not thought it necessary to register as he had lived in England since 12 months old. Reuben Polka gave him an excellent character; he had considered him an English Jew until a letter from his parents came to hand. The bench inflicted a fine of £1 and costs of 5s 6d and required surety for 12 months for himself and one other in £5 each. Mr Polka became his surety.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1914 page 1
Death on 30 October at Flaxfield College, Basingstoke, Jane Polka, mother of Reuben Polka.
[Death. Jane Polka December 1914 aged 67 Basingstoke 2c 291]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1917 page 18
Services for Jewish soldiers. Basingstoke by Rev E. M. Levy.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 March 1917 page 18
Services for Jewish soldiers. Basingstoke by Mr. Polka.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1917 page 14 et seq ; page 23
‘Jewish National Movement. The Government Declaration.
Great Thanksgiving Meeting. A Historic Gathering’
Basingstoke congregation was among the numerous organisations at the meeting.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 April 1918 page 1
Birth of a daughter on 27 March at ‘The Victoria Hotel’, Basingstoke, to Marie nee Mordecai, wife of Bennett Andrews.
[Birth. Rebecca V. Andrews June 1918 Basingstoke 2c 367. Mother Mordecai]

1918 Electoral Register
R. Polka 30 Flaxfield Road, Basingstoke.

1924 Berkshire Burial Index Transcription
William Nicholas Merrick. Buried 29 September 1924, at St Mary Stratfield Mortimer.
Resident 30 Flaxfield Road, Basingstoke. (Husband of Deborah Polka)

1925 Electoral Register
R. Polka 30  Flaxfield Road, Basingstoke.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1937 page 43
Lecture under the auspices of the Central Jewish Lecture Committee: Israel Cohen at the Basingstoke Rotary Club on ‘Palestine Today’.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1939 page 18
Lecture under the auspices of the Central Jewish Lecture Committee: Rabbi R. H. Levine at the Basingstoke Rotary Club on ‘A Bird’s Eye View of Jewish History’.

National Register: Basingstoke, 29 September 1939

Belle Vue Road
Betsy Levy 10  March 1915 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married.
George H. Rose 17 August 1910 General Dealer. Married.
Sylvia Rose 3  November 1907 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married.
Maria Levy 25 January 1883 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Widowed.
Jane Abrahams 28  December 1910 Tailoress. Single.
Rachell Abrahams 24 June 1912 Millinery Assistant. Single.
Nathan Lee 6 January 1911 Tailor. Married.
Sarah Lee 11 July 1908 Millinery Assistant. Married.

Berksholme, Harrow Way
Annie Baum 6 June 1896 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married.
Jean Baum [Hyams] 26 January 1919 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Single [Married]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1941 page 13
Engagement. Lewis, only son of Mr and Mrs I. Solomon, of 64 Merton Road, Basingstoke, to Beverlie, only daughter of Mr and Mrs B. Hooberman, Stamford Hill and residing at London Colney, Herts.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1941 page 3
Forthcoming marriage on 8 June at the Borough Synagogue, London, Jean, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Jack Baum, ‘Birksholme’(sic) Harrow Way, Basingstoke, to Joseph, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Hyman, of Bradford.
[Marriage. Jean Baum June 1941 Southwark 1d 201//Joseph Hyman]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1958 page 26, Young Israel
Mention of Margaret Russell, Basingstoke.

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